Smile, Donghae Episode 16 Recap

Smile, Donghae Episode 16

I wonder if there will ever be a time in this series when I can say that I honesty don’t hate Saewa. Props to Park Jung Ah for making the character so detestable. In this episode, Donghae keeps his blinders on about Saewa while Bongi and Tae Hoon are both faced with some tough decisions: to tell or not to tell? Meanwhile, Hye Sook goes behind Do Jin’s back to set him up on an arranged date while Saewa does her best to ingratiate herself to Hye Sook.

Oh Ji EunWe start back up with the floored Bongi receiving the money from Saewa for Donghae. After her initial shock is over, Bongi chases Saewa down and stops her from leaving. Bongi demands to know just what Saewa means by the money. Saewa explains once more that it is for Bongi to give to Donghae. Bongi points out the cruelty and coldness of the act and demands to know how Saewa could do this to the man she dated for seven years. Saewa replies that the answer is simple: she no longer has any more feelings for Donghae. Bongi is angry and tells Saewa that the amount is not nearly enough. Since Donghae sacrificed himself for Saewa, the announcer should give up everything – all of her money. Bongi makes a very interesting and valid point. Bongi tries to give the money back for Saewa to give Donghae herself, but Saewa leaves as fast as she can and the money goes flying from the envelope. Poor Bongi, caught in a very difficult place to be in.

Oh Ji Eun, Park Jung Ah

Meanwhile, the completely clueless Donghae is in the hospital worrying about Saewa instead of himself. Why hasn’t she visited him? Why doesn’t she answer her phone? Anna tells Donghae that Saewa is fine as she saw the girl herself and Anna attests that she doesn’t lie. No, Anna is much too innocent to lie. Donghae wonders if Saewa isn’t coming because she feels bad. If that’s the case, she doesn’t need to. Donghae struggles to get up when his coach enters to deliver even more bad news. The US team is leaving Donghae behind in Korea while they go on to the next match in the next country. Donghae is floored. He’s off the team and stuck in the country he loathes? Donghae pleads that he will heal and compete, but the coach tells him the accident is the final straw. He then walks out the door followed by Anna who pleads with the coach to not leave Donghae behind and give him a second chance, but the coach won’t listen. It’s to be expected really when an athlete has suffered such an injury, but it is so sad to see how Donghae’s love for Saewa has completely destroyed his life.

Ji Chang Wook, Do Ji WonDo Ji Won

We then get to see Tae Hoon’s bombshell for Sae Young. Needless to say the girl is positively shocked to hear about Tae Hoon failing the test. When she demands to know what happened, Tae Hoon reluctantly tells her that the cause of his failing was the underwear that she made him. The underwear was so tight that it hurt his stomach and gave him the runs. Thus he was stuck in the bathroom desperately trying not to tear the underwear. This makes Sae Young feel awful. She tries to convince him to go back, but he says that it is too late. There is no way for him to pass now. After this bomb is delivered, Sae Young comes up with a plan. Tae Hoon is to remain silent about not being able to finish the test. This way when the results come out he can lie and say he was just a few points lower than passing and retake the test again next year. Tae Hoon doesn’t want to lie to his mother, but Sae Young is adamant. Since Sun Ok does not like her, then there is no way that she will let the two get married if it is found out that Sae Young cause Tae Hoon to fail.

Alex, Lee Joo YeonAlex, Lee Joo Yeon

While that discussion is going on, Sool Nyeo shows up at the Lee house waiting to hear the results. Sun Ok is preparing a feast for her son in celebration of the test being over and him passing [isn’t it a little much to celebrate given the fact that even if he had completed the test, the results take at least a week?]. While the two friends bicker, Songyi arrives home from school. Sool Nyeo looks her up and down and tells Sun Ok that the girl looks like she has a temper. Sun Ok replies that her niece is very sweet and good-mannered. Sool Nyeo then says that its obvious that the girl is too mature and should be acting more like a kid. Songyi then turns to Sool Nyeo and says that she looks familiar – perhaps Songyi saw her on television. This flatters Sool Nyeo. What show did the girl think she saw her on? Sool Nyeo is horrified when Songyi compares her to a ghost. This amuses Sun Ok who apologizes by saying that Sool Nyeo wears more makeup than anyone else in the Lee household.

