The Musical Episode 5 Recap

Ok Joo Hyun

Betcha didn’t see that one coming… Okay, you probably did. Anywho, this episode shows Bae Kang Hee unsheathing her claws and playing with her devoted little mouse… er, mice. Okay, more like a devoted mouse and an escaped mouse who wants to move on with his life. And we also start the longest night ever. Seriously. It still isn’t over by the end of episode 6. Although, who can complain? With American soap operas, you have a day that lasts for an entire month or more. Seriously. That’s even more irritating.

So we pick up with Kang Hee ripping up the score card. What is her decision? We don’t actually see what it is. Meanwhile, Eun Bi waits with Bok Ja who is worried about Eun Bi. Why? Bok Ja explains that the number one priority for Kang Hee is winning Jae Yi back. Eun Bi asks if they are still dating and Bok Ja says that information she has is confidential and only the inner circle knows. Since Kang Hee is married, she cannot publically, straight up say Hong Jae Yi is hers. But, Kang Hee is all like Jae Yi isn’t allowed to date other girls ever. This  amuses Eun Bi and she teases Bok Ja – did her friend talk to Kang Hee about that. Bok Ja replies that she doesn’t need to ask Kang Hee. How can Eun Bi be so dense? How indeed. Bok Ja then proclaims her worry about what Eun Bi will do to Kang Hee since its obvious that Jae Yi likes Eun Bi. Eun Bi replies that they aren’t dating and Bok Ja says that makes it even worse.

Ok Joo HyunPark Kyun Rim, Goo Hye Sun

Before the discussion can continue, one of their friends runs out and says that it’s decided. Bok Ja jumps up and runs out, but Eun Bi stays seated. Jin then comes out from backstage and approaches the other finalist first. Eun Bi automatically thinks that means she’s been cut. But Jin thanks the other girl for coming out saying they will work together another time. He then backtracks to Eun Bi and offers his hand, saying “Pleasure to work with you.” Eun Bi is floored. She cannot believe that she has won the part and the opportunity to stand on the same stage as her idol Kang Hee.

Park Ki Woong, Goo Hye SunGoo Hye Sun

After Choo Jung Eun leaves, she is met by a smiling Kang Hee with coffee. Jung Eun comments that Kang Hee is scary, she’s even learned to be considerate now. Kang Hee replies that isn’t it and says that Jung Eun was better than Eun Bi and knows it. Kang Hee then asserts she was the final judge. Jung Eun says she doesn’t need an explanation. She then tells Kang Hee that Eun Bi is like Kang Hee who was really bad at singing at first as well. Hearing this shocks Kang Hee. Was she really that bad? Jung Eun then says she knows she sings better than Eun Bi, but the difference is that Eun Bi was totally into the role. Jung Eun just sang the song as was laid out, like a little bird. Thus, she admits her defeat this time. Jung Eun says that she and Kang Hee met at the same place, but Kang Hee has long surpassed her. How far does she think she can go? Kang Hee replies until she dies. Jung Eun says this is also how Eun Bi and Kang Hee are alike. But you sense an indelible selfishness in Kang Hee which isn’t in Eun Bi. In fact, as this show goes on, you can see how kind and softhearted Eun Bi is. Kang Hee can be kind, but never with her whole heart.

Ok Joo Hyun

Meanwhile, the gang is at Gu Jak’s celebrating Eun Bi’s role and the production of their musical. Gu Jak praises Eun Bi for not using connections and winning on her own merit. Eun Bi is happy and embarrassed and Jae Yi watches her with a big grin. The man makes his liking her so obvious. At the same time, Ra Kyung brings Jin the footage they shot for the documentary. She says he should wait until it is edited, but Jin replies they have to work out issues with girls under contract to agencies. Ra Kyung laughs and teases Jin about being a complete instruction manual. Jin smiles and replies that he is just efficient. Jin starts watching and up pops Eun Bi. Ra Kyung recognizes her and Jin replies that Eun Bi is the girl who won. Ra Kyung then tells Jin that Eun Bi is impressive. Why? Out of all the girls interviewed, Eun Bi was the only one totally focused on the role itself versus the musical, the lead actress, the sponsor, and expectations on careers. We then get to hear Eun Bi’s interview and all she talks about is the role of Do Hwa. This is unexpected for Jin. He still doesn’t know what to make of Eun Bi.

