The Musical Episode 2 Recap

We pick up with a brief recap of the events in the first episode and then start in earnest where Eun Bi is helping Jae Yi with his song and Jae Yi realizes that she is the girl from the Han river and Eun Bi remembers him as the drunkard who said he was Jae Yi. Awkward.

Gu Hye Sun, Choi Daniel

 The two then go into a different room to talk when the drunk Christine wakes up wondering where she is. She is less than thrilled to see Eun Bi having what looks like a cozy chat with Jae Yi. It doesn’t start off all that comfortable. Eun Bi apologizes for what she said about him, but Jae Yi says that she was perfectly right to call him what she did as he was a bad-mouthed drunkard. Eun Bi asks if he ever forgets and he says no. But then the awkward atmosphere starts to clear up as Eun Bi says he isn’t a bad person at all, he’s a good person who makes great music.

Park Kyung Rim

Jae Yi asks if Eun Bi memorized the music by looking at it just once and when Eun Bi acknowledges this, he calls her smart. Eun Bi then turns the conversation to Jae Yi and asks if he is working on a new piece. Jae Yi then asks why Eun Bi loves musicals so much. Eun Bi says she doesn’t know why per se, but after watching Billy Elliot and having him say he dances because it electrifies him, that’s how she feels about musicals – like she is being struck by lightning.

Gu Hye Sun, Choi Daniel

Eun Bi then turns it around on Jae Yi saying he must know what she is talking about as he is the composer of all of her favorite musicals: “I can tell when I listen to your songs. Whenever I watch the musicals you made, I always thought the person that made this musical must dearly love musicals.” Jae Yi seems a bit taken aback by this. Perhaps its been awhile since he has been that passionate about his music, but he does seem touched by Eun Bi’s words. He asks if she really wishes to be a musical performer and Eun Bi asserts that she does – like Bae Kang Hee. Jae Yi immediately says that she cannot be like Bae Kang Hee. Eun Bi says that she knows that isn’t possible, but Jae Yi cuts her off and says that Kang Hee should be like her. This throws Eun Bi for a loop. After she and Christine leave, Jae Yi recalls the conversation and says that he was hit by lightning countless of times.

Gu Hye Sun, Choi Daniel

The next day, Jae Yi goes to visit Kang Hee’s hubby Sang Won, which shocks Sang Won. Why would Jae Yi be coming into the office of his own volition? He asks after Jae Yi’s hit song “Love, Love,” but Jae Yi ignores this and says he came because he wishes to recommend an actress as he heard the company is auditioning for a new musical. This really shocks Sang Won. He asks if he should trust Jae Yi’s insight. Jae Yi says it would be nice if he thought like that. Sang Won then asks what’s the price for the audition. Jae Yi just smiles and says that something good just might happen to Sang Won who then asks if Jae Yi will write him a song. Jae Yi doesn’t answer that and just keeps smiling, and says that he hopes Sang Won will consider it. Sang Won says it isn’t just up to him – the actor will need to go to an unofficial audition in 3 days. Jae Yi thanks him and says that he will tell the actor to be there. As he goes to leave, Sang Won asks if it is a boy or girl and Jae Yi, again, just smiles and walks out.

Choi Daniel, Kim Hyun Sung

Eun Bi cannot believe it when Jae Yi tells her the news. He’s joking right? When Jae Yi assures her that he isn’t, Eun Bi is over the moon with happiness. What’s more, this is an audition where it is already half decided to use Eun Bi. The thrilled girl wonders why he is doing such a thing for her. Jae Yi’s answer: “Umm…just…I thought it was going to be fun. It’s been awhile since it was fun.” Whatever the reason, Eun Bi is grateful. While she is spouting her thanks, Jae Yi cuts her off and says that there is no time as her skills are not up to par. Knowing this, Eun Bi gathers her stuff up to go home and practice with Christine, aka Bok Ja. Jae Yi then drops the news about just who Bok Ja really is, so why doesn’t Eun Bi just learn with him? Eun Bi does point out that she has no money.

