The Musical Episode 4 Recap

Choi Daniel, Park Ki Woong

Tempers flare in this episode. Oddly enough it is Yoo Jin who seems the most mature at times, but probably because he isn’t like Jae Yi and Eun Bi who basically wear their emotions on their sleeves. Also, he is much more devious and conniving in his workings. We have some secrets revealed and concealed, and Eun Bi’s star is starting to rise! I have to say that I am really loving the balance of comedy with the other drama. It’s a welcome change from slapstick comedies and overly dramatic melodramas.

We open with Jae Yi rejecting Yoo Jin’s offer. Yoo Jin is surprised by Jae Yi’s sudden arrival, but not at his rejection. Jin suspected that Jae Yi would initially reject the plan to work together. Jae Yi is surprised that Jin would even think that he would reconsider the rejection. Meanwhile, Bok Ja is in search of Eun Bi who is out jogging. Bok Ja tells her to stop torturing herself and Eun Bi’s reply is to tell her roommate to just go back to bed. Bok Ja then says that Gu Jak called for her. Has the decision been made then?

Park Kyung Rim, Goo Hye Sun

Gu Jak has gathered the entire crew together to pray. Pray for what? Pray that Jae Yi will come to his senses and not reject Jin’s offer as it is pretty lucrative for Gu Jak and Jae Yi. Gu Jak prays for Jae Yi to come to his senses and say yes. He also prays if that is impossible, then to make Jae Yi mute so he can’t say no.  Sang Mi wonders what the big deal is. Even if they turn down the new offer, they will still get the funding from the competition, so what is the big deal? Bok Ja says that she never usually agrees with Gu Jak over Jae Yi, but this time, she believes that Gu Jak is right and Jae Yi is wrong. So, what will Jae Yi do?

The Musical 4

Back at Jin’s office, the two talk over the proposal. Jin says it is a good offer and Jae Yi says it is enough to make Gu Jak go wild. So that means that Jae Yi doesn’t like it? Jae Yi replies that he doesn’t and Jin wonders if it is because Jin is the one behind the proposal. Jae Yi thinks for a minute and says maybe. Jin then says that he knew Jae Yi entered the competition anonymously to prove a point about Korean musicals. Well, Jin has gotten the point. He was wrong in making that premature statement as he did not know about composers with Jae Yi’s abilities. This floors Jae Yi. Jin just apologized and admitted he was wrong? Heck, even I was surprised by how easily Jin admitted to such a mistake. Though, he may be rude, but Jin does have a pretty sound and fair personality, so it shouldn’t be too surprising.

Choi Daniel, Park Ki Woong

Jae Yi then asks if he is really needed. Jin replies that Jae Yi’s music is needed, there is nothing more important. Jin then states that he will comply with whatever conditions Jae Yi has. Without hesitating, Jae Yi says no once more as he believes that Jin cannot meet his conditions. Jae Yi gets up to leave and Jin points out that this proposal will be good for the young people in Gu Jak’s company as long as Jae Yi decides to do it. Jae Yi cuts him off and tells him that he came to reject Jin harshly, but it turns out that Jin is a better man than Jae Yi thought. Thus, Jae Yi is leaving the office in a good mood. After he leaves, Jin wonders just what conditions he won’t comply with. I’m pretty sure he already has an idea of what they are.

Park Ki Woong

Later, Eun bi meets with Jae Yi saying that Gu Jak will be disappointed. Jae Yi replies that Gu Jak is getting the support fund like he wanted and Jae Yi will still do the music, so there is nothing really to be disappointed about. Jae Yi is stubborn after all. Eun Bi then wonders if Jae Yi refused because he didn’t want to work with Kang Hee. Jae Yi acknowledges that as part of the reason. He doesn’t want to see his musical with Kang Hee, but with Eun Bi. Jae Yi wants the musical with Eun Bi as the lead and he will set the music expressly to suit her voice. Needless to say, that does not make Eun Bi one bit happy.

Goo Hye Sun, Choi Daniel

Gu Jak calls up Jin and tells him the reason behind Jae Yi’s refusal. Jae Yi wants Eun Bi as the lead, not Kang Hee. That is a problem as Kang Hee must be the lead since the musical is being supported by Amour. Jin says he understands and thanks Gu Jak for calling him. He then goes back to watching Eun Bi’s video. Seriously. This is now getting creepy. I just can’t figure out what is going on with Jin in regards to Eun Bi.

