The Musical Episode 6 Recap

The Musical episode 6

So it looks like Jin just might be …falling… for Eun Bi [what a shocker, NOT]. Looks like Ra Kyung is actually right to worry. I wonder just when it will be when Jin and Eun Bi realize just how randomly connected they are. Here we have Kang Hee asserting her possessiveness over Jae Yi and poor Eun Bi is just torn. On one hand you have her teacher and the man that she likes, Jae Yi. On the other hand, you have the sunbae and actress that Eun Bi has idolized for over four years. Who will win out in the end? [LOVE Park Ki Woong – kind of wish he’d end up with Eun Bi as I think Ra Kyung has a Mr. Perfect in Joon Hyuk ;-)]

Eun Bi and Joon Hyuk get to Ra Kyung first. Eun Bi gets the fire put out and Joon Hyuk helps her pick Ra Kyung up to do some first aid. They are followed by Jin, Jae Yi, Sang Won, and Gu Jak. Eun Bi displays her mad first aid skills and just how good and efficient she is. Can’t she be both a doctor and a musical actress? Most likely not since both are rather demanding jobs with busy schedules, but she could easily be a good one. Eun Bi calls up a sunbae who directs her to the nearest hospital. Jin, Ra Kyung, and Joon Hyuk all pile into the car along with Eun Bi to go to the hospital.

The Musical6Goo Hye Sun, Kim Yong Min, Ki Eun Se

After the gang is on their way to the hospital, Kang Hee approaches Jae Yi to talk about the musical. Riiight. And who does this right after an acquaintance gets rushed to the hospital after being caught on fire? Jae Yi reluctantly agrees to talk to her and arranges to meet her in a public space only to have her demand to meet him in her room. Sang Won comes out with Gu Jak as this is being arranged and catches this and is not thrilled at all. Who can blame him? Jae Yi reluctantly agrees to meet her in her room. He won’t fall for her trap that easily will he?

Ok Joo Hyun, Kim Hyun Sung, Oh Jung Se, Choi Daniel

At the hospital, the doctor fixes up Ra Kyung and compliments Eun Bi on her terrific first aid. He also tries to get Eun Bi back into the medical field. He asks Jin if she’s a good musical actress, because if not, they want her back. The praise and everything really embarrasses Eun Bi. Before the doctor leaves he commands that Ra Kyung should rest awhile with no interference. Eun Bi and Jin immediately leave, but the kind Joon Hyuk fixes Ra Kyung’s bed for her and notices her burned sweater once more before leaving. Poor Ra Kyung, she really wanted Jin’s comfort and just didn’t get it. But, on the up side, she is getting some nice care from the military-esque Joon Hyuk.

The Musical 6The Musical 6

Outside the room, Joon Hyuk quickly excuses himself after ascertaining that Jin will be right outside the room. He then leaves and Eun Bi comes up with a drink for herself and Jin. She gives it to him and says he must have been shocked before sitting down. Now, her smile and laugh just kind of seem a little inappropriate here to me, but oh well. Anywho. Jin says he thought she left school after her first year [I’m assuming he meant med school versus regular university, but who knows]. Eun Bi states that she did and Jin says that she is already at the resident level. Eun Bi laughs that off, but it is pretty much true. Jin then compliments her intelligence. Yeah, she’d have to be quite intelligent and have nerves of steel to learn that much already and to be level-headed when the accident happened.

Oh Min Yong, Park Ki WoongPark Ki Woong, Goo Hye Sun

Jae Yi, not wanting to be alone with Kang Hee takes his netbook and goes to Gu Jak’s room. It just so happens that Sang Won is in the room, too. This throws Jae Yi for a bit, but he says that Kang Hee wants to talk about the musical and he thought that Gu Jak should be there too. Sang Won says that Gu Jak can’t leave as they are having a discussion. Now, you know that Sang Won doesn’t want Kang Hee alone with Jae Yi, so why is he doing it? What a dumbass. Jae Yi leaves the two alone and Gu Jak continues on with his military years story. How random is it that Sang Won chose that night to drink and hear his stories? I mean, you know why Sang Won did it [although it doesn’t make sense when he’s worried about Jae Yi and Kang Hee], but you’d think Gu Jak would be suspicious since he knows pretty much the whole story as well. Jae Yi gets Kang Hee’s room and reluctantly knocks. She opens up and lets him in while Sang Won continues listening to Gu Jak’s amusing anecdotes from his army days.

