The Musical Episode 11 Recap

Happy Thanksgiving [which is technically tomorrow in the US]. Since I probably won’t do any posting tomorrow or maybe for the rest of the week, I’m getting this up tonight.

The Musical Episode 11

Finally gotten around to watching this…

And I just don’t know what to think anymore. Seriously. What do I mean by that? I don’t even know anymore. There are only 5 episodes left and what exactly is this series about? Oh, right. Eun Bi’s going for her dream. Or something to that effect, but you have to wonder when the series starts straying farther from the stage and said pursuit and heading solely into the personal relationships of all the characters. The very complicated relationships. Wow, things are just getting more and more tangled.

We do some backtracking with the investor declaring that Jae Yi must pay him back the million by the end of the week and Jae Yi going to the entertainment company to get the aforementioned million. We then see him tear up Do Hwa’s song and sing the contract which binds him to the company for 4-5 years. Wow. That’s just crazy. Plus, he’s not allowed to do any other projects but working with the girls and the company.

Choi Daniel

While Jae Yi sells himself for five years, Jin is in the study looking at what I originally thought was a cabinet or a clock. But its neither. It is a rather large music box. Jin turns it on and flashes back to a time where his mom told him that she will give him that clock when he gets married. His father then laughs and says that no matter what happens, Jin will end up living with them. Jin then remembers what Eun Bi said about her own mother. Her mom stayed as long as she could out of love, but when that was enough to keep her there, she just left. Is he starting to think that’s what happened with his mom and dad? His grandfather comes in and comments on how long its been since the music box played. The two then sit down and discuss Jin’s research into green energy. Yoo is very pleased with Jin’s initiative and research.

Park Ki WoongPark Ki Woong, Park Geun Hyung

The worried Gu Jak keeps calling Hong Jae Yi who does not answer his calls at all. Gu Jak tells Jae Yi not to worry about paying all the money back himself as Gu Jak will do whatever it takes even if it means going to jail for fraud. Bok Ja comes in at that moment and asks what is going on. Gu Jak admits to spending the advance and then having the investor pull out. So that means the musical is off? Gu Jak just doesn’t know so how can he face the others and tell them what is going on?

Park Kyung Rim, Oh Jung Se

Jin goes to a music shop he visited with his mom when he was younger. I have to say that place is freaking awesome. I never knew how many different kinds of music boxes there were before. The shop owner says it must be his first time coming since that day he came with his mom. Is he alone now? Jin informs her that he is waiting for someone and beams happily when Eun Bi walks in. Unexpected and yet not all at the same time. The woman then shows them a music box and explains how they are soothing and how the vibrations can also be good for your health. Jin then takes Eun Bi’s hand and holds it down on the box so she can feel the vibration. Now I wonder if Eun Bi is aware of his affection for her or not, cause its pretty obvious here. In the car, Eun Bi doesn’t know how to react or respond. It’s her first time receiving such a gift. Jin tells her not to worry about it and that he hopes it will soothe her when she is worried. If that doesn’t work, she can always return it. Eun Bi still seems a mite uncomfortable about this.

Park Ki Woong, Goo Hye SunGoo Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong

While this is going on, Sun Hee has a meltdown. Jin Young had put her to bed and turned on a music box. After he left, she went crazy and got up and grabbed the music box. When he returns, she had it over her head. He tries to stop her, but is too late and she smashes it to smithereens before collapsing back on the bed. The saddened Jin Young moves her fully onto the bed and covers her. What is the significance? That was the music box that Jin had bought her. Sad day. Also, Ra Kyung meets Joon Hyuk for coffee. She is in her usual depressed because Jin likes someone else mood. Joon Hyuk starts talking about cat poop in coffee and manages to make her smile which makes him happy. It’s his goal to make her smile everyday. Aww. He is so sweet!

Ahn Yeo JinKi Eun Se, Kim Yong Min

Jae Yi goes to a coffee shop where he sees a woman looking with great interest at the sweets. It turns out that the record company person he was there to meet was her! Her name is Ahn Sung Ha [Choo So Young]. She is the producer for the girls. They sit in silence for awhile and when Jae Yi asks why they aren’t talking about work, Sung Ha points out that she didn’t want to disturb him because she knew he was listening to the music. To top this off, she bought his favorite sweets. Jae Yi thinks her name is familiar, but can’t place her. Sun Ha laughs and says  that he isn’t good with faces. Jae Yi admits this, but they haven’t met before, right? Sung Ha laughs and says it’s been a long time. Who the heck is she?

