The Musical Episode 8 Recap

The Musical Episode 8

We have Jin being constantly misunderstood while Ra Kyung shows more insecurities, but then steps in to explain Jin to Eun Bi. We also have some very cute Eun Bi and Jae Yi moments at Jae Yi’s house. They are like a new couple. It’s funny and cute, and a little disturbing watching how Jae Yi acts. We also see Jin knowing exactly what is going on with Sang Wong and Count Monte. Since he can’t have his way, Jin will try to do the best for the cast of  the musical.

We start off with the gang having fun and leaving Gu Jak a video message. Gu Jak watches it while out eating and drinking with Jae Yi. Gu Jak complains about how he knew the deal was too good to be true. Great things just didn’t happen one at a time, them came flying at him all together and now he’s losing them all. Jae Yi tries to get his friend to stop drinking and go home, but Gu Jak won’t leave. So Jae Yi gives him money for the bill and when Gu Jak cries about taxi money, Jae Yi just gives him his entire wallet.

Oh Jung Se

Back at the office, Sang Won comments on how little notice Jin gave him and how he was surprised that Jin decided to take Count Monte over Chung Dam Dong Gumiho. Jin is a businessman. Even if he wanted to do Gumiho, he knew that Monte was the better business choice. Poor guy also had the decision completely taken out of his hands. Jin then comments on Sang Won’s cunning. Sang Won tries to play dumb, but Jin is smarter than Sang Won gives him credit for. Jin knows that Sang Won did all of this to “protect” Bae Kang Hee. Sang Won tries todeny this, but Jin says he knows that Monte was offered originally two months ago. Jin then asks Sang Won just how far he will take protecting Kang Hee. Will he risk their business partnership? Sang Won thinks about it and basically says he will throw everything away for Kang Hee. Oh geez. Is she even really worth losing everything? And what is the diva doing? Sitting in her car crying and stopping herself from calling Jae Yi. Like he would even answer her at this point.

Kim Hyun Sung, Park Ki Woong

Meanwhile, the unsuspecting gang are all listening to Eun Bi sing the theme song when the drunk Gu Jak returns and drops his bomb, flooring everyone. Eun Bi doesn’t stick around and immediately runs to Jae Yi’s house. The man is not home. Instead, he went out for more drinks. He complains that Jin just couldn’t put full faith in his music. Not finding her teacher at home and him not answering his phone, Eun Bi crouches down and waits for him to return. And what is Jin doing now? He’s at home watching Eun Bi’s video from the musical competition. Creepy. Creepy. Creepy. He and Jae Yi have this creeper obsessiveness of Eun Bi in common. And of course, Ra Kyung is miserable, too.

Choi DanielGoo Hye Sun

Dawn arrives and Jae Yi finally staggers home drunk, surprising Eun Bi. As soon as he sees her, Jae Yi smiles and has to hug is Do Hwa. Eun Bi gets him tucked into bed when she receives a call from Jin. She meets him in his office and Jin is surprised to learn that Eun Bi already knows about the musical being postponed. Jin explains what happens, but Eun Bi just doesn’t get it. This surprises Jin. Eun Bi knew how far he went to do the musical, she knew how much he wanted to do it. Eun Bi also understands his family background, so why can’t she understand why he had to postpone the musical? This really hurts Jin because if Eun Bi doesn’t understand, how will the others when he tells them at the meeting later? Eun Bi then throws his kindness back in his face and leaves. Ouch. I kind of thought she would and yet knew she wouldn’t. Of course, Ra Kyung had to hear this entire conversation and it hurts her even more.

Goo Hye Sun, Choi DanielGoo Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong

Eun Bi is at home taking care of the stuff her friend brought from her grandmother. Bok Ja wonders how Jae Yi is handling the news. Eun Bi says he isn’t doing well as they worked so hard to get him to do the musical with them when he was against it only to drop him. Eun Bi had never seen him drunk like that before. Eun Bi then asserts that she understands that Jin had no choice due to his weird situation, but still what happened wasn’t right. Bok Ja then asks if Eun Bi is okay. Eun Bi tries to play it off like she is, but she can’t help crying. Eun Bi also refuses to go to the meeting since she already knows what happened. So will Eun Bi head back to medical school then?

