Smile, Donghae Episode 23 Recap

Lee Bo Hee, Ji Chang Wook

Kang Jae, Sae Young, and Tae Hoon cannot believe that Sun Ok is really going through with the plan to rent out Tae Hoon’s room. Sun Ok tells the kids that she had all of their things mailed to Sool Nyeo’s. Sun Ok shows the baffled and nervous Donghae the room and he agrees to rent it. After he leaves, Sun Ok kicks Sae Young and Tae Hoon out of the house and Kang Jae asks if she really wants to take things that far. Sun Ok sticks to her guns and waves away Kang Jae’s worries over letting a man they know nothing about move in. Sun Ok believes Donghae is a good kid and they can get to know him while he stays.

Smile, Donghae 23

At the hotel, Saewa is freaking out that Do Jin is asking Bongi about Donghae. She quickly enters the room to keep Bongi quiet. Do Jin lets her stay and asks about Donghae’s contact information again. He also asks about Donghae’s girlfriend’s contact number. Saewa then gets even more scared and leaves. She then calls Bongi and demands that Bongi not breathe a word about Saewa being Donghae’s ex. Bongi tells Saewa that isn’t up for Saewa to decide. After learning that Do Jin wants to apologize for an incident that happened in the hotel, Bongi says that she knows where Donghae is staying and she will deliver the message personally [since neither of them were getting through on his cell]. Saewa is feeling somewhat safe as she knows Donghae is in America. Won’t she be in a for a shock when she learns he’s in Korea?

Lee Jang Woo, Oh Ji Eun

After Bongi leaves the office, Saewa grabs her and asks her to keep quiet about Donghae since they are family now. Bongi comments on how it’s a good thing that Saewa is acting that way as it means the girl knows she was wrong and did something bad. Saewa quickly lets go of Bongi’s arm when Do Jin comes out and Bongi goes her own way. Do Jin asks why Saewa came and she tells him for lunch. She then asks if there is a problem and Do Jin says that it is all taken care of. This makes Saewa feel even more secure as Bongi must have told him that Donghae had already gone back to America.

Lee Jang Woo, Park Jung Ah

Ji Chang Wook, Do Ji WonAt the sauna, Anna is unhappy as she wants to go back to the hotel. The sauna is nice and all, but she would like her own room. Donghae then comes and catches her trying to clean up after people again. He lets her know that his friend in America wired the money from their house, so he can get Anna a hotel room. This excites Anna, but she tampers her happiness and says that she will stay at the sauna instead as it is much cheaper than a hotel. Donghae knows his mother isn’t happy, but since she is doing that for him and to make their money stretch, he doesn’t complain. As soon as Donghae leaves, Bongi comes. Anna tells her that Donghae has just left and when Bongi tries calling him, she can’t get through. She then asks Anna to go to the hotel with her. Anna immediately says that Donghae has no money and Bongi replies that the hotel just wants to apologize.

Oh Ji Eun

Sool Nyeo gets a shock when movers come with boxes followed by Sae Young and Tae Hoon. Sae Young announces that they have been officially kicked. Tae Hoon says that he should go back and beg his mother. He tells Sae Young to stay with her mother until he works things out with Sun Ok, but Sae Young and Sool Nyeo won’t have that. They were just married, they can’t be separated this early. Sool Nyeo then says that the two will move in with her. She will take responsibility for Tae Hoon, and make sure he studies and passes the bar exam this time. Then Sool Nyeo and Sae Young will live the high life with Tae Hoon as a prosecutor and rub it in Sun Ok’s face. Poor Tae Hoon. He definitely doesn’t like that thinking, but he lets the women in his life walk all over him.

Lee Joo Yeon, Alex, Park Hae Mi

Sool Nyeo goes into the kitchen and pours herself some water. Her neck and stomach haven’t been feeling good. She wonders if its because of the accident and then takes out her phone to call Hye Sook since Hye Sook isn’t calling her. When she gets no answer, she gets really upset. It’s not like Hye Sook to shirk her duty, so what’s going on? As it turns out, Hye Sook left her phone at hom. She calls her assistant to have it brought when Do Jin comes in. He says that Anna and Donghae are coming and he hopes his mom won’t tell Saewa what happened as he doesn’t want her to think badly of him. This gives Hye Sook the hope that he realizes that what he did was wrong. Do Jin says he knows it now, but I really do wonder if he sees that he made a big mistake. Meanwhile, Saewa tires to find out what happened only to see any mention of Do Jin had been taken down. She then becomes optimistic even more as theirs nothing Do Jin can do now that Donghae has left Korea. Her supervisor comes in and lets her know that she doesn’t have to rush to get a report for Lee in as he will be taking the next day off to do charity work at an orphanage. A light bulb goes off for Saewa. This can’t be good.

