Smile, Donghae Episode 19 Recap

Do Ji Won, Ji Chang Wook

I love how Bongi lays into Saewa when she learns how her new in-law abandoned the injured Donghae with the police. Saewa has a brief moment of unease in this episode with Do Jin’s mom going ahead with the arranged date, but she manages to pull off a last-minute stunt to get Hye Sook on her side. Plus, we get a clue into James’ identity… which you may or may not know already. I do know who James really is, but won’t say it here yet.

We pick up with Donghae turning to his mother and asking her to leave Korea. He already didn’t like this country because it was the homeland of the father who abandoned him, but Saewa’s abandoning him as well didn’t help matters in the least. This shocks the emotional Anna. While she understands her son’s reasons, she doesn’t want to leave Korea just yet. This also shocks Bongi. Donghae and his mom sit in the back of the bus while Bongi sits a few seats in front. She is really upset about Donghae and Anna leaving. At this time, Saewa is gleefully recalling Do Jin’s words and kiss from the night before. She has no idea that her prospective mother-in-law is already planning Do Jin’s arranged date with Cha’s niece.

Oh Ji Eun, Do Ji Won, Ji Chang Wook

At the hotel, Sae Young wakes up and remembers that she kicked Tae Hoon out of their room. And where did he spend the night? In the bathroom. A hotel employee was quite shocked to see him lying on the floor by the toilet. The embarassed Tae Hoon quickly jumps up and runs away and reaches him room. He immediately jumps in to bed shivering when Sae Young lets him in. He then scolds her for kicking him out on their wedding night when they should have been using the time to discuss their future and what to do about raising their twins. Sae Young isn’t a bad girl, but she is in need of a reality check and a lot of maturing. Hopefully she can be a good mother to their babies.

Alex, Lee Joo Yeon

Meanwhile, Sun Ok is complaining that the kids didn’t call them when they got to the hotel. Kang Jae tells her to be the first to call, but Sun Ok doesn’t want to. She’ll be scolding Sae Young when she sees her. Kang Jae tells her to embrace the young woman instead and that will help Sae Young to eventually grow. Pil Jae then talks about what a catch his older brother is. Sun Ok replies that she knows she’s lucky and she’s happy to have a man who doesn’t cheat. She would have divorced him in a minute if he was unfaithful on top of their being poor. Pil Jae then mentions how unfortunate it was about Kim Joon doing the report that lead to their kimchi factory being shut down. All this time, Bongi is worrying about Donghae and Anna. After being scolded for bringing up Kim Joon, Pil Jae leaves to go to try to catch pickpockets.

Lee Joon Ha, Kim Yoo Suk, Oh Ji Eun

Donghae and Anna arrive back at the hospital and Anna asks if they’re really going to leave. She wants to stay in Korea a little longer and look for James who is still there. Donghae, instead of getting really irate at the mention of his father, takes his mother by the shoulders and tells her that she is a strong woman. He knows it may hurt to hear this, but James has probably forgotten all about her. Anna shakes her head know, but Donghae gently insists. He also says that he is the only family she has. They will go back to the states and Anna should try to put James behind her, just like he will do his best to forget Saewa. Hearing this shocks Anna. Who would’ve thought that Donghae would actually say that? Donghae then apologizes to his mother and says that there is no one in Korea who would welcome them so they have to leave and go back to the US. How sad. Well, Bongi would welcome them, but she has no room for them at her house.

Ji Chang Wook, Do Ji Won

Back at the hotel, Hye Sook is unhappy that their special suites and lounge for women aren’t being all that well received. She demands to know why. Do Jin promises to look into it right away and Hye Sook tells him that with the investment they put into that special, they can’t afford it to fail. Hye Sook then drops the bomb about meeting Cha’s niece. Do Jin is shocked by this. Hye Sook says that while she likes Saewa, her family background is lacking. Plus, arranged dates are like business transactions and Do Jin needs someone who can help him with the future of the hotel. The upset Do Jin goes back to his office to find Saewa there. He turns down her lunch offer, telling her about the suite problems, and then discourages her from visiting his mother. Saewa leaves wondering just what is going on. What has caused such a sudden change in attitude?

Lee Jang Woo, Jung Ae Ri

In the kitchen, the head chef gives out the assignments and mentions how they will be preparing a dinner for the Kims and Congressman Cha. Dae Sam is chosen as the sous chef, much to Bongi’s and Sun Ae’s unhappiness. Dae Sam is always chosen as sous chef for important occasions. Dae Sam then passes on the gossip he overheard about how vice manager Do Jin is to go on an arranged date with Cha’s relative. Bongi asks if the rumor is true and Dae Som says he heard it from a secretary, so there’s no doubt about it. The head chef then scolds them for gossiping and they get back to work. Now Bongi is worried about what will happen to Saewa if Do Jin goes on an arranged date.

