The Musical Episode 9 Recap

Oh Jung Se, Choi Daniel

Phew. What I thought was going to happen didn’t. That’s not to say I am not a little disappointed with what happened in this episode. It wasn’t bad, but I have a feeling I might soon grow tired of the whole getting to put the musical on business and Eun Bi’s and Jae Yi’s attitudes.

We open with Gu Jak and Jae Yi at Jae Yi’s house, drinking. Apparently neither of them are too happy with idol Jessie, but if she doesn’t do the show, then they lose their funding. Gu Jak reminds Jae Yi that he is the one who started it and Jae Yi replies that is why he’s drinking. If he had been in Gu Jak’s position, he would have rejected Jessie coming on board. Gu Jak admits that Jessie is a tad slow, but what can they do. Only a tad slow? Gu Jak then calls Joon Hyuk and lets him know they got the 500,000 in cash. He then tells him to look into renting a theater while still keeping everything on the down low. Jae Yi still isn’t happy with Jessie, but Gu Jak swears he’ll make her an actress. After all, the great Kang Hee had to start somewhere, too, didn’t she? Is there any hope for the idol?

Oh Jung Se, Choi Daniel

Meanwhile, planning is going on for Count Monte. They are blocking out the stage and trying to figure things out. Ra Kyung is taking pictures and when she goes out for a break, she overhears Ho Young [from the Gumiho cast] rejecting to stay on for Count. The younger guy even says he’ll pay back the contract fee in a month, which is surprising given his credit card debt is pretty bad. Kang Hee is in in practice studio when the choreographer comes in. He’s put a lot of jazz in the dance numbers for the Count show. He goes to put the music in and Eun Bi’s song comes out. He quickly changes CDs and explains he never changed bags after Gumiho was postponed. Kang Hee replies that she didn’t ask. Way to look guilty.

Ki Eun SeOk Joo Hyun

That night at home Sang Won tells Kang Hee what Ra Kyung overheard. Looks like their suspicions were right and Gu Jak and his people are getting ready to put on Gumiho themselves. Kang Hee doesn’t look too happy to hear that. We then cut to the same choreographer working with the gang on the dance numbers for Gumiho. they are all working hard to get everything perfect. After practice, Eun Bi gets a call from none other than Kang Hee asking her to meet. What’s Kang Hee planning?

The Musical 9

The next morning, Eun Bi goes to Kang Hee’s place and sits with her in the studio. Eun Bi can’t lie when Kang Hee asks if Gumiho is a go [she doesn’t reply when Kang Hee asks, but its pretty much a confirmation anyhow]. Kang Hee then asks Eun Bi to be her understudy [stand in]. Every person Kang Hee has picked to be her stand in has gone on to star in their own show. Kang Hee also explains how she just couldn’t give up Monte and then says the only reason she was going to do Gumiho was because Jae Yi wrote the music. Kang Hee really wants Eun Bi to join her since you never know when Jae Yi could have a change of heart. Eun Bi points out that Kang Hee could easily have one, too. Eun Bi also wonders if Kang Hee is only doing this because she doesn’t want Eun Bi and Jae Yi together. We all know that’s part of the reason [if not the sole one]. Eun Bi declines the offer saying she has her own path. And what might that be?

Goo Hye Sun, Ok Joo Hyun

I have to point out that Kang Hee made some rather valid points while talking to Eun Bi. The girl should start at the bottom and work her way up. Also, Kang Hee is right that there will come an age where you will have to step out of the spotlight and she is fast approaching it as she steps closer and closer to her 40s. It’s best for her to take on the role of the female lead now, before she gets to be too old for it. She is very realistic despite being a total diva. I also give props to Eun Bi for not caving in to her precious sunbae. I really thought she was going to take the offer right away.

Gu Jak and Joon Hyuk meet with a special effects company. They are totally enamored with what they see. While Gu Jak immediately wants to rush in and sign an agreement, Joon Hyuk remains level headed and tells him that they must get an estimate first and then consider their budget. Gu Jak doesn’t like this. He’s like an excited little kid who doesn’t want anyone to rain on his parade. Sure, they’ll get 4 million in the end, but he still needs to watch the budget carefully and not go too overboard. While this meeting is going on, Jin is told that all signs point to the Gumiho getting produced. There is a way for Jin to legally stop production, but Jin turns this down. Go Jin! He may not be able to support the musical like he wants, but he won’t stop it either. Gu Jak goes to Jae Yi’s and gushes about the CGI and special effects, but Jae Yi isn’t all that excited as he, like Joon Hyuk wonders about the cost. Even though there is a 4 million budget, they only have 500,000 to start with.