Choi Daniel, Gu Hye Sun

We then cut to Eun Bi going home and trying to throw Bok Ja out for lying to her. Bok Ja defends herself saying that she never told Eun Bi an outright lie. Eun Bi thinks back and Bok Ja is correct, she never told Eun Bi everything, she just hinted and didn’t tell the full stories, so she never did outright lie. This does not make Eun Bi feel any better, but she doesn’t kick Bok Ja out like she was going to earlier. Especially when it is thanks to Bok Ja that Eun Bi even met Jae Yi. Then, thinking about that, Bok Ja tells Eun Bi that she was really ticked off that Eun Bi and Jae Yi hit it off when it should have. Eun Bi then asks for Bok Ja’s ID card to ascertain just who is older, Eun Bi or Bok Ja. Um, are they seriously having Park Kyung Rim play a girl in her early 20s? No, she doesn’t look old, but having her be younger than Gu Hye Sun seems a bit of a stretch.

Park Kyung Rim, Gu Hye Sun

From this funny and cute scene, we move to another awkward one between Sang Won and his wife Kang Hee. She is sitting outside and he goes to massage her legs, but as soon as he touches her, she pulls away. And this man is her husband! I have a feeling I am really going to dislike Bae Kang Hee in this drama. He notices this, obviously, but doesn’t comment. He says that he will be going to bed first and tells her to come down when she’s ready. Before he leaves though, he has to mention what happened between him and Jae Yi. He didn’t think Jae Yi would ever fall in love, but it seems he has someone he likes as he asked a favor to audition a girl. This shocks Kang Hee and seems to annoy her. Well, she’s married to someone else, so why should it bug her if Jae Yi likes someone else?

Ok Joo Hyun, Kim Hyun Sung

The next morning, Bok Ja is awakened by Eun Bi blowdrying her hair. Does she have a date? No. A job? No. Bok Ja then tells her to be quiet as she is trying to sleep. Eun Bi then heads out and rushes over to Jae Yi’s. He is shocked to see her that early as well – apparently her arrival woke him up. But he lets her in to start practice. At the same time, the busy little bee Ra Kyung is talking to a representative when she gets a call from her honey Yoo Jin. She puts off her business just to meet up with him.

Choi Daniel, Gu Hye Sun

Ra Kyung is happy to be with Yoo Jin who treats her to coffee and dessert. Her happy mood is interrupted when Yoo Jin gets a call. She glances down at her watch as she has somewhere she needs to be soon. That poor girl is being run ragged it seems. Who knew Yoo Jin had such a soft side to him. Where he seems very hard, cold and factual with others, he is rather tender and nice to his girlfriend [which is definitely a good thing].

Park Ki Woong, Ki Eun Se

Back at Jae Yi’s, the two have been practicing all day. Jae Yi tells Eun Bi that the most important thing is breathing. If she can’t get her breathing right, then her voice will always crack at the high pitch. Eun Bi tries again and cracks again. She wobbles a little and Jae Yi asks if she is dizzy. Eun Bi admits a little and Jae Yi suggests a break and offers her something to drink, but Eun Bi goes and gets it herself. That night when she arrives home, she is dead to the world and doesn’t pay the angry Bok Ja any mind. Eun Bi just flops down on her bed without moving.

Gu Hye Sun, Choi Daniel

Curious about where Eun Bi is going, Bok Ja trails her the next day. She has a hard time keeping up with her, but does eventually manage to follow her all the way to Jae Yi’s after Eun Bi finishes her milk delivery. Again, Bok Ja is unhappy and jealous, but what can she do? Ra Kyung gets ready to leave and is greeted by her father who gives her breakfast to share with her coworkers who tease her at being able to have such luxurious breakfasts. That afternoon when Eun Bi gets home, Bok Ja asks about where she went and what she’s doing. Bok Ja is trying to get Eun Bi to confess what she’s been up to, but Eun Bi is having none of it and just keeps turning down Bok Ja’s job offers.

