Ouran High School Host club Live Action Episode 11 Recap

Yamamoto Yusuke

Tis sad to see this drama end with so many storylines that I really liked from the manga, but it’s kind of hard to do them all in the short time frame of a half hour drama. But, we do have the movie to look forward to. I wonder what story we will see play out on the big screen?

Like always, don’t read below  if you don’t want the ending spoiled

We start out right where we left off last time – with Tamaki declaring his retirement from the host club after the anniversary party. This totally floors the members. Surely Tamaki is only joking? Tamaki replies that it is no joke. With his leaving, the club will lose some of its sparkle and the members might feel lonely, but they should keep doing whatever they can to become better men. Tamaki also apologizes for being the one to invite everyone to join and then dropping out on them.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Nakamura Masaya, Chiba Yudai, Takagi Shinpei

Tamaki then says he will leave things in Kyoya’s hands [this doesn’t seem to thrill Kyoya at all – but no one is really happy hearing this announcement]. Tamaki then tells Haruhi that she can leave the club and asks what is the status of her debt repayment. Kyoya goes and does the calculations. Haruhi has paid off roughly half of the debt. Tamaki says he will cover the outstanding balance himself. He then goes over to Haruhi to thank her for what she’s done so far. He pats her head and says that she has worked hard and now her debt is excused. He walks past, but Haruhi turns around and demands to know just what is going on. Tamaki turns back and says rather coldly that it is not Haruhi’s business. This incites Hikaru, but Kaoru manages to hold him back.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Kawaguchi HarunaOuran 11

Haruhi, hurt by Tamaki’s words, says that she will leave the club. However, Haruhi will not have Tamaki take over the debt, she will pay it off all by herself. Haruhi then storms off leaving the other members in even more of an uproar. They quickly rush after her and stop her. They tell her that wasn’t like Tamaki at all and that Haruhi should talk things over with Tamaki. Haruhi turns and says that it is already none of her business and leaves.

Ouran 11

Meanwhile, Tamaki falls to his knees and Kyoya asks just what Tamaki’s grandmother said about Haruhi. Tamaki remains silent. Kyoya sighs and stands up. He scolds Tamaki for always talking about nonsense while remaining tight-lipped about the important things. It’s a bad habit of Tamaki’s. Kyoya then approaches his friend and says he can already guess what Mrs. Suou said. If Tamaki refused to leave the club, then Mrs. Suou would take away Haruhi’s scholarship. This surprises Tamaki. Kyoya then squats down in front of Tamaki and grabs Tamaki’s mouth, shaking his head. Tamaki was a little too obvious.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Daito Shunsuke

We then flashback to what happened that day in the office. His grandmother brought up about Haruhi hiding her true sex. Such behavior is unbecoming of a scholarship student. Tamaki immediately intervened and said he made Haruhi cross dress and his grandmother replies that she already knows that. Mrs. Suou then scolds Tamaki for not only tarnishing the family name, but making a mistake that would affect Haruhi’s life. Mrs. Suou said she should have expelled Haruhi from the beginning, but didn’t since it was their family that was responsible for the girl’s actions. Mrs. Suou then says if Tamaki continues with the club and interacting with Haruhi, then she will expel Haruhi immediately. What a witch.

Yamamoto Yusuke

The flashback ends and Tamaki is still kneeling, but Kyoya has gotten up and gone over to the window. Tamaki says that he is proud of the host club and believes that he didn’t do anything wrong. He looks over at Kyoya and says that his grandmother was right about Haruhi. Thus Tamaki is at a loss at just what to do.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Daito Shunsuke

Meanwhile, Haruhi spends her days studying while she is sorely missed in the club by clients and the club members alike. Haruhi says that she is glad to be free of the club and the ridiculous cosplaying. Apparently, she has also decided to forgo the anniversary party since she is no longer involved with the host club. Mrs. Suou hears about the party and Tamaki officially announcing his retirement, so she decides to go. While back at the club, Kyoya has told the members the whole story. The twins immediately ask if they can do anything to help and Kyoya smiles his devil smile and says that of course there is. They will have a gamble to the end – are the others in?

Ouran 11

Haruhi goes home where her father greets her and says he heard from Kyoya that Haruhi left the host club due to some problems with Tamaki’s family. Haruhi quickly turns away and says that she never understood the club from the beginning and Tamaki’s problems have nothing to do with her anyways. Mr. Fujioka says he won’t do anything to stop his daughter, but he will say that Haruhi has changed since joining the club. He then goes over to his daughter and says he was happy to see Haruhi coming home happy, angry, and vexed. It was nice to see her experiencing this different emotions. This shocks Haruhi. Mr. Fujioka then says Haruhi’s relationship with the boys is not as shallow as she says and then he leaves to go shopping. On his way out he meets someone and informs them that Haruhi is inside if they are looking for her. Who is it? Kyoya!