Choi Daniel, Oh Jung SeKim Hyun Sung

Back at the hospital, Eun Bi explains to Jin about wanting to become a doctor to cure her grandmother. Jin asks if she is really sick and Eun Bi replies that she isn’t all that bad at all. In fact, she is energetic and even drives. Eun Bi then tells about when Jae Yi came to pick her up and how Eun Bi almost missed the train, but her grandmother drove faster than Eun Bi had ever seen to get her to the  station on time. Eun Bi then asserts that her grandmother is her biggest supporter. Jin hesitates and Eun Bi asks what’s wrong, Jin then asks if Eun Bi’s mother passed early [since Eun Bi has mentioned only her father and grandmother]. Eun Bi then tells him that her mother just disappeared one day and her grandmother has been raising her ever since. That surprised me. I guess I had assumed that her mother died as well… but I guess this explains why Eun Bi’s father hates to talk about her mother and why her grandmother tried to keep her from bringing her mom up in episode 2.

Park Ki Woong, Goo Hye SunPark Ki Woong, Goo Hye Sun

Speaking of her grandmother, Soon Yi is over at Jin Young’s house. Apparently her laptop got a virus and Jin Young had to take care of it for her. He says that she will have to be careful when going to Eun Bi’s blog because that place is usually a good place for viruses. This saddens Soon Yi to think she can’t go anymore. Jin Young asserts that she can and that he will take care of maintaining her computer for her. Soon Yi then asks if he’s staying for good. Jin Young replies that he doesn’t know if he is or not. Soon Yi then asks if Jin knows yet. Jin Young replies that his son doesn’t know yet and he doesn’t plan on telling him anytime soon. Soon Yi complains about Jin Young not having enough time and how it will be bad for him to take all of the blame later on, but Jin Young is okay with taking all the blame – in fact, he’s ready for it. He didn’t want Jin to lose the opportunity to use his abilities. Soon Yi then asks if Jin would lose everything if he knew about Sun Hee’s illness and chose to stay by his mother’s side. Jin Young says yes and Soon Yi says that is cruel. Yes, it is cruel. Jin was born into a family that does cruel things on a regular basis. And he left his son in that family? Crazy.

Jung Young Sook, Cha Kwang SooCha Kwang Soo

Back at the hospital, Jin wonders if Eun Bi forgave her mother for running out on her. Eun Bi says that she can’t say that she’s forgiven her. Eun Bi has decided to think that her mother did her best to stay with the family. Eun Bi’s mother stayed for as long as she could, and when she reached her limit, she just left. Well, it’s an interesting concept. But even that can’t really put a huge positive spin on it. I wonder if we’ll learn about Eun Bi’s mother in this series at all? Who knows. Jin tells Eun Bi that she’s a good person so Eun Bi wonders if he doesn’t get on well with his parents. We then get a flashback to when his parents left him behind while he was still in school – looks like college. He pleads for an explanation, begs them to come back, or to at least be able to be with them, but his father stands strong. His mother then gets on the phone, crying and apologizing, but they can’t change their minds. Even though they stick to the story about Jin Young wanting to paint, you’d think the younger Jin would be suspicious of their sudden disappearance even from his life. The flashback ends and Jin goes to say his parents are still alive, but changes the wording to they “exist.” Ouch.

Park Ki Woong, Goo Hye SunAhn Yeo Jin

At the hotel, Kang Hee asks Jae Yi about the music and he replies that he hasn’t decided on it as he still needs to edit it. Who’s going to conduct? Again he doesn’t know. Kang Hee then switches the subject to their dream. Before Jae Yi can really answer, Kang Hee asks if he still remembers as she hasn’t forgotten it at all. Jae Yi replies that there is still one thing he remembers – that Kang Hee abandoned their dream first. Kang Hee then passes the buck to Jae Yi. She never gave up on their dream – he did by leaving. Jae Yi then says he left alone as Kang Hee chose not to leave with him – it was her decision. Kang Hee shakes her head and talks to him like she’s talking to a little child who doesn’t know any better. Didn’t Jae Yi decide to follow her decision? Besides, decisions aren’t how you feel. Kang Hee’s feelings for Jae Yi never left and she never abandoned [the feelings, the dreams] either. Whatever.