Oh Ji Eun

Bongi is taking a box of foodstuff out when she runs into Saewa coming out of the elevator. Saewa wonders if Do Jin turned cold because he found out about what she did to Donghae. This leads her to call the police station. Bongi is floored to realize that Saewa knew Donghae was arrested. Saewa is relieved to find out that Donghae was already released and goes to head out when Bongi stops and demands to know if Saewa knew about the incident. Saewa tells her to move and doesn’t want to answer. Bongi can’t believe this. Even if Saewa doesn’t love Donghae anymore, she should have still helped him out. Donghae is in Korea for the first time and was faced with that horrifying situation with the police. Saewa isn’t even human.

Park Jung Ah, Oh Ji Eun

Annoyed, Saewa asks if Bongi likes Donghae since she is defending him so much and seems to care so much what happens. Bongi cannot believe the charge. She also can’t believe it when Saewa tells Bongi to take Donghae since Saewa wants nothing more to do with him. Oh no she didn’t! Does this woman even have a heart? Fuming, Bongi wishes Saewa all the unhappiness she deserves. Bongi decides to let Saewa know about Do Jin’s arranged date. This news shocks Saewa, is it true? Bongi says that it is. She then asks why it’s okay for Saewa to cast Donghae aside for wealthy and success, but not okay for Saewa to be cast off for the same reason. Bongi then tells Saewa that she doesn’t deserve happiness or success and then leaves. Saewa cannot believe Bongi’s nerve of wishing her unhappiness, but it soon overcome with worry over the blind date.

Oh Ji Eun

Back at the station, Saewa, instead of worrying about her interview with famous ballerina Julia Kim, is worrying about how to get Hye Sook on her side. She then recalls what Do Jin said about having problems reserving the suites for women. A light bulb goes off and she calls the PD in charge of the interview and requests a location change to the Camilla Hotel. Meanwhile, Pil Jae is out on duty watching shops for pickpockets. Of course, Sool Nyeo is shopping in the same shop. Since Sun Ok made a big deal about not receiving wedding gifts, Sool Nyeo has come out to buy some clothes to appease the woman. Wouldn’t you know that Sool Nyeo is targeted by a pickpocket and Pil Jae comes in to nab him. Only Sool Nyeo gets in his way. While he isn’t thrilled to see her again, she is ecstatic about this new encounter.

Park Hae Mi, Kim Yoo Suk

Donghae and Anna return to the hotel. Donghae tells Anna to stay in the room and wait for him while he goes to buy their plane tickets. Anna doesn’t want to, but she stays and waits. On his way out, Donghae runs into Bongi who is bringing food to Sae Young and Tae Hoon’s room. I like it when you see this softer, friendlier side between Bongi and Donghae. I am sure that in this series we’ll get to see them at odds a lot more, but they are so cute when they do their bickering and teasing. Donghae tells Bongi about going to get the tickets and how he plans on leaving Korea that very day. When leaves, Bongi watches him go with tears in her eyes, wondering why it hurts so much that he’s leaving.

Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji Eun

Sae Young brings the sick Tae Hoon home. Sun Ok is shocked that her son is sick after only a night. She is livid when she finds out just why he was sick. Sool Nyeo comes with her gifts and is unhappy to have Sun Ok already scolding Sae Young. When she learns why, Sool Nyeo throws up the fact that Sae Young is pregnant and shouldn’t be made to kneel in apology on the cold floor. The three women then have tea and Sun Ok tells Sae Young to bring the humidifier to Tae Hoon’s room. Sae Young complains that there is no room and Sun Ok reminds her that’s because she brought in a lot of useless things. Sool Nyeo then asks about knocking down the wall and making the room bigger. Sun Ok says that she can’t as Pil Jae is next door with Song Yi. This annoys Sool Nyeo and she plots she set Pil Jae up with the aunt of a woman who works at her shop. Sun Ok, after hearing about the woman’s wealth and beauty, agrees to having her brother-in-law set up.

Lee Bo Hee, Lee Jo Yeon, Park Hae Mi

Saewa arrives at the Camilla and is greeted by Do Jin who was surprised by her sudden call. Saewa asks if everything is done and he replies that it is. Then the ballerina arrives and Saewa smirks. Julia is adamant about returning to her hotel and constantly complains about the Camilla. When they get to the suite, Julia immediately wants to leave as the room isn’t perfect. Saewa and a hotel staff go to move a sheet-covered object when Saewa accidentally yanks the sheet off. She scolds the hotel employee and Julia Kim starts bawling. It’s a picture of her and her recently deceased little girl. Saewa goes over and pretends to comfort the wounded mother, saying that the hotel did their best to make sure any trace of things that would cause her uneasiness over her daughter were covered up or removed. It’s official. Saewa makes me sick. What she wouldn’t do or exploit to get her way.

