Ikemen desu ne Episode 10 Recap

Emotions are running high in this episode. Shu tries once again to woo Miko who can only think about Ren who doesn’t want to see her anymore because she is the daughter of the man his mother loved enough to abandon him for. The reporters try unsuccessfully to prove that Mio is Miko while NANA finally confesses to Ren…sort of.

We start back up with Shu saying he will always be by Miko’s side to support her. Miko, kudos to her, quickly wipes away her tears and says she is fine and leaves the hurt Shu behind. Miko knows that she can’t keep leaning on him for support – especially since Mio is finally coming back. Meanwhile, Ren is alone and hurting in his car as he recalls his mothers words. And at the office, Mabuchi is panicking that the reporters requested an interview with Miko and Mio together. Mabuchi wonders what to do to save the situation (and himself) and RINA puts him in a stranglehold and tells him he must do whatever it takes to protect Miko.

Ikemen desu ne 10

At home, Miko has finished packing. She takes the pin Ren gave her and recalls Ren walking away saying he never wants to see her face anymore. For the first time in her life, Miko feels that she hates God. Ren’s mother abandoned him for her father, the twins’ mother died alone, and here their relationship never stood a chance. Miko is unhappy knowing that she cannot come back to there anymore once her brother returns, but if you look at the current situation, it might be for the best.

Takimoto Miori

Mabuchi then comes over and announces that the band will be going to Okinawa for an autography session to escape the reporters who are on to Miko’s secret. By the time the band gets back from Okinawa, the real Mio will take Miko’s place. This saddens Yuki and Shu [Ren isn’t home yet] as this means Miko’s time with them is drawing to a close. Mabuchi notices their sour faces and tells them to cheer up as her leaving A.N.JELL doesn’t mean they will never see her again. When Mio returns, Miko doesn’t have to leave right away. This perks Yuki and Shu up, but Miko still is feeling depressed because of Ren. Who tells Mabuchi he won’t go to the autograph session so that he can finish the tour preparations.

Takimoto Miori, Yaotome Hikaru

Back at the office, Ando and his assistant are wondering why Mabuchi suddenly scheduled a fan meeting in Okinawa. That is rather unusual for him. Ando thinks back and says that all the wonky stuff began happening when Mio joined the band. He then tells his assistant to look into things. Wow. This president is so much brighter than the Korean one.

Ikemen desu ne 10

Miko talks with her aunt who is on the trail of Miko’s mother. Shigeko says that she hasn’t found anything yet, but she will let Miko know as soon as she learns anything. Miko says that she just can’t believe her father would abandon her mother like that. Shigeko doesn’t buy it either. After she hangs up, Shigeko unfolds a piece of paper with an address. Looks like she did find some information, but this time Shigeko is being cautious and trying to keep Miko from getting hurt too much.

Ikemen desu ne 10

Miko takes her baggage and heads out. She pauses as she recalls all the experiences she has had with Ren and the other members in that house. Leaving it really saddens her. Yuki sees this as well, but there isn’t much he can do about it. He jars her out of her funk and she leaves the house behind [for the last time]. Meanwhile, NANA is hospitalized thanks to collapsing in front of the reporters. Now she must fake an illness and stay shut up. She is happy thinking that Miko will finally be found out, but then starts feeling bad – she should tell Ren at least, right?

Kojima Haruna

The reporters plot to do whatever it takes to expose Mio’s secret while the band have reached Okinawa. They immediately start sightseeing and go to the famous Okinawan aquarium. When Yuki and Shu alone, Yuki asks if Shu knew about Miko and Ren. Shu says that he did. Yuki turns to look back at the fish and says that Miko wants Ren to be there, too, doesn’t she.

Fujigaya Taisuke, Yaotome Hikaru

Ren is in his room staring at the buta-usagi doll and the necklace it wears when he gets a call from his mother. Misuzawa says that she doesn’t want Ren to have anything to do with Miko anymore because Miko is just like her mother. This piques Ren’s interest. What does Misuzawa know about Miko’s mom. Misuzawa says of course she knows because Miko’s mother was her best friend. No way!

Tamamori Yuta

Ren then rushes off to his mother’s hotel room to get the info on Miko’s mom. She hands over an envelope and asks if Miko is really that important to him. After all, she’s the daughter of the man Ren hates so much. Ren plays down his feelings for Miko and says that he is only helping her because he knows how she feels. He then walks out, leaving his mom alone. She is not happy at all, but what right does she have to boss the kid around that she abandoned? What right does she have to feel sorry for herself that her son has no real love for her?