Goo Hye Sun, Park Kyung Rim

Ra Kyung brings Jin his lunch and lets him know that she couldn’t help but overhear the conversation. Ra Kyung is not happy that Jin had to personally explain what happened to Eun Bi. Ra Kyung then says she hates that she gets mad at Eun Bi and she hates Jin for making her feel so insecure. She also wonders if he’ll hate her for the way she’s feeling. Ra Kyung then says she feels bad for the people who worked so hard on this musical, but she is happy that it is cancelled as she doesn’t like Jin and Eun Bi being together. Wow. At least she is giving voice to how she feels. Jin is well aware that he harbors some feelings for Eun Bi, but just what and how deep is unknown. I guess he didn’t know that his own feelings were so obvious. So after Ra Kyung tells Jin how she feels, she actually calls Eun Bi out! She doesn’t want Eun Bi to misunderstand or hate Jin so she tells her that Jin is really sorry and really wanted to do the musical. I think this calms Eun Bi down some, but she still isn’t happy. It’s a losing situation all around.

Ki Eun SeGoo Hye Sun, Ki Eun Se

Jae Yi wakes up to find Eun Bi in his kitchen.She even cooked food for him and is trying to take care of his hangover. Jae Yi wonders why and Eun Bi explains that she suddenly had lots of free time and decided to take care of him. Jae Yi then asks if Eun Bi is okay and she exclaims she is [she’s not really, but she won’t admit it]. Jae Yi wonders if it is okay if Eun Bi doesn’t attend the meeting, but Eun Bi says she has no reason to go. Meanwhile, at the meeting the cast and crew learn that they have the option of going over to Count Monte. They aren’t guaranteed roles, but they get the first 2 rounds of auditions waived. The gang just doesn’t know what to think about this. Apparently Jin fought hard just to get that concession with the Americans. Kang Hee then plays the music from Monte and you can see how conflicted and confused the cast and crew are. Just what will they do?

Goo Hye Sun, Choi DanielThe Musical 8

During the meeting, Jae Yi has a heart to heart with the disappointed Eun Bi. The musical will happen, its just a matter of when, so Jae Yi shouldn’t be discouraged. Jae Yi then wonders about Eun Bi and she replies that she might audition again. This annoys Jae Yi. Why can’t Eun Bi believe in him? The part was written expressly for her and that “later” she keeps talking about just might happen sooner than she thinks. Eun Bi just doesn’t know what to think about this, but Jae Yi says he will make sure the musical happens with only a slight delay to the schedule. Eun Bi starts crying and Jae Yi hugs her as Eun Bi had really given it all up thinking there was no hope. So there is? Will it happen?

Choi Daniel, Goo Hye Sun

Jae Yi has showered and comes out saying he only did it because he felt gross, not because he was expecting anything, but Eun Bi is out like a light. Yeah, she didn’t sleep at all the night before while waiting for him. Jae Yi smiles and takes her and puts her in his bed. He bends and kisses her forehead an then goes in for the lips, but Eun Bi moves at the last minute and Jae Yi wonders jus what on earth he is doing. And yet the man denies that he “loves” her. It’s not right to take advantage of a sleeping girl anyways.

Choi Daniel, Goo Hye Sun

Jae Yi then leaves his sleeping beauty alone and goes to visit Gu Jak who is sleeping the day away after a night of heavy drinking. Jae Yi finally manages to get him up and the two go to a pharmaceutical company. Why? To get an investor. Apparently Jae Yi saw this man before he went home and the man was surprised that Jae Yi could recover so quickly after drinking so much. Jae Yi explains the amount of money needed for the total investment and then says how much they need just to get off the ground. At this time, plans are being made for Count Monte and Sang Won and whatever that woman’s name is aren’t happy with just how cautious Jin is being in regards to spending, the musical run, and accommodations. Jin may have made the decision [ok, was forced to make that decision], but that doesn’t mean he has complete faith in this new musical.

Oh Jung Se, Choi DanielKim Hyun Sung, Park Ki Woong

The man agrees to invest in the musical under one condition. And just what is that condition? We don’t get to hear. But Gu Jak goes outside and immediately goes to a fortune teller. It’s a like a dream. He is happy. Gu Jak’s life has been pretty much crap, but Jae Yi is his lucky charm. Thanks to Jae Yi they have money and they even get idols for the production! So that was the investor’s condition. They had to use an idol of his choosing. Well…idols can be double-edges swords in productions. After this, Gu Jak starts mass texting all of the musical crew. They are going about their day jobs when they receive the notice that the musical is back on and they just don’t know what to think. Is this for real? Or has Gu Jak finally flipped his lid? Gu Jak then texts everyone and says that he isn’t crazy and that they should all take on Count Monte together with Chung Dong Dam Gumiho.