Park Kyung Rim

We then cut to a scene where Yang Soon Yi [Jung Young Sook] is giving sweet potatoes to a younger couple. They protest her generosity, saying that to keep giving things like that to them will make things harder on Soon Yi and she just waves that off and tells them to eat. The woman then asks Soon Yi for more shrimp since they finished the last batch they gave her. Sun Hee [Ahn Yeo Jin]’s husband protests, saying he will buy some at the market for his wife, but Sun Hee doesn’t want the market shrimp, she wants Soon Yi’s. She is more than happy to help Yoo Jin Young [Cha Kwang Soo] and his wife out. Soon Yi then says that it is fair trade since they gave her a computer. She spends her time reading her granddaughter’s blog. Jin Young says that if she friends her granddaughter, she will see even more, but Soon Yi likes watching from afar without her granddaughter knowing.

Jung Young Sook, Cha Kwang Soo, Ahn Yeo Jin

Later that night, Jin Young takes out a picture of Yoo Jin and shows his wife. Sun Hee comments that he is very good looking and then asks who it is. Jin Young replies someone that they should feel sorry for. Sun Hee then asks if they did something wrong and Jin Young replies that they sent him to a difficult place where he has been caught up in a money war. Sun Hee then says that they should bring Yoo Jin back to live with them and say that they are sorry. Jin Young says that they can’t because Yoo Jin is probably only ever thinking about the money war. All they can do is wait for him. If Yoo Jin gets hurt and comes to them, then they should make him rest there. His wife quickly agrees to this. Jin Young then tells Sun Hee Yoo Jin’s name, but it doesn’t seem to register. There is something here. Are these Yoo Jin’s parents? Is there something wrong with Sun Hee that she can’t remember Yoo Jin?

Cha Kwang Soo, Ahn Yeo Jin

When Eun Bi comes home from practice, Bok Ja had a meal prepared for her. Poor Eun Bi wants to tell her what is going on, but is having a hard time, especially with Bok Ja laying everything on so thick, but she must tell Bok Ja because the next morning, Bok Ja is dressed for battle [by wearing a wig and makeup]. She accompanies Eun Bi to her lesson because she thinks Jae Yi is not doing it just out of the goodness of his heart and is up to something. Bok Ja believes this because she knows just how gullible and stupid Eun Bi can be and she doesn’t want her new friend to be taken for a ride. Jae Yi shows up for the rest of this speech and just finds it amusing while poor Eun Bi is mortified and Bok Ja is totally unflustered by his arrival.

Choi Daniel, Park Kyung Rim, Gu Hye Sun

The three go inside and Bok Ja dozes on the couch while Eun Bi and Jae Yi practice. When Jae Yi takes a break to get some coffee for the both of them, Eun Bi keeps practicing and finally hits the note she has been struggling with. This makes Jae Yi happy. He congratulates her and tells her that enough is enough. Now she needs to go home and rest. She shouldn’t even talk. Eun Bi thanks him and then tells him that she will call after the audition.

Choi Daniel, Gu Hye Sun

On their way home, Bok Ja cannot stop praising Jae Yi. Apparently he really has earned his reputation. He did in three days what Bok Ja predicted could happen in 6 months – though she was really only thinking it would take 2, but since she wanted to mooch off of Eun Bi, she estimated as longer. Bok Ja then asks for more food, flooring Eun Bi. Bok Ja says it is a bribe as Eun Bi should keep practicing since she only managed to hit the pitch once. Eun Bi says that Jae Yi told her to rest her voice for the night, but eventually she caves into Bok Ja. The two continue practicing into the night and it seems like Eun Bi’s throat really begins to bother her. Not good.

