Smile, Donghae Episode 18 Recap

Park Jung Ah, Ji Chang Wook

My heart broke for Donghae in this episode. Sure, we all knew this was coming, but who knew just how cold and vicious Saewa could be to the man she dated for seen years? And poor Bongi is caught in the middle between her family [since Sae Young married Tae Hoon, Saewa is family now, too] and her friendship with Donghae. And we get to see more of Sae Young’s immaturity and stupidity. What does Tae Hoon see in her?

We open right where we picked up in the previous episode with Saewa laying down her ultimatum to Donghae: Choose her or Anna. Saewa doesn’t want to live a life of poverty taking care of the mentally disabled Anna. So if Donghae sincerely loves her, then will he dump Anna? Donghae is shocked into silence. Saewa smirks. What more of an answer does she need? She knew that no matter how much Donghae loves her, he won’t get rid of Anna. That’s because he has a warm heart and he’s a good son. Saewa plays at being a good daughter, but you have to wonder how much she really does care about her own family at times.

Ji Chang WookPark Jung Ah

Saewa leaves the shocked Donghae with the envelope of money. Donghae takes it and hobbles after her. He stops her and gives her the money back – he doesn’t want it as his feelings can’t be bought or sold with money. Donghae then tells Saewa that she is out of her mind for asking him to leave Anna. Saewa knows how hard he has worked and what will happen to Anna if he should leave her. How can Saewa say such a horrible thing to him? Saewa then comes back with the fact that she is fatherless as well. Saewa tells him she wants a perfect marriage with a father-in-law who will take care of her and love her like her own father couldn’t. Saewa is also sick and tired of struggling all of the time and wants an easier life. Donghae can’t do any of those things for her.

Ji Chang Wook, Park Jung Ah

Saewa then shakes him off and goes to return to the wedding, but Donghae grabs and stops her. In a struggle to break free, Saewa accidentally sends the injured Donghae crashing through a window. The owner comes out yelling and soon two police officers come. They pick up Donghae and ask Saewa if she broke the window. Saewa denies breaking the window and knowing Donghae. She then leaves him to face his fate alone. Seriously? When she gets in her car, its like there is a moment of regret and she wants to go out and help him, but saving herself wins out and she cruelly abandons him. Poor Donghae got a lot of shocks today. Saewa really likes to get him in trouble, get him into accidents and just abandon him in order to save herself. This woman has no redeeming qualities, but she does have 141 episodes to change her ways. Will she? While this incident is taking place, Anna is anxiously awaiting Donghae’s return.

Park Jung AhJi Chang Wook

Back at the wedding hall, which is still sunny [what happened to that downpour that Saewa and Donghae were caught in?], Sool Nyeo goes to sit with her daughter and breaks down. Sool Nyeo apologizes for constantly hitting and yelling at Sae Young over the years. Sool Nyeo just worked so hard and only wanted the best for her daughter. It’s nice to see this more human, softer side of Sool Nyeo. She has some redeeming qualities even if her eldest doesn’t at the moment. Sae Young, who should be touched by this display of love and emotion from her mom, immediately casts Sool Nyeo aside when Tae Hoon shows up. Poor Sool Nyeo.

Lee Joo Yeon, Park Hae Mi

Meanwhile, Bongi is outside worrying about what is going on between Saewa and Donghae. Are they fighting because of the money Bongi gave Donghae? Bongi feels even worse since Donghae is walking around when he should be recuperating. Bongi then spots Saewa [who is miraculously dry with nary a hair out of place] and rushes over to her to immediately ask if Donghae is okay. This annoys Saewa. She tells Bongi to stay out of their lives. This angers Bongi, but before she can really say anything, the announcement that the wedding is starting is made. So Bongi just angrily says she will stay out of their lives before heading inside.

Oh Ji Eun, Park Jung Ah

The wedding opens with the two mothers going down the aisle to light the candles. Sun Ok only gives a small bow, while Sool Nyeo gives a deep bow [she’s parallel to the floor]. Sool Nyeo is livid that Sun Ok did not bow as formally back to her, but tries to hold her anger in check. Then in comes the bride and groom. Sun Ok, and the rest of the Lee family, are shocked to see Sae Young’s very short wedding dress. The ceremony continues on and Sae Young and Tae Hoon have to pay respects to the parents who raises them. Tae Hoon breaks down and cries in front of Sun Ok, making her cry, too and annoying Sool Nyeo some more. Not to be called a bad mother, Sool Nyeo cries hard when Tae Hoon and Sae Young pay their respects.