The Musical 5Park Ki Woong, Ki Eun Se

We then cut back to the gang who have left Gu Jak’s and are going on their merry ways. Jae Yi stops Eun Bi and tells her that it never gets old. When Eun Bi asks what, Jae Yi replies that it is really fun watching her. And, again, as much as I can like Jae Yi, he’s got a bit of creepy stalker weirdo in him, but maybe that’s just the innocence of him giving himself wholly to the girl he likes. It’s still creepy, but you know. Eun Bi then teases him and says that she doesn’t think Jae Yi sees her as a human. If not a human, then what? Eun Bi guesses a toy… or maybe a hamster. Jae Yi immediately says that isn’t true. Eun Bi is definitely not a toy or a hamster. She is more like a Maltese or a Chihuahua. Nothing like comparing the girl you like to a hyper little doggie. Eun Bi laughs and exclaims that they still aren’t human. Jae Yi then teases back, “What? You thought you were a human being?” He then grabs Eun Bi into a hug and tells her good job and that she was great onstage. Eun Bi smiles and hugs him back. Aww. She likes him, she really likes him.

The next day, Eun Bi does her ritual milk delivery and note to Kang Hee’s. Sang Won just misses her as she leaves, so her identity is still a mystery. Sang Won wonders who it is – he thinks it’s a young male admirer. What would he and Kang Hee say if they knew now that its been Eun Bi all of this time? After drinking her special milk and giving her cat Eun Bi’s milk, Kang Hee announces that she will join the musical workshop. This floors her husband. He has to go, but even though Kang Hee’s the lead, they don’t usually go to these workshops with the other peons. Kang Hee doesn’t bother to explain herself and announces that she will not be riding in the bus with the rest of them.

Goo Hye SunKim Hyun Sung

The bus ride to the workshop is bustling and festive with singing and conversations. Jae Yi sits across from Eun Bi while Bok Ja sits with Sang Mi. Bok Ja looks out the window and just cannot believe that Kang Hee is deigning to go to a workshop. Sang Mi doesn’t get why and Bok Ja tells her that she has a lot of learning left to do. The underlings go to the country to practice and get everything ready. Only after that does the queen show up and finish the final piece. Sang Mi finally gets it. Meanwhile, in the car, the atmosphere is very different. It is quiet and the “queen” is sleeping. Ra Kyung quietly opens up a lunch box and gives snacks to Jin and Sang Won in the front. This earns her a scolding from Kang Hee as it makes Kang Hee look bad. Ra Kyung then offers Kang Hee some and Kang Hee wonders what Ra Kyung will do when she’s the wife of a chairman of an empire. Sang Won says they were all surprised that Kang Hee decided to come since she hasn’t gone to a workshop in years. Kang Hee replies she’s been to over a 100 since she started acting in musicals, besides, Dhung Dam Dong Gumiho is hers now. Riiight.

Kim In Seo, Park Kyung RimPark Ki Woong, Ki Eun Se, Kim Hyun Sung

At the workshop, the rules and schedules and rooms assignments are handed out by the assistant director Jang Joon Hyuk. Jae Yi asks who the guy is and Gu Jak explains that he’s a guy who served in the military [how he’s kind of running the workshop] even when he didn’t have to. He even served in the marines. Bok Ja and Eun Bi are assigned to room together making them happy while Kang Hee watches and listens. The queen and Sang Won then get to their room which is really nice. Sang Won comments that he never gets treated like that – its all thanks to Kang Hee’s presence. Kang He goes over to the window where the group is laughing and playing. She asks her husband if she ever laughed like that and he immediately replies that she didn’t, even when she was a rookie. Kang Hee always acted like a prima donna. Kang Hee denies this, but Sang Won asserts that it was true. I believe it as Kang Hee really exudes that “holier than thou” air.

Kim Yong MinKim Hyun Sung, Ok Joo Hyun

Jang Hyuk goes through the halls announcing practice times and a barbecue [no barbecue if you’re late or miss practice] when he runs into Ra Kyung carrying a big bag of drinks. She gives him one, saying he must be thirsty after all that yelling. He is immediately taken with Jin’s fiancée. He offers to help, but Ra Kyung does not take up his offer as she is there to help, too. She then, with some trouble, lifts the bag of drinks once more and makes her way down the hall. When he leaves, Jae Yi comes and knocks on Eun Bi’s door with a mystery bag. He acts very cute and says that he is there and would she like some coffee. Boy does he get a shock when Kang Hee opens the door instead.