Gu Hye Sun, Park Kyung Rim

Sure enough, the next morning dawns and Eun Bi is running late. Sang Won’s assistant wonders if they should make a call, but Sang Won assures him there is no need. Eun Bi finally shows up and the assistant gets ready to put on the music when Eun Bi introduces herself with a scratchy voice. Sang Won is unhappy and calls of the audition since she obviously won’t be able to sing. Eun Bi asks for another chance, but Sang Won says that was the last chance created especially for her. Way to make her feel bad, but the man made a very valid point about her need to take care of herself to be a professional. So she failed her 82nd audition thanks to overworking her throat.

Gu Hye Sun

Kang Hee has seen this all through a monitor and immediately goes to leave. While she rushes off, Eun Bi heads out and cries on the bus. She just can’t bring herself to call Jae Yi and tell him the disappointing news. While she cries over her stupidity, Kang He has made her way to Jae Yi’s house. He opens the door with a big smile asking out the audition went, but his smile falters when he sees Kang Hee on his doorstep. She greets him with a pretty intimate kiss to the side of his mouth. Wench. Jae Yi then says Kang Hee must have heard from Sang Won and came to report.

Choi Daniel, Ok Joo Hyun

Oddly enough, Jae Yi does let Kang Hee in. He makes her coffee and then explains that Eun Bi reminds him of a lot of things – like when he first met Kang Hee. He says that Eun Bi reminds him of Kang Hee. Like a shirt in the same size but different colors, or rather same color but different energies. Kang Hee ignores that and says that she thinks that she is the reason he quit making musicals, therefore, when he wants to get back to make them, he should do it through Kang Hee. Jae Yi says he has no such thoughts. Kang Hee ignores this and tells Jae Yi about Yoo Jin.

Choi Daniel, Ok Joo Hyun

The upset Eun Bi has made her way to Jae Yi’s house. She notices a car outside and when she looks in, there is a script with Bae Kang Hee’s name. This shocks Eun Bi. She quickly hides when Kang Hee and Jae Yi come out. Kang Hee asks if she can count on Jae Yi being somewhere. Jae Yi says he should go since it’s Kang Hee’s invitation, but she shouldn’t expect much. Kang Hee then leaves and Eun Bi takes off herself instead of staying to let Jae Yi know the news.

Ok Joo Hyun, Choi Daniel

Meanwhile, Bok Ja is waiting anxiously to hear what happened. When Eun Bi comes home, the outcome is obvious – they didn’t grant her another audition. Eun Bi throws herself down on her bed and and when her phone rings, she answers it with a curt she can’t talk because her throat hurts, but its her father on the other line. I smell trouble!

Gu Hye Sun

Jae Yi goes to head out, but is stopped by a call. He agrees to meet with someone personally and when he heads out the door, there is Kang Hee to make sure she is not stood up. We then get a very awkward meeting between Kang Hee, Yoo Jin, and Jae Yi. Yoo Jin’s assessment of Korean vs. imported musicals really ticks Jae Yi off. He sits silent through much of Yoo Jin’s talk and then complains about Yoo Jin taking so long to get to the point about everything being about money. Needless to say, Jae Yi doesn’t agree that the Korean musical numbers are any weaker or any less popular than the big Broadway ones.

Park Ki Woong, Choi Daniel, Ok Joo Hyun

Apparently Eun Bi’s father has learned about her taking two leaves of absence from school and he is not happy at all. It turns out that Soon Yi is Eun Bi’s grandmother. Go figure – that must mean there will be some connection between Eun Bi and Yoo Jin later. Since Yoo Jin has a girl, he shouldn’t be developing any romantic interest in Eun Bi later, right? Eun Bi defends her choice to her father, but her refuses to listen as he doesn’t approve of that at all. Eun Bi makes matters worse by saying that if her mom were still alive, then she would understand. Soon Yi tries to get her to shut up, but Eun Bi continues on saying that her mom always sang to her when Soon Yi and Eun Bi’s father wasn’t around. Her father storms off and her grandma scolds her for getting found out.

