Ouran High School Host Club Live Action Episode 9 Recap

Yay! One of my favorite episodes. Now, yes, they left a lot out if you go by the manga or anime, but it is not like it was all really necessary, though it is missed just because I did love the manga and anime so much. But since it is typical actions of the host club, there really was no need for the “refreshing” contest. In this episode, Haruhi and Tamaki grow closer as Pandora’s Box is opened and a threat to the club looms imminent.

We open with Tamaki posing at the foot of the stairs waiting for Haruhi who comments that he is as energetic as ever. Tamaki comments that a big event is only a week away, so all club members must start preparing and looking their best. Haruhi wonders what is up and Honey says that it is the host club’s 2-year anniversary. Tamaki then joins in and says that it was two years ago since he and Kyoya came up with the idea to set up the host club. Haruhi isn’t too interested in such an anniversary since the host club holds special events all year-round anyways.

Ouran 9

Before anything else can be said, the gang’s attention is called to the top of the stairs where Tamaki’s grandmother is walking with a gaggle of people. Tamaki quickly goes over to greet his grandmother. Kyoya explains who she is to Haruhi and Honey adds in a cold, serious rejoinder about hating her. That is definitely not like Honey. At the time Tamaki greets his grandma, students from the newspaper club show up. Tamaki asks her if she is there for a visit, would she like him to guide her, but she is cold and aloof – commenting on how Tamaki is the disgusting son of a shameless mistress. Haruhi catches this, but wonders if she heard wrong.

Yamamoto Yusuke

Tamaki is immediately depressed and starts crying as his grandmother moves on. Haruhi goes to say something, but Tamaki springs up and asks what he should do as he upset his grandmother. Did Tamaki not catch what she said? This makes Haruhi think even more that she must have heard Mrs. Suou wrong. The newspaper club sees the strained atmosphere and are excited to think about what dirty things they can uncover. Tamaki then quickly says that his grandmother must be overwhelmed with his appearance, too. Beauty is such a curse. Narcissistic, much?

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

Kyoya then tells Tamaki he has a customer and he turns to find Nekozawa. Tamaki screams and Nekozawa thanks the club for all of their help. He then hands them out tickets to the Black Magic Club’s next event. It’s weird to see Nekozawa thanking the club, especially Tamaki since he never really liked Tamaki and even had a Tamaki voodoo doll. Nekozawa thanks them one last time and then whooshes away. Tamaki quickly shakes off the unpleasant experience and things are brought back to the anniversary party plans. Tamaki says that they will hold a planning meeting over the upcoming break and the boys all throw Nekozawa’s tickets on the floor and go to skip after Tamaki who then asks if Haruhi is coming. All the boys are floored when Haruhi says she will be spending her break working at the pensionne of a family friend.

Ouran 9

We then cut to the vacation where Haruhi is hard at work while the club members watch on. Poor Haruhi just can’t escape from them. Tamaki even made a guidebook of fun things to do. Haruhi wishes she hadn’t told them where she was going to be at this point. Honey then asks what a pensionne is and Kyoya explains that it is for commoners who can’t afford a hotel. Kyoya explains that the bathrooms are also shared and the twins immediately protest this and ask to go to a different place to stay [in the manga, they stayed at the club member’s house that was the closest while the refreshing contest decided who actually got to stay in the pensionne]. This earns Hikaru and Kaoru a smack on the head from Tamaki. Haruhi asks why they all came and Tamaki explains that since he is her father, come hell or high water, he shall go wherever she does. If this was coming from anyone besides Tamaki, that would sound downright creepy.

Ouran 9

As things are getting chaotic, a delivery comes from Arai groceries. It turns out that the delivery boy is one of Haruhi’s friends from her middle school days [Arai-kun :P]. Haruhi quickly and happily greets him and they both say why they are there. Its weird to see Haruhi so smiley and friendly since she isn’t in Ouran. It’s pretty obvious this Arai-kun had [has?] a crush on Haruhi. She then introduces Arai to the boys and Tamaki and the others are a little less than welcoming. Haruhi introduces the twins first as classmates and then when she introduces Tamaki [who was hoping for a great sempai, a father-like sempai], she calls him a club sempai. When this annoys Tamaki, she then calls him “an acquaintance” which k.o. him yet again. He then crouches and starts ripping his guide to pieces telling Haruhi to never mind as he is just an acquaintance.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Kawaguchi Haruna

The gang then all go inside and sit down with Arai. The twins are off at a table by themselves because seeing how Haruhi is with Arai annoys them to no end. Haruhi laughs and reminisces with Arai and Tamaki gets all interested in their commoner ways. Kaoru wants to join in the fun, but the angry Hikaru refuses. Back at the other table, Arai tells Haruhi that he is glad she seems to be doing well as he, and their other classmates, were all worried about Haruhi going to Ouran.

