This Week’s Kpop Goodies

After watching last week’s Music Core, I fell in love with 3 new songs. Well, one isn’t all that new. It came out on the same mini-album as “Beautiful Target.” That’s right. Here’s this week’s top Kpop goodies!

“My Love” by B1A4, their follow-up song to the more cute “Beautiful Target.” I absolutely love this song! It really showcases the vocal abilities of the boys well. Highly repetitious, but highly addictive. Sandeul’s and Jinyoung’s voices are awesome. I was happy that you got to hear a little bit more from Gongchan in this song as well. He doesn’t seem to get all that much solo time.

“Someone Met By Chance” by LED Apple. This is their 2nd single after losing 3 out of 5 of the original members. I didn’t know the original, so I can’t compare how the new sound is, but I am liking this group. The MV is very fitting for a group with such a technology-friendly name and the song is just awesome. I will link to a high definition official video if Loen finally makes it available in the US.

“Say This Out of Love” by A-ble. They released a digital single several months ago and have comeback with this song. It’s a nice ballad. It does feel like it is lacking a little something, but I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to more from this duo.

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