Lee Do Kyung, Gu Hye Sun

The next day, Jae Yi meets with a man and the girls he is training who hopes that Jae Yi will write a song for the girls since “Love, Love” was such a big hit. Jae Yi says he’ll listen to the demo, but won’t commit at all, but these guys definitely don’t want to take no for an answer. As they leave, Goo Jak arrives to try to persuade Jae Yi once more. Only he doesn’t have to work so hard as Jae Yi is ready to commit to the project after Yoo Jin’s words the night before. Jae Yi’s only concession is that his name be left off the musical. Jae Yi also says that he has an actress in mind for the musical as well. He then leaves the astounded Goo Jak wondering who lit the fire under his friend.

Choi Daniel. Oh Jung Se

Jae Yi then goes in search of Eun Bi only to learn from Bok Ja that she got in big trouble and was called home by her father. So Jae Yi gets on the KTX to see her! Eun Bi meets him at the station and she wonders how he came to be there. A duh question. Jae Yi then asks how her throat is. Eun Bi says it is fine as she went to the hospital to get it looked at. She then apologizes for mucking up the audition. Jae Yi smiles and says that he knew she would do that. Eun Bi agrees that she was too stupid. Jae Yi says it gets to hot in her chest for her to listen to her head. Eun Bi is smart in all other things, but stupid for this one thing. Eun Bi has to admit that is true.

Gu Hye Sun, Choi Daniel

Jae Yi then asks if Eun Bi wants to do something really stupid with him. Eun Bi asks what and Jae Yi says that she failed all of her auditions because she lacked the training to leave a powerful impression in just a short period of time. Jae Yi says they can improve on that with practice. He then says, “Making a voice without disguise, that’s so clean, can be only done by people with, what do you call it – a gift from God?” Jae Yi then says he will make a song to suit her voice. Eun Bi asks why and Jae Yi explains that he hadn’t felt something in a long time until watching Eun Bi. She goes to explain about her father, but Jae Yi says he already knows. Eun Bi goes to leave and Jae Yi calls out that whether it is her head or heart, the decision is up to her.

Choi Daniel, Gu Hye Sun

After this proposal, we cut to Ra Kyung and Yoo Jin. Ra Kyung comes over to talk business and is clearly out of it. She is very grumpy and truthfully looks like she is going to pass out. Yoo Jin then asks her to go somewhere with him and takes her out to barbecue. While she was complaining about the late night barbecue, he stuffs a meat-filled lettuce leaf in. What a caring boyfriend! Knowing how cranky she gets and how she looked, he took her out to feed her. He really does have a good attitude when it comes to her. It’s amazing to see how different and how real he is with her versus with everyone else.

Ki Eun Se, Park Ki Woong

While that was going on, Eun Bi arrived home and started packing up her stuff. This makes her dad happy as Mr. Go thinks she has finally come to her senses and was going back to medical school, but that isn’t the case. Eun Bi wants to try to pursue a career as a musical actress. Her father says that until she comes to her senses and goes back to school, then he will not see her.

Lee Do Kyung, Gu Hye Sun

Jae Yi waits at the station for Eun Bi, but she does not show up. He looks at the two tickets and gets on the train. As it takes off, he goes to sit down and sees Eun Bi! She made it after all. She tells Jae Yi that her grandmother let her go as she didn’t want Eun Bi to regret not trying. Eun Bi goes to say more, but is stopped cold when Jae Yi unexpectedly kisses her cheek. When he goes in for a kiss on the mouth, she quickly covers her mouth with her hands. Eyes as big as saucers, she keeps her mouth covered while Jae Yi kisses her not once, but twice! The man is moving fast! Ok, and at the same time, Yoo Jin and Ry Kyung are enjoying their own little make out session outside her house.

Gu Hye Sun, Choi Daniel

What will happen to these people next?

Park Ki Woong, Ki Eun Se

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