Kim Yong Min, Ki Eun SeChoi Daniel

Eun Bi and Bok Ja are standing on their heads against the wall per Kang Hee’s advice. Jae Yi comes in and makes them all coffee. Kang Hee comments on Jae Yi’s coffee skills and Eun Bi replies that she doesn’t get it, but she thinks Jae Yi’s good, too. Kang Hee replies that its good if Eun Bi doesn’t get it as it is best to stay away from all addictive things, like coffee, smoking, etc. Bok Ja then makes a crack about men and love. Kang Hee then says that you don’t need to stay away from men and love as being in love is a privilege of being an actress. Oy. Kang Hee then leaves to warm up her throat, taking Eun Bi with her. Needless to say Jae Yi is definitely not thrilled by this turn of events. When the two girls leave, Bok Ja laughs at the situation as she has cashed out of the bad situation, but Eun Bi and Jae Yi are still caught up in the pro’s web.

Goo Hye Sun, Park Kyung Rim, Choi Daniel

Practice begins and Jae Yi leads the group in warm ups. When the time comes for them to break off in pairs, Kang Hee calls Eun Bi over even though Bok Ja was set to be Eun Bi’s partner. Kang Hee then kindly begins instructing Eun Bi on how to sing the high parts while Kang Hee does the low parts [since Eun Bi still has trouble with higher pitches]. Jae Yi watches this unfold in misery while Bok Ja watches on in worry. Sang Mi says she doesn’t get what Bok Ja meant about Kang Hee since she is being so nice and helping Eun Bi with the high notes. Sang Mi just can’t see that Kang Hee is killing with kindness. She’s also doing her best to keep Jae Yi and Eun Bi apart. But Sang Won definitely knows what Kang Hee is doing and he is not happy. Can’t say I blame him, but his miserable marriage was brought on by himself alone [and Kang Hee’s selfishness].

The Musical 5

At the barbecue, Jae Yi is unhappily sitting and watching Eun Bi since she is sitting and eating with Kang Hee who keeps showering her with attention and advice. Eun Bi soaks this all up as she is happy to be with and get advice from her idol. Meanwhile, they comment on how cheap Jin must have budgeted if Ra Kyung is taking the photos herself. Ra Kyung immediately replies that isn’t true, she wanted to do the photos herself. Sang Won mentions that he heard Ra Kyung worked professionally. Ra Kyung says it was just a hobby, but proud Jin butts in and says that Ra Kyung even had her own gallery. They then talk about the budget and that they should all go over that later.

The Musical 5

Practice resumes and Eun Bi sings the theme. Kang Hee cuts into the song and then says that the songwriter meant for it to be touching. She just doesn’t think Eun Bi’s interpretation is quite right. This annoys Jae Yi incredibly. Especially when Kang Hee does her version [no long, dramatic pause, plus it goes up higher] and Eun Bi claps and praises it. Jae Yi finally intervenes and calls Eun Bi out on her original interpretation. Eun Bi at first denies and then backtracks on her interpretation. Yes, she did believe her initial thoughts, but she believes Kang Hee’s version is even better. Kang Hee then butts in and says that they shouldn’t underestimate Eun Bi and that there is time to train her and have her ready. Kang Hee will of course help. Eun Bi does her usual quick bow and says she will do her best. This does not assuage Jae Yi’s ire.

Choi DanielOk Joo Hyun

Late that night while Eun Bi tries sleeping, Jae Yi texts her and calls her a moron for giving way to Kang Hee. Eun Bi texts back that there is nothing wrong with Kang Hee teaching her and the next text from Jae Yi is very succinct –
You, come out.” As Eun Bi goes to slip away, Bok Ja suddenly sits up, but she is still asleep luckily. Eun Bi successfully sneaks out and meets Jae Yi who tells her not to be stumbled like a fool. Why should Eun Bi throw everything away because of one thing Kang Hee said? Eun Bi takes the phone from Jae Yi [he was playing the song with a piano program]. She replays the little tune and says that isn’t it and Jae Yi should just look at her. Jae Yi goes to say something, but Eun Bi cuts him off.

