The Musical Episode 12 Recap

Choi Daniel

Well, a lot happened, and yet nothing happened. We have progress [I guess] in Jin finding out about his mother’s condition finally. We also have Jin getting closer to out right confessing his feelings to Eun Bi who is starting to realize that she hasn’t been aware before of how other people feel. Yes, Eun Bi is pretty clueless about others’ emotions.

An interesting thing this episode which wasn’t available in previous episodes is the backtracking. I mean, it’s almost like how they rewind in Flower Boy Ramen Shop to show you just how everyone got to where there were. While I like it in FBRS, it just doesn’t make sense here when they’ve never really done it before. And for all those who’ve forgotten what happened, we do have the first minutes [before the backtracking] recapping the entire series so far. Yeah. Not a lot happened in the first 11 episodes, believe it or not.

While Jae Yi is starting his slave contract, Eun Bi is at home learning about her neighbors – Jin’s parents. Jin, I wonder if he’s thinking about calling Eun Bi, but refrains because of what Ra Kyung told him about refusing to let go of him after she spent so much time and effort remaining true and not leaving. And we have Gu Jak drinking in despair with Joon Hyuk encouraging him to go forward with production and pay Jae Yi back.

Goo Hye Sun

Ok, now on to the new stuff. Eun Bi goes to Jin Young’s with the food her grandmother made. Jin Young happily greets her and asks her in to give back Yoon Si’s previous dishes. He brings it out filled with goodies from the city since he didn’t want to give it back empty. Just as he is about to hand it over Sun Hee starts yelling and Jin Young drops the container and rushes out. Eun Bi starts to clean up the spilled food when she finally notices Jin’s picture. You got to love how, especially in kdramas, everyone is so much more entangled and connected than you’d think at first. [There is Jae Yi and Sung Ha scenes, but they are all from the previous episode, so I ain’t wasting space on them.]

Goo Hye Sun, Cha Kwang Soo

When Eun Bi goes home she asks if the man in the picture [aka Jin] is Jin Young’s son. Her grandmother confirms this and Eun Bi really starts feeling conflicted. She recalls her conversation about parents with Jin at the hospital. What should she do? Should she let him know he wasn’t abandoned? Jin, in the meantime, is at lunch with his grandfather, uncle, and cousin. President Yu ignores his eldest son and grandson and only really talks to Jin. After lunch, Jin texts Eun Bi who asks him to come to Dae Gu because she wants to see him. She leaves out the reason though, so Jin drops everything and goes off to meet her. Surprising in a away. Of course, Jae Joon noticed the texting conversation and he starts coming up with a plan. [More Jae Yi and Sung Ha stuff from previous episode again.]

Park Ki Woong, Lee Ji Hyung

So Jae Joon calls up Ra Kyung and tells her about what happened [not that Jin was doing anything inappropriate], just letting her know that Jin was on his was to Dae Gu. Ra Kyung immediately takes out the employee information from the musicals and notices that is where Eun Bi is from. The rattled woman calls up her mother and says she is spending the night out and then heads off to Dae Gu. Seriously. This could be because she noticed Eun Bi’s home address is next to Jin’s parents, or it could just be plain jealousy. Kind of hard to tell with Ra Kyung, but I think it’s the former rather than the later this time. [Again, more Jae/Sung Ha scenes from the previous episode.]

Ki Eun Se

Jin is happily on his way to see Eun Bi. He won’t be happy for long. Eun Bi’s grandma wonders where her sick granddaughter is off to. Eun Bi tells Soon Yi that a friend from Seoul is coming and isn’t familiar with the area, so she’s going out to meet him. Soon Yi wonders if it is Hong Jae Yi, but Eun Bi tells her that isn’t it, it’s someone else. She and Jin meet at a restaurant and Eun Bi buys him the dish he was talking about during their texting session. She is too nervous to eat, though. He notices it and comments on how she must’ve been really sick to not dig into her food. He also comments on how he dropped everything to visit her as he wanted to see the “real” Eun Bi in her hometown. Eun Bi then asks him a “what if” question about his parents. What if they left because his mom was ill? What if they didn’t run away from him and his grandfather, but came to Dae Gu so Jin Young could care for Sun Hee? Jin doesn’t believe this at first, but when it starts sinking in, he gets a call from Ra Kyung and he asks her if she knew since she visited his parents. Poor Ra Kyung doesn’t even get to defend herself before the angry Jin hangs up and demands Eun Bi take him to his parents’ house.