Tamamori Yuta, Manda Hisako

In trying to find the band, Baba the reporter gets creamed by girls who think he is weird. Meanwhile, the band is at the beach, enjoying the scenery. Shu says as a child, he always wondered what was on the other side of the ocean and Miko says that being in A.N.JELL was like being in a world far a cross the ocean. Yuki asks if it has been fun, and after a little reflection Miko says that it was. She has made so many mistakes and thought that she would never make it, but now she has the courage to go forward even without knowing what the future holds. Yuki tells her that more good things are bound to come in the future.

Takimoto Miori, Yaotome Hikaru, Fujigaya Taisuke

Back at the hotel, Miko gets a text and thinks it is Ren, but it is really Shu. As she goes down to meet Shu, Ren walks into the hotel and sees her. Ren follows her to meet Shu where Shu asks Miko when he discovered she was a girl. Miko guesses wrong and he tells her from the beginning. So that means he’s liked her a lot longer than she thought. Shu then confesses once again. Can’t it be him and not Ren since Ren makes her cry? Miko thinks for a bit and then apologizes. Her feelings won’t change. She goes to leave, but Shu stops her. He then looks up and notices Ren. So Shu pulls her into a hug and shoots Ren and evil death glare. Great.

Takimoto Miori, Fujigaya Taisuke

Ren stalks off just before Miko pushes Shu away and goes off herself. When Miko is handed an envelop and told it is from Ren, she quickly opens it, sees the picture of her mother and runs after him. She quickly finds him and asks after the picture. Ren does tell her that it is her mother, a friend of his own and a want to be singer. Miko asks if Ren came just to give it to her and Ren says he finished his business and looks away. Miko then says she just learned the whole story when the situation blew up. She understands why Ren doesn’t want to see her face anymore. She then reveals that her mom died after being abandoned, so it hurts her to see Ren’s face, too. That’s why Miko will go where Ren will never see her again. Miko wanted to watch the stars with Ren forever, but now she can’t as she doesn’t want to hurt him anymore. Ren, recalling Shu’s hug, doesn’t say what he is really feeling and just walks away. He’s good at that.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

Hachimoto returns to A.N.JELL’s office to find Deguchi frozen from staying in one position too long and Baba fell down a valley looking for Mio. Thus it falls on Hachimoto’s shoulders to go to Okinawa alone and get the needed proof.

The next day, Miko sees Shu who tells her that he is essentially giving up now without regrets. Took him long enough! Shu then says that no matter what Miko will be his good friend. Then up comes Ren and Yuki. Hard not to notice how awkward things are between Miko and Ren. The autograph session then starts with Hachimoto in the background taking pictures.

Tamamori Yuta, Yaotome Hikaru

After the session, Ren goes to leave early and Yuki goes off with Miko. Shu then pulls Ren aside. He tells Ren that Miko rejected him. Shu didn’t want to give up on Miko because he gave up without a fight so often, but he knows Ren is the only one for Miko. So can’t Ren work things out as Ren is the only one who can make Miko smile? Shu then says that Ren must do him a favor and not make Miko cry anymore.

Tamamori Yuta, Fujigaya Taisuke

Meanwhile, Yuki complains to Miko about Ren leaving early when he got in later than the others. Yuki then says that Ren may seem cold and aloof, but he is really a good person. Yuki then points out that Ren shows his softer side more and has opened up even more. He’s changing all because of Miko. Yuki then turns to Miko and tells her to believe in Ren – his feelings won’t go away over night. Things will work out. During this conversation, Hachimoto gets mistaken for a pervert and manages to ruin is camera by falling into the pool.

Takimoto Miori, Yaotome Hikaru

Ren is back at the studio thinking about what Shu said. He makes up his mind and gets up to go when he gets a text from NANA. He meets her on the hospital rooftop and comments about how the fake fairy’s illness is even fake. NANA then reveals that the reporters are on to Mio’s true identity. NANA then says that if Ren agrees to date her, then she ill shield him from flak by saying that Ren had no idea about Mio’s true sex. Ren says thanks but no thanks and goes to leave. NANA cries and says if Ren can always see through her lies, then why can’t he see her real feelings. Ren smiles and pats her shoulder and tells her she should be the lying fairy until the end. NANA yells out how she hates him as he leaves and Toru comes and tells her she should have been honest with Ren.

Kojima Haruna, Tamamori Yuta

Ren then meets with Ando who shows him a bouquet of thanks they received from Misuzawa. Ando then tells Ren that he must be present for the recording, which annoys Ren. Ando then says that Misuzawa is really a piece of work. Apparently she stole the song from the writer, saying he wrote it for her. This shocks Ren. Looks like his mommy hasn’t been 100% honest. Big shocker there. At this time, Miko is alone at the hotel and thinking about what happened the past few days. She sees a star ornament and takes a picture, but who does she have to show it too now? She really misses Ren.

