Gloria Episode 13 Recap

We start this episode where 12 left off – Jin Jin annoys Kang Suk by lecturing him. She’s always lecturing him. This, on top of his bad night, just makes him explode at Jin Jin. Nothing knew. Of course, Jin Jin won’t back down. She lets him know that his life isn’t as hard as he thinks. Well, not exactly true as Kang Suk points out [without giving any particulars]. Jin Jin then tells him that if it really is unbearable, you can’t live with a frown on your face. Why? Because you won’t have the energy to do it. Interesting point. To Jin Jin, if you have a hard life you live in a daze like a crazy person who’s lost their mind. She then apologizes for talking to him like that when she doesn’t fully understand his situation. She just couldn’t sit idly by. Jin Jin then leaves.

Kang Suk goes inside the house to be immediately scolded by Mrs. Song for staying out all night after what happened. Lee didn’t go to bed at all thanks to his youngest son’s absence. Kang Suk goes to see his father who asks him what he thinks about making the marriage go away? Can’t have two brothers fighting over the same girl, you know. It looks bad. Kang Suk asks if Yoon Seo is marrying Ji Suk. Lee replies that isn’t the case – he just doesn’t think their families are meant to be in-laws. Kang Suk, even given the out, won’t take it. He won’t change his plans just because of his older brother’s impulsive feelings. Lee then asks if Kang Suk has feelings for Yoon Seo. He replies that he does. No, he really doesn’t.

Back at Oh’s house, Yoon Bae and Jong Bum are trying to come up with a new song for Gloria. Needless to say their titles and content all leave something to be desired. Mrs. Oh cusses them out for their ideas and then starts singing what she deems to be a good song. The gang are all shocked when Jin Joo starts singing along. Jin Joo has not sung that song since her accident. Jin Jin rushes over and asks if her sister remembers anything. Jin Joo replies that she doesn’t and then goes into their room to rest. Jin Jin tries to talk to Jin Joo about the song, but Jin Joo keeps replying that she doesn’t know. Once she falls asleep, Jin Joo dreams about Ji Suk and a diamond ring. This agitates her like it always does.

Jin Jin gets to the office where Ji Young spots her bag and asks where she got it. Apparently Ji Young really wanted the exact bag but didn’t get it because it was so expensive. After further investigation, Ji Young is shocked to learn the bag isn’t a knockoff. This floors Jin Jin who immediately denies that it was a gift from a lover. It was just from a friend. Is the bag really all that expensive? Of course it is. Yoon Seo manages an upscale boutique. We then cut to her at the shop where Ji Suk comes to pester her. Yoon Seo wants nothing to do with him, but he just won’t leave her alone. He tells her that one day she will be glad that he pestered her all the time. He then goes on to tell her that Kang Suk only wants her for his blind ambition. He doesn’t see her as human. That just might be true, but Yoon Seo doesn’t care. It’s her life, Ji Suk has no say in it. She also tells him that she will never marry him.

Back at Double Sharp, the employees all go out for spaghetti. Ji Young invites Kang Suk along, but he refuses the invite like always. Such a loner. Kang Suk then calls up Yoon Seo and arranges to meet her after work. Then in comes Jin JIn. She has brought some kimbap for Kang Suk. It was originally for her dinner, but since he isn’t eating lunch, she wants him to have it. Kang Suk refuses, but Jin Jin insists that he have it since he bought her potato soup the other day and gave her a ride to the nightclub. The food is also an apology for what happened that morning. Kang Suk is annoyed once more. He has already turned the food down and Jin Jin said it was an important matter. Jin Jin replies that there is nothing more important than eating. When you live like she does, that is so true. Kang Suk keeps refusing and Jin Jin keeps insisting until she goes to leave with the food, but Kang Suk takes it after all. Jin Jin repeats that the kimbap Oh makes is so good that if two people ate it, they wouldn’t notice a third dying. Kang Suk then says how can that be and Jin Jin asks if she had detected a hint of humor.

Jin Jin goes to leave and then asks about the coffee machine in the hallway. It’s 300 won. How come there is no 200 won machines? Kang Suk replies that he doesn’t know and why is she asking him. Jin Jin thought they were managed by the company and that since he was rich, he was greedy for a 100 won more. Kang Suk then asks if she had lunch. Jin Jin replies that of course she did. She had Jajangmyeon and fried dumplings. Kang Suk then asks her if living is that joyful to her. No matter if he sees her washing cars or delivering newspapers, she always seems joyous like a person who’s lost her mind. Jin Jin wonders if it really seems like that to him. She then explains there are people who do that to survive. She then leaves him to enjoy his lunch.