Park Jung Ah

Donghae is out alone and goes to a place overlooking the river. He unclenches his hand and in it our the wedding rings he bought for himself and Saewa. He tears up once more looking at them. Crying, he yells that he has not been abandoned by Saewa and Korea. He’s the one who is leaving them behind. Um, sure. Whatever you want to say to make yourself feel better. Poor Donghae and Anna. They are abandoned constantly by the people they love. Donghae then tosses the rings over the side. What a waste of money. He so should have pawned them. He also vows to never return to Korea as long as he lives. Hell, he even refuses to return as ashes.

Ji Chang Wook

Afterward, Do Jin and Saewa meet up with Hye Sook. Apparently Julia Kim as decided to switch to the Camilla after seeing how caring the staff are and will be there for the rest of her days in Korea. Do Jin then says that after that happened and the press reported the incident, their female suites have been filling up with reservations. Saewa then says how she will do anything to help Do Jin. Hye Sook smiles and then asks Saewa to step out for a minute. Saewa agrees and arranges to meet Do Jin in the lobby. Once alone, Hye Sook tells him that the date with Cha’s niece is off. Sure, she still doesn’t like Saewa’s family background, but you have to admit the girl is clever. This makes Do Jin [and the eavesdropping Saewa] happy.

Park Jung Ah, Lee Jang Woo

When Saewa exits the elevator, she is shocked to see the returning Donghae. He tells her not to worry, they are strangers now. Saewa then says that she hears he is leaving Korea. It’s for the best after all. Donghae then tells her that she didn’t abandon him, he’s abandoning her. This surprises Saewa, but she rubs salt in Donghae’s gaping wounds by saying she knows how much he hates the thought of being abandoned. It’s regretful things came to this. What a complete B*tch! Donghae then goes into the elevator just as Do Jin comes out to meet her. How long will these near misses keep going?

Ji Chang Wook

Donghae goes back to the room where he and Anna pack. Anna asks if they are going back to the states and Donghae says they are. Anna asks what about Saewa and Donghae replies that she is no longer in their lives and he will never return to Korea again. Then in pops Bongi! She has brought a special meal made from the heart by her for them. This brightens up Donghae’s face. Bongi tells them that they need to eat a hearty meal before going on the plane. She puts it down on the table and shows off her skills. Anna then comes over and hugs her. She’s leaving and won’t be able to see Bongi anymore. She will miss the younger woman terribly and will always think of her. Tearing up herself, Bongi tells Anna that she will never forget the beautiful, kind older woman as well. Bongi says she will work hard to become successful in order to go to America to visit. Bongi then releases Anna and tells Donghae that even though things didn’t work out like he wanted, she hopes he can remember good things. She also then tells him to work on controlling his fierce temper. Donghae throws Bongi’s temper up to her and the two laugh. Bongi then says that if they were to meet again, he hopes she’ll become prettier. Bongi laughs and tells him to be strong after eating the food or she’ll kick his butt. She then wishes them happiness and leaves, dampening the mother and son’s moods once more.

Ji Chang Wook, Do Ji Won, Oh Ji Eun

Kang Jae arrives home to learn that the kids have returned from the hotel and Tae Hoon is sick. Kang Jae asks why they didn’t go to her mother’s like planned and Sae Young hugs her father-in-law and says its because she missed him. This seems to disconcert Kang Jae. He then gets a call from Bongi to bring her recipes from her room. When Kang Jae gets to the hotel, he and Kim Joon wind up at the same elevator. Kang Jae asks if Joon knows him, but he doesn’t. Kang Jae refreshes his memory and Joon apologizes for the report saying he couldn’t go to work for a while after he heard the news about the factory closing. He hopes that Kang Jae will be able to forgive him someday. Kang Jae is really angry now. How can Joon say it bothered him and not even know who he is?

Kang Suk Woo, Im Chae Moo

Donghae and Anna are getting ready to leave. Donghae stations his mother near the elevators while he goes to pay for their room and check out. While waiting, Anna catches sight of someone. Could it possibly be… James? She goes to the elevator where Kang Jae and Joon just got on. She starts getting emotional and Donghae turns around when he hears his mom start yelling James’ name. And that’s where the episode ends. Who do you think James is? Kang Jae or Kim Joon?

Im Chae Moo, Do Ji Won

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