Goo Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong

The next day while Eun Bi has her lesson with Jae Yi, Bok Ja wonders around complaining about how expensive everything is in Jae Yi’s house. No wonder he can coolly turn down a 4 million won offer. The lesson ends and Jae Yi tussles Eun Bi’s hair warning her not to work too hard and only make musicals her hobby. Eun Bi agrees and the two girls leave. Bok Ja teases Eun Bi about Jae Yi liking her when Jin shows up, surprising them both. Jin impresses Bok Ja by remembering her name and saying he liked her number. He then turns on Eun Bi and basically accuses her of ruining the musical for everyone by getting in with the songwriter so he won’t use anyone else. This angers Eun Bi, but before she can light into him, Jae Yi comes outside and Bok Ja drags her off. Eun Bi angrily walks fast and complains and Bok Ja wishes Jae Yi could see her friend now.

Goo Hye Sun, Park Kyung Rim, Park Ki Woong

Jin tells Jae Yi he can solve the problem. Jae Yi doesn’t really believe that Jin can convince Kang Hee. Is it because Jin is the investor? Jin replies that even though Kang Hee is strictly disciplined, she is very reasonable. At least that’s what he’s seen while working with her for a year. Jae Yi wonders why Jin is going that far. When Jin calls him formally by his last name, Jae YI interrupts and tells him to just call him Hong Jae Yi as he has only been calling Jin by Yu Jin and not by his official title. He then reasks the question. Why is Jin going this far? Jin’s answer is simple – because he likes Jae Yi’s music. Jae Yi’s music is worth that much investment. Bae Kang Hee will know that. Now the question is, will Go Eun Bi accept what is being offered. Jae Yi doesn’t answer that question and just tells Jin that Eun Bi will become a great musical actress that you couldn’t have even dreamed to see. That response seems to really hit Jin. In a good or bad way?

Choi Daniel, Park Ki Woong

Jin then goes back to Amour where he tells Sang Won about the proposal. Bae Kang Hee and Eun Bi will play the same role meaning that the part is double cast and one actress will play the role one day and the other the next. Sang Won is not warm to this idea at all and doesn’t believe that Kang Hee will willingly accept it. Jin then brings up that this double casting will be perfect to quell the rumors of five years ago about Jae Yi and Kang Hee. Thus, Sang Won must make sure that Kang Hee participates. This cuts Sang Won to the quick. He never thought that Jin would stoop that low and be that cruel. Jin replies by saying he doesn’t see any downside to the proposal at all.

Kim Hyun Sung

That night Sang Won sits alone in his office and he recalls what happened five years ago. Flashback to Kang Hee playing the piano and singing. When she is done, she tells Sang Won that it is odd for him to ask her to sing for him one last time when she has just broken up with him. Kang Hee gives back his ring, but Sang Won won’t take it. He tells Kang Hee that he has thought it over and the marriage will go on. Kang Hee protests and tells him not to be like that and Sang Won then says that as an actress she will be in love with many different men and he is okay with that. Oookay. That man seriously opened himself up to heartache by accepting Kang Hee loving Jae Yi and not himself. What an idiot. Sang Won then goes on to say that Kang Hee really needs the marriage. He didn’t trap her or anything. He wasn’t giving her an out like she wanted, but she could have stood firm and remained with Jae Yi.

Kim Hyun Sung, Ok Joo Hyun

The next morning Eun Bi is doing her milk deliveries when she comes up to that house and runs the milk up and writes a note and bows in respect. Sang Won later comes out and gets the milk and places it before Kang Hee with a smile. Kang Hee then surprises him by saying that she will accept the double casting. Kang Hee says she will let Eun Bi see what it means to work with the diva Kang Hee. If Eun Bi can withstand it, then won’t the audience love the girl?

Ok Joo Hyun, Kim Hyun Sung

Eun Bi is now home and watching Chicago. She is trying to mimic the moves and the singing, but keeps having problems. She then gets a call from Jin. Outside of Jin’s office building, Eun Bi gets a call from Jae Yi who wants to meet for tea if Eun Bi doesn’t have work. Eun Bi says she doesn’t, but she needs an hour to take care of a butthole. This makes Jae Yi pause and then things connect. Not Jin? Yep, representative Yu Jin. Uh-oh. Eun Bi then hangs up and the worried Jae Yi rushes out the door. Can he stop Eun Bi from making a big mistake?

