The Musical Episode 3 Recap

Eun Bi is totally floored by the unexpected kiss from Jae Yi. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t be? His feelings for Eun Bi seem just a tad rushed, but when he told Kang Hee that Eun Bi reminds him of her, that might have something to do with it and that just isn’t good. Eun Bi goes about her milk deliveries like normal when she meets Jae Yi who has come to take her out to breakfast. Like that isn’t awkward at all!

Gu Hye Sun, Daniel Choi

 During breakfast, Jae Yi tells Eun Bi that she should be joining the practice for the musical. Eun Bi says that of course she will join it. She is very vocal and gives a very nervous, false laugh. Jae Yi would be an idiot not to notice. He says that it couldn’t be Eun Bi’s first kiss since she is 23. [Love how Jae Yi was ready for her to spit out her water when he said that.] So she should take it that it was just a kiss like for middle school sweethearts and then tells Eun Bi that she is panicking. Eun Bi, panicking, denies that she was. The kiss was like a hello, right? That analogy hurts Jae Yi’s feeling as he says he is not an easy guy at all. Wow. Mood whiplash in a way. Actually, here he kind of reminds me of the easily wounded Tamaki from Ouran

Daniel Choi, Gu Hye Sun

Eun Bi then retracts what she says and told him that she didn’t want to make Jae Yi feel awkward by putting too much meaning into the previous night’s kiss. Jae Yi then says that the whole incident was like him trying to cheer her up for making one of the hardest decisions of her life. So can Eun Bi go and enjoy her breakfast without that weird laugh [she did do it a lot – she really can’t hide her emotions well at all].

Daniel Choi

We then cut to Yoo Jin who is having a meeting with a man who received funding from his group. The man had received quite a large sum of money for projects that were never produced. Yoo Jin tries to make him account for all the money that was given and told him that he would stand embezzlement charges for anything he can’t account for. The main throws this back at Yoo Jin and says that Yoo Jin would have to know whether or not he actually received all of the money himself. Ooo. Looks like he’s suggesting that Yoo Jin’s antecessor might have been a little crooked – no surprise there. His cousin Yoo Jae Joon didn’t seem to bright.

Park Ki Woong

Jae Yi and Gu Jak are at the office getting ready for rehearsal and Gu Jak is trying to convince Jae Yi to get some top stars for their musical. Jae Yi wants no part of that. As Gu Jak is complaining, Eun Bi walks in and the two are introduced to one another. Meanwhile, Yoo Jin is having more issues when it comes to people accounting for money and profit. Looks like a never-ending mess.

Park Kyung Rim, Kim In Seo

Eun Bi goes back to Jae Yi’s house for personal practice. He gives her the lead’s song and has her sing it. Apparently the musical is about a gumiho [nine-tailed fox] who falls in love for the first time. Eun Bi starts singing it while Jae Yi gives her some advice. Eun Bi finishes the song and doesn’t think she should sing it like she was when Jae Yi grabs her hand and puts it on his chest. Can she feel how much his heart is beating because of it? He asks if Eun Bi likes the song, but their conversation is cut short by the entrance of Kang Hee. Eun Bi is immediately smitten with seeing her musical idol.

Gu Hye Sun, Daniel Choi

Kang Hee says the door was open and then asks if Eun Bi knows who she is. Eun Bi says that she does – in fact, she knows all of Kang Hee’s work. Kang Hee thanks her and then kicks her out as she has something to discuss with Jae Yi. Eun Bi gets ready to head out, but Jae Yi says they were in the middle of lessons, but Eun Bi leaves anyways. Kang Hee then tells Jae Yi not to play around with kids and if he denies he’s not playing around, then he’s insulting Kang Hee. The annoyed Jae Yi tells her to just say what she wants and leaves. [So just how old is Jae Yi that Kang Hee refers to him being with Eun Bi as playing around with “kids”?]

Ok Joo Hyun, Daniel Choi

At the Yoo mansion, Jae Joon is freaking out while his father tells him to shut up and sit down. Jae Joon basically admits to his father that he took money out of the funds for himself. Nice. His father doesn’t care that his son did wrong, he only cars whether or not his son can be traced back to the money. Enter Yoo Jin, startling the father and son. Yoo Jin is invited to sit and his uncle cuts to the chase. Is Yoo Jin handling Jae Joon’s old funds? Well, it seems like Jae Joon might have made some mistakes during the beginning. Jae Joon says they weren’t mistakes, but his father cuts him off. Basically, he wants Yoo Jin to spare his idiotic cousin. If Jin does this, he takes on all the burden of the failure or he can turn it around and save the family’s face as well as his own. What will he do?

