Ikemen desu ne Episode 9 Recap

Happiness, broken hearts, despair, rivalry and reporters on the prowl who are starting to suspect the truth. Add in Ren’s mother who is doing her best to destroy Miko’s and Ren’s relationship and this is a roller coaster episode. I swear Misuzawa is even more vicious in this version than she was in the Korean version. I guess it just goes to prove that there is nothing to redeem her whatsoever. I have to say that in this episode, Tamamori really shows his acting chops. He does happy and innocent very well, a welcome change to his usually sour or annoyed expression and then we have his hurt and sad expression which are very realistic. Takimoto isn’t bad as well, but I really felt for Ren in this episode, even though Miko deserves a lot of sympathy.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

 The episode starts off happy enough with replaying Ren’s confession at the airport. Miko is in a state of complete shock and asks what he said once more. Ren knows she heard and smiles and goes to kiss her, but has to stop himself since fans run up screaming and taking pictures. They go there separate ways and meet up again once the coast is clear. Both are very happy and Miko is downright giggly over learning that Ren really returns her feelings.

Tamamori YutaTakimoto Miori

But while that happiness is going on, Shigeko is undergoing a dilemma. What does she do? Misuzawa has confessed that she is the reason behind the twins’ mother’s death. When Shigeko asked what she meant, Misuzawa said that Takumi [the twins’ father] left their mother for her and thus that caused their mother to die. This is also why Misuzawa wants to make amends to the twins. Shigeko cannot believe that Misuzawa met Mio so calmly after being the cause of her mother’s death. Shigeko then lets the cat out of the bag that Mio is really Miko. This seems to throw Misuzawa for a loop. Shigeko tries to backtrack and ignore Misuzawa’s curiosity, but the damage has already been done. Misuzawa seems really unhappy to know that Mio is really Miko.

Imori Miyuki, Manda Hisako

Meanwhile, Miko’s happiness over Ren’s confession is tempered by recalling Shu’s confession. That unhappiness is soon blown away by Ren returning with drinks. The two then head off. Yuki is preparing for an interview and is upset that Ren has regained