Choi Daniel, Goo Hye Sun

She entered college on March 4th. That was when she saw a musical for the first time in her life. The lead actress was Bae Kang Hee. Jae Yi concedes that Kang Hee has lit many a fire in young girls’ hearts. Eun Bi agrees and says it is that fire that’s brought her that far. She wished to receive Kang Hee’s lesson just once. Eun Bi goes on to say that even if she was just in the chorus or even if she was at the edge of the stage with no lines, she’d be happy just to share it with Kang Hee – that was her wish. She’d die to do a duet with her. Eun Bi’s dreams kept growing and that was how she spent four years of her life. To her, Bae Kang Hee is the equivalent of the musical itself. This irks Jae Yi, but Eun Bi won’t let him talk. She thanks him for getting her where she is now, she hasn’t forgotten it, but she doesn’t know how to explain it. Jae Yi then cuts in and says that Kang Hee isn’t like Eun Bi at all. Eun Bi replies of course not and this frustrates Jae Yi even more, but before he can say more, Eun Bi jumps up and bids him good night. She refuses to listen.

Choi Daniel, Goo Hye Sun

Jin is outside talking on his cell when he notices Eun Bi running towards the hotel – not all that happy. He then sees Jae Yi appear from the same direction. Jin then looks up and sees Kang Hee. Jae Yi pauses and looks up to and sees her looking down on him as well. Jin seems frustrated, but what can he do with the situation?

The Musical 5

The next day practice continues while Gu Jak, Sang Won, and Jin sit down and talk about the budget and production. The musical will easily be 2 and a half hours and with the added special effects and video, the production costs will be quite a lot. Gu Jak is shocked to learn that they have budgeted 5.5 million for the musical. 3 from Amour and 2.5 from other sponsors. Jin asks if Gu Jak doesn’t have confidence. Gu Jak replies he’s an artist – who understands numbers? Gu Jak promises that Jin doesn’t need to worry. Sang Won asks if Gu Jak understands what it means that Amour is investing so much in the musical. Dae Hak Ro [Korean equivalent of Broadway, I guess] is watching how Korean musicals will change through this production. Gu Ka then swears he’ll stake his life on it. If he had five lives, he’d stake them all. Meanwhile, Jin’s cousin decides to stir up trouble and sabotage Jin. Not surprising.

Oh Jung Se, Park Ki WoongThe Musical 5

Back at the workshop, Jae Yi presents a midi of the new piece. Everyone is impressed and likes it. Jae Yi, however, shows a very unhappy face and presence. After the presentation is over and he leaves the stage, practice begins once more. Jin, the entire time has watched Jae Yi and his gaze that constantly goes to Eun Bi. Jin confronts Jae Yi and tells him that Gu Jak says he would stake all five lives on the musical. Jae Yi replies that Gu Jak only has his life so Jin doesn’t need to worry. Jin then asks what Jae Yi will put on the line besides his life. This throws Jae Yi. What does Jin mean? Why does Jin need Jae Yi’s life, too? Jin then explains when he invests he throws away everything and puts everything on the line. He doesn’t like to see people who try to get things without risking anything in return. Jae Yi asks Jin to speak plainly and Jin responds by he’s put everything in Jae Yi’s ability. While Jin doesn’t have a say in the final result, it would be nice if Jae Yi had more commitment to the project and not just one person. Burn.

Park Ki Woong, Choi Daniel

Kang Hee finishes up her interview, impressing the interviewer and Ra Kyung. Kang Hee then decides its Eun Bi’s turn, but she doesn’t like Eun Bi’s clothes. We then cut to the cafeteria where hoots and cat calls greet the made up Eun Bi. More unhappiness for Jae Yi as he sees more and more of Kang Hee’s influence. Meanwhile, Jae Yi demands to know why Kang Hee is being nice to Eun Bi. Kang Hee replies that the longer she is with Eun Bi, the more Eun Bi will know Jae Yi is in Kang Hee’s heart. Jae Yi complains about his shortened time with Eun Bi and Kang Hee scolds him for not seeing Eun BI’s true potential if all he wants is to spend time with her. Eun Bi sits down to do the interview and talks about her history as a medical student and how her grandmother is her biggest supporter. Jin sits through this and finally cuts her off, surprising Eun Bi and Ra Kyung.