Tamamori Yuta

Ren then rushes to confront his mother. Misuzawa says it is a lie – Sakuraba loved her and not his wife. Ren really lays into her and tells it like it is – Misuzawa has never loved anyone but herself and that song does not belong to her. Ouch. Good going, Ren-san! Misuzawa deserved this bawling out for hurting Miko, Mio, and her son…oh, and the twins’ mother and father as well. This woman has no redeemable qualities even at the end.

Tamamori Yuta

Meanwhile, Shigeko arrives at a hospital where a nurse hands her a stack of letters from her brother to the twins’ mother. Shigeko is happy to have finally found out the truth about what happened.

Ikemen desu ne 10

The band members who left earlier than Miko so as to avoid any scandals or problems with the press, meet up with Mio at long last. Hachimoto, depressed after losing his camera, spots Mio and rushes after to confirm his identity with his own eyes. Hachimoto rips of Mio’s jacket only to show a male chest. The other band members then come over to greet Mio – their first meeting. They all exclaim how much the twins really do look alike. We then get to se Takimoto’s head on a boy’s body. Wow. I am still trying to figure out how they actually made that look so real and not obviously superimposed.

Takimoto Miori

That night Miko stargazes alone, wishing to call Ren when she receives a text from him saying he will pick her up at the airport when she arrives back in Tokyo the next day. This makes Miko so happy. The excited Ren gets to the airport early and waits for Miko to arrive. When she does, she is dressed in the clothes Ren bought her, wearing the hairpin as well. She gets a call from her aunt and the two meet at the airport café. Shigeko hands over the letters and explained what happened while Ren begins to worry about what happened to Miko and rushes into the airport.

Takimoto Miori

Miko reads the letter that her mother left behind for her. It speaks of sadness and regret for not returning to Takumi and for dying alone without being able to see the twins. All of the other letters were letters from the twins’ father, begging their mother to return. Inside one envelope was a tape with “Missing You” written on it and inside was the lyrics to the song. Boy is Miko thrown one heckuva blow with these letters. The worried Ren finally meets up with her and takes her to his car where she stands still, not getting in. What is wrong? Miko explains about learning the whole sordid truth and just like Ren couldn’t stand being with her after learning the half truth, she can’t stand being with Ren now. Miko then walks away.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

GAHHH! Frustrating. I hoped Miko would be the better person, but no. True, it is a hard past to overcome, but to pull what Ren did…ouch. Oh, and yeah, Ando does confront Mabuchi in the end about Mio’s broken nose, so he knows EVERYTHING! What will happen in the final episode?


  • I actually did feel kind of bad for Ren’s mum in this episode, simply because she’s so pathetic. I truly pity her for being so delusional about her relationship with Miko’s dad.

    My favourite moment of this episode was Ren being early to the airport. It was incredibly adorable how excited he was to see her. The last scene with those two was sad, but I love how different it is to the Korean version. I think overall, i’ve liked most of the changes they’ve made. The President being suspicious of everything that was happening, I really like. But Mio is back now anyway so it doesn’t matter that he knows.

    Oh, and male Mio! I agree, it was done really well! But you know what was stupid. The reporter just runs up and rips Mio’s jacket off, while thinking Mio was a girl. Imagine if he really was a girl, I don’t think that would go down well. But then, the reporter had been called a pervert all episode so I guess he was used to it.

    I’m looking forward to next week. I’m kind of sad that it will be over, but not, at the same time. They did a good job of condensing 16 episodes into 11, so there isn’t anything left for them to do and for me to miss anyway.

    • I suppose you can feel a little sympathy for Misuzawa’s delusional insistence that her obsession with Sakuraba Takumi was returned…

      I love how Ren’s character evolved from the huffy, always angry, closet good person to the more open, less angry, kid-like person. Tamamori-kun did a wonderful job with his character. It was a really sad ending, but you know, since you’ve watched the Korean, that it will be happy overall when it ends in the next episode. I can’t wait to hear the Japanese version of “What Can I do?”

      I know, that reporter at the airport would have been in really big trouble if Mio at that point was Miko. He lucked out that he got the male Mio, otherwise, hot to explain that? But you’re right, he really didn’t care anymore as he was getting beaten, chased, and called a pervert for the whole episode.

      I am not sad to see it over per se. I am sad that some of the cuter Korean non-essential scenes were cut, but they did a great job in cutting out a lot of the unnecessary baggage from the original. A good run overall and definitely not worthy of the initial bad reviews that it received.

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