Lee Bo Hee, Park Hae Mi

Mistrusting her son’s judgment, Hye Sook is arranging a date for Do Jin with Assemblyman Cha’s niece. I guess you can say that she and Saewa have a lot in common. How so? In a way they are both social climbers out for what they believe their just desserts. After she hangs up from making the date, Do Jin comes in. Hye Sook gives him the news much to his dislike. Hye Sook is unhappy to hear that he is still seeing the announcer. Do Jin explains that Saewa had her reasons for not coming and wants his mother to give her another chance. Hye Sook is very reluctant to do this. She wants her son to end it once and for all. Do Jin replies that he is just as stubborn as his mother. However, if she gives Saewa a second chance, but then still doesn’t approve, then Do Jin will leave Saewa and go on the arranged date. Hye Sook demands the name of the announcer, but Do Jin won’t give it. His mom will see when they meet for lunch.

Lee Jang Wook, Jung Ae Ri

After Do Jin leaves, Hye Sook calls up Joon for lunch. When she arrives at his office, Joon is not happy at all. Hye Sook said she called ahead so he could be ready. Joon then bitches her out once more for doing things her way. She called to inform him she was coming, she did not ask if he was available. Hye Sook replies that she only came to do lunch to apologize for moving the picture out of his study. Oh these two are so frustrating. Despite the fact that I don’t really like Hye Sook, I do sympathize with her for having a horrible husband. I wonder if Joon will develop any redeeming qualities in this show as well? Hye Sook then talks about setting up dinner plans with Congressman Cha. This annoys Joon even more. Hye Sook replies that Cha requested the lunch meeting with Joon and also that it would be good for Joon and the hotel to have such connections.

Kang Suk Woo, Jung Ae Ri

As the two leave to go to lunch, Joon is stopped by women requesting photos. Joon complies an the uncomfortable Hye Sook goes to leave. Saewa comes across this situation and watches. When she sees a fellow announcer with hands full and coffee, she gives her a call. This distracts the girl and Hye Sook who keeps looking back at her husband doesn’t pay attention to where she’s going either. The two collide and coffee gets all over Hye Sook’s jacket. She goes into the bathroom to clean if off and demand a replacement from her assistant. Saewa then comes in with a shopping bag and pretends to have a fake conversation. The conniving girl refuses an arranged date with a rich man because she is happy with her “normal” boyfriend. Wealth and status doesn’t matter to her. You know, even to a casual observer this seems way too fake, but Hye Sook seems to buy it. Saewa then ends her fake conversation and hands the shopping bag over to Hye Sook saying that since she’s an announcer, she always has spare clothes with her. Hye Sook accepts and then gets Saewa’s number to return the jacket.

Park Jung Ah, Jung Ae Ri

While Saewa’s attack plan went well, poor Bongi has arrive at the hospital with the money. When she goes into the room, Donghae and Anna are gone! Where could the be? Anna then comes in and tells Bongi about the team leaving Donghae behind. Bongi then wonders where Donghae is. His roommate replies that after the foreigners left he cried for awhile before hobbling out on his crutches. Bongi tells Anna to stay in the room while she looks for Donghae whom she finds on the roof. Bongi is relieved to find him and then scolds him for disappearing. Of course the only thing that Donghae has on his mind is Saewa. Why hasn’t she come. Does she not want him anymore since he can’t race? Does she know that? Bongi, knowing that Donghae is in a bad state, pushes the guilt money farther down in her purse and tells him that Saewa is just too busy right now. Donghae knows how crazy busy Saewa gets. Bongi encourages him to keep going and find a new reason for living. Donghae says he won’t let the accident bring him down as he will get better and win Saewa back. He is being idiotically stubborn.