Goo Hye SunChoi Daniel

Eun Bi sits in Jin’s office waiting for him to finish some work before he talks to her. He then says that he can guess what she’s thinking: “The cocky butthole is working in his office which is just like him.” Wow. He’s good. Eun Bi agrees that she was thinking that. Jin smiles and says that he likes her honesty and will be great working with her. Work with her? What is Jin talking about. So Jin explains things and Eun Bi is just in a state of shock. Jin is slightly surprised by Eun Bi’s reaction. What, she didn’t think Kang Hee would take the offer? Of course not. Why would musical star Kang Hee agree to a double casting with a nobody just starting out. Was this Jae Yi’s idea? Eun Bi is even more shocked to learn it was Jin’s. Why did Jin decide this? Because Jae Yi says it had to be Eun Bi. As soon as Eun Bi signs the papers, the project will immediately start.

Goo Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong

Eun Bi is still floored. Her doing a double cast with Kang Hee? How does that make any sense whatsoever? Jin says he chose Jae Yi’s music, so he must trust in Jae Yi’s decisions. Jin then goes on to say that a man who writes those kind of songs won’t give his music to just anyone unless there is a very, very personal reason. Eun Bi quickly denies this and Jin says there’s not problem then. Eun Bi disagrees. Just because there is no personal reasons, there is still a problem. What is the problem? Eun Bi asks Jin point blank if he wants her to reject the proposal. Jin tells her to make her decision based on “Ability, conscientiousness, self-confidence, and objectivity.” Eun Bi catches his drift and is getting more over her shock and moving into annoyance.

Goo Hye SunPark Ki Woong

Then Jae Yi bursts in. Jin smiles and says how good it is that they are close enough to see each other without appointments now. Jae Yi doesn’t apologize, but he is taken back by the words a little. Jin then invites him to sit down as he was just done explaining everything to Eun Bi, but she is done. Eun Bi says she has heard enough and will give Jin the answer he wants. Jae Yi tries to stop her, but Eun Bi won’t listen. She tells them both that she wishes to stand on stage at all costs and sharing the role with Kang Hee is like a dream come true, but not like this. She has enough objectivity to judge where she’s at and she knows she’s not good enough yet. Eun Bi leaves and Jae Yi asked Jin if he told Eun Bi expecting her answer. Jin says he was the one who proposed the double casting to begin with. Jae Yi is annoyed and calls Jin smooth, way too smooth, and it isn’t fun. Jin then says he will take it that he did not hear Eun Bi’s final answer yet and Jae Yi leaves.

Choi Daniel, Goo Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong

Jae Yi follows the angry Eun Bi and asks if she won’t get in his car. Eun Bi says not until she cools down. We then get her doing the punching game and hitting baseballs quite viciously. This behavior seems to frighten Jae Yi a little. Eun Bi is scary when she’s angry. When she’s done, he buys her a drink and asks if she’s cooled down. He cannot believe his eyes today. For the first time he saw a girl get a bonus round in the punching game and he actually saw a girl bat at the batting cage. Wow.

Goo Hye Sun

Jae Yi asks if Eun Bi feels better now. She replies that if she feels sorry, then she just needs to get better. Eun Bi knows that Jin is right about everything as he isn’t a person who says wrong things. Jae Yi agrees that he says the right things in mean words. Jae Yi then tries to bring the talk back to the role. Eun Bi says that it isn’t right. Is it her pride? Eun Bi replies it isn’t her pride, but the fact that it is a musical. As much as she wants to do it, she believes that it could hurt her later. Jae Yi wonders if Eun Bi won’t regret it later. After all, can’t they just keep it as simple as Eun Bi singing his songs and him watching her? Eun Bi wonders if he’s referring to her as an actress or as a girl he likes. Jae Yi says that he can’t separate the two and he doesn’t want to. He likes Eun Bi and wants to see her potential. He also likes Eun Bi who has so much potential. Why is there a need to separate them as if they are two different people. That’s all lies. Eun Bi then calls him simple. Jae Yi then makes a valid point: “Making yourself uncomfortable for the sake of others. Isn’t that Silly? Is giving up on things that you want? What good is that to you?”

Choi Daniel, Goo Hye Sun

Gu Jak is meeting Jin and Ra Kyung at his pub. The two seem to really like the atmosphere. Gu Jak then compliments Jin on his pretty girlfriend. He also says that he has accomplished more in a week that he has in 10 years after meeting Jin. If they work together a year from now, Gu Jak can’t imagine how big he could be. Jin replies that he hopes they have great business together. But there will be plenty of obstacles. Gu Jak tells Jin not to worry as he is an expert in obstacles. He then gets up and asks his singers/cookers to sing about mountains [obstacles]. They don’t have any mountain songs so they sing about a dog instead. On their way home, Jin teases that instead of talking about marketing plans, Ra Kyung looked to be having too much fun instead. Ra Kyung calls him cheap as it feels like they haven’t been on an actual date in 500 years. She then pulls him into a booth where you can sing and it records you. Jin goes along with it, smiling at his playful fiance.