Eo Jin, Oh, and Jin Joo are sitting together and Oh keeps wondering if Jin Joo remembered anything else since she managed to sing that song again. Eo Jin scolds Oh for pestering Jin Joo. Oh says that its best if Jin Joo can regain at least some of her senses to make life easier for the poor Jin Jin. Meanwhile, the aforementioned Jin Jin is getting praised by her teacher. She has improved! Did she practice at home? Jin Jin replies that she didn’t practice at home, but a little at the nightclub. This shocks her vocal coach. How can she ever debut if she goes to nightclubs at her age? Jin Jin then explains she doesn’t go to have fun, she works at a nightclub as a singer. Jin Jin then vows to work even harder than ever.

Kang Suk means up with Yoon Seo and asks after her relationship with his brother. Yoon Seo replies that she and Ji Suk just happened to be seatmates on the plane ridge back from the US. Kang Suk replies that it looks really serious for his brother. what does Yoon Seo think? Yoon Seo asks if her thoughts are important? Kang Suk is mistaken if he thinks they are. She is a person who cannot have her own thoughts – maybe she’s not even human. Yoon Seo feels like she may just be an object imitating a human. Wow. How horrible she must have lived to think that. Kang Suk asks if she’s torturing herself and Yoon Seo replies that is her reality. So, Kang Suk’s thoughts haven’t changed even though his brother is showing interest? He wonders if there should be a change. He isn’t one to change just because of his brother. He then explains that he’s always lived in his brother’s shadow, thus he doesn’t want to get cheated on his marriage. Oy. What a way to endear you to your future spouse. Yoon Seo then wonders just what she is to Kang Suk. What does she mean? Is she just someone he doesn’t want to lose all the more because of his brother. Kang Suk says putting it that way makes him sound like a bad guy. You think? The depressed Yoon Seo then says that she is just an asset transferred to him after all. I was really hoping for better from him at this moment, but he shows just how cruel and callous he can be.

At the club, Woo Hyun tells Dong Ah to take the saxophone to his friend. His friend has a performance, but forget his own instrument at home. Dae Bak is told he should change up his songs, but he refuses as it takes awhile for trot songs to hit big. He is told that there is no response after all of this time. Dae Bak tells them to wait a little longer, some of the older women are finally starting to sing along. Jin Jin then comes in and Dae Bak starts in on her. Jealous much? Jung Nan is then asked about changing up her songs as well and she says that she has some ideas and will let them know when she makes a final selection. Jin Jin then says she’s been practicing a song and she is encouraged to go out on stage and sing it.

While Jin Jin is singing on stage Jung Nan sits with Woo Hyun and she wonders why he tried to keep Jin Jin off the stage. Woo Hyun replies that it took Jin Jin 30 years to step on that stage, so he told her to not even bother unless she’s willing to die to be there. Jung Nan replies that Jin JIn will never give up the opportunity to sing on stage. Bae Doo Na is not the best singer in the world, but she does have a unique voice and you can get the emotions out of the songs. Dong Ah makes it to the club with the saxophone. Wouldn’t you know it’s a fight club with a jazz performance. Those two things just don’t seem to go hand in hand. As Dong Ah goes to leave, he notices that Kang Suk is one of the fighters.

Backstage, Jung Nan gives Jin Jin 60 points for the new song. This excites and pleases her which amuses Jung Nan who comments on Jin Jin’s positive personality. Dae Bak then comments that it was too amateur. Jin Jin replies that she just needs to practice more. Jung Nan then comments that Jin Jin’s singing is better than a guy who pretends to be a professional and sings about noon this, noona that. Dae Bak then whines about Jung Nan’s mistreatment of him and he tells her to wait and see before heading out to perform. Jung Nan then asks Jin Jin how Kang Suk is treating her. Is he still rude? Jin Jin replies that they are much closer now and have even shared food. This really floors Jung Nan. Jin Jin then backtracks and said she gave him kimbap. Jung Nan then says that Kang Suk doesn’t have friends, just like she doesn’t and then asks Jin Jin to be good to him.

