22 Days of Asian Music Goodies–Day 9

I'll Be  ThereNow we are down to only 13 more days until Christmas! Gasp, say it isn’t so? 2011 just seems to be moving by in the blink of an eye. Today’s music video is the latest from Boyfriend. It’s their last release of the year and I believe its’ a thank you to their fans as well. All I have to say about the MV of “I’ll Be There” is how could that girl break up with [Min Woo]? Seriously? Oh well, no accounting for taste, just like how the girl in “Don’t Touch My Girl” seemed to have cheated on all of the boys and left them all alone and miserable at the end.

I do find it interesting that the members of Boyfriend have a hard time NOT smiling [they do have really nice smiles, granted]. This video and in the previous one, it’s a little more melancholic. They get their sad, depressed faces on in one moment and the next you see the camera quickly changing scenes as they smile. Oh well, they are just very happy kpoppers.

Enjoy Boyfriend’s “I’ll Be There”! We actually have Kwangmin singing vs. rapping…well…the sing-rapping not actual singing per se. He and Youngmin may be twins, but they have two very distinct voices.

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