Ouran 9

Hikaru has had enough and starts loudly complaining about Arai playing at being “refreshing” [which would have made more sense if they included the game]. Hikaru then points out that it is obvious that Arai has feelings for Haruhi [in the manga/anime Arai confirms this and then says that he was rejected by Haruhi and Haruhi was totally clueless as she had no idea she had rejected him or that he had even confessed – that’s our clueless Haruhi]. Kaoru does try to stop his elder brother, but to no avail. Haruhi tells him to stop being so unpleasant and Tamaki invites the twins to join them all once again, but Hikaru continues. He calls Arai an idiot for not realizing that Haruhi cares nothing for him. Hikaru turns back to face Kaoru and then gets a shock when Haruhi gets up and slaps him for his uncouthness.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Takagi Shinpei

Hikaru jumps up and angrily says that other people should matter since the host club members are all Haruhi’s friends now. He then brushes by Haruhi with Kaoru calling after him and Tamaki commenting on how small the twins’ world still is.Kaoru follows Hikaru to their room and calls his brother out on being an idiot. Hikaru couldn’t help it as he was irritated – wasn’t Kaoru also irritated? Kaoru says that he was [got to love how the younger brother is actually more mature than the older – even though they are only seconds/minutes apart]. Hikaru then says whenever he thinks of Haruhi being with that other guy he gets irritated. Kaoru agrees that he was, too, but Hikaru is acting childish which is what even Haruhi noticed. Hikaru says he knows he is, but he just doesn’t know what to do.

Takagi Manpei, Takagi Shinpei

Kaoru goes back downstairs [in the anime/manga Kaoru dressed up as Hikaru to apologize, but Haruhi catches him]. Haruhi asks how Hikaru is and Kaoru replies that he won’t come down and has locked himself in their room. Kyoya says that it is not a good thing if they let Hikaru stay like that. It will just cause more problems for everyone down the road. Kaoru then asks a favor of Haruhi. What is the favor?

Daito Shunsuke, Kawaguchi Haruna, Nakamura Masaya

The next day, Haruhi greets Hikaru dressed cutely as a girl. Apparently Kaoru asked her to go sightseeing with him and Hikaru, but Kaoru feigned illness at the last minute and begged his brother to be her escort as not to disappoint the excited Haruhi. Haruhi asks if they should go back, but remembering his little brother’s threat about what would happen if he should fail to show Haruhi a good time, Hikaru immediately says no. He will be Haruhi’s escort  for the day.

Takagi Shinpei, Kawaguchi Haruna

Meanwhile, the other members are all dressed in disguises and watching the two. Tamaki is most disappointed that Haruhi and Hikaru on going to be by themselves – especially after what happened the night before. Tamaki is not happy when Kyoya points out that it looks like a date and Honey wonders if it is Haru-chan’s first. The two then leave and Tamaki immediately goes after them yelling that Haruhi is cute. Kyoya then comes up and smacks the back of his head and he is grabbed by Honey and Mori. Tamaki protests and Kaoru tells Tamaki he wants Hikaru to grow. They always closed themselves off and thought others were idiots – especially Hikaru. So Kaoru wants this date to allow Hikaru to open up since he is particularly fond of Haruhi. Kyoya understands what Kaoru wants and Kaoru begs them all not to get in Hikaru and Haruhi’s way.

Ouran 9

The two are getting farther away and Honey, Kaoru, Mori and Kyoya quickly go to follow while Tamaki stares in worry at the gray clouds. Honey asks Kaoru what will happen if Hikaru starts liking Haruhi in a special way. Kaoru says that is impossible right now – its too soon for that. Kyoya says he wonders if it is. He then warns that it will be better if Pandora’s box was not opened. Hikaru remaining as he is will cause himself and everyone pain. Hikaru falling for Haruhi can also have that same affect. What to do?