Oh Jung Se, Ki Eun Se, Park Ki WoongPark Ki Woong, Ki Eun Se

The next day Ra Kyung meets with her father who scolds her for being too busy making it hard to see her. Ra Kyung then throws back that he was always busy as well. Her dad asks after Jin and Ra Kyung replies that they are both very busy at the moment. If they are so busy, how can they plan the wedding? This throws Ra Kyung. It seems she loves Jin and all, but why does she hesitate when marriage is brought up? Her dad then asks if he shouldn’t visit Jin’s parents and make his feelings known. Ra Kyung tells him not to as Jin still isn’t on good terms with them. Ra Kyung then says she will go and visit. Her dad agrees to this and tells her to make sure that Jin’s parents know his feelings on the upcoming marriage.

Ki Eun Se

Ra Kyung drives down to meet with Jin’s parents. Armed with a fruit basket she searches for their house. She meets Eun Bi’s grandmother who is out sweeping. She goes to ask after Jin Young and Sun Hee’s house when the two walk up. Jin Young is shocked to see Ra Kyung, but he happily greets her. Sun Hee, however, starts freaking out saying that she doesn’t like Ra Kyung as she always tries to take her away. Sun Hee then starts screaming and Soon Yi takes Ra Kyung to her house. Soon Yu says it must be quite a shock as they haven’t even told Jin yet. Ra Kyung must be the daughter-in-law then. Ra Kyung nods and asks what is going on. Soon Yi explains that it is either Alzheimer’s or dementia. Whatever it is, Sun Hee is losing her memories. You wouldn’t know she was sick when they first came down, but more and more she has these spells. Apparently Jin Young left the family behind so he could stay with Sun Hee and take care of her as she declines in health.

Ki Eun Se, Jung Young Sook

Ra Kyung then goes to visit Jin Young after Sun Hee has been calmed down and is resting. Jin Young apologizes as she must have been surprised and scared. He and Sun Hee left because Sun Hee did not want the family to know and she didn’t want her son to go through the experience of his own mother not even knowing who he is. Jin Young begs Ra Kyung to not tell Jin about what is going on. He doesn’t want Jin to know until Jin decides to seek his father out for himself [when Jin decides he needs Jin Young]. Ra Kyung does not like this at all. She believes Jin should know about his mother. Well, she is right there. Jin Young says that he knows Sun Hee will have to eventually be hospitalized, but until then, he wants to care for her. If his father knew, then he wouldn’t be able to. Ra Kyung knows this, but is still not happy about keeping it from Jin.

Ki Eun Se, Cha Kwang Soo

Eun Bi is out jogging and can’t get Jae Yi’s nor Jin’s words out of her head. So she calls and asks to meet with Jin. The next morning the two sit awkward and silent across from each other at the place where Jae Yi bought Eun Bi breakfast after kissing her. Jin finally breaks the silence asking why she isn’t eating. Does she only eat when a guy cuts it for her? Eun Bi replies that isn’t the case, she told Jin from the beginning she didn’t plan on eating them. Jin comments on how easily she gets angry and Eun Bi says that Jin has a knack of making people angry. Jin then says that Eun Bi was the one who called him out to hear her decision and now she isn’t talking. That’s why they are fighting. Eun Bi replies that he could just simply ask and Jin replies that she isn’t a person who answers right away. Sheesh. Funny, yet annoying. These two. So JIn finally asks for her decision and her answer is classic Eun Bi: “My conclusion is that I won’d do it. But I won’t not do it either.”

Goo Hye Sun, Park Ki Woong

Jin then goes to Sang Won and tells him Eun Bi’s decision: she wants an audition! Eun Bi hopes for a fair audition to asses her ability to stand by Kang Hee. This means that if Eun Bi fails to pass, there is no way Jae Yi can force her back in anymore. Jin replies that he thinks Eun Bit thought of that as well. There is no other way to make Jae Yi give up for now. Sang Won smiles and says it looks like both he and Jin misunderstood Eun Bi. Oh, yes they did. But given the circumstances and how people in the industry try to get ahead, it’s not surprising. Jin agrees saying that she is surprisingly not completely unreasonable. Jin then says if the audition is made public, it will cause quite the stir. Sang Won replies that Eun Bi probably wanted a quiet, in-house audition. Jin replies that she wanted a fair try-out so she must be prepare for this at least.

