The Musical Episode 10 Recap

Goo Hye Sun, Ok Joo Hyun

Well, who’d’ve saw that coming? Eun Bi’s decision to join Count Monte seems to have been the right choice for her and the wrong choice for Gumiho. Now that Eun Bi has left the picture, things haven’t gotten better and have actually spiraled into a huge problem. Will Gumiho manage to survive?

Jae Yi runs off to find Eun Bi leaving Gu Jak alone with Jessie who still seems highly uncommitted to the musical. Eun Bi is at Kang Hee’s [who is totally floored that Eun Bi changed her mind]. Kang Hee wants to know why the change of heart, but Eun Bi won’t admit its because she got kicked out of Jae Yi’s musical. Then Jae Yi shows up totally mad. He knows why Kang Hee is doing this, which surprises Kang Hee as she doesn’t even know why she’s doing it. Eun Bi says the reason doesn’t matter as she’s made her decision.

The Musical 10

After Eun Bi walks out, Jae Yi asks why he can’t be happy. Kang Hee replies that he is not allowed to be happy with someone else. So, basically, since she’s miserable and can’t have him, then there is no reason for him to be happy with another girl who is not her. After Jae Yi leaves, Kang Hee cries and tries to convince herself that she is not alone. Good luck with that.

Ok Joo Hyun, Choi DanielOk Joo Hyun

Eun Bi waited outside for Jae Yi and the two head back to his house. What it all comes down to is that Eun Bi cannot trust Jae Yi’s feelings. Why? Eun Bi’s mother loved to sing and dance. She also loved Eun Bi, but when she was denied singing and dancing, she eventually left Eun Bi. So, Eun Bi believes that even loving someone isn’t a guarantee that they will still be around as who knows what the future can hold. So Eun Bi has chosen musicals over Jae Yi. The man must be sensing a pattern here by now. Eun Bi wants him to do well in Gumiho while she starts from the bottom and pursues her own dreams.

Choi Daniel, Goo Hye Sun

Eun Bi goes to practice for Monte [after telling Bok Ja not to talk about Gumiho until Eun Bi asks of her own volition as she isn’t ready yet] while Jae Yi has changed his attitude and gone back to Gumiho practice. He is throwing himself into the musical and working hard even without his Eun Bi starring in it. Jin has managed to make sure that Eun Bi gets a contract that is beneficial to her and not just to the company. Go Jin. While things are looking good for Monte, Gumiho is facing more trouble with a newspaper article announcing that Jessie is going to Japan for an extended period of time. Jae Yi and Gu Jak go to find Jessie to learn just what is going on. What can they do if their first choice actress quit and the idol she quit for leaves?

Goo Hye Sun, Choi Daniel, Oh Jung Se

Eun Bi stays longer to practice more since she is farther behind. Jin comes with food and drinks. To thank him, Eun Bi plays the piano, but she turns the tables on him and makes him sing. I have to say that the farther this drama goes, I really like how Jin is evolving and opening up. You can see just how much Eun Bi touches him and gets him to be more honest with himself. Hearing him sing that song “Moment” [note that I don’t know exactly if that is the name of the song or what musical it is from… I should as it seems very familiar, but I just don’t]. Hearing Eun Bi and Jin sing together, the lyrics of the song really hit home.

Goo Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong

While Jin and Eun Bi bond some more, Gu Jak and Jae Yi have finally tracked down Jessie at her practice room. Gone is the bubbly, airhead. In her place, you have a very jaded, devious woman. Jessie admits she had no intention of doing the musical whatsoever. She only insisted on Eun Bi being cut as she thought that would make Jae Yi and Gu Jak back off. If they had managed to get Kang Hee to keep doing Gumiho then Jessie would have considered honestly doing it as it’s not a bad thing to be worse than superstar Kang Hee like it would be newbie Eun Bi. Jessie then talks about the industry and how bad it is. Lying about your age, plastic surgery, and pretending to be stupid. Seeing the real Jessie and learning that she won’t be participating no matter how hard they beg, really puts a damper on the musical production. They’ve already lost Eun Bi to Monte.

Choi Daniel, Oh Jung Se

Jae Yi and Gu Jak then go to see their investor. Only Jessie had already gotten to him first. She lied about what happened, painting them as the bad guys. Of course, the investor believes Jessie over Jae Yi. If Jessie isn’t doing that musical, then he is pulling out and demands all of his money back. The bomb is then dropped that Gu Jak borrowed 1 million and not just 500k. And out of that million, only 10% is left. This floors Jae Yi. How can he get the money back to pay the investor in only a week? He abandons Gu Jak outside the pharmacy office. Alone, Jae Yi cries saying that everything is going wrong because he wasn’t as sincere as Eun Bi about doing musicals.

The Musical 10Choi Daniel

Meanwhile, Ra Kyung learns that Jin was still at the office and goes to visit only to see him with Eun Bi. Jin lies to Eun Bi and tells her that his car is in the shop so that they can go to the station together. He then goes back to the office to retrieve his car and ignores a call from his girlfriend. Like his new attitude, don’t like what he’s doing with Ra Kyung. Jin needs to be honest with her about how he’s feeling. although she already knows. Ra Kyung then gets a call from Joon Hyuk, which she ignores. She then sees a video message. Joon Hyuk tells her that he was depressed, but when he saw the moon and thought of her, it gave him strength and made him feel better. This, in turn, makes Ra Kyung feel better and she goes to moongaze, too.

Park Ki Woong, Ki Eun Se, Kim Yong Min

Jae Yi goes to the bank where he’s a VIP customer. He has quite a bit of money in his account, but not enough to pay off the investor. He talks to the branch manager only to learn that his older sister as his assets tied up and he cannot get the million himself [which apparently he does have] unless his older sister grants her permission. SO that puts a wrench in Jae Yi’s plans. His only recourse now is to contact the manager of the girl group who begged him for help in the beginning of the series. The man will give him the million only if Jae Yi signs an exclusive contract to only work with that group and produce their next album and help them get into the American market. The big hitch? It will be for 4-5 years.

Choi Daniel

While Jae Yi is scrambling to get the money, Eun Bi is doing pretty well since she doesn’t know what’s going on. Jin calls and actually asks her to teach him how to sing. Eun Bi agrees to this. And Jae Yi rips up the music he wrote for Do Hwa’s role and signs the contract. Seriously?

Goo Hye Sun

Now, in the previews for episode 11, we see another woman enter the picture. I am kind of hoping that the storyline brings her and Jae Yi together romantically, leaving Eun Bi free to be with Jin since Ra Kyung has Joon Hyun who is crazy about her.

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