Choi Daniel, Choo So Young

While Jae Yi is in his meeting, Eun Bi is with Kang Hee practicing. Eun Bi’s breathing is hardly controlled and she isn’t hitting the notes properly. Kang Hee stops her and warns her about her breathing. They start again and Eun Bi flashes back to Jae Yi’s comment on how she needs to control her breathing in order to be able to hit the high pitch she always cracks off. Eun Bi trails off and Kang Hee has to snap Eun Bi out of it. Looks like Eun Bi might be regretting her decision. Not the first time that’s happened in a kdrama. Ra Kyung invites her coworkers to go out drinking where they complain about men and Ra Kyung reveals what’s going on in her life we get typical drunken relationship talk.

Goo Hye Sun, Ok Joo HyunKi Eun Se

Jae Yi goes to a bookstore where he overhears two girls talking about medical school and not being able to touch dead bodies. This of course reminds him of the corpse-cleaning Eun Bi. He gets a call from Gu Jak and he finally answers. Gu Jak pleads for him not to take on the burden of the debt alone. Jae Yi tells him not to say anything anymore. It’s already over. Jae Yi has sold himself for the money and the musical is to be scrapped. Gu Jak doesn’t like this. He doesn’t think its fair for Jae Yi to shoulder all responsibility. Well, at least he has a conscious after going temporarily insane and getting too greedy.

Choi DanielOh Jung Se

Eun Bi practices hard at dancing by herself. After she’s worked herself to the point of exhaustion, she takes out her phone and stops herself from calling Jae Yi. More regretting it seems. Meanwhile, Jae Yi is turning into Jin! He sits at home and watches the DVD of the audition so he can see Eun Bi. He then recalls his confession and her rejection. She doesn’t doubt his love, but she doubts how it can last. Her mom loved her and still left her. Couldn’t the same thing still happen? Nothing like ending before it even begins. Jae Yi goes outside and in comes Sung Ha. She’s on the phone complaining to someone about how Jae Yi didn’t even remember who she was. She then hands the phone over to Jae Yi and he finally realizes how he knows Sung Ha! They were great friends in school She’s no longer the dorky little girl with glasses. Meanwhile, Bok Ja worries over Eun Bi who is collapsed on the bed tired.

Goo Hye Sun, Choi Daniel, Choo So Young

Jae Yi and Sung Ha then have another friend over, Min Sun [or Mi Sun, not sure which] with her son. They reminisce over their old music days. While this reunion is going on, Eun Bi can’t sleep as she still thinks about Jae Yi. Meanwhile, Sung Ha tells Jae Yi how she tried to make it in the musical business. She decided classical music wasn’t for her and tried to write modern music, but failed. She just couldn’t, so she became a producer instead. She then mentions to Jae Yi how she met him in America. Jae Yi does remember this happening. Her hair had been really short and his had been really long. The two have a really nice relationship. Their bantering and mock fighting are cute. It shows a very comfortable and long-lasting friendship. Will Sung Ha become Eun Bi’s real rival since Kang Hee can’t really go after Jae Yi since she’s married [though that didn’t seem to stop her from trying to seduce him earlier]?

Choo So Young, Choi Daniel

Eun Bi goes about her morning milk deliveries. She drops off milk at Kang Hee’s and think she sees Jae Yi when she comes down, but it isn’t him. This flusters the girl. She then heads over to his house where she is completely shocked to see him walking a girl out. And if she can overhear anything, then she must know that Sung Ha spent the entire night [not that there was any sleeping involved nor was there any hanky panky like Eun Bi might be prone to imagine]. Jae Yi notices her and comments on her hard work. Eun Bi acknowledges this and goes on her separate way. She is so discratced by what she saw, that she almost gets hit by a car and manages to hurt herself falling off her bike, to which Bok Ja scolds her for after cleaning the wound.

Goo Hye Sun, Choo So Young, Choi Daniel

After Bok Ja leaves, Eun Bi keeps flashing back to what happened earlier. When she she tries to shake the images out of her head and get up, she can’t. She eventually collapses. Like I didn’t see that one coming. The girl works herself to exhaustion and beyond. The ill Eun Bi desperately tries calling Bok Ja for help, but Bok Ja is too busy at the shoe store to pick up her phone. After thinking a bit, Eun Bi then dials Jae Yi who was just getting to bed. He looks at the phone, but when he sees its Eun Bi he chooses not to pick it up. Poor Eun Bi doesn’t know what to do now and just tries to weakly pull the covers off the bed since she can’t really move. Anyone wonder why med student Eun Bi didn’t call one of her doctor acquaintances?

