Smile, Donghae Episode 17 Recap

I have to say that this episode really leave me disappointed in Saewa as a person once again. Also, Sae Young disappoints me as well. She’s not a bad person, just immature, and that immaturity grates after awhile. I feel so bad for Donghae in this episode, but I really can’t believe his blind faith in someone who has proven over and over since he’s been in Korea that she isn’t the person he thinks she is. Also, while I am enjoying this series, I do have a problem with what seems to be so obvious, fake, and cheesy moments. Quite honestly, even with Saewa’s acting, I think it’s a little too obvious that she’s trying to score brownie points. And Lee Jang Woo’s lines in this drama, not to mention his actions, are so completely cheesy. Sigh. But this is strangely addictive even in its cheesy predictability.

Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji Eun

Donghae hobbles after Bongi and demands to know once more what the money is. Bongi explains that it is from Saewa and Donghae asks why Saewa would give him such money. Bongi tells him to ask Saewa himself and leaves. After she exits the hospital she wonders if she really should have told Donghae the truth. Bongi then shakes herself and decides that it was the right thing to do as Donghae would learn the real truth eventually. Since Saewa kept saying she wanted to break up after only a couple of episodes and then finally throwing his proposal back in his face, you’d think he’d have a clue by now.

Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji Eun

Donghae then goes back to his room and puts on his regular clothes to go find Saewa and get the truth himself. Anna doesn’t want her injured baby going out, but Donghae won’t listen. He needs to know. Seriously, talk about a lax hospital. How can he get out so easily? Meanwhile, Saewa is off on her date with Do Jin and his mother. As she leaves, Donghae arrives and follows her all the way to the restaurant. Donghae can now ad “stalker” to his resume. Although, he isn’t stalking Saewa so much as desperately trying to make contact to finally talk to her about everything.

Park Jung Ah, Ji Chang Wook

At the restaurant, Hye Sook lets Do Jin know that she has no high expectations in the meeting. Nice. Saewa arrives and pretends not to know that she knew Hye Sook was Do Jin’s mother. While the introductions are being made, Saewa notices Donghae outside the private room and freaks. She excuses herself to go wash her hands and then meets Donghae in the stairwell. Saewa tells him that she has a very important meeting and he needs to leave. Donghae knows how much her career means to her and he’s already screwed up her chances once. Donghae agrees to leave and Saewa promises to see him, but wonders just how she can tell him the truth to his face. So that’s why Bongi was made the messenger. What a witch that Saewa is.

Jung Ae Ri, Lee Jang Woo, Park Jung AhJi Chang Wook, Park Jung Ah

The Lee family is at home wallpapering Tae Hoon’s room thanks to his impending marriage. Kang Jae tells Tae Hoon to shower Sae Young with a lot of love and care since she grew up without a father. Meanwhile, Sun Ok is looking forward to the wedding gifts. Only when Sae Young arrives she doesn’t bring any gifts, just tons of her stuff from designers shoes to bags. Sun Ok asks if Sool Nyeo gave money to Sae Young for all of that and Sae Young lets it slip that she stole money out of her mother’s register. Way to score points with your future mother-in-law. Then in comes a princess bed that obviously can’t fit into Tae Hoon’s room. This greatly disappoints Sae Young and annoys Sun Ok who walks off unhappy over Sae Young’s materialism and not receiving any wedding gifts.

The Lee FamilySmile, Donghae Episode 17

Back at the restaurant, Hye Sook can’t help but wonder why Saewa would go out with a guy whose background she didn’t know. Saewa admits it was frustrating, but she is waiting for Do Jin to open up to her. What a crock! She only became interested in him when she learned who he really was. Do Jin then asks his mother if its okay to say everything. She gives her assent and then tells Saewa to pick up her jacket after lunch. When lunch ends, Saewa and Do Jin go to his office where he tells his real identity and his mother’s. Saewa pretends to act surprised at hearing this and when she notices Hye Sook’s return, she then acts indignant about Do Jin not trusting her and testing her. Saewa also tells Do Jin that she will look after her younger sister’s wedding, he need not interfere. Saewa then says she needs to go home and think things over first. Another crock. Saewa leaves and Hye Sook asks if she knows who his father is. Do Jin replies that she doesn’t, so he’ll have to tell her soon.

Lee Jang Woo, Jung Ae Ri, Park Jung Ah

Donghae goes back to the hospital where he tells Anna that he saw Saewa and that she will be coming to see him soon – she promised. Only Saewa doesn’t want to keep that promise as she doesn’t know how to face her ex. It turns out that she doesn’t need to as she gets a call from Sool Nyeo demanding her eldest daughter’s presence for the receiving of the bridal gifts. After hanging up from her mother, Saewa gets a call from Donghae. Why isn’t she there yet? Saewa angrily tells him that she isn’t going as she is really busy and then she hangs up on the shocked Donghae. How can he seriously still believe her. He insists that real love doesn’t change… I wonder about that. It’s not that Saewa’s love for him changed, it just so happens that she loves herself more than him. At this time, Bongi is undergoing a test with two other cooks, but all she is doing is worrying about Donghae.