Ouran 9

Meanwhile, Hikaru and Haruhi are trying to figure out just what to do on their sightseeing tour. Haruhi had no plans as she thought Kaoru had something in mind. This annoys Hikaru, but he does his best to bite his tongue and hold on to his temper as the others hover nearby. Hikaru talks about going to the outlet mall when a girl comes up and hands them a flier from the black magic club. Impossible! Nekozawa-sempai can’t really be there. Hikaru and Haruhi go to check it out and sure enough, there is Nekozawa in resort-style black magic clothing. Small world. Nekozawa notices the female Haruhi and says that Hikaru has a cute girlfriend. Hmm, she looks a lot like Fujioka-kun. Hikaru immediately jumps up and denies Haruhi being his girlfriend while Haruhi hides her face. Nekozawa offers a reading, but the two skedaddle.

Kawaguchi Haruna

Hikaru is too fast for Haruhi and she tells him to wait up. She then casts a worried glance at the sky – will there be a thunderstorm? Hikaru gets irritated at her and Haruhi asks why. Hikaru angrily goes to say because Kaoru isn’t there as well, but stops himself and goes off with Haruhi following him and Tamaki getting annoyed at the awkward date. The others have to hold Tamaki back from going after the two and giving Hikaru a piece of his mind. It’s so funny to see Kyoya and Honey act all lovey-dovey. Definitely not something you expect from Kyoya, but I guess he’s just fitting into his disguise.

Ouran 9

Haruhi and Hikaru had some ice cream and the mood improves. Hikaru says how it seems like Haruhi is doing a smorgasbord as everything they do seems to be related to food. But Haruhi isn’;t there anymore. She has gone to a food stall. She tries some of the samples and then feeds one to Hikaru who comments that it is good. Haruhi then buys several packs. Hikaru says it is too early for souvenirs as there are several days left to her vacation. Haruhi says they aren’t souvenirs, they are for Kaoru since Hikaru is worried about his brother. This really surprises and touches Hikaru. Haruhi then asks if they should go around picking out treats for his little brother and Hikaru happily agrees.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Takagi Shinpei

The day wears on and it seems as if Haruhi is escorting Hikaru instead of the other way around, but Kaoru calls off the trailing party as he believes his older brother will be okay without Kaoru to watch and worry. So the gang leaves. After a rather good day, Haruhi and Hikaru get ready to go back to the pensionne when they run into Arai who offers them a ride because it looks like rain. Haruhi, worried about getting caught in storm immediately accepts which irritates Hikaru who goes into childish mode and goes off by himself. Haruhi then refuses the ride and goes after Hikaru.

Takagi Shinpei

The rain comes and Tamaki is worried about Haruhi as the others are wondering if they are okay. Kaoru then gets a call from Hikaru who asks his brother to send a car for him. Kaoru asks about Haruhi and is unhappy to learn that they fought and Hikaru left Haruhi. Tamaki, hearing this, grabs the phone from Hikaru and beings scolding him. Tamaki calls him an idiot and tells him to go back to look for Haruhi. What kind of person abandons someone without considering the person’s feeling. He then says that Haruhi is afraid of thunder and slams down the phone, running out to find Haruhi. Hearing Haruhi’s fear shocks Hikaru and Haruhi’s statements that she made during the day finally made sense. He then goes running back to town looking for her.

Takagi Shinpei

Night falls and Hikaru comes across a church whose door is open. He enters and find Haruhi crouched between the pews. Lightening and thunder come and scares her. Hikaru covers her up with a tablecoth and puts his headphones on her ears to muffle the thunder. Hikaru notices she has a fever and goes to get help, but Haruhi stops him as she doesn’t want to be alone and says she will be okay because Tamaki is coming. Hikaru says he understands and tells her to sleep. He is surprised when she really does. He then puts his arm around her and apologizing for abandoning her when she is such an important friend to him.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Takagi Shinpei