Park Ki Woong, Kim Hyun Sung

Jin calls Jae Yi with the news and Jae Yi isn’t too happy with Eun Bi’s decision. Before he can say much, the doorbell rings. He goes to the door and there stands Eun Bi who laughs. He asks how she can laugh and Eun Bi replies that you must always laugh after making trouble to get into less trouble. Jae Yi invites her in, but Eun Bi counters and invites him out. Until the audition day is over, she will not set foot into his house. This annoys Jae Yi, but Eun Bi insists and Jae Yi does follow her out. Eun Bi explains that she doesn’t want to use connections to get the role as she would be ashamed of people talking badly about her. Jae Yi says that won’t matter because she’ll be so scared on stage that her knees will shake. Jae Yi then says he knows now why Eun Bi shines so much. Eun Bi then says if she fails, but Jae Yi cuts her off and says she won’t. Eun Bi says he will be judging so he has to be fair. Jae Yi says he will be as he will be honest to his heart as that is what’s fair to him. This angers Eun Bi and she angrily gets up saying this is why people say artists are at the center of corruption in society. Jae Yi then explains that it isn’t about what is right or who does better, but who suits the role and whose voice suits the song. Eun Bi says he sounds like a whining child, but that it is oddly convincing. Eun BI then leaves saying she will never see him again until after the audition and Jae Yi yells tips after her retreating back.

Choi Daniel, Goo Hye Sun

Ra Kyung and her boss meet with Jin to discuss the marketing for the audition [posters, documentary, etc]. Once that is over and her boss leaves, Ra Kyung tries to talk Jin into visiting his parents. Jin ignores this and just asks what she wants to eat. Poor Ra Kyung. Meanwhile, Gu Jak is working on the script when Sang Mi comes in. She then tries to seduce him a little in hopes of getting the main part since he will also be a judge. Eun Bi comes at that moment and hears Sang Mi say how she should push Eun Bi off a cliff to get rid of competition. This annoys Gu Jak and saddens Eun Bi who turns and walks away instead of talking to him like she had planned.

Oh Jung Se, Kim in Seo

As she is leaving, the boys call out to her. The give her encouragement as they are all in the same boat. Even though they have talent, they keep getting rejected as well and go through audition after audition. They then ask Eun Bi to preform the theme again. The accompany her and Eun Bi starts singing. As she recalls Jae Yi’s advice, she stops. Then she starts back up once more. Gu Jak and Sang Mi listen above and Gu Jak asks if Sang Mi still thinks she has a chance at the lead role. Sang Mi, admitting defeat, says that a different role suited her better anyways.

The Musical

The audition day roles around and tons of girls have shown up. Some because they want to stand with Kang Hee and some because Jae Yi is doing the music. Eun Bi surrounds the initial round of auditions. The final round finally comes in which Jin, Kang Hee, Sang Won, Jae Yi, and Gu Jak are the judges. Jae Yi insists on reverse order meaning Eun Bi will go last. As they leave to start the judging, Jin tells Jae Yi to stop showing such obvious preferential treatment. Jae Yi won’t and Jin calls him immature and Jae Yi calls Jin an old fart. These two are quite cute together. Eun Bi has pretty stiff competition. Jae Yi doesn’t like the first few girls, but likes the one who comes just before Eun Bi. He even claps for her which he is told is inappropriate. Then Eun Bi comes out and Jae Yi sits with a big smile listening. Sang Won comments on just how much she’s improved in so short a time. When Eun Bi does a long pause and then starts singing the final part, this surprises the judges. What was that? When asked, Eun Bi says that she doesn’t think the character could confess her love after surviving 999 years alone. Jin wonders if this is what Jae Yi told her, and Eun Bi says it is her own thought and that she didn’t see anyone related to the musical since the audition announcement.

The Musical 4

Judging commences and it comes down to the two last singers. Eun Bi is tied for first! Kang Hee’s vote will be the deciding factor. What will Kang Hee decide? Well, she rips up the scoring sheet, so…

Ok Joo Hyun

Guess cause that’s where the episode ends.

I have to say that I didn’t think I would like this series as much as I do. I mainly watched it because I like movies and stuff that revolved around the performing arts [like Center Stage, etc], plus I like Goo Hye Sun and Park Ki Woong [so weird to see him so serious after watching My Tutor Friend 2]. I am glad that I gave this a chance because its shaping up quite well. I will hopefully have 5 up tomorrow and 6 on Friday.

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