Ok Joo Hyun, Choi DanielChoi Daniel, Ok Joo Hyun

Wow. We just keep going back and forth, back and forth. So we are now back at the hospital where Jin and Eun Bi are still talking. Eun Bi is surprised to learn that Jin’s parents currently live in Dae Gu as that is where she is from. She asks what they do there and Jin explains that his father paints. Eun Bi then asks if he really never did visit his parents after the incident. Jin shakes his head and Eun Bi wonders why. Jin then explains that his grandfather [*ahem* the chairman], told him not to go. Eun Bi asks why he would do such a thing and Jin replies that he doesn’t know. Now we get a flashback scene with Jin pleading with his grandfather to wait for his parents, but Yu refuses. They are basically now dead to him, but that doesn’t mean that Jin is. Yu promises to finish paying for Jin’s schooling and letting Jin come to work for him as long as Jin promises to never see his father again. How silly. I mean, I understand Yu’s anger at his son leaving a major company that supports thousands of peoples’ livelihoods, but I think he takes things just a tad too far.

Park Ki Woong, Goo Hye SunPark Geun Hyung

The flashback ends and Jin guesses once more, rather accurately, what Eun Bi is thinking – can a family really say things like that casually or is he lying? This asserts the veracity of the story for Eun Bi. So it’s really true? Jin says that was his grandfather’s deal. Eun Bi then wonders if they are playing poker or something to that affect. Why can’t Jin just see his parents in secret and lie about it? Jin then brings up if he should be liker her and take a leave of absence from school and lie about it to her parents. This makes Eun Bi smile and she says that Jin makes it sound like she has some serious moral issues. Maybe just a little. Jin laughs at this and that is when Ra Kyung re-enters the picture. It was really nice seeing several different sides to Jin! His little kid laugh, what he was like when his parents left. Yeah. All good. Makes me love him more. You kind of just want to hug him as you know the hurt boy is still inside somewhere. Joon Hyuk then re-enters with a sweater for Ra Kyung. I’m telling you, as much as I like Jin, I think Joon Hyuk is the better choice for Ra Kyung – what a sweetheart.

Park Ki Woong, Goo Hye SunPark Ki Woong, Kim Yong Min, Ki Eun Se, Goo Hye Sun

So they leave the hospital and Kang Hee is still trying to seduce Jae Yi. That woman has seriously proven just how self-centered and selfish she really is. She is also great at not accepting responsibility for the decisions she made and how those decisions affected the man she supposedly loves. Kang Hee says that its impossible to forget one another, but Jae Yi asserts that Kang Hee ended things herself five years ago. Kang Hee belives they can start over since it never ended for her and Jae Yi is back now. I love how Jae Yi says he only came back because he had firmly moved on. Kang Hee believes that he is only lying to himself, but Jae Yi explains that while he at first couldn’t s top thinking about how Kang Hee just let him go, he knows now that he can move on just like she let him go. Jae Yi tries to talk about Eun Bi, but Kang Hee doesn’t want to listen. Does Jae Yi really think that he can push her out? Jae Yi asserts that he believes he can finally. Kang Hee reluctantly lets him up [she had him cornered on the coach – always funny when the woman is the aggressor and the man is scared silly of her]. Jae Yi leaves just as Sang Won arrives with coffee.

Choi Daniel, Ok Joo HyunOk Joo Hyun, Choi Daniel

Sang Won looks at the coach and sees Jae Yi’s forgotten netbook. He then imagines Kang Hee and Jae Yi having a pretty serious make out session. BABO! This is why I just can’t bring myself to feel sorry for Sang Won. He dug his own miserable grave of a marriage. While in Oh! My Lady, the unhappy couple started making strides towards some sort of reconciliation, I don’t forsee that necessarily happening here unless Kang Hee can stop being selfish and Sang Won grows a backbone and doesn’t take her crap. Kang Hee comes in from outside, unhappy, so you’d think Sang Won would know she didn’t get what she wanted. She refuses his coffee as well and laves the room. Sang Won then decides he’s had enough and puts in a call to the US. He then agrees to take on the hit Broadway show Count Monte and bring Kang Hee with him. Sheesh. Now, before you jump to horrible conclusions – it isn’t exactly what I thought at first, which was that he was completely jumping ship and leaving Jin alone.