Tamaki then bursts into the church, soaking wet. Hikaru gets up, looking uncertain and worried. Will Tamaki hit him or scold him? Tamaki comes close with a stern face that then softens and he pats Hikaru’s shoulder as he goes by – definitely not what Hikaru was expecting. Tamaki then goes up to Haruhi and picks her up. The others  then enter the church as well to watch. Haruhi wakes up, happy to see that Tamaki did come for her. Tamaki says that he said so form the beginning that no matter where she went, he would fly to where she was. Haruhi cries and Tamaki smiles telling her its okay and that she can go back to sleep. Really touching.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

Hikaru watches this with tears in his eyes. Karou watches with teary eyes as well and asks Kyoya if he opened Pandora’s box. Kyoya said even if Kaoru did, it wasn’t anybody’s fault. Back at Ouran, Haruhi apologizes for making them worry. The boys are all happy to see her better. Haruhi then turns to Hikaru and thanks him, making him all flustered. Kyoya then tells Tamaki who is lying down sick as well that Haruhi is there and better. Tamaki then jumps up all full of energy, happy to see Haruhi back. He then fights with Hikaru a bit and then tells them to prepare for the anniversary party which will be grander than ever since his grandmother will probably be there.

Ouran 9

Meanwhile, Mrs. Suou is complaining to her son about the host club. Mr. Suou tries to defend Tamaki and the others, to no avail. This doesn’t bode well at all. It also seems like they are making one huge leap to quite a few manga volumes in, but that’s kind of necessary since they are nearing the end. I wonder what the movie will be like?



  • I have to say, I freaking love this show. Kyoya and Honey acting like a married couple just killed me. It was one of those completely unnecessary but utterly fantastic little things that Ouran does so well. Tamaki being Tamaki and complaining that his grandmother scolded him instead of getting depressed. But then getting sad when Haruhi called him an acquaintance. He’s such a contradiction, is Tamaki. Him shredding the guide made me laugh. Every week I say the same thing but geez Yamamoto Yusuke just gets better and better in this role.

    It’s strange seeing Haruhi with long hair, I don’t really understand why she feels the need to do that. Girls can have short hair too.

    Haruhi knowing that Tamaki would come and find her was interesting. And being comfortable enough to let him carry her while she slept. They are a lot closer than they seem sometimes.

    • It was so funny to watch Honey and Kyoya. Oddly enough, they pulled off the couple look so well. Necessary, no. But fun as all heck! I don’t think it would have worked out as good with Honey and Mori in spite of their ambiguous relationship.
      Yes, Tamaki is a walking contradiction – just being sad for upsetting his grandmother with his overwhelming beauty, but quickly getting over it and then be utterly destroyed by Haruhi referring to him as an acquaintance. I also agree that Yamamoto gets better and better as does the whole cast really.
      Well, for the past few episodes, you can see them showing at the end that Haruhi is really starting to like/understand Tamaki, so maybe it isn’t quite so shocking when she holds Hikaru back and tells him that Tamaki is coming.

      • Yeah, I don’t think it would have been as good if Mori had been in the Kyoya role either. Mori doesn’t have the kind of personality that could play along as well as Kyoya did.

        Also, i love Yamamoto yelling “Haruhi Haruhi! Haruhi!” He is so spot on, it’s exactly like the anime. Do you think the cast watched the anime before filming the show?

        And yeah, they have, but I feel like it was a bit of a jump to have her quite so confident that he would save her. I’m glad they did it though, considering there’s only 3 episodes left. They need to ramp up the romance, lol. I don’t think anything will happen between them in the series though, I think they’ll save it for the movie.

        • Considering how long this manga runs….I am not even sure when the true romance happens. I quit reading it when the club was on the brink of dissolution – not the best place to stop reading. It feels like this upcoming episode is really leaping forward into time, because I don’t remember the big threat to the club being so soon… Oh well. I will be sad to see this show over, but there is a movie to look forward, too.

          I do agree that there really hasn’t been enough between Haruhi and Tamaki to warrant the church scene, but it’s been slowly building episode, by episode. Just like it built EXTREMELY slowly in the manga/anime.

          I know that a lot of actors when taking on manga/anime roles read and watch to get a feel for their characters and I think the cast said they did some Ouran research as well, so probably.

  • Hikaru haruhi is just so cute ❤ I like their friendship bond, when haruhi who is afraid of thunder prefer to refuse to use arai's car and try to follow hikaru ❤

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