Oh Jung Se, Choi Daniel

When Bok Ja gets this text she immediately calls Eun Bi who is freaked out to find herself in Jae Yi’s bed. When Jae Yi comes upstairs and answers Bok Ja’s question, Eun Bi gets even more uncomfortable. Bok Ja doesn’t know that Eun Bi was at Jae Yi’s so that makes the situation all the more awkward. Jae Yi then has fun teasing Eun Bi about sleeping in a man’s bed. Eun Bi says she will wash the bedding, but Jae Yi tells her its okay and that he even has a new toothbrush in the bathroom. The embarrassed Eun Bi then worries that her breath must really stink. Jae Yi laughs and says that isn’t true, but Eun Bi rushes out to brush her teeth with Jae Yi calling after her saying that she can use his towel or a fresh one if she’s uncomfortable.

Choi DanielGoo Hye Sun

Eun Bi  goes and brushes her teeth while Jae Yi giddily sits on the bed and sniffs her pillow. Now, this scene, really cute, but horribly disturbing when you think about it in away. Jae Yi’s creepiness is coming out again. While Jae Yi is reveling in Eun Bi’s scent, she debates using a clean towel or using his. In the end, she just uses his. Afterward, Eun Bi says she’s leaving and Jae Yi wonders where his reward is. Eun Bi wonders what he means and Jae Yi asks Eun Bi why she thinks he worked all night to ensure the musical did not die. Eun Bi guesses because he was sorry and angry. Jae Yi then explains that its all because she wanted to do a musical, because he wanted to give her something that she wanted. Jae Yi then goes in for yet another kiss and Eun Bi flinches away again [but I must comment that the reactions are definitely getting smaller, will he be able to kiss her soon?]. Jae Yi then smiles and stops, saying that he’ll wait until Eun Bi wants to give him what he wants. Well, at least he’s learned not to keep pushing and rushing her.

Choi Daniel, Goo Hye Sun

We then get a scene with Jin’s grandfather giving an interview. The reporter mentions at a hinted return of Jin Young to which the old man laughs. The reporter then comments on how alike Jin and the Yu are in their business styles. So who will inherit? Yu keeps his mouth shut on that. We then cut to Jin doing business with a Japanese man. His cousin comes in and laughs and scoffs at him. When the meeting is over, Jae Joon comes over and scolds Jin in Japanese for not knowing the most basics. Jin’s interpreter then returns and says how nervous he was translating when Jin is fluent in Japanese. That knocks the wind out of Jae Joon’s sails. Ok. We then get a moment where we get to see Jin snap. And I mean literally snap at his cousin. They have a great verbal sparring match in which Jin wins. Go Jin. He needs to assert himself more in that dreadful family.

Park Geun HyungLee Ji Hyung, Park Ki Woong

The next day one of the musical members talks to a lighting director while Jae Yi and Gu Jak meet the idol. The member texts Gu Jak and says it looks like negotiations will take a while since the director wants a lot, but Gu Jak tells him to do whatever is necessary to seal the deal as that lighting director is needed if they want to compete with Count Monte. The idols aren’t bad. Nor are they all that good. It turns out that the girl the investor was talking about is his personal favorite. Jae Yi and Gu Jak are disappointed to learn that she knows nothing about musicals, but they try to keep things positive. Meanwhile, the gang are at Gu Jak’s cleaning and preparing for rehearsal.

The Musical 8

We then get to see Sang Won and Kang Hee. Sang Won says that something weird is going on. What? There are people who not only rejected the offer, but also returned the money. This really shocks Kang Hee. Of course, they are all Gu Jak’s people. That makes it even weirder. All of Gu Jak’s people are struggling and really need the money. They would not return it for loyalty alone. That can mean only one thing. Kang Hee then asks if Eun Bi also rejected the offer. Of course she did. Thus the episode ends. I won’t even talk about the previews because just watching them annoyed the hell out of me.

Ok Joo Hyun


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