Dong Ah returns to the club to learn that Yoon Seo is inside drinking. This upsets Dong Ah and he drags her out of the club. She gets sick and throws up on the way home. Dong Ah takes care of her and buys medicine and water. He has her rinse her mouth and then washes her hands. He’s so sweet for a guy who pretends to be so tough. Yoon Seo asks why he is so nice to her and Dong Ah replies that is because they are friends. Is Dong Ah that nice to Jin Jin? Well…I’ve never seen him be quite that nice to her, though you know he really does care for Jin Jin. Dong Ah then carries Yoon Seo home on his back. She comments on how she’s never been piggybacked before and Dong Ah comments on just how weird wealthy families are.

While Yoon Seo was drowning her sorrows and throwing up in front of Dong Ah, Kang Suk returns home to be greeted by his brother. Ji Suk comments that Kang Suk’s indifference is just like him. He guesses he’s not a worthy adversary if his little brother can’t get upset. Kang Suk says he doesn’t understand why Ji Suk did what he did. Ji Suk says he’ll do anything for the woman he loves, Kang Suk wouldn’t understand that. Kang Suk is surprised to hear the word love coming out of his brother’s mouth. He already loves Yoon Seo? So this has nothing to do with Ji Suk’s hatred of Kang Suk? Ji Suk replies that it has nothing to do with their brotherly competitiveness. He likes Yoon Seo and doesn’t want to see her end up with the cold Kang Suk.

When Yoon Seo gets home, her mother pounces and complains. How could Yoon Seo go out drinking. What is so wrong that her daughter needs to get wasted? The hurting Yoon Seo yells at her mother to stop. No matter how well Yoon Seo marries, it will change nothing. Her mother will still be a mistress. SLAP! Yeah, no mother wants to hear that, but it is the truth. Back at the Lee house, Mrs. Song talks to Ji Suk. She wants her son to give up on Yoon Seo because she hates her even though she’s never met her. Why? Just look at Yoon Seo’s boorish mother. Ji Suk scolds his mother’s snobbery and points out that he’s no catch since he’s already been married once. Mrs. Song says she has already talked to Lee and he is supposed to convince Kang Suk to give up. Ji Suk replies his little brother won’t, so neither will he. Mrs. Song is unhappy to hear this. Think about what people will say to have two brothers fighting over one girl [the daughter of a mistress no less]. Ji Suk pleads for his mother to be on his side. She refuses as she doesn’t want to for something like this. Ji Suk then brings up what happened when he was 21 and how his mom forced him into an unhappy marriage. He begs his mom to stop making his life miserable for once.

The next morning we get the normal bickering at Oh’s house. Jin Jin steals veggies for breakfast while Tae Soon makes a lunchbox for Woo Hyun and Dong Ah scolds Eo Jin for losing his school schedule. Dong Ah tells his nephew to stop helping Mrs. Oh out and just come home and study. They sit down to eat and Dong Ah goes over his nephew’s homework and sees some very bad math errors. Jin Jin turns it into a money problem and wouldn’t you know, the little brat can answer correctly then. Dong Ah then tells Eo Jin to stop making him feel so bad since Eo Jin is the only reason Dong Ah is living. Eo Jin replies that isn’t true as it is obvious that Dong Ah will marry the pretty lady [Yoon Seo].

At Double Sharp, Jin Jin goes and gives Kang Suk coffee in repayment for what he bought her a the hospital. She is a person who always repays her debt. Kang Suk, like always, refuses and tells Jin Jin to drink it. Jin JIn, like always, keeps insisting that he takes it and in their little argument, the coffee gets spilled on Jin Jin. She immediately complains as the clothes were new – there were the ones she got from Jung Nan. Kang Suk then takes out a hanky and asks why Jin Jin had to keep pestering him when he said he didn’t want it. Jin Jin replies that she will return the hanky after she washes it, but Kang Suk tells her to just keep it. Jin Jin wonders why she would keep something that doesn’t belong to her so Kang Suk tells her to just throw it out then.

