Smile, Donghae Episode 22 Recap

Im Chae Moo, Ji Chang Wook

We have some cute moments between Donghae and Bongi in this episode. We also get the Lee family meltdown when Tae Hoon’s failure and the reason for it is fully revealed. The Lee and Laker families become more and more entangled in this episode as well. I must say that Saewa’s coldness and arrogance in this episode is really grating. It’s like ice runs in her veins.

We start with Donghae stalking Kang Jae to the Lee home. Donghae goes to leave, but decides to go in to face his father, only to get the shock of his life when he overhears Kang Jae calling out to his wife and his son. While he is standing in utter shock, Song Yi comes home and wonders who he is. Donghae says nothing and just runs off. He finally sits down and lets the news sink in. No wonder his father never came back to see him and Anna, he already has a family! How long until the truth is finally revealed!? Again, that’s the problem with daily dramas – you already basically know what’s going to happen and you have to wait forever for it to develop!

Ji Chang Wook, Lee Joon Ha

Inside the Lee house, Sun Ok is still in shock. Is the exam that Song Yi wrote about the bar? Song Yi then comes in and Sun Ok rushes out with the diary, trying to make sense of what happened. Sun Ok then asks Tae Hoon just what is going on, what did Song Yi’s diary entry mean? The shit has finally hit the fan. Tae Hoon confesses on his knees and Sae Young gets on hers asking for forgiveness as Tae Hoon’s diarrhea problem was due to her and her mother. I think what hurts Kang Jae and Sun Ok the most is Tae Hoon and Sae Young lying about it. Sun Ok collapses and Kang Jae runs over. Chaos ensues and Sun Ok kicks the newlyweds out of the house and then rushes off to confront Sool Nyeo.

Im Chae Moo, Alex, Lee Ji Yeon, Lee Bo Hee

Do Ji WonAll the commotion frightens poor Anna who stays out of sight watching as the Sun Ok leaves followed by Tae Hoon and Sae Young. Kang Jae gets a call and has to rush out, too. Now, I think Anna saw Kang Jae and there was no reaction. What more proof do you need that Donghae chased the wrong man in black? Anna goes back into Bongi’s room after being left alone and wonders when the younger woman will be back as Anna is totally petrified of Sun Ok. The unknowing Bongi is at the hotel where she has come out first in the first round of tests! This upsets Sun Ae as she came in last and Dae Sam who believed he should have been first. Poor Bongi’s happiness is tempered by Sun Ae’s reaction and sudden coldness to her. Talk about fair weather friends. Hopefully this won’t put a damper on their relationship. After the test, Bongi calls Donghae and leaves him a message on wear he can meet her and Anna. Meanwhile, Donghae is till recalling what happened earlier.

Oh Ji Eun

Kim Yoo Suk, Do Ji WonHye Sook gets ready to meet Saewa for their shopping date. Do Jin complains about being jealous and how he wishes he could be with the two girls. He then asks if his mom is sure she wants to drive herself. Hye Sook wants to let her driver recover completely from his flue. Who’d’ve thought she does have a human side? Okay, I knew she had one, but its rare for her niceness to show through. While Hye Sook leaves to meet Saewa, Anna leaves to meet Bongi as she is too afraid to stay and wait for her young friend. At the same time, Pil Jae is on his way home complaining about his bad day and his hangover. It suddenly starts raining and he and Anna take refuge under the same store awning. Anna’s quiet sweetness and innocence, not to mention her beauty, all seem to shock Pil Jae. He is immediately enamored. How cute! Pil Jae runs in to borrow an umbrella for Anna when Bongi shows up and takes Anna with her. When Pil Jae comes out he wondered if he dreamed it all. He then smacks himself, assuring himself that it wasn’t, in fact, a dream.

Lee Jang Woo, Jung Ae Ri

Sool Nyeo is livid about Pil Jae’s assurance earlier that he would never fall for a woman like her. Sool Nyeo then vows to find Pil Jae’s ideal woman and make her kneel before her. Oh seriously. She then gets a call from her eldest. Saewa is not happy that Sool Nyeo spent the night out like a bad teenager. Omo. She seriously did not just give that speech to her grown mother! Saewa then tells Sool Nyeo to be on her best behavior until Saewa gets married. After all, Saewa is a television personality and can’t afford a scandalous mother to ruin her career or marriage prospects. Poor Sool Nyeo! As she is angrily taking off the headset for her phone, she looks down and then rear-ends someone. And that someone just happens to be Hye Sook! Sool Nyeo is immediately defensive and argumentative and when Hye Sook threatens to call the police, Sool Nyeo calms down a bit [after almost revealing she is Saewa’s mother], and gets Hye Sook’s phone number to discuss damages later.

Park Hae Mi, Jung Ae Ri

Out of curiosity, I wonder if traffic laws are any different in Korea than America, because its usually always the person who does the rear-ending that gets the ticket and not vice versa, so how can you complain about the person in front braking suddenly [the safe distance thing is another factor]. Ok, enough digressing.