Park Ki Woong

We then cut back to Kang Hee and Jae Yi. Kang Hee asks if he is making his musical comeback with the song Eun Bi was singing. Jae Yi says he is and Kang Hee tries to get him to join her sans Yoo if he doesn’t like Jin, just as long as Jae Yi says he’s coming back. Jae Yi asks if Kang Hee is aware of what it means if they start doing musicals together again. Kang Hee is doing this because she knows exactly what it means. To Jae Yi, Kang Hee and musicals are synonymous. Jae Yi says he is trying to stop that and asks for Kang Hee’s help. Let’s say that she is less than enthused with him asking her help to get over her.

Ok Joo Hyun, Choi Daniel

Jae Yi points out that she was the one who left him for her husband. Kang Hee says that Jae Yi knew it was the only choice for her at that time – he said so himself back then. Jae Yi points out that Kang Hee did what she did because she only loved herself so much that she married Sang Won. Kang Hee’s rejoinder is that there is no man who can have all of her, but she is willing to give Jae Yi the biggest part. Gag. What a witch. I really, really don’t like her. Jae Yi refuses the offer. He left because he hated complicated things and now… Kang Hee asks if things have gotten simpler. Not yet. Is that because of Eun Bi? Jae Yi doesn’t really know, it’s possible.

Ok Joo Hyun, Choi Daniel

The next day, Jin complains to Sang Won about being asked to take responsibility for his cousin’s mistakes. Jin hates irresponsible people who only care about themselves. Sang Won points out there are lots of those people, especially in the field they work in. Jin then says that talent is useless if it can’t be used for others, for the world. Sang Won says that is why they exist, to fund them so they will use their talent for the world. Jin asks if Sang Won has gotten calls from someone. Sang Won replies he always gets calls. They are then told the meeting is about to begin and Han goes on about the industry and how injustice is possible. Jin asks him what he wants him to do. Han says Jin doesn’t have to do anything for him, he just needs to help other people out. Hmm.

Kim Hyun Sung, Park Ki Woong

The musical gang all got together to watch a musical and are discussing it afterward. Gu Jak impresses Sang Mi by talking about all of the scenes in details. He got that just by watching it once? Gu Jak replies that he did and then goes on when Eun Bi starts correcting him on which seen was which. Now here is a girl who can memorize something after only seeing it once. Gu Jak then reveals he had watched it several times and then bets that he is right, not Eun Bi. Dinner for everyone rides on who is right.

The Musical 3

Yoo Jin shows up for the meeting where people are angry for the huge loss the fund took. Jin does not sell his cousin out though he really wants to. Instead he promises that not everything is bad and that miracles [a person not producing anything in 15 years finally producing] can happen in this world. He then points out that the Amour Fund is still positive. While this doesn’t appease everyone, it does help reassure a few of the other shareholders.

Park Ki Woong

Jae Yi and Eun Bi are by themselves and Jae Yi tells her that they should start all over again tomorrow. What time can she come? Eun Bi says that they already decided to practice together and that practicing in the office would be best as he has guests coming and going and stuff. Jae Yi, knowing what she means, says that Kang Hee “used” to be a very special person to him. Eun Bi says she understands as Kang Hee is stunning even to her. Jae Yi reiterates that it is past tense. Eun Bi says Kang Hee isn’t the only reason. There’s Bok Ja, too. So anyways, the office is best. Eun Bi goes off and Jae Yi calls after her. She tells him that she has made the hardest decision of her life – he said that himself. So now, she cannot concentrate on anything else but the musical. Eun Bi then leaves and Jae Yi smiles knowing that she has all but came right out and said that he bothers her enough to lose her focus from the musical.

Choi Daniel, Gu Hye Sun

Meanwhile, the meeting has ended and Yoo Jin looks the worse for wear. He gets a call from his fiancée and reluctantly answers. She told him that she has already heard glowing reports of how he handled the meeting. Lets just say he is less than thrilled about what he did. Ra Kyung is out celebrating a friend’s birthday and asks him to come, but he still has too much to do and he hangs up.