Lee Jang Woo, Jung Ae Ri

At the Lee house, Kang Jae is trying to calm Sun Ok down. She complains that her son got married at such a young age [30 isn’t all that young]. She wonders if he can be a good father to twins at such an age. Donghae comes out of his room to catch Kang Jae being mushy with Sun Ok. He tells her that if she dies, he will die with her. He has to always be with his wife to protect her. This really grates on Donghae as he sees Sun Ok is a good woman and he keeps thinking about how Kang Jae abandoned his mom [after making such statements and promises to her]. He then goes in to eat lunch with Kang Jae, Sun Ok, and Song Yi. Kang Jae tries to find out about his family. Donghae tells them that his mother is still around and nearby, but he keeps mum about his father which leads Kang Jae to suspect that Donghae’s dad must’ve passed on. When Sun Ok gives Donghae a pumpkin leaf, he wonders what it is for. She explains you wrap your rice in it. This leads Song Yi to suspect that Donghae must’ve come from a foreign country. Donghae then learns about Tae Hoon being 30, which makes him 3 years older than Donghae. He also learns that Song Yi isn’t their daughter, but their niece. He gets quite the shock when he learns about Bongi [not her identity and relationship with Kang Jae, but her age] being a year younger.

Im Chae Moo, Lee Bo Hee, Lee Joon Ha, Ji Chang Wook

Do Ji Won, Oh Ji EunDonghae leaves the table to fume about how Kang Jae appears to be so good, but cheated on Sun Ok with Anna, resulting in Donghae’s birth, and then going back to his wife to have another child. If Kang Jae was James, that would be really horrible, but I think we can safely say he isn’t, so poor Donghae is disliking him for no good reason. He then goes back to the sauna where he finds his mother gone. He asks where Bongi took her and Bongi replies [after learning that Donghae didn’t know his phone was off all this time] that she has taken Anna to the hotel as they would like to apologize for what happened. Donghae demands she bring Anna back, but Bongi refuses since they are all ready at the hotel and informed them that they were coming up. Bongi urges him to hurry and come, so Donghae rushes out to get his mother.

Ji Chang Wook

Hye Sook has managed to take down all the news reports about Do Jin’s incident. She then learns that the Jos are still wondering on how finding Dongbaek is going. Hye Sook says to tell them that she is looking into it still and hangs up. Anna is then escorted into the office. Do Jin is notified of this and he asks if everything is prepared. When he gets the confirmation, he goes to personally apologize to Anna. His manner is very bad. It’s not like he’s outright rude, but you can tell he isn’t sincerely apologizing for physically removing Anna and throwing her to the ground outside the hotel. Anna’s apology for causing trouble is much more sincere. Hye Sook makes small talk with Anna about her son. Anna informs her that Donghae wasn’t able to compete in the match as he was involved in an accident trying to save his fiancee. To make matters worse, he cannot compete now. Hye Sook also learns that Anna was adopted overseas. When Hye Sook asks if Anna is in Korea to find her parents now, Anna replies that her parents died in an accident when she was small. You’d think Hye Sook would put two and two together. Its pretty obvious that Anna is the Dongbaek she’s looking for.

Do Ji Won, Jung Ae Ri, Lee Jang Woo

Do Ji Won, Ji Chang Wook, Jung Ae Ri

Donghae finally arrives and he receives their apology as well. They offer to put him and Anna up in their hotel for free [including meals] while they stay in Korea. Donghae doesn’t wish to accept this offer as he just wants to put it all behind him. Hye Sook then offers to have the hotel host and plan his wedding. Talk about rubbing salt in Donghae’s wound about Saewa, but Anna never told them that Donghae’s fiancée left him. After turning this offer down as well, Donghae takes Anna and goes to leave. Hye Sook shakes his hand and people come in taking photos. Needless to say this angers Donghae and he leaves as fast as possible. Hye Sook cannot believe what Do Jin pulled. Do Jin tells her that he doesn’t trust Donghae. This way they have proof of reconciliation should Donghae try to come after them in the future. What a dick.