Lee Bo Hee, Park Hae MiAlex, Lee Joo Yeon

After the wedding comes photos. Tae Hoon and Sae Young are the only ones really happy. Sun Ok and Sool Nyeo shoot glares at each other as does Bongi and Sae Young. Will everything ever be okay between these two families? Pil Jae didn’t make it back, so Sool Nyeo still doesn’t know his identity. How funny. When will that come out? Meanwhile, Donghae is at the police station being questioned. He just keeps quiet and keeps thinking about what happened with Saewa abandoning him and saying she doesn’t know him.

Oh Ji Eun, Alex, Lee Joo Yeon, Park Jung Ah

After Tae Hoon and Sae Young head off to start their honeymoon, the Lees and Sool Nyeo part to go their separate ways. Kang Jae doesn’t look too happy about that, but what can you do? Sool Nyeo asks Saewa about Donghae as the man looked very familiar to her. Saewa lies and says he works at the station and came to drop something off. Saewa then leaves her mother alone so she can go see Do Jin. What a daughter. She should be with her mother at a time like this. She should also get Donghae out of the mess she created.

Lee Joo Yeon, AlexOh Ji Eun, Lee Bo Hee, Park Hae Mi

Saewa sits in Do Jin’s office worrying about Donghae. Or rather, worried that Donghae will give her name and where she works, putting her in a big bind. Just as she is about to get up to… go to the police station, maybe?…Do Jin arrives. He apologizes for making her wait and asks after the wedding. Do Jin wanted to be there, but had work he couldn’t get out of, which was good for Saewa as this means he didn’t witness the scene. Saewa smiles and gives him back the keys to the car he got her. She accepts the feelings behind it, but can’t accept the car as it is too much for someone of her station just starting out at the broadcasting station. Saewa then spots a cheesy line worthy of her current boyfriend: “Besides, I don’t need those things as long as I have your heart.” Oh gag me. Do Jin comments on how unselfish Saewa is and then asks her to spend the rest of the day with him since he’s free. Oh wow. If only he knows just how selfish Saewa really is.

Lee Jang Woo, Park Jung Ah

At this time, Hye Sook receives Saewa’s background check. Hye Sook really likes Saewa, but does not like Saewa’s background or just how lacking her family is. She then gets a call from Congressman Cha. So the blind date will go ahead as planned then? Sae Young and Tae Hoon arrive at the hotel an Tae Hoon struggles to carry his bride into their room. He gets her to the bed and collapses. The happy Sae Young pops up and excitedly talks about how good Bongi is. Apparently Sae Young was afraid that Bongi would be an evil in-law, but she got them that suite at the hotel. Tae Hoon is tired and wants to rest, but Sae young wants to pretend like she’s in Hawaii and wants him to change to go swimming in the hotel pool.

Jung Ae RiLee Joo Yeon, Alex

Back at the Lee house, Sun Ok is depressed looking at Tae Hoon’s room. She wanted to turn it into a study for when he became a prosecutor or judge, but now it has become a newlywed room Pil Jae then shows up and says that the wedding was over by the time he got there. Pil Jae blames the traffic and Sun Ok says that Pil Jae always shows up when he’s not needed and never when he is. Pil Jae says he didn’t want to go the station, but what can he do? It’s his job after all. Pil Jae asked how the wedding went, was the bride pretty. Sun Ok commented on how she wouldn’t know as everyone was too busy staring at the bride’s legs. This makes Pil Jae laugh and he commiserates about going to get his hair done and not being able to do the family photos. He then comments on how small Sae Young’s family is. Sool Nyeo must be feeling that the house is emptier now. Sun Ok empathizes with this. She is gaining a family member while Sool Nyeo is losing one.

Lee Bo Hee, Kim Yoo Suk

Sool Nyeo is sitting in Sae Young’s empty bedroom crying. Now that her youngest troublemaker is gone, the house feels so empty and Sool Nyeo really misses her. At this time, Sun Ok comes over with snacks and drinks. Sool Nyeo is shocked to see Sun Ok, but Sun Ok explains that she is there because she knows how her friend is feeling. They may fight a lot, but they are friends. So the two drink and then start drunkenly complaining about each other, from not receiving wedding gifts, to not bowing deeply enough at the wedding. Will the drunk Sool Nyeo let Tae Hoon’s secret slip? Sun Ok says that Sool Nyeo can always remarry and Sool Nyeo says she will after she sees Saewa taken care of. Sool Nyeo then asks after Pil Jae who was missing and Sun Ok wonders if she should play matchmaker. Sool Nyeo doesn’t want her to as she has her eyes on someone. I really can’t wait for this to be revealed at last. It will be hella funny.