Goo Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong

Ok Joo Hyun, Kim Hyun SungWhile Eun Bi is meeting with Jin, Kang Hee is getting a shock to learn that Jae Yi has signed a contract to produce a girl group. Apparently Sang Won knew about it almost from the beginning, but didn’t tell her. Also, Sun Hee had gotten cleaned up and happily asked her husband for some cake [she still doesn’t recognize him, though]. At least she is calm and happy for the moment. A rare peace these days. Jae Yi has seen the article, too. He isn’t too pleased that it has been announced to the world. Sung Ha says it is because the company wants to guarantee Jae Yi doesn’t back out of the deal since so much money is riding on this. Sung Ha also thinks it’s a way to keep Eun Bi from turning his head. This article will keep that distraction away. Hmm. Interesting. Jae Yi chokes on the shake Sung Ha made him when he learns that it was she that wrote the article.

Choi Daniel

Cha Kwang Soo, Ahn Yeo JinJin Young has the music box playing for Sun Hee. She happily listens to it this time. Their peace and quiet is interrupted by the doorbell. Jin Young opens it when he sees only Eun Bi, but is he in for a shock when Jin walks in behind her. Definitely unexpected. Jin is then horrified to go into the living room and hear his mother call his father “ahjussi.” He is even more saddened when his own mother doesn’t recognize who he is. Seeing her son, Sun Hee starts getting agitated. Seeing him makes her heart hurt, why? Sun Hee throws a fit and Jin Young has Eun Bi take Jin away while he calms his wife down. Afterward Jin demands to know when his father was going to tell him. Jin Young apologizes and Jin accuses his father of being selfish in deciding this all on his own [it was actually kind of his mom’s wish, too].

Park Ki Woong

While Jin is scolding his dad for not letting him know the truth, Jae Joon is sleeping instead of studying, annoying his father. Jae Joon leaves everything up to the scientists to report and doesn’t do a darn thing himself. He isn’t even writing the report that he should be nor is he studying Chinese. Jae Joon lets this all roll off him and then asks if his father has seen Ra Kyung’s dad recently. Yu says that he played golf with Seo just the other week. Jae Joon then says the Yu company expansion into green energy is all contingent upon Seo’s investment. Seo is only investing because he sees Jin as his future son-in-law. So what would happen if Seo pulls out because Ra Kyung and Jin won’t be getting married? Jae Joon is an idiot, but he can be quite deviously smart when he wants to be.

Cha Kwang Soo, Park Ki Woong

We cut back to Jin and his dad. Jin can’t believe he didn’t know and that he just thought he couldn’t understand his father or grandfather. Jin then recalls the discussion he had in the past with President Yu and understands that his grandfather probably knew about the disease. If that’s the case, since he never liked Sun Hee to begin with, then that’s why his father would quit and leave to take care of his mother. Jin Young replies that yes he had disagreements over what to do with Sun Hee, but he made the decision himself. Why? Because Sun Hee wanted to go into a private hospital and end her days that way since she would eventually forget everyone around her. He wanted to take care of her and be with her for as long as possible. I feel bad for Jin because he was denied that opportunity by his father. Ra Kyung then comes in and Jin is not at happy to see her. Jin Young tells him not to be mad as he swore her to secrecy. No, that does not ease Jin’s anger whatsoever.

Park Ki Woong, Cha Kwang Soo

Eun Bi is at home wondering if she did the right thing. Soon Yi says that Eun Bi did. Eun Bi then asks her grandmother if she is bad at not knowing how people feel. Instead of answering, Soon Yi asks if someone said something to Eun Bi [that’s more of a confirmation, you know]. Eun Bi counters with asking if she is careless. Yes, I think she is aware now of Jin’s feelings. I think she is a bit careless. Even if she doesn’t know, there is a time when that stops being an excuse. Soon Yi tells Eun Bi that isn’t the case. It’s just that her granddaughter has different priorities than others. Well… that’s one way of putting it. I am not sure if that helped Eun Bi or not.

Jung Young Sook, Goo Hye Sun

Ki Eun SeAt the Yu home, Ra Kyung is assuring her mom that she is out for the night at a video shoot. She then leaves the guest room where she becomes even more upset when she overhears Jin talking to Eun Bi while holding his sleeping mother’s hand. She goes back to the guest room where she receives a text from Joon Hyuk [about her needing a big bed to hide her angel wings under]. Needing a pick-me-up, she calls him and wonders if he can make her laugh if they only talk over the phone. I feel bad for Joon Hyuk because she is using him and he deserves better.

Ahn Yeo Jin, Park Ki Woong, Ki Eun Se

The next morning when Jae Yi wakes up Sung Ha is there with breakfast prepared. He asks her what would have happened if someone was upstairs with him [in bed]. Sung Ha shrugs it off and says that she would have just made breakfast for two then. She then comes upstairs with breakfast and asks him once again: will he come, or does she have to go? Jae Yi says nothing, so she goes to him. When she broaches the subject about the other night, Jae Yi just hems and haws. He wants a good working relationship and nothing that could harm or complicate it [remember Jae Yi hates anything complicated]. Sung Ha is exasperated, but she has her answer. He won’t come to her, so she will continue to go to him.