Oh Jung Se, Kim Yong Min

Ra Kyung’s advertising company are being put in charge of a big, celebrity wedding. The boss hands this project over to Ra Kyung as practice for her own wedding. This flatters her, but, like it always does, really seems to bring her down. Probably because her wedding seems so uncertain all of the time. Her one coworker doesn’t help when she asks if Ra Kyung and Jin will ever get married, but the short-haired coworker comes to her rescue.

Ki Eun Se

Gu Jak goes to meet with their investor and Jessie. Why? To give them an update. Apparently [I missed this in the last episode, I guess], Jessie is to be the leading actress and she wants Eun Bi gone. Gu Jak tells Jessie that she can’t do the entire show on her own so Jessie asks to have another star brought on. Gu Jak replies that it will be a problem with the budget if they get another star and fan club wars are messy. This is not what the girl wants to hear. Gu Jak then says that Eun Bi will be Jessie’s alternate. That means that instead of double casting [where the two people share the performances equally], Eun Bi would only get to do 2 out of every 8 or so performances. This does not assuage the starlet. She wants Eun Bi out all together. Oy. Things just go from bad to worse.

The Musical 8

Jae Yi and Eun Bi are at his house discussing the issue. Jae Yi is angry that Eun Bi is thinking of quitting. The role of Do Hwa was made just for her after all. Eun Bi points out that if Jessie quits, so does the investor. So if Jessie wants her out, how can Eun Bi stay? Jae Yi reiterates the whole reason behind him doing this musical again. Hearing this yet again does not please Eun Bi. Is there no other reason? What does she mean? Eun Bi then brings up Gu Jak, Joon Hyuk, and all the people working hard to bring the musical to life. What about doing the musical for all of them – giving them a chance to pursue their dreams. Jae Yi brings up the fact they are all professionals and not good enough. Eun Bi cuts in and says that she is the same way. She isn’t good enough, isn’t famous enough. That’s why if Jessie, an idol, wants to step over her, Eun Bi has to let her.

Choi Daniel, Goo Hye Sun

Ok. So Eun Bi isn’t wrong. constantly putting herself down is wrong [truthfully, Goo Hye Sun isn’t bad, but she is more average then special anyways. I do love her rendition of Do Hwa’s song even though I am getting sick of hearing it]. Jae Yi only wanting to do it for her and not consider any one else in the equation is equally annoying. Sheesh. Like I said, I do love this show, but I think the repetition is starting to chafe.

Eun Bi goes on to say she never believed in Jae Yi’s seeing any real talent in her. She just wanted to hold onto the part for as long as she could as Jae Yi’s toy. Talk about a verbal blow to Jae Yi. He then asks her why she can’t since she has no talent or potential. Eun Bi cries saying that she will pass the role over to Jessie. She finally understands how those kids in school felt who studied hard, but their grades never improved. Even though she has the passion, she doesn’t have the talent. Jae Yi needs to protect the dreams of the others. She then leaves and wouldn’t you know she runs into Jin who is coming to see Jae Yi about the musical.

Park Ki WoongGoo Hye Sun

Gu Jak and Joon Hyuk are having problems, too. Joon Hyuk is worried about Jessie quitting and the investor leaving. Gu Jak doesn’t even want to consider that. It won’t happen. Joon Hyuk then asks if Jae Yi knows that Gu Jak already got another 500k from Huh. Gu Jak gets defensive. Huh already committed himself to the 4 million, so what does another 500k mean? Joon Hyuk, uneasy about who things will get on, realistically states that its all money they have to pay back if things go wrong and its already spent. There is no going back. Gu Jak then professes they will just make the musical work. Will it be that easy?

Kim Yong MinOh Jung Se

Jin and Eun Bi sit on a bench watching some boys dance on the street. Jin comments on how they appear happy and Eun Bi translates that into foolish. These two are usually pretty good at figuring out what the other is really saying. Jin replies that he can’t deny that is how he once thought. Eun Bi catches the phrasing. Not anymore then? Meanwhile, Jae Yi is drinking and wallowing in misery. Protecting their dreams is too hard, can’t he just do the musical for her? Back to Jin and Eun Bi, Jin explains how selfish his decision was even given all the circumstances. Eun Bi then says he shouldn’t feel bad as all people choose what is best for themselves and pretend to be unselfish when they are being really selfish.