Choi Daniel, Ok Joo HyunKim Hyun Sung

So Kang Hee goes for a walk and calls Eun Bi who agrees to meet with her. Meanwhile, Jae Yi is desperately trying to get in touch with Eun Bi, but keeps getting a busy signal. Kang Hee watches Jae Yi pace and try calling, and does her best to keep Eun Bi on the line. The conversation finally ends and Joon Hyuk tells Eun Bi it is impolite to talk that long in a car. Eun Bi says she knows, but she couldn’t just hang up on Kang Hee. Jin wonders if Eun Bi is no longer scared of her then. Eun Bi says that she isn’t since Kang Hee has been taking such good care of her doing the workshop. Jae Yi finally gets through, but Eun Bi just tells him she’ll call him back later and hangs up. Poor Jae Yi. He then texts her saying they need to talk when she gets back. Meanwhile, we have a scene with Jae Jun doing his best to undermine Jin with investors. When talk doesn’t work, he tries booze and women. Fun times.

Ok Joo HyunThe Musical 6

Joon Hyuk drops off his passengers and Eun Bi goes her separate way. Jin watches her leave with a small smile on his face, but Ra Kyung isn’t all too happy. She comments on how Jin now talks more comfortably with Eun Bi now. Jin smiles a small smile and asks if he did. Ra Kyung turns to him and says that she is relieved as she thought Jin didn’t like Eun Bi at all. Now, I know she doesn’t want Jin to hate Eun Bi, but you know she’s really only speaking in half truths now. Jin says he took Eun Bi the wrong way at the beginning and then he and Ra Kyung head back to their room. Meanwhile, Eun Bi goes and meets Kang Hee who wonders if Eun Bi met Jae Yi in the exact same spot last night. Eun Bi says that they talked about the musical and got into an argument. Kang Hee knows it was because of her, but Eun Bi tries lying and Kang Hee calls her out on it.

Goo Hye Sun, Ki Eun Se. Park Ki WoongGoo Hye Sun, Ok Joo Hyun

Kang Hee then arrives back at the gathering, intent on having fun. What the heck happened? We then cut to Eun Bi sitting alone and playing with the acoustic piano app on her phone [after she ignores a call from Jae Yi]. She then recalls the conversation where Kang Hee confesses to loving Jae Yi. Apparently, Kang Hee was engaged already to Sang Won and was even planning the wedding when Jae Yi came and swept her off her feet. Eun Bi doesn’t want to hear the story, but Kang Hee continues as she wants Eun Bi to know that she understands that Jae Yi is only thinking single-mindedly about Eun Bi like he did with Kang Hee in the past. Kang Hee doesn’t want to hate Eun Bi, so can’t Eun Bi give Jae Yi up and let Kang Hee have him [well…she basically asks Eun Bi not to come between the two as she thinks she is more than enough for Hong Jae Yi]? Selfish, selfish B*tch. Eun Bi then gets a call from Bok Ja and leaves to join the party as well.

Ok Joo HyunGoo Hye Sun

More of Jae Jun sabotaging Jin. Since he couldn’t convince the investors when they were sober, he’s doing his best to show them a good time and they seem to be a bit more worried now that they are liquored up. Great. Back at the workshop, the gang is all having a good time. Eun Bi sits with Bok Ja while Jae Yi sits across from her by Gu Jak.and does nothing but stare at Eun Bi while she does her best to ignore him and drinks up with Bok Ja. Kang Hee sees this all from the nearby table where she sits with Ra Kyung and Jin. She smiles a little, but isn’t quite happy yet. Meanwhile, Sang Won is upstairs in their room confirming an investment opportunity and saying he will take Kang Hee with him. Sigh.

Choi Daniel, Oh Jung SeGoo Hye Sun, Park Kyung RimKim Hyun Sung

A spitting game starts and Gu Jak sits with Jin, Ra Kyung, and Kang Hee explaining it. Jin listens, but then notices Jae Yi approach Eun Bi [he always seems to be watching those two, but given the amount of the investment, it makes sense]. Jin’s eyes narrow as he begins to see Eun Bi doing her best to avoid Jae Yi. What’s going on now? Jae Yi is upset that he’s being avoided and Eun Bi does her level best to have a good time, or at least pretend she is happy and having a good time. Meanwhile, Ra Kyung notices where Jin’s gaze strays to and is not very happy. She doesn’t dislike Eun Bi. That much I know, but she just might end up disliking her if Eun Bi manages to [unintentionally] snag Jin away from Ra Kyung [who has shown in the pasty few episodes that she is really insecure about their relationship at times]. Meanwhile, Jae Jun talks to his father about his plot to destroy Jin. Like father like son. Although, I think Jin’s uncle is more capable than his cousin Jae Jun.