Kawaguchi Haruna

Back at the school, Nekozawa, Kirimi, and Reiko are watching the preparations for the party. Kirimi asks Reiko if Tamaki will really leave the club. Reiko replies that is what the divination says. Kirimi then wonders if the divination can be changed? Oddly enough, Nekozawa who at first seemed to have extreme distaste for Tamaki, seems to not like the idea of Tamaki quitting the club either.

Ryusei Ryo

We then cut back to Haruhi and Kyoya. Haruhi asks what he is doing there and he smiles and says that he wants to tell her an interesting story – will she listen? Kyoya then asks what she knows about his family. Haruhi replies only that the Ootoris own large hospitals. Kyoya says that he has two older brothers and that he is the youngest of them all. This means under normal circumstances, he cannot inherit his family’s business and he won’t be allowed to test the limits of his abilities. That’s what he thought at first, but Tamaki changed all of that.

Daito Shunsuke, Kawaguchi Haruna

We then flashback to a meeting between Tamaki and Kyoya with Tamaki scolding Kyoya for giving up rather easily. Kyoya angrily says that it isn’t about whether he gives up or not, he just has no choice but to work under his brothers. He turns to walk away and Tamaki asks him who said that the third son cannot inherit the business. Good question. Tamaki asks why must Kyoya give up and bow down to his brothers, why isn’t Kyoya trying to compete with them and show them what he is capable of?

Yamamoto Yusuke, Daito Shunsuke

We then end the flashback and Kyoya tells Haruhi that he felt like he was hit on his head that day. He realized that it was okay for him to do better than his brothers as it was up to himself to decide how he should live. This was all thanks to Tamaki. Kyoya then says that Tamaki saved not just himself, but all of the other club members as well. That is why the members are all there now. With Tamaki lost and uncertain… Kyoya then turns to Haruhi and asks her just how she thinks she has changed thanks to Tamaki. Haruhi says nothing, but has tears in her eyes. Kyoya tells her the party will be in an hour and heads out the door. He pauses and turns back and asks Haruhi why Tamaki only told her that it was none of her business and then leaves.

Daito Shunsuke, Kawaguchi Haruna

The guests start trickling in while Haruhi sits and thinks. She says she has to go shopping and takes out her wallet and immediately recalls Tamaki helping her try to find it. She walks out of the apartment and then has even more flashbacks of all that Tamaki has done for her. Haruhi’s pace quickens and soon she is running. Running to Tamaki and to the party? I hope so, she has 45 minutes or so to get there.

Kawaguchi Haruna

The Suous walk in and Mr. Suou comments on the splendidness of the party [actually it isn’t all that splendid at all given the set isn’t the most luxurious or the biggest]. Mrs. Suou says it is only children playing house. Sheesh. What a sour woman. Meanwhile, Haruhi is running at full speed. She says that she always knew that Tamaki took care of her with his big heart. If he is now lost and has no idea what to do, then she has to hurry.

Ouran 11

Back in the clubroom, Tamaki looks at his watch and says it is almost time. Kyoya then pops in, the last member to show. Tamaki snaps his fingers and the boys head out to start the party. Tamaki opens the double doors and the girls immediately start screaming while Haruhi continues running. Tamaki opens the party with a speech about the club’s origins. He thanks the clients and then says he has an important announcement, which leaves the crowd wondering.

Ouran 11

Haruhi finally arrives at the school only to trip and fall. Nekozawa, Kirimi, and Reiko show up. Nekozawa offers his hand and tells Haruhi that Tamaki seems to have made a resolute decision. Nekozawa says that Tamaki’s decision was all because of a girl. Reiko, gazing at her crystal ball says that the decision was made to save the girl, who is hiding a secret, form being expelled. This really hits Haruhi hard as she puts the puzzle pieces together. She ignores Nekozawa’s helping hand and gets up on her own and rushes into the school.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Ryusei Ryo

Tamaki is still giving his speech. He tells the girls goodbye and to not worry as the club will still be the same even if he isn’t around. This throws the girls for a loop. What exactly does Tamaki mean? Tamaki tells them all to continue to love the club and that after tonight, he will leave the club. At this point, Haruhi finally shows up and yells out that she will not let him leave the club. The “crowd” parts to let Haruhi through. She throws Tamaki’s words about being happy and doing all he can to see his mother get better back in his face. She also tells him that he does not look happy at all at this moment. Haruhi then says the people he is leaving behind all feel the same way. She then tells him that the host club will not be the same without him at all.