Goo Hye Sun, Park Ki WoongChoi Daniel

Jin smiles and says he was really selfish to make a selfish decision and then selfishly want others to understand him. That he had no choice? No, that he wanted to do Gumiho with his own hands. They are putting it on, right? Again, Eun Bi can’t deny it. Jin then asks if the gang knows he can legally have the show shut down. This surprises Eun Bi, but after thought, she realizes that it is possible. So the questions becomes a matter if he will. Jin doesn’t want to. He wants to see Gumiho earlier rather than later even if he can’t do it himself. Those kinds of selfish thoughts are stopping him. Eun Bi says she understands even though he’s saying it so complicatedly. Eun Bi thanks him and Jin asks if he’ll get an invite. Eun Bi says she will get one even if she has to buy him one. This catches Jin’s attention. Is something going on. Eun Bi denies that anything is and tells him that he should go on to see Jae Yi like he had planned.

Goo Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong

Since Jin has already told everything to Eun Bi about being able to stop the show, but not wanting to, he sees no reason to visit Jae Yi. Eun Bi says that Jin should really tell those thinks to not her, but Gu Jak or Jae Yi. Jin asserts once more that since she knows, it’s fine, especially since he doesn’t want to cheer Jae Yi or Gu Jak. He looks at Eun Bi and tells her to cheer up before turning to head home. Eun Bi calls after him and asks if his company and family are really that serious about stopping what he wants to do. Good question. Jin stops and smiles before going on. When he gets to his car he tries calling his mom only to find out her phone has been shut down. He then calls his father who is surprised to hear from his son. Jin Young is happy to have Jin call, but unhappy to realize that Jin found out about his mother’s number. Then Jin almost gets into a car accident and Jin Young has to hang up in a hurry and stop Sun Hee who is throwing a fit upstairs. When will Jin find the truth?

Goo Hye Sun, Park Ki WoongCha Kwang Soo, Ahn Yeo Jin

It turns out that Yoo really does know about his son’s problems. One of his workers brings him pictures and updates Yoo on Sun Hee’s status and how her condition is worsening. Yoo is unhappy to hear this and more unhappy with how stubborn his son is being. Yoo asks if Jin knows already and he seems happy to hear that his grandson is still in the dark on the matter. Is Yoo really that cold? Meanwhile, Ra Kyung is looking at wedding halls for her assignment and is surprised to learn that everyone is anticipating her marriage to Jin. This makes her very uncomfortable. Thankfully, a phone call for Joon Hyuk shakes her out of her funk. He tells her that the police are coming to ticket her car so she better hurry as he will stall them for as long as he can.

Park Geun HyungKi Eun Se

Ra Kyung heads outside and sees Joon Hyuk doing his best to keep her car from getting hauled away. She rushes outside and says she will move it. When the cops try to give her the ticket, Joon Hyuk makes sure they don’t get a chance. To thank him, Ra Kyung decides to treat him. Joon Hyuk looks at the prices on the menu and only orders a cappuccino. He then says that Ra Kyung must treat him until the price of the ticket is paid off. Ra Kyung agrees and this excites Joon Hyuk as that means they have to meet at least 9 more times for coffee. This makes Ra Kyung uncomfortable, which Joon Hyuk notices. He apologizes, but he just can’t help how much he likes her. Ra Kyung goes to say she is marrying someone else, but Joon Hyuk doesn’t care. Truthfully, I kind of really want Ra Kyung and Joon Hyuk to get together. Just like a kind of want Eun Bi to get together with Jin instead of Jae Yi. I think Jae Yi is a little too clingy in relationships… or should I say disturbingly obsessive? I had to laugh when Joon Hyuk told Ra Kyung that he wasn’t stalking her. He just ended up in the right place at the right time. He’s so cute.

Kim Yong Min, Ki Eun Se

Eun Bi is at Bok Ja’s work place helping out. Bok Ja is helping a woman with badly deformed feet. The woman wore the wrong size shoes for over 10 years thanks to the company she worked for. This really gets Eun Bi thinking. She talks to Bok Ja afterward and you can tell that for Eun Bi the conversation had an entire different meaning than deformed feet as she kept thinking back to her conversation with Jin before. Meanwhile, diva Kang Hee is practicing for Count. Oddly enough, the American director has nothing but criticism for the veteran actress. This surprises and pleases [they love to see Kang Hee get criticized] the rest of the cast. Kang Hee keeps her infamous temper and does everything she is told.