Park Ki WoongGoo Hye Sun, Choi Daniel

The group at the workshop then start a circle dancing game. Jae Yi desperately tries to get Eun Bi’s attention, but Eun Bi does her level best to ignore him. When the circle rotates and the two become partners, Jae Yi tries to discuss his feelings with Eun Bi who doesn’t want him to confess and just walks away. She recalls Kang Hee’s words [the witch is also watching the two as well as Jin] and starts drinking straight from a huge bottle of alcohol. Jae Yi followsh er and grabs the bottle away from her and tells her to listen. The shocked and annoyed Eun Bi says she doesn’t want to unless it has to do with the musical. Poor Jae Yi tires to talk, but Eun Bi takes the alcohol back, tells him to just love if that’s what he wants to do and walks away. The hurt Jae Yi follows her and takes away more alcohol. Bok Ja notices what is going on as well as Jin. Jae Yi grabs Eun Bi this time and she almost falls, bringing Jin and Bok Ja to the scene. Bok Ja and Jin get Eun Bi away from Jae Yi and take her up to her room. Meanwhile, Gu Jak tries to cover the disturbance by getting everyone dancing once more. Got to love this scene. Jae Yi watches Eun Bi being taken away while Ra Kyung unhappily watches Jin leading Eun Bi away and Joon Hyuk watches Ra Kyung. Seriously. Ah.

Goo Hye Sun, Choi DanielPark Ki Woong, Goo Hye Sun, Choi Daniel, Park Kyung Rim

Jin and Bok Ja get Eun Bi up to the room and into bed. Eun Bi yells out for Hong Jae Yi to not be allowed to come. The nervous Bok Ja says that Eun Bi isn’t much of a drinker and is normally not like that. Eun Bi once more yells for Jae Yi to go away and Bok Ja comments that it looks like Eun Bi has a lot of harsh feelings for her teacher. Jin then sends Bok Ja for water and medicine for Eun Bi while he helps her sit up against the headboard as it should keep her from feeling ill and dizzy. Jin sits down beside her and asks if its hard. Eun Bi, head down, tears rolling down her cheeks says it is hard. When Jin asks her what is difficult, Eun Bi replies that she just wants to do musicals. Those are hard enough by themselves, but no matter how hard she tries, things just keep getting harder for her. So Eun Bi tries harder and harder, but problems keep cropping up that she just can’t deal with. She has no idea why it’s become like this. We then see a seen with Jin putting his arm around her and patting her shoulder, telling her it will be okay. Only that never happened. That’s what Jin wants to do but just can’t bring himself to do [I thought it seemed too uncharacteristic of him to be true]. Then in comes Bok Ja and he leaves the two girls alone. Bok Ja does her best nursing Eun Bi, then wonders just what the heck is going on.

Park Kyung Rim, Park Ki Woong, Goo Hye SunPark Ki Woong, Goo Hye Sun

Jin leaves the building and meets Jae Yi. He tells Jae Yi that Eun Bi is already asleep and is very drunk. Jin then takes it upon himself to warn Jae Yi away [kind of like a brother, but I have a feeling his feelings won’t stop there and are already developing into a little something more than he expected]. Jin tells Jae Yi that Eun Bi only wishes to do musical and that things are very hard for her. There are problems that she just can’t deal with no matter how hard she tries. Jin then warns Jae Yi that if Jae Yi keeps pushing Eun Bi in such situations, it will be a very bad pressure for the young girl. He doesn’t think that Jae Yi knows what that feels like. Jae Yi asks if Jin knows and Jin replies that he does [Jin knows all about pressure thanks to his family]. Jin also says that for a girl like Eun Bi to say there is a problem she can’t deal with, he also understand hard it must have been on her. Wow, and here comes a shocking speech from Jin. He says that people like Jae Yi who do whatever they want because they are born with talent would never understand [hmm, but wasn’t Jin also born with talent?]. Jae Yi then comments that Jin suddenly sounds like someone who knows Eun Bi well. Jin then says Jae Yi was right, Eun Bi does seem to have great potential to be a musical actress, more so than Jin had anticipated. Even when the girl was drunk, she said all she wanted to do was musicals. He then looks at Jae Yi and says that Eun Bi wants Jae Yi to stay away. Jae Yi finally gets to talk once more and replies that people who lie talk a lot while people who tell the truth cut to the chase right away. In Jin’s case, that appears to be the opposite. Jin doesn’t quite get what Jae Yi means, but Jae Yi just tells him he gets it and won’t go to Eun Bi’s room.