Oh Ji Eun, Do Ji WonJi Chang Wook, Oh Ji Eun

Tae Hoon and Sae Young arrive at the Lee house. Tae Hoon wants to tell his parents, but Sae Young remains firm in believing that lying is best for everyone. Bongi comes home and congratulates her brother and the three go inside where Tae Hoon receives a warm reception. He receives praises and everything making him even more guilty. When talk of the wedding and living arrangements come up, Sae Young quickly retracts everything she said about getting an apartment and marrying at the town hall. Sool Nyeo cannot believe what’s coming out of her daughter’s mouth. At least Sae Young knows now she can’t get everything she wants, but even doing this won’t appease Sun Ok if she learns the truth. When Sool Nyeo and Sae Young get home, Sool Nyeo demands to know why Sae Young said those things. Sae Young then reveals what happened and Sool Nyeo is horrified to learn that her daughter will be married to an unemployed man living with his parents.

Smile, Donghae 16Lee Joo Yeon, Park Hae Mi

That night Bongi worries about what to do with the money. It’s such a headache to her as she doesn’t want to get on Saewa’s bad side since they will be in-laws, but nor does she want to devastate Donghae when he’s in his fragile state. While Bongi agonizes over this, Saewa is happy her plan is working. Hye Sook gets the jacket back dry-cleaned and immediately calls Saewa to set up a lunch meeting to return it. Saewa is with Do Jin at the time and tells Hye Sook that she has an important lunch date that she can’t miss. Can they do dinner instead? Hye Sook agrees to this and says she will make arrangements and call Saewa with the details. Saewa then hangs up and Do Jin asks who it was. Saewa replies that she helped someone out. Do Jin asks who, but Saewa refuses to tell. Do Jin then says e won’t tell either and kisses her quickly on the cheek, shocking Saewa. Donghae tries calling at this time, but Saewa keeps ignoring the call.

Park Jung Ah, Lee Jang Wook

The next day, Anna is taking care of Donghae’s bed while he’s out for more tests. She overhears the mother of Donghae’s one roommate talking about how good ox bone soup is for healing bones. Anna comes over and asks if its true and the woman replies it is. Anna then begs to get some soup for her son as well. She’ll do anything. Donghae comes in and finds his mom cleaning the other man’s foot. He gets angry for this and even more angry when he learns why. Bongi comes in at this time to hear this and scolds Donghae for taking his anger at Saewa out on his mother. Donghae denies this. It’s just that Saewa is busy and feels bad for what she did. Bongi then asks if Saewa called or answered any of his calls. Bongi then tells him to wake up and realize that Saewa has dumped him. This shocks Anna nd Donghae. Bongi asks how long Donghae will act stupid. If he keeps this up, it won’t hurt just him, but also his mother. Bongi then says she wanted to beg her fiancé to come back, but couldn’t do it as it would hurt her parents. Thus she forced herself to let him go and get over the heartache he caused.

Ji Chang Wook, Do Ji WonJi Chang Wook, Do Ji Won, Oh Ji Eun

Donghae finally explodes and tells her to leave as he won’t take anyone badmouthing Saewa. Bongi gets angry back and says that she will leave and not come back. Anna cries and tries to  get them to stop fighting, but no. Bongi lies and says she was only there because she was worried about Anna and turns to leave, but before she goes she hands Donghae the envelope. When Donghae asks what it is, Bongi explains that Saewa gave it to her last week saying that she was leaving Donghae. He opens the envelope and is shocked when money falls out. What will he do now? We’ll have to wait and see. While I understand Bongi’s anger, I wonder if she couldn’t have handled the situation with a little more aplomb than she did. But then again, maybe Donghae needed the harsher reality check to get him to give up on Saewa. Hopefully this will convince him that the woman he was in love with doesn’t exist.

Ji Chang Wook, Do Ji Won, Oh Ji Eun

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