Park Kyung Rim, Goo Hye SunThe Musical 9

The depressed Eun Bi goes to see a musical. She’s really something. She can sing alone and do all the characters’ lines. And yet this girl talks of giving up, of not being good enough. Truthfully, being a musical actor does not necessarily mean you have an amazing voice [I still get shudders from the original Mimi in Rent – not a huge fan of hers]. It’s a unique medium with an a huge spectrum of talents and abilities. While she is watching her musical, Jae Yi is talking to Bok Ja who informs him that whenever Eun Bi has a hard time she goes to watch a musical. Jae Yi asks if Eun Bi is having it rough and Bok Ja says that of course she is, but Eun Bi won’t even talk about the problem [we all know it has to do with Gumiho and what’s going on].

Goo Hye SunChoi Daniel

Stalker Jae Yi returns once more in this episode! He waits outside the theater for Eun Bi. When the show is over, Eun Bi is the last to leave. Jae Yi gets out of his car to go on over, only to stop short when he sees that Jin is there as well! Eun Bi thanks him for the ticket. Apparently Jin pulled some strings to get her the difficult to get ticket. When he learns that it was to cheer her up, Jin is happy that Eun Bi entrusted him with the task instead of Jae Yi who actually wrote the music to that one. Jin then points out his car and asks if Eun Bi wants to run for it or if she wants him to fetch it and bring it to her. Eun Bi says she can take a bus, but Jin insists. So the two run for it after Jin takes off his jacket to use as protection against the rain. Jae Yi really is not happy by this. Not surprising given his feelings for Eun Bi.

Goo Hye Sun, Park Ki WoongChoi Daniel

Jin takes Eun Bi to a coffee shop and wonders just why she needed a pick-me-up. Of course, he knows Eun Bi will never tell him what’s wrong. Jin then wonders if all actresses are the same. Eun Bi replies that she isn’t even an actress [and couldn’t become one], that’s why she needed to see it. Jin then tells her about what happened earlier with Kang Hee. He’s impressed by how hard she works. Eun Bi says its not surprising when you see how well she does on stage. [Kang Hee is practicing the part that she kept getting wrong as we speak.] Eun Bi says you don’t automatically get to be that good and Jin says that’s his point. Huh? Really, Eun Bi is clueless at times. Jin tells her that even if its really hard for her, just think that it’s a footstep for that moment. Doesn’t that make you feel better? Eun Bi wishes she could think like that. Jin then asks if she can’t go around the problem. Eun Bi isn’t quite sure what he means. Jin explains he heard about Kang Hee’s offer of Eun Bi being her stand-by. As much as Jin wants to see Eun Bi as Do Hwa, as long as there is a way to see Eun Bi longer and in more pieces, he thinks that’s a good thing, too. He’s right.

Goo Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong

Oh Jung SeMeanwhile, Gu Jak is still working on Jessie. The girl is dancing nonstop and Gu Jak dances with her trying to get her to quit dancing and start singing practice [as that’s really where she needs the work]. He also does his best to keep Eun Bi on as an alternate, but Jessie won’t go to practice or do anything until Eun Bi is completely out of the picture. Wow. Eun Bi then meets up with Gu Jak. Why? She gives Gu Jak her final decision which is that she is quitting the musical so that they can keep Jessie and the funding. Gu Jak is sad to see her go, but happy to keep his dream alive. We all know that Eun Bi will end up playing Do Hwa [or this will be a really disappointing drama], the question is only how she will get there and when.

Oh Jung Se, Goo Hye Sun

Ra Kyung is out with her short-haired coworker who is trying to encourage her. She tells Ra Kyung that being patient and faithful is a waste of time. She also encourages Ra Kyung to date other guys outside of Jin [brings back to mind Jin asking if Ra Kyung ever regretted only being with him and no one else]. I am all for Ra Kyung dating other guys, like Joon Hyuk as long as she doesn’t use them to make Jin jealous or get back at him.

The Musical 9

The next day Gu Jak brings Jessie to Jae Yi’s. This surprises Jae Yi and he wants to know what Gu Jak did with Eun Bi. Gu Jak replies that he didn’t do anything and that it was all Eun Bi’s decision. Jae Yi then brings up that Gu Jak should know already that Eun Bi quits when she feels pressured. Gu Jak then states that Eun Bi didn’t just quit, she had her own path. Jae Yi asks if Gu Jak really thinks that Eun Bi has a path and rushes out. Meanwhile, Eun Bi goes to see Kang Hee and asks to be her stand-by after all.

Oh Jung Se, Choi DanielGoo Hye Sun, Ok Joo Hyun

And that’s all folks. Episode 10 should prove interesting.

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