Yamamoto YusukeKawaguchi Haruna

Tamaki may be narcissistic, full of energy, and always causing trouble for others, but he always brought a smile to everyone’s face. The host club is a family is what brought the club members happiness, and the clients as well. Everyone is nodding at this. Haruhi then says that if Tamaki is leaving because of her, she will not allow it at all. The shocked Tamaki tears up and swallows hard. Haruhi continues on and says that she doesn’t care if she even gets expelled. THis really throws Tamaki. Mrs. Suou then demands the party end right now [all of her diabolical schemes might be going up in the air with Haruhi’s proclamation]. Suou’ lackeys rush to do her bidding when more people enter the hall.

Ouran 11

They are the most prominent host club regulars and their families. Tamaki is surrounded by the other members wondering just what is going on. Kyoya comes over and smiles saying that it is an operation they planned to invite the parents of the regulars. Mrs. Suou is completely thrown off of her game. What has just happened? Mr. Suou smiles and then asks if his mother doesn’t recognize the elders faces – they are all Suous important customers. Mrs. Suou again wonders what in the heck is going on.

Ouran 11

In the clubroom, Hikaru and Kaoru show off a flower arrangement to some madames and do their normal twincest routine which works wonders on even the older women. Mrs. Suou walks in and sees this and opens her mouth in surprise. Mori is in a corner playing a harp [who knew he could?]. It’s a very pretty song and he looks so cool playing it. Of course he has a gaggle of older women around him admiring his skills as well. At this point, Haruhi and Tamaki join Mrs. Suou and watch what is going on.

Takagi Shinpei, Takagi ManpeiNakamura Masaya

Honey is in his usual place and shows off a spread of confectionaries from around the world. Honey stands, cuddling his bun-bun, and says that the club does this to research world foods. Of course the older women all think it is wonderful and are caught up in Honey’s charms. Meanwhile, Kyoya is entertaining the gentlemen. He has laid out chess and backgammon. The men are impressed to know that Kyoya knows how to even play backgammon. Kyoya says one of the club’s mottos includes acquiring knowledge of international culture. Kyoya then pulls out their cosplay book and talks about how they do extensive research on each country before hosting their events. Needless to say, hearing that shocks Haruhi.

Chiba YudaiDaito Shunsuke

Kyoya’s father smiles happily at his youngest son while Mr. Suou says that Tamaki’s club is keeping their most important clients entertained. Mrs. Suou replies that it doesn’t change the fact that such actions are unsuitable for the Suou family. She turns to go and Tamaki chases after her. She asks if he planned it. Tamaki says that it was his precious friends who did. To him, they are the most important friends he has made since he came to Japan to live. Mrs. Suou turns and complains about the kids making fools of adults. She goes to leave and Tamaki calls after her that if she threatens Haruhi then he has no choice but to leave the club. Haruhi does not like hearing this.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Kawaguchi Haruna

Tamaki then grabs her hand and pulls her after him to head off his grandmother. He tells Mrs. Suou that he will not give up. He wants Mrs. Suou to understand the pride he has for the club and his friends. He also wants his grandmother to understand just how important Haruhi is to all of the club members as his grandmother is Tamaki’s important family member. That is why he wants her to understand no matter what. Mrs. Suou says that she will let it be this time, but that does not mean that she has accepted either Tamaki or the club. She then walks away followed by her son and entourage.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

This makes the members happy as it means that Tamaki does not have to quit the club. The mood immediately lightens and the really party begins at long last. Mr. Ootori is praised for Kyoya having planned out the party. Mr. Ootori acknowledges his youngest’ skills, but says that he still has a lot to learn. In spite of this, Ootori believes in meritocracy. If Kyoya proves himself worthy, then he has no problem letting his youngest inherit the family business. Kyoya smiles and bows, excusing himself. His mission is accomplished.

Ouran 11Daito Shunsuke

Haruhi then enters the room wearing a beautiful dress, causing all the girls to gush at how such clothing suits her. Haruhi says that the twins made her wear it. Kaoru is watching from the top of the stairs when Hikaru comes over and asks what he’s looking at. Kaoru turns away from Haruhi and wonders why they have to like the same things. How troublesome it is to be twins. Hikaru says that he feels that it’s good to like the same things as his little brother – it’s a special miracle that only happens between twins, right? This surprises Kaoru [wow, Hikaru is actually acting more mature than his little brother at the moment!], but makes him happy. He throws his arms around Hikaru, making his elder brother complain about the sudden hug. Mori and Honey have witnessed the entire scene. It brings tears to little Honey’s eyes. Mori smiles and pats his head.

Kawaguchi HarunaTakagi Manpei, Takagi Shinpei

Meanwhile, Haruhi has filled her plate with delicious food when Tamaki thanks her for what she did earlier. She tells him it was nothing and Tamaki says he feels that it is because of Haruhi that he is able to let his grandmother know of his real feelings for the first time. Haruhi smiles and says that it is great. Tamaki then says that it isn’t a good thing to let Haruhi go on pretending to be a boy, but Haruhi says that being a host is the most effective way to repay her debt after all. Tamaki smiles, and all of a sudden Haruhi’s heart starts beating pretty fast. What is going on all of a sudden? Why can’t she look Tamaki in the eyes?

