AA Releases Because I’m Crazy

Omo. You should have seen my eyes almost literally pop out of my head when I first saw AA’s [double A] debut MV “Because I’m Crazy.” Why? I could say it was the good looking young men, but that wouldn’t be true. It is all about how those aforementioned five guys danced. A lot of people complain about the femininity of the dance, but I have to say that really isn’t why I was so shocked. Sure, the moves are a little more girl groupish, but if we talk about the main dance of the chorus, it’s all male bodywaving and hip thrusting. Definitely not feminine at all. Seeing that dance just shocked the heck out of me.

The very sensuous dancing put aside, this song is highly addictive. I mean it. I listen to it several times a day. Sigh. Why can’t iTunes have it yet? One thing that I don’t like about this debut MV is the part at the very end where we do a merry-go-round with individual one-shots of the members. It just looks kinda hokey to me. It does fit in with being “crazy,” but I just don’t like it. Other than that, I can’t complain about the rap or the singing. They have some really great skills and are a lot better than some of the other rookie groups that debuted earlier this year.

AA is a rookie group, but many of the members come with quite a bit of experience under their belts. Woosang [leader/rapper/vocalist] has done choreography directing for some big names in the kpop business [Super Junior just to name one]. The group is under Star M, which is known for their stable of actors, i.e. Ha Ji Won. Other members include Aoora [producer/rapper/vocalist], Ho-ik [vocalist], Kimchi [lead vocalist], and Joowon rapper]. They are also a little different as they are debuting a little older [eldest is 22 and the youngest is still in high school] than some other rookie groups.

I think that overall this song and video are a pretty strong debut for this group. The even get bonus points for having English lyrics that fit well in the meaning of the Korean, plus it’s all proper and grammatically correct. It’s a welcome change from the more nonsensical Engrish that you often here in kpop.

AA 1st single1. Intro
2. 미쳐서 그래 (Michyeoseo Geurae/Because I’m Crazy)
3. 불러 (bulleo/Call)

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