Goo Hye SUn

Jin looks for Eun Bi in the practice room, but is disappointed to find her missing. He runs into Ra Kyung who asks him out for coffee. When Jin overhears two people from the Monte cast wondering if Eun Bi is sick since she is never late or misses practice, he gets really worried. He calls Bok Ja and learns about the accident and that Eun Bi hadn’t been feeling well lately. Jin apologizes to Ra Kyung and runs out after getting the address. Ra Kyung, like a stalker, follows him. She is upset to see Jin go to Eun Bi’s place looking so frantic. He gets in the house thanks to the landlord where he sees the fallen Eun Bi. He helps her up and then scoops her up to take her to the hospital where Ra Kyung follows him as well. Ra Kyung does something a little devious. She brings in a woman to watch over Eun Bi and a man to chauffer her home and demands Jin leaves with her. This woman. Jin does end up complying even though you know he’d rather stay with Eun Bi. I do sympathize with Ra Kyung as he seems so much more worried about Eun Bi then he did about Ra Kyung getting burned.

Par Ki Woong, Goo Hye SunKi Eun Se, Park Ki Woong

You do have to love how Jae Yi ignores the fact that he missed Eun Bi’s call earlier and smiles at Sung Ha’s video message that she left. He still likes Eun Bi, but why he’s doing what he is at the moment after seeming to have gotten back on task a little earlier is beyond me. Ra Kyung tells Jin that there have been other men who caught her interest, but she did the hardest thing ever by staying. It’s easy to leave, harder to stay. She has invested so much in this relationship that she won’t let it end or go. Seriously? Doesn’t Ra Kyung know that sometimes staying is worse than leaving? Plus, sometimes, leaving is the harder option of the two. I am not quite sure how I feel about this speech and her declaration to Jin. Truthfully, they might be able to work things out, but I think that Ra Kyung trying to turn herself into a villain will just be annoying and hurtful to everyone, not just herself.

Ki Eun Se

Eun Bi wakes up and is shocked to see a strange woman next to her. She recalls Jin’s frantic help and I think wonders where he went off to. Eun Bi wants to leave without the tests and the woman says that there is a man to take her home. Eun Bi then borrows a phone and apologizes to Kang Hee for missing practice. Kang Hee tells her about a 4-day break in the schedule and tells Eun Bi to rest up and get well. Then in come Bok Ja and Eun Bi’s friend. I think it made Eun Bi feel better to not be alone. The duo then send Eun Bi home, to her hometown not her house in Seoul, to get better and be taken care of by her grandmother. As she is about to get on the train, Jae Yi finally calls her back. Just as Eun Bi reluctantly answers the phone, he hangs up. Sheesh, these two. [Oh, and Bok Ja had revealed that morning that the musical had hit a snag and came to a grounding hault. Forget to mention that earlier].

Goo Hye Sun

Ra Kyung goes to meet Joon Hyuk who has brought her flowers. Ra Kyung wants to end things with him. She acknowledges that he has comforted her, but if she lets things continue, he will only get hurt. Why? They can never be together. Wow, nothing like taking a harsh approach, but Joon Hyuk doesn’t care. He knows Ra Kyung will marry Jin. That doesn’t make him happy, but he knows he can’t ask her not to. But nor can Ra Kyung get rid of him. He only wishes to brighten her life and make it possible for her to smile. Well… its not a bad trait in a guy, but you have to wonder how stupid he is to be okay with such a situation. Or maybe that is just showing a purer love than Ra Kyung has. Joon Hyuk wants her happiness regardless and will do whatever he can even if he can’t have her in the end.

Kim Yong Min

Eun Bi is met at the station by her father. Her grandmother has a very healthy meal ready for her when they get home. Soon Yi scolds her granddaughter for risking her life for a musical. Then in comes Eun Bi’s dad with more groceries. Soon Yi confesses that he had already bought everything the night before when he heard Eun Bi was in the hospital. Now they have way more than enough food. Soon Yi then says she’ll make some soup and give some to the couple next door. So now we know Eun Bi will meet Jin’s parents. Wonder how that will go?

Lee Do Kyung, Jung Young Sook, Goo Hye Sun

While Eun Bi is at home, Jae Yi is working at the studio with the girls. Sung Ha comes in and watches him with great interest. Yep, she likes him. Meanwhile, Gu Jak is drowning his sorrows. Joon Hyuk tries to get him to sober up and concentrate on putting on the musical so they can pay Jae Yi back partially. What plan does Joon Hyuk have? That night, she comes over and gives him movies from a person he really respects that haven’t even been released in Asia yet. She even makes him dinner. After the movie finishes, the two are both crying, Sung Ha then says that Jae Yi needs her in his life so should she come to him or should he go to her. Say what? Well, who knew she’d be that proactive in pursuit of him? And that’s where things end for this episode.

Choo So Young, Choi Daniel

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