Jin Jin then asks Kang Suk why he is always in a bad mood. She then switches tacts and says she hears he has no friends. Wow. What a conversation to have with your boss. This surprises Kang Suk. Jin Jin then explains that she and that “loser” [Dong Ah] have been friends for 30 years. Kang Suk wonders what her point is. Jin Jin replies that even though she and Dong Ah fight like cats and dogs, she wonders just what her life would have been like without him. After she fights with Dong Ah or tells him how she feels inside, she feels relieved and wants to say that she is glad she has Dong Ah around. The moral of the story? Kang Suk should try making a friend so his life will be a little less lonely. Jin Jin then goes to head back in to practice when Kang Suk says he hopes she wasn’t volunteering herself. Jin Jin says of course not since she knows where she stands in society. Kang Suk should find friends with similar situations. I think Kang Suk is a little disappointed that Jin Jin wasn’t offering.

Lee meets with his eldest son at the office and apologizes for ignoring him when he was growing up because Lee hurt too much looking at Kang Suk who had to leave Jung Nan at a young age. Lee also acknowledges that he has pit his two sons against one another when it comes to business. Lee knows that he is the main reason there is such friction between the brothers. Ji Suk then comments on how his father’s conclusion over the Yoon Seo issue is the same as Kang Suk’s. Lee asks if the competitiveness really had nothing to do with it and Ji Suk says that it honestly didn’t. Ji Suk then says just like his dad couldn’t let Jung Nan go, he can’t let Yoon Seo go. Oh, please. And after only meeting her once on the plane he came to feel this way and then started stalking her? Crazy, crazy.

Jin Jin and Yoon Seo run into each other and Jin Jin asks to talk to her. She takes out all the stuff from the bag Yoon Seo gave her and tries to return it. This disappoints Yoon Seo, didn’t Jin Jin like it? Jin Jin replies that she likes the gift very much, but doesn’t think she should accept something as expensive as that. Yoon Seo says that her father is the wealthy one, not her and Jin Jin tells her how that is such a typical drama response. Jin Jin then tells her about Dong Ah’s childhood crush that he had never gotten over. Jin JIn asks if Yoon Seo understands why she’s telling the story. It’s because Dong Ah has an idiotic stubbornness. He kept a girl in his heart for over 20 years that he liked in the first grade. And now Yoon Seo has appeared in front of him… [draw your own conclusions – it’s like encouragement and a warning].

The two girls then head off to the club together. Jin Jin hands off the roses to Jin Joo and then swats Dong Ah as she walks inside the club. Jin Joo then excuses herself to go sell roses. Yoon Seo asks where Mrs. Oh is and Dong Ah replies that she has stepped out to the bathroom. He then asks after her stomach. Yoon Seo replies that the medicine he bought was really effective. Yoon Seo then says she’ll be drinking with him around on occasion. Dong Ah wonders why. Does she have the body of an alcoholic? Yoon Seo replies that if she gets drunk, he can carry her again. Ahhh. Dong Ah then tells her to try it one more time and see if he’ll help her. Yoon Seo then teases back that she’ll have to try it to see what happens. Yoon Seo replies that hearing Dong Ah talk to her like that pleases her oddly enough. Eo Jin then tells the two to just get married already and the embarrassed Dong Ah yells at him to finish his homework and stop spouting nonsense.

Inside the club, Tae Soon is crying because Woo Hyun rejected her lunchbox. Mi Na then talks about how she staked her life on love for Dong Ah. This is news to Jung Nan. How so? Mi Na has never made her crush secret? Jung Nan is also surprised to hear that Jin Jin never dated in her 30 years. Jin Jin replies that she was too busy trying to survive to worry about that. Jung Nan then asks about Jin Jin’s and Dong Ah’s relationship. Like always, this annoys Jin Jin who explodes at Jung Nan for even mentioning it. I know, I think everyone, even though they fight all the time, gets that vibe from them. But they’ll never be more than good friends.

Dong Ah walks Yoon Seo home and she brings up the topic of his first love. Dong Ah wonders where she heard about it and she reveals her source as Jin Jin. This annoys Dong Ah and then Yoon Seo keeps pestering him for details. Embarrassed, he keeps saying he’s forgotten it already. Their teasing comes to stop when Kang Suk approaches them outside Yoo Seo’s house. Dong Ah asks if Kang Suk is their chauffer and Kang Suk wonders what Yoon Seo is doing with Dong Ah who then gets defensive. What does it matter to a driver what the lady of the house is doing? Kang Suk then reveals that he is Yoon Seo’s finace. End the episode. What a great ender. Poor Yoon Seo, you could tell how much she didn’t want that to happen, but what can she do?


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