Park Ki Woong

The next day, Eun Bi gets a call from her friend who is returning from their hometown with stuff from Eun Bi’s grandmother. Kwang Suh says that Eun Bi can take her time and he will just head on over to drop the stuff off. He hangs up before Eun Bi can warn him about the eccentric Bok Ja. She then goes into the morgue to work on cleaning up the dead bodies to help a sunbae. When she is done, Jae Yi is out waiting for her. Seriously, that man is stalking her. Creepy.

Gu Hye Sun, Choi Daniel

Jae Yi drives them to the river and they sit drinking coffee. He asks how much she gets paid and Eun Bi explains why she is doing the job and how it is all on the down low. Jae Yi asks again how much she makes and Eun Bi says enough – she won’t tell him. Apparently, Jae Yi doesn’t like her doing that kind of job and offers to loan her money, but Eun Bi refuses. She is young and can work and doesn’t like borrowing. Blame her grandmother for that mind set. [During this time Kwang Suh is having an interesting time with Bok Ja.] Jae Yi says that is all well and good, but Eun Bi doesn’t have the luxury of time as the competition is looming and she is nowhere near being ready.

Gu Hye Sun, Choi Daniel

We then get to see tons of scenes of the gang all practicing hard. Meanwhile, Yoo Jin and Ra Kyung are hanging out at his house. Man his uncle isn’t the nicest and Jae Joon is basically slobbering over Ra Kyung. You can definitely tell how much Jin is disliked by his uncle and cousin while his grandfather remains silent and ignores all the jibes. Ra Kyung sings her fiance’s praises only to have them shot down and have talk about rushing the marriage since Ra Kyung’s family has something to lose. Sheesh.

Musical 3

Jin’s parents are lying in bed and his mother suddenly has a lucid moment, surprising his dad. She recalled that he went against his father and quit being a businessman to paint. Shouldn’t he go back soon? Jin Young replies that he doesn’t need to go back and Sun Hee worries if President Yoo will hate their son when he grows up. Okay, so she had a moment and even remembered their son, but only as a child, not the fact that he is all grown up. Just what is wrong with her.

Cha Kwang Soo, Ahn Yeo Jin

Jin drops Ra Kyung off and explains the animosity he gets his whiplash from his father. Even though Jin Young was the youngest, he was always held in better regard by Yoo and Jin’s uncle could never live up to him. Then Jin Young left to paint. Sour grapes. How fun. Ra Kyung then asks about the competition. It is tomorrow and they will both be there.

Ki Eun Se, Park Ki Woong

The day of the competition dawns and Gu Jak is nervous – more nervous than the performing cast. He is freaking out and Sang Mi is upset that Jae Yi isn’t there. Gu Jak reminds her that Jae Yi’s identity as the songwriter couldn’t be revealed or else they’d be in trouble with Jae Yi. The guys finally drag the tweaking Gu Jak off to let the rest prepare.

The Musical 3

The competition is underway with Sang Won, Kang Hee, and Jin acting as judges. The gang all sit, wait, and watch while Eun Bi gets a call from Jae Yi to encourage her. As Eun Bi goes back into the competition, Ra Kyung leaves to meet someone who is on their way. Kang Hee and Sang Won have a seen a few promising, but Jin says nothing and Kang Hee believes it will take a miracle to find one that Jin actually likes. It is then the gang’s turn. Bok Ja’s number comes first with the male cast and then Eun Bi goes up to do the female lead. Her presence shocks both Sang Won and Jin.

Park Ki Woong

Eun Bi performs the song. She didn’t do a horrible job, but nor was it completely outstanding. However, Jin seems mesmerized by it. Surprisingly enough. The song ends and Kang Hee immediately begins attacking the performance. The key is too low and she has the accompanist pick up the key and Eun Bi does her best to try to sing at the normal level, but can’t. Kang Hee basically crucifies her and their musical and then stalks out. Jesus. Sang Won goes after as does Eun Bi and Jin.

Gu Hye Sun

Jin asks where Eun Bi is going and Eun Bi tells him to talk to Kang Hee. Jin says that she can’t do anything about the judging and Eun Bi holds up a book about Kang Hee saying she just wants an autograph. Jin takes her to Kang Hee who was getting chided by her husband for losing her temper. She is less than thrilled when Eun Bi enters. Eun Bi then asks for an autograph and tell Kang Hee how much she has inspired her and how sorry she is that she couldn’t show off good skills in front of her idol. She promises to be better when they meet again. This seems to touch Kang Hee who signs the book and seems to sincerely wish her luck.