Lee Bo Hee, Park Hae Mi

Do Ji Won, Oh Ji EunAt the police station, the policeman is wondering what to do since the only people who can confirm Donghae’s identity have left the country all ready. The officer encourages Donghae to settle before the case goes to prosecution. He then asks if there is no one who can confirm Donghae’s identity in Korea or who can help him settle with the shop owner? Bongi goes to the hospital where she finds the worried Anna. When Bongi learns that Donghae is still gone, she really starts worrying – he should have been back as the wedding was over hours ago. Bongi then gets a call from Donghae asking her to look after his mother. Bongi agrees to this, but when she tries to find out where Donghae is, he hangs up. Bongi then calls the number back and is shocked to learn Donghae is at the police station.

Ji Chang Wook

After learning Donghae’s whereabouts, the two women rush over to the jail to see him. They immediately rush over to the holding cell, surprising Donghae. Anna cries and Donghae goes over to hold his mom. While Anna freaks out, Donghae tries to calm her down while Bongi tries to find out what happened. Bongi saw him with Saewa, why is he in jail? Donghae keeps mum on the reason and asks Bongi to take Anna back to the hotel. Bongi ignores this request and demands to know what happened with Saewa. Did they fight? Is that why he’s there. His silence is answer enough. Bongi and Anna then sit down with the officer and Bongi is shocked to hear that the incident could go to the prosecution if it isn’t settled. Anna wants to go, but Bongi insists on doing it. True, Anna isn’t the best person to plead Donghae’s case. Bongi goes to take her to the hotel, but Anna won’t leave Donghae. So Bongi leaves her with her son and goes to seek out the flower shop owner.

Ji Chang Wook, Do Ji Won, Oh Ji Eun

At the Lee house, Hye Sook talks with the Jos. She assures them that she is looking for their missing daughter. Joon comes in and hears the rest of the conversation and asks if Hye Sook is really looking for the Jos’ daughter. Hye Sook asks how can she find a dead person. Hearing this surprises Joon. So that means that Hye Sook is lying to the Jos who are like 2nd parents to Hye Sook and him. Hye Sook asks him not to be bothered as she will take care of things, but Joon is still bothered by it. Hye Sook tells him that the Jos’ lost daughter isn’t what is important, it’s Do JIn’s marriage. Hye Sook insists on meeting the Chas once more and when Joon brings up Do Jin’s girlfriend, Hye Sook says that while she likes her, she wants someone with a similar background to Do Jin. Hye Sook wants connections that can help build the Camilla into a global hotel. She then begs for her husband’s help. Since when has he ever been willing enough to help his wife with her schemes?

Jung Ae Ri, Kang Suk Woo

Back at the honeymoon suite, the newlyweds have changed into their swim clothes, but Tae Hoon just wants to rest. Besides, Sae Young is pregnant and should be careful and they should really discuss their future seeing as he failed his exams. Sae Young complains about his age and him being tired. Tae Hoon, annoyed, agrees to go swimming with her. The happy Sae Young then asks who he would save her or his mother if they were both drowning. Tae Hoon refuses to answer the question annoying Sae Young. The two then start squabbling about previous lovers. Tae Hoon assures her that she was his first and that their pasts didn’t matter. The then makes a historical reference that is completely lost on Sae Young. Shocked, Tae Hoon comments on how dumb his new wife is and Sae Young kicks him out into the hall. Sheesh. Talk about embarrassing.

Alex, Lee Joo Yeon

Meanwhile, on the rooftop, Do Jin and Saewa take a picture against the skyline. Do Jin shows it to her along with the picture he took with his mother on the rooftop the first day he started working for her. Hye Sook told him that the hotel would soon be his and he will have to build it to a global chain. He then asks if Saewa will help him. Saewa nods and Do Jin plants one on her. Their first official kiss.

Park Jung Ah, Lee Jang Woo

While Saewa is making out with her new boyfriend, her ex sits in misery recalling her earlier talk of him dumping Anna for Saewa. He looks over at his mother and starts crying. Anna sees this and Donghae quickly averts his face so his mother can’t see the pain he is in. Meanwhile, Bongi arrives to find the shop closed up. She calls the number on the door, but no one is answering. So the worried Bongi camps outside of the shop redialing the number over and over again. That’s what Saewa should have been doing instead. Morning comes and she leaves yet another message begging the owner to forgive Donghae who has a bad temper, but who is a really good person. Then the shop owner pulls up and Bongi rushes over to talk to him.

Ji Chang WookOh Ji Eun

Things must have went well as Donghae is released. He walks out of the policestation and past Bongi and Anna. They call his name and Donghae stops and starts crying recalling Saewa’s words. Anna asks if he is mad and Donghae turns and hugs his mother. He wants to leave Korea. He can’t stand it there anymore. Anna is crying now as well. Will the two even have money to leave?

Do Ji Won, Oh Ji Eun, Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook is such a good actor. I wanted to cry with him and hold him and tell him everything will be all right. He also did a great job in saeguk Warrior Baek Dong Soo as the title character. He and Lee Jang Woo are definitely promising actors and I can’t wait to see more of them.

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