Kawaguchi Haruna

Tamaki asks what she is eating, is it delicious? The suddenly nervous Haruhi replies that it is and fumbles with the fork, offering Tamaki some. This causes some of the parents to titter about such an uncouth girl. She has to be the commoner scholarship student. Haruhi, hearing this, apologizes, but Tamaki grabs her wrist and eats the offered food. He smiles and thanks her. Haruhi replies that people are staring and Tamaki says that he doesn’t care if anyone laughs at him, the only thing her cares about is just Haruhi.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

Wow. Then Haruhi starts feeling that funny feeling again and this transfers over to Tamaki. He wonders what is going on as well. Ah, these two idiots are perfect for each other. Nekozawa pops up and sees the shape of a heart. My, my. The symptoms are starting to grow. Then up rushes the rest of the gang, plowing Tamaki over. The twins immediately demand to know if Haruhi is okay. Honey wants to know if she is feeling ill since her face is all red. Then up comes Mori who swoops Haruhi into his arms to take her to the hospital. LMAO!!! Kyoya then says that before Haruhi can go to the hospital, she has to dance with all the customers who are waiting for her.

Ouran 11

Tamaki then gets to his feet and demands that they not get close to his Haruhi. He rushes over, but is tripped by someone [Kyoya I think] so he goes flailing and ends up kissing Haruhi on the cheek. Haruhi turns and says that she hates him. The word sends Tamaki crashing into the wall and he yells out her name like always. A crowd gathers, and Haruhi just smiles.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

End series.Kawaguchi Haruna

I want the movie now. Sigh. Now for the long wait.

I can say that I loved this series. It, for the most part, did the manga justice. The scale was a little too small and could not capture the actual grandeur of the club and what they did, but I am sure its probably the best they could do with a drama budget. The characters that felt lukewarm at the beginning, really came into the parts by the end of this series and I am glad that happened. I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did. And I hope that watching it will make you check out the manga and the anime as well.


  • I absolutely loved this show, and I was happy with how it ended. Kyoya’s smile when Tamaki kissed Haruhi, while all of the other boys just look shocked, was awesome. He’s totally trying to get them together. The twins scene was cute, with Kaoru this time being the one to admit his feelings and Hikaru comforting him instead of the other way around. Haruhi just accepting what Tamaki said when he told her that it was none of her business, even though it was completely out of character, was stupid but it’s just one of those necessary things for the storyline so I guess I can’t be too annoyed at her, lol.
    And he pretty much confessed to her but didn’t realise, which is cute. Haruhi saw the significance of those words but Tamaki didn’t. He knew his heart was beating faster but didn’t seem to register at all that he’d just told Haruhi that she is the person he cares about most in the world. I love how clueless he is of his own feelings.
    Mori plays the harp! That made me laugh. And when the twins did their incest routine I was thinking “not in front of the mothers!” but those women loved it as well! So very wrong!
    Oh, and the twins pushing Tamaki over to ask Haruhi if she was ok. God I love them!
    I’m really gonna miss this show.

    • I was kind of surprised that Kyoya tripped Tamaki and smiled at the whole accidental kiss, since the summer break episode where you could tell he was developing some sort of feelings for Haruhi. I do admit, as much as I like Tamaki and Haruhi, I would kind of like to see Haruhi and Kyoya 😛
      It really was a nice turn around to see Hikaru acting like the mature, older brother, while Kaoru was more like the uncertain little kid.
      Ah, Tamaki, Tamaki. Had no idea was he was really saying and how much he really meant that Haruhi was the one for him. His saying that really got to Haruhi and is helping her awakening love grow. So will the movie actually have them hooking up? It takes FOREVER in the manga series. When Haruhi finally realizes she loves Tamaki [I think after Tamaki has already known it for awhile], Haruhi mentally apologizes as she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a lawyer and basically just take baby steps as she still has a long way to go.
      Yeah, Mori playing the was lol random. In the manga series when they had a parents’ day or something [or maybe it was for the school’s anniversary], the club did cater to the older women and all of their usual stuff was upgraded – included the twincest. At least it wasn’t as blatant and horrible as they are with their high school customers.
      You know, at first I thought the twins pushing Tamaki away was just to interfere with the burgeoning love, but then Honey and Mori aren’t really the interfering type. It was so funny watching Mori swoop Haruhi up and say “Hospital.”
      I shall miss this series.

  • Thanks a lot for the recap of this series that i’ve waited enough.Love it

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