Park Jung Ah, Jung Ae Ri

Hye Sook meets with Saewa and tells her about the accident. Saewa is glad Hye Sook is okay and then unknowingly bashes her mother. Hye Sook shakes it off to have fun with Saewa. The livid Sool Nyeo arrives home only to have Sun Ok come in and start yelling about the lies. Sool Nyeo replies that she didn’t mean to and all she wanted to do was help Tae Hoon. Sool Nyeo then tries to turn things around by bringing up how horrible she felt marrying her daughter off to an unemployed student. Tae Hoon and Sae Young arrive and Tae Hoon tries to shoulder all the blame, but Sun Ok thinks he’s blaming her and siding with his wife and mother-in-law. Sun Ok, overwhelmed, then tells the two kids to stay with Sool Nyeo if that’s the way they want to be. As of that day, Tae Hoon is no longer her son. Ouch.

Lee Ji Yeon, Alex, Lee Bo Hee, Park Hae Mi

At the market, Kang Jae is making a delivery when Donghae bumps into. Not only once, but twice! Kang Jae apologizes, saying he didn’t see Donghae. Then one of the vendors comments on how Kang Jae must have brought his son with him. Kang Jae smiles and says his son is at home and Donghae just disappears. What exactly was the boy hoping for? Instant recognition? He goes about certain things ass backwards.

Im Chae Moo, Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji EunLater, Donghae meets up with Anna and Bongi outside of a sauna. Both Anna and Donghae are floored. He asks if it’s a place for refugees, and Bongi explains you can eat and sleep there for relatively cheaply. This makes Anna and Donghae happy. Bongi gets boiled eggs for them all and shocks both Donghae and Anna by breaking the egg over Donghae’s head. The three then split the egg. They are just like a little family. So cute. After Anna falls asleep, Bongi asks after Donghae’s search for his father. He tells her about how Kang Jae doesn’t appear wealthy and how he has another family. Bongi encourages him to go and talk to his father. Donghae just can’t assume things and needs to here the story straight from the horse’s mouth. She then gets up to get some rice punch, but Donghae insists on going. Bongi says she’s keeping a running tally and expects repayment, so let her treat him. He tries to stop her and Bongi ends up falling on his chest. Embarrassed, Bongi pushes roughly away, hurting the injured Donghae [not that you could tell about his injury anymore for the past 2 episodes]. Both Donghae and Bongi seem uncomfortable. Is Donghae already starting to like her as more than a friend?

Do Ji Won, Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji Eun

On her way out o the sauna, Bongi is surprised to run into her mother. She is even more shocked when Sun Ok declares she is renting out Tae Hoon’s room. Why? Bongi just can’t believe it when she learns about Tae Hoon failing and lying. She tries to comfort the sobbing Sun Ok when they get home. Pil Jae goes into his room complaining about the commotion and Song Yi tells him that is his fault. How so? Song Yi wants to be a good cop’s daughter so that’s why she tells the complete truth in her diary. LMAO. That was cute. Pil Jae smiles and compliments his daughter on this. He then takes out Anna’s handkerchief. Yep, he likes her!

Lee Joon Ha, Kim Yoo Suk

Back at the sauna, Donghae finds his mom picking up the dirty towels that people leave behind. He tells her not to do it. Anna explains that trash goes in the trash, towels go in the towel basket, yet all these people just leave them lying around. Donghae tells her that they have cleaning staff for that and this immediately picks her interest. Looks like Anna is thinking about trying to get a job at the sauna in order to get free room and board. She may have some mental capacity issues, but she is a smart woman. Donghae then reveals that he had his friend give up their house in the states so they can get the security deposit back. Looks like they are in Korea for the long haul.

Ji Chang Wook, Do Ji Won

Do Jin drops off Saewa and blows her a kiss since he can’t physically kiss her with his mom there. Hye Sook bids her farewell and thanks her for a happy day. She now knows what its like to have a daughter to shop with. It is sweet. Meanwhile, inside, Sae Young explains what happened with Song Yi finding out, the bribe, and the diary entry. Sool Nyeo wants the two to just move in with her. It’s better than being in that cramped house. Saewa comes in and gets the gist of what is going on and doesn’t want her sister and new brother-in-law around at all. She wants them to work out the problem with the Lees instead of just moving in., Saewa does have a point, but at the same time, she is saying it not out of love or concern and for all the wrong reasons. Why? Saewa is only thinking about herself. We then get this mysterious scene of Jun donating money to an orphanage. Now what?

Alex, Lee Ji Yeon, Park Hae Mi, Park Jung Ah

Lee Jang Woo, Jung Ae riThe next day Hye Sook bawls Do Jin out as his scuffle with Anna made it into the papers. She is horrified to learn how her son treated a guest, especially a mentally disabled one. The press will have a field day with that. She charges him with finding Anna and making reparations so she doesn’t sue. That man. He doesn’t seem bad, but he can be quite cold, cruel, and stupid at times. When he can’t connect to Donghae’s cell phone, Do Jin recalls seeing Donghae with Bongi. He has the girl summoned. As Bongi heads to his office, Saewa also comes up to visit. Saewa is totally frightened when Do Jin asks Bongi for Donghae’s girlfriend’s number. Bongi is also wondering if Do Jin has found out. What will happen?

Lee Jang Woo, Oh Ji Eun, Park Jung Ah

At the sauna, Anna tells Donghae he is handsome just like James. Donghae tries to tell his mom that James has already forgotten her, but Anna won’t listen. James pinky swore that he would never forget her. This sends Donghae rushing off to confront the man he believes is James. As he heads over, he runs into Sun Ok who is putting up posters about the room for rent. Mistaking Donghae for a prospective renter, she invites him into the Lee home where Tae Hoon and Sae Young have just arrived. Omo. What a place to end the episode.

Smile, Donghae episode 22

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