Oh Ji Eun, Ji Chang WookDo Jin goes after Donghae and ells him that he doesn’t trust him. This angers Donghae, especially when Do Jin goes on to say how Donghae should apologize for grabbing his collar that day. Donghae goes to hit him, but his mother quickly tells him not to fight and Donghae tries hard to restrain himself and his anger. Donghae does need to control his temper, but I agree that Do Jin is screaming for a beating. Mother and son go down to the kitchen where Bongi wonders why Donghae looks so angry. Donghae just says he shouldn’t have come as he only made his mother… but Anna cuts in and says she is okay. She then leaves to go to the ladies room and Bongi takes the chance to ask how Donghae is proceeding with his father. Donghae admits that he just can’t bring himself to confront Kang Jae. Bongi then asks if Donghae has any pictures. Donghae says that he doesn’t and Bongi tells him the easiest thing would be to get a paternity test. Donghae then says its time for Bongi to work so he will take Anna and go. Bongi tells him to cheer up and turns to get her stuff for her cooking test. When she has a hard time reaching, Donghae comes and gets it for her. That brings them really close together and embarrasses both of them. Looks like Donghae might be falling for Bongi, too.

Oh Ji Eun, Ji Chang Wook

We cut to Sool Nyeo who is taking the kids out shopping. She is going to pamper and spoil Tae Hoon since she is taking him in as her son. Sae Young then asks what happened to her mom’s car. Sool Nyeo explains what happened and how she can’t get in touch with Hye Sook. Tae Hoon says that since she can’t get in touch with the other party, she does have the right to file a hit and run complaint. Meanwhile, it turns out that Hye Sook’s phone isn’t working [she was using it a little earlier, so that’s weird]. She has her assistant take it to be fixed as she needs to contact Sool Nyeo about the accident and repairs. Saewa then shows up. She isn’t happy that Hye Sook wishes to meet her mother, but she can’t keep them apart forever. Saewa then talks about a plan of bringing Do Jin and Jun together by helping him with his orphanage charity. Hye Sook is a little reluctant, but warms up to the idea. The only problem is that Saewa wishes to make it a grand event [even after her boss warned her to keep it on the down low as Jun doesn’t like it broadcast]. Sigh. That can’t end well. Especially when Jun complains to Saewa’s boss about people asking for interviews about it when he wanted the whole thing kept quiet. The man points out that it can’t hurt his reputation to do the interview, but Jun says that the whole point is not to do it flashily, but sincerely [very true].

Park Jung Ah, Jung Ae Ri

We Then cut back to the Lee house where Sun Ok worries if she made the right decision and if her son is eating right. Too bad at this time, Sool Nyeo shows up with the kids in tow. She shows off Tae Hoon’s new clothes and then talks about how she is now pampering the son Sun Ok threw out. Sae Young and Sool Nyeo drive the wedge in deeper between mother and son when they say the twins will keep the Yoon name instead of the Lee name. Poor Tae Hoon is caught between his wife, her mother, and his own. Sun Ok breaks down and scolds herself for worrying over Tae Hoon. She then screams at them all to get out. When Tae Hoon tries to stay and work things out, Sun Ok storms out angrily. Tae Hoon wishes to chase after her, but is stopped. The man needs to man up all ready.

Lee Bo Hee, Park Hae Mi, Alex, Lee Joo Yeon

Oh Ji eunAt the hotel, the head chef gives encouragement to the staff about the cutbacks and layoffs and tells them to work hard and try their best. Dae Sam asks what Bongi is planning to make since she is currently leading the pack. Bongi says she is using dried sea cucumbers as they are good for your health and the important people coming have some health issues. However, they are very difficult to work with. That is why Bongi needs to prepare hard in advance. When she asks what Sunae is doing, her friend coldly ignores this and walks away. Seriously? While I get that keeping the job is important, that is just crappy how Sunae did a 180 on Bongi.

Smile, Donghae 13

Donghae returns to the Lee home to learn from Song Yi that everyone has gone out. She promises to come home and play with “oppa” right after school. Alone, Donghae heads into Kang Jae’s and Sun Ok’s room to look for proof that Kang Jae knows Anna. At this time, Pil Jae is daydreaming about Anna. He waits for her in the same spot, but she doesn’t show up. He looks dreamily at her handkerchief and gets water thrown on him by the store owner. He then heads for home where Donghae is still searching diligently. He spots Kang Jae’s come and decides to take it for the test. Will Pil Jae catch him red-handed? Tune in to find out.

Ji Chang Wook

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