The Musical 3

Eun Bi thanks her and leaves. Jin remained silent, drinking coffee and watching the exchange with some surprise. He follows Eun Bi out and she goes to the stairwell and hugs the book to her chest, bawling. Poor girl. What an emotional rollercoaster. She was completely bashed by the person she looks up to the most. Jin seems to be really…touched [not sure if that is the right word] by what happened.

Park Ki Woong, Gu Hye Sun

Meanwhile, Jae Yi gets a call from Gu Jak about the results. He is not happy with what Kang Hee did to Eun Bi at all. He hangs up and immediately tries to call Eun Bi, but can’t get through. Jae Yi then leaves a message saying that Eun Bi can sing and that she is qualified to do musicals. He then says how she stood until the end was great and he thanks her for doing it. He’s a good guy. He probably already knows why Kang Hee did what she did to Eun Bi.

Choi Daniel

Back at the competition, Ra Kyung returns and sees the crying Eun Bi. She asks if the girl is all right and Eun Bi replies that she is. Ra Kyung asks if anything happened at the competition and Eun Bi says nothing. She sang happily in front of the person she respected the most. Ra Kyung seems to be really worried and sad for Eun Bi. I feel bad for Ra Kyung already because it looks like Jin’s going to have something for Eun Bi. Just what, I don’t know.

Ki Eun Se

That night, Ra Kyung brings the competition DVD to Jin. She apologizes saying it hasn’t been edited yet. Jin doesn’t care as he is looking for one performance in particular. The one that Ra Kyung missed. She says that she heard Kang Hee had a strange reaction to the song. Kang Hee isn’t very nice, but was way harsher than normal. Ra Kyung then goes to eat spaghetti and wonders how he made it. She said she would have cooked for him, but Jin replies saying that she said she liked guys who could cook. Then Eun Bi comes on and he demands silence.

Park Ki Woong, Ki Eun Se

The next day Jin says that he wants to fully sponsor the musical of Gu Jak’s group. This shocks Sang Won and Kang Hee. Apparently Jin not only liked Eun Bi’s performance, but the story as a whole and believes it can earn him some money. He then says they need to check why the songwriter was kept hidden as that could be a problem. Kang Hee laughs and says he is the only problem. Getting the song and being able to produce it isn’t the issue. Will Yu Jin be willing to work with the writer once he finds out who it is?

Ok Joo Hyun, Park Ki Woong, Kim Hyun Sung

Jin goes home and watches Eun Bi’s solo yet again. Another guy kind of being a little creepy. Something about her, about her performance really seems to call out to him. He recalls what Kang Hee said about the writer and then Jin calls up Gu Jak – looks like he’s okay with it then.

Park Ki Woong

Eun Bi is in the morgue working again and this time Jae Yi is with her. He keeps his eyes averted as he can’t handle watching her with the corpses. Eun Bi tells him not to worry as Kang Hee was right. Jae Yi tells her its wrong because he wrote the song just for her, not for just anyone. He refuses to edit it to suit others voices. Eun Bi scolds him for those words and tells him it is a wonderful piece that should be suitable for lots of people and not just her. Jae Yi reiterates it was a song for her and Eun Bi says that as long as they get the sponsorship, that’s all that matters.

Gu Hye Sun, Choi Daniel

As Jae Yi tries again to say the part is just for her, he gets a call from Gu Jak with the competition results. Jae Yi goes to meet Gu Jak who is beside himself when telling Jae Yi the good news. They will get it produced in full on a major scale from the beginning. This shocks Jae Yi. He tells Gu Jak it will be impossible since Yoo Jin doesn’t like him. Once Jin finds out he wrote the songs, it’s over. Gu Jak then replies that Jin apparently already knows and still wants to produce it and have Jae Yi write all of the songs. This floors Jae Yi.

Choi Daniel

Kang Hee is practicing alone when she sits down at the piano and tries to find the right key for Jae Yi’s song he wrote for Eun Bi. She finds it and then sings the last part. She seemed happy at first, but turns unhappy and gets up, rubbing her temples. She then looks back and recalls a memory when she was engaged and Jae Yi talked about writing a song just for her.

Choi Daniel, Ok Joo Hyun

Meanwhile, Jae Yi storms into Jin’s office to figure out just what is going on. Great move. Great. End episode.

Choi Daniel

4 looks like there will be tension between Jin and Jae Yi over Eun Bi. The plot thickens even more.

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