22 Days of Asian Music Goodies–Day 1

Merry Christmas!It should have been 25, but I kind of dropped the ball. So… What does this mean? Every day until Christmas I will try to get some holiday related videos and songs posted because its just that time of year. If I have to be tortured listening to Christmas carols wherever I go, why not share the torture with Asian-related songs and carols? And by related…I’m known to stretch things a bit to make a song “fit” the theme, lol.

In celebration of the 1st day we have a kpop collaboration by the artists under Jellyfish Entertainment. I enjoy their yearly Christmas song and their voices go well together. And a question, any clue who the girl is in this video? She always has her face averted or hidden from the camera for whatever reason. Enjoy!


  • I have never thought of listening Asian Christmas songs during the holidays…but there’s always a first time for everything. Of course, recommendations are always welcome.

    • I’ve never really done it myself, but thought ‘what the heck’ this year. I have always found it annoying to be bombarded with non-stop Christmas songs right after Thanksgiving, but I decided to try to find some nice Asian holiday music to brighten the mood 😛 Hope you enjoy the recommendations.

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