Choi Daniel, Choo So Young

Back in Dae Gu, Jin Young wakes up on the couch and goes upstairs where he notices that Sun Hee isn’t in bed. He then starts checking the rest of the house, but no Sun Hee. He starts panicking and checking again. Jin wakes up and wonders what is wrong, but then he notices his missing mother as well. He starts searching all over the house when Ra Kyung wakes up as well. Great. He just finds her again only to lose her. At the Go house, Eun Bi had a rough night and didn’t sleep well at all. Eun Bi asks after Mr. Go only to learn he already left. The doorbell rings and Soon Yi wonders who it could be. We all know it will be the worried Jin Young and his son.

Park Ki Woong, Cha Kwang SooGoo Hye Sun, Jung Young Sook

Back in Seoul, Sang Won is shocked to go out and get the paper and find no milk. He comes back in and wonders if Kang Hee’s admirer is sick since there was nothing that morning. Kang Hee shrugs it off thinking the mystery admirer must have gotten bored. Sang won doesn’t think so as everyday there was milk with a message about wanting to see Kang Hee’s newest piece. Sang Won then asks Kang Hee out to see a movie, but she declines. She’s upset that Jae Yi is ignoring her calls. It’s not the first time, really.

Kim Hyun Sung, Ok Joo Hyun

Sun Hee is reported missing and the five people split up to look for her. Soon Yi goes with Jin Young to check out the hospital while Jin, Ra Kyung, and Eun Bi head to the park to see if Sun Hee wandered there. While they run around looking for Sun Hee, Kang Hee pays a visit to Jae Yi and runs into Sung Ha who refuses to let her bother Jae Yi. Kang Hee is annoyed and wonders if the PD cum housekeeper can really keep her out? If Jae Yi knows she’s there… Sung Ha then tells Kang Hee that Jae Yi was ignoring her calls in order to concentrate on work and Sung Ha won’t let her in to distract him at all. Kang Hee leaves in a huff and the annoyed Sung Ha goes back in the house trying to control her temper. She asks Jae Yi how he could ever fall for such a woman. Jae Yi asks Sung Ha to let him know if she ever figures it out. Nice one. The annoyed Kang Hee then calls someone to have Jae Yi’s contract investigated and Sung Ha as well.

The Musical 12Ok Joo Hyun, Choo So Young

Joon Hyuk visits the drinking Gu Jak once again to convince him to put on the musical once more. Gu Jak just doesn’t think it’s possible without a stage, investor, or lead actors. Joon Hyuk then brings in Cho Sung Woo [is it just me, or does he look like Park Sang Hoon?]. Who is this Sung Woo? From Gu Jak’s sudden perkiness, a musical star with a lot of talent. Meanwhile, Kang Hee calls up Eun Bi who is on her way back home with Ra Kyung and Jin,to find out what’s going on with Jae Yi. Eun Bi says that she doesn’t know, flooring Kang Hee. How can this be? Eun Bi can’t believe it either, but it’s true [after she hangs up, more awkward, painful silence in the car – they still haven’t found Sun Hee]. Back at Jae Yi’s, he has fallen asleep and when Sung Ha covers him up, she plants one on him and tells him he’s an idiot who should just live with her already. Riiiight. At least Jae Yi managed to refrain from kissing Eun Bi when she was sleeping [on the mouth that is]. After she leaves, Jae Yi’s eyes crack open. He wasn’t sleeping after all!

Oh Jung Se, Kim Yong MinChoo So Young, Choi Daniel

Back at the restaurant, Sung Woo brings out the contract he made with Gu Jak many, many years ago. Gu Jak cannot believe that Sung Woo was “the kid” and that Sung Woo had kept the contract after all these years and now wants to help Gu Jak by singing a piece from Gumiho at festival to attract sponsors [plus I think Sung Woo is supposed to be the male lead as well]. Sung Woo goes to jokingly tear up the contract, but Gu Jak stops him. After so many disappointments, things are looking up once more. He goes to call Jae Yi and Eun Bi to share the good news, but Jae Yi refuses to pick up his call. Now, is it just me, or is anyone else wondering exactly what happened when Sung Woo was a kid that makes him want to help Gu Jak put on the musical? Oh, and just how did Joon Hyuk find him and know about the connection? Was it random luck? Too many questions there.

Park Sang HoonOh Jung Se, Kim Yong Min

Ra Kyung, Jin, and Jin Young rush the hospital. They had been notified that Sun Hee was there. When they find her, she is lying with a bloody head wound. What happened! We don’t know because that’s where this episode ends.

Ki Eun Se, Park Ki Woong, Ahn Yeo Jin

Kang Hee seems a little superfluous now with the arrival of Sung Ha. I wonder if Kang Hee feels less threatened by Eun Bi than she does Sung Ha since Eun Bi is a lot like her?

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