Goo Hye Sun, Choi Daniel, Ok Joo Hyun

Jin leaves and Eun Bi wipes away her tears and runs after him. Yu tells her the choreography workshop will start soon and Eun Bi says Jin has a right to hate her. This throws Jin off. Hate? Him? Eun Bi plows on and says that she probably looked stupid to him. Jin just stand with a small smile on his face. Eun Bi goes on to say that she just wanted to be honest to herself. Jin says he admires that. So Eun Bi wonders why he still hates her. Jin asks why she thinks that. This really throws Eun Bi. Doesn’t Jin? He replies that he doesn’t hate her. [Ra Kyung has come up and hides herself during this conversation. The girl looks rather uneasy]. Jin then asks if Eun Bi has a condition where she has to have everyone around her love her. Eun Bi vehemently denies this. She just had this feeling that Jin always hated her. Jin then asks if he looks like a person who would hate or love while he works. Good question. The obvious answer is no. Boy is Eun Bi embarrassed.

Park Ki Woong, Goo Hye Sun

Ra Kyung gets to their room to find Jin deep in thought. She sits down on the coach and says she’s figured it out. They are alike – Eun Bi and Jin’s father. That’s why Jin is angry with Eun Bi. Hearing this shocks Jin. Ra Kyung replies that every time she saw Eun Bi she thought that the younger girl reminded her of someone, but when she saw how vulnerable Jin looked today, Ra Kyung said she finally understood. Vulnerable? Ra Kyung elaborates: “Like you said. It was the face that you never showed to anyone. Even to me. Even youget surprised by it, and become colder or friendlier.” Jin says that Eun Bi is definitely weird. She made Kang Hee get off her track and even confused Ra Kyung. Ra Kyung asks if she is confused and Jin says she is. He then tells her not to be as Eun Bi isn’t worth it. The girl smiles and drags everyone into her. Once she decides on something that she likes, she doesn’t care what the world thinks and puts everyone into trouble while making herself look innocent and honest. Wow. Talk about some bitter words. Here it sounds like he really does hate her [but we all know that he’s being secretly drawn to her – just look at how often he watches her footage – another creepy stalker guy]. Then Jin agrees that Eun Bi and his father really are alike, but he denies being angry with his father. Oy. We then cut to a scene of a young Jin and his father and mother. His father wants to continue playing with his son on their last day of vacation while his mom worries that they should get back to President Yu.

Ki Eun Se, Park Ki WoongPark Ki Woong

Now we have a meeting where Jin’s uncle gives his President Yu the exact opposite advice that the research results showed. This annoys Yu and he scolds his sons for betting all of his money on a deal that would rely on one man. Yu then gives his son one week to conduct Chinese market research and do another presentation of the findings. This annoys Jin’s uncle and once the meeting is over he tells his dad that he can never take over the company if his father never lets him be fully independent. How can he think like a CEO with his dad always hovering and second guessing him. Great. Nothing like blaming your own incompetency on your father’s competency. Jin’s uncle says that Jin Young isn’t coming back and that Jin is too young and he refuses to have his nephew outrun him after his younger brother did. He doesn’t want Jae Jun to go through what he did. Yu points out that Jae Jun is useless, but Jin’s uncle refuses to listen.

The Musical 5

Back at the workshop, the plans and the budget have been finalized and Gu Jak invites Sang Won and Jin to play with the cast and crew. The gang play a circle game which shows how they’ve come together as a team as well as their true feelings in regards to each other. When Kang Hee’s turn comes, the circle does not want to let her in at all. Gu Jak tries to placate Sang Won, but I think it clearly shows that everyone secretly isn’t happy with her. Sang Won is really unhappy when she repeatedly tries to break through wear Jae Yi is, but Jae Yi remains strong. Finally, Eun Bi lets her in. It is then Eun Bi’s turn. She is viciously thrown to the grown by Kang Hee [right, we all knew Kang Hee doesn’t really like her thanks to Jae Yi]. Eun Bi finally gets back in thanks to Bok Ja. While the fun continues, the circle ends up skewed and bumps into Ra Kyung who is busy filming and she is knocked into the fire. What will happen?

The Musical 5The Musical 5

Tune in to find out in episode 6.

Ki Eun Se

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