Ji Chang WookPark Jung Ah

Joon sits down in his office and notices his pictures are back when Hye Sook comes in with tea. She then asks if he knows Saewa. Joon says that he does, but when it comes to her character, he doesn’t know her well enough. The girl is a hard worker, though. He asks why Hye Sook wants to know, but she is keeping mum that Do Jin is dating Saewa. Hye Sook then leaves him be and calls in a background check on Saewa. So far Hye Sook does like Saewa, but for their family, background is everything. I don’t think Saewa’s background will pass Hye Sook’s test.

Kang Suk Woo, Jung Ae Ri

Back at the Lee house, Kang Jae and Sun Ok are preparing their wedding gifts. Sun Ok is disappointed as she is giving up a ring from her mother-in-law that she never got to wear. Kang Jae tells her that he will make sure to buy her a bigger ring next time. Sun Ok then complains that Sool Nyeo is looking down on their family by not getting them any gifts. Bongi then comes home and gives her parents some money to help cover the wedding along with a voucher for Tae Hoon so he can spend his honeymoon at the Camilla. What a great sister. This makes Kang Jae feel bad as he hasn’t been able to provide for his children like he wanted to. Poor man. It isn’t his fault that his kimchi factory went under.

The Lee Family

Sool Nyeo and Sae Young are waiting for Tae Hoon and the gifts to arrive. Sae Young is stuffing her face which annoys her mother. Sool Nyeo didn’t send any gifts since Tae Hoon is an unemployed loser. Wow. Nice one. And just whose fault is it that he failed the test? Sae Young points this out and then tells her mom to keep the secret from Saewa as well. Saewa comes home and Sae Young asks for a favor. Can’t Saewa get her announcer friends or any celebrities to show up to Sae Young’s wedding. Are you serious? Just how delusional will Sae Young be? And, anywho, why on earth would a celebrity attend a nobody’s wedding? Sool Nyeo is beside herself when she sees the paltry gifts that Tae Hoon has brought. It may be meager and tacky to her, but that was the best they could do. They then have a drink afterwards and Sool Nyeo says they have to take the secret to the grave of why Tae Hoon failed.

Alex, Lee Joo Yeon, Park Hae Mi

Saewa again wonders how she can tell Donghae. She can’t tell him the truth, what if he does something crazy? While she is wondering just what to do, she gets a call from Do Jin who is waiting outside. Saewa refuses to go out to meet him and tells him he can stay there all night. She hangs up and Do Jin calls back. Saewa smiles. Do Jin is putty in her hands. She goes out to meet him and he apologizes and says he never once tested her. He is angry at himself for making her think that. Do Jin then apologizes for hurting her feelings and pride, but he does love her. Do Jin then asks to start again and introduces himself with his whole name and what he does. Saewa smiles and then turns to face him with a  straight face. She tells him that it doesn’t matter who he is. All that matters to her is that he gives her his word that no mater what happens he’ll be on her side. Do Jin makes that promise and then gives Saewa the gift of a brand new car. I have to say that if I was Saewa, I actually would have been angry as it seems like he’s trying to buy her forgiveness. That night, Donghae holds the sleeping Anna’s hand and tells his mom that love doesn’t change and that Saewa will never leave him like James left Anna. The man is still in denial.

Park Jung Ah, Lee Jang WooPark Jung Ah, Lee Jang Woo

The next morning the Lees head out to the public bath to prepare for the wedding while Donghae still waits for Saewa who promised to visit him in the morning. After 10, Donghae calls Saewa, but it is Sae Young who answers. She tells him about her wedding and invites him along thinking that he’s an announcer like her sister. Donghae then decides to leave once more to talk to Saewa. Poor Anna comes in to help Donghae bathe and finds him gone.

Ji Chang WookDo Ji Won

The guests are starting to arrive for the wedding. Sun Ok complains because her rented hanbok is too small and Pil Jae gets called out to work. He promises to be back in time for pictures. As he leaves, Sool Nyeo arrives. She doesn’t see him pass by, but she catches his familiar scent and she wonders where it came from. Donghae shows up at the town hall and bumps into Kang Jae who stops him from falling. Donghae thanks him and continues to look for Saewa. He runs into her mother, but Saewa sees him and takes him away before he can introduce himself as her boyfriend. The surprised Bongi catches them leaving the hall and wonders just what is going on.

Alex, Lee Bo Hee, Im Chae Moo

Saewa takes Donghae to a café where she tells him that she did give him the money because he needs it to pay off the huge hospital bill he’ll have. She also gave it to him because she is ending it with him. Saewa then says that Donghae knows her dreams and how she doesn’t want to lead a hard, poor life. Donghae promises that he will work hard in order to give Saewa everything she wants. He knows he can do it. Saewa then says she will give up everything for him and return to his side if he does one thing and one thing only. Donghae has to choose between her and Anna. If Donghae will choose Saewa over Anna, then Saewa will return to his side. Omo. The girl did not pull that card. Anna is a bit of a burden, but nothing to the point that Saewa would hate being with her as much as she claims and taking care of her.

Park Jung Ah, Ji Chang Wook

We end the episode before the shocked Donghae can give his answer, but you know what he’ll choose. It’s inevitable.


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