Park Ki WoongChoi daniel

Meanwhile, Ra Kyung waits for Jin, but he is nowhere to be seen. She goes to text him when Joon Hyuk comes up. He asks if her arm is okay and she replies that it is. The two then part and she heads up to hers and Jin’s room. Kang Hee comes in from playing and meets Sang Won. Kang Hee asks where he husband is going and he replies to see Yu Jin. Sang Won then comments on his wife’s good mood. Kang Hee is in a good mood, great air [no its great because it looks like Eun Bi will listen to her]. Kang Hee then goes upstairs and Sang Won goes to see Jin. Meanwhile, Jae Yi sits depressed in the auditorium, playing the piano while Eun Bi just cannot sleep.
Ki Eun Se, Kim Yong MinOk Joo Hyun, Kim Hyun Sung

Choi DanielGoo Hye Sun

Jin then talks to Frank [the guy Sang Won was talking to earlier] who wants a decision. Jin tells Frank that he will carefully consider the offer and hopes that they can maintain the partnership. The video call then ends and Sang Won says the timing is difficult, isn’t it. Yes it is. That means they need even more investment money and Sang Won replies that they cannot do it simultaneously with Chung Dam Dong Gumiho since Frank wants Kang Hee as the lead actress for Count Monte as well. Jin then brings up the fact Frank is also asking for Sang Won to produce as well. Sang Won shrugs this off by saying they always bring in their own producer as well. Sang Won then outlines Jin’s choices.

  1. Give up doing the first overseas Korean production of the hit Broadway musical to do Chung Dam Dong Gumiho
  2. Kang Hee and Sang Won can go over and do Count Monte and they can do both projects simultaneously
  3. Postpone Chung Dam Dong Gumiho until next year after Count Monte has finished its run

Jin asks what Sang Won would do and the other man places it all on Jin since he needs to be the one to make the decision. Sang Won then also says that Jin had asked him earlier for a musical to import before they decided to go ahead with Gu Jak’s musical. Jin agrees that the timing is bad, but it’s a great opportunity. Sang Won leaves him alone and tells him to think about it. Too bad that there isn’t a lot of time to think. What an ass. He doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he can get his wife away from Jae Yi. Sheesh.

Park Ki WoongKim Hyun Sung

Eun Bi goes for a walk since she cannot sleep and ends up going straight to where Jae Yi sits at the piano. She watches him awhile, but then goes to turn around and leave without saying anything. But Jae Yi catches her and calls out to her before she can go. The two sit near each other and Jae Yi asks her if she remembers. Eun Bi says a bit. Jae Yi then asks if he mad her angry. Eun Bi shakes her head no and Jae Yi then asks if Eun Bi is avoiding him. Eun Bi agrees that she is avoiding him and says that they should just stay as they are as a teacher and a student. Jae Yi smiles widely and then asks if they were something else up until now. This earns him a glare from Eun Bi, but Jae Yi says he saw her face and then smiles more widely and does that nervous laugh Eun Bi always does. He tells her to smile that. This makes Eun Bi laugh. Meanwhile, Poor Jin is struggling to figure out just what he should do.

Choi Daniel, Goo Hye SunPark Ki Woong

We then cut back to Eun Bi and Jae Yi. Eun Bi is trying to explain just what is happening. She tells Jae Yi that she really likes Kang Hee and wishes that she could be like her idol. Eun Bi wants to do everything that she can for Kang Hee; however, Kang Hee wants to be the only one in Jae Yi’s heart – like in the old days. Jae Yi then brings up a very valid point: neither Eun Bi nor Kang Hee has the right to decide who is in his heart as it is his decision only [kudos for Jae Yi for bringing up something that no one takes into consideration in these dramas]. Eun Bi then goes on to say she just wants to finish the piece well. Jae Yi asks if he harms that wish, if he will make her bad. Eun Bi shakes her head no. Jae Yi then says that Kang Hee’s problem has nothing to do with Eun Bi and more importantly, it’s all in the past now. Eun Bi tries to say something, but Jae Yi cuts her off and says that if Kang Hee and he were still close, then why is Eun Bi the one delivering such a message. Right? Point taken. Jae Yi then asks if all Eun Bi wants to think about is the piece. Eun Bi says yes and Jae Yi tells her to just keep singing his song and someday she’ll fall for him. LMAO. Totally Jae Yi for you. [At this time poor Ra Kyung is still alone and waiting for Jin so she texts him].

Choi Daniel, Goo Hye SunKi Eun Se

Jae Yi bids Eun Bi goodnight, but just can’t bring himself to leave. Does Eun Bi want to drink more? Eun Bi laughs and says no. Jae Yi, back to his smiling self, exclaims that Eun Bi loves drinking. This embarrasses Eun Bi. Jae Yi goes to leave once more and tells her that text aren’t just for her to look at and enjoy, Eun Bi needs to reply. Eun Bi agrees and Jae Yi starts to leave once more. As Eun Bi starts playing the piano, he comes back again and asks if she doesn’t want to keep talking. Aigoo. this man. The frustrated Eun Bi asks if he plans on staying there. Should she go? Jae Yi replies that he will leave and she can stay. He just had to come back for his jacked. He warns her not to stay up all night and finally leaves her alone. A nice, cute scene to go with a rather complicated episode.

Chio DanielChoi Daniel, Goo Hye Sun

Kang Hee has finished changing and comes out asking if Sang Won has more work to do still. He replies that he needs to reply to Frank. This piques Kang Hee’s interest. Not “The Frank.” Yep, that Frank. Sang Won then tells her about Frank wanting to bring Count Monte to Korea and do it with Kang Hee. This surprises and excites Kang Hee. She reigns it in a bit and asks what Yu Jin said. Sang Won replies that Jin is still thinking because of Chung Dam Dong Gumiho, so the final decision is yet to be made. Sang Won asks what Kang Hee wants to do. Kang Hee says she will follow Jin’s decision and then heads off to bed. You can tell that she really wants to do the first Korean production of a major Broadway musical. After all, it’s a great opportunity. If Jin turned it down, could she follow that decision? She seems really conflicted when she goes into the bedroom.

Kim Hyun SungOk Joo Hyun

On her way back to her room, Eun Bi runs into Jin sitting on a bench outside. Jin notices her and stands up and Eun Bi bows. We then gets to see Ra Kyung standing outside with her phone waiting for Jin, then out comes Kang Hee and Jae Yi to stand on their balconies, too. Jin smiles and wonders if Eun Bi will say goodnight or good morning. Eun Bi then apologizes and this makes Jin smile more. He walks closer and thanks her for her apology. Oh, and does she want to walk with him? Eun Bi smiles and agrees. She walks closer and bows once again. Jin laughs and asks if it is an excuse me. Eun Bi says it is another thank you. For what? For taking her this far. Jin smiles and says he thinks he was the villain. Eun Bi agrees that he definitely was at first. He laughs again and repeats definitely. Eun Bi folds her hands and apologizes since she is not good at lying. Jin smiles and asks if that is really true. Eun Bi smiles and nods but then recalls how they first met, with her insisting that she was a man. Its fun to see this teasing Jin. This flusters Eun Bi and seeing that makes Jin laugh even more. The two then start their walk.

The Musical 6Park Ki Woong, Goo Hye Sun

Ra Kyung checks her phone once more and then goes inside, followed soon by the happy Jae Yi. Only Kang Hee remains to see Jin and Eun Bi walking up together and boy does she smile when she sees that. You can imagine what she’s thinking. Jin then starts talking about what happened, only really vaguely. Suppose they couldn’t the musical. This shocks Eun Bi. What does he mean? Jin doesn’t elaborate and just says that Eun Bi knows how things are around there. Eun Bi then anxiously asks if anything happened. No, right?

goo Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong

Right. And that’s where we end the episode. I am pretty sure that Jin won’t give up Chung Dam Dong Gumiho. But it isn’t really feasible to put a Broadway show starring Kang Hee against a new musical starring a nobody. It would be interesting and fun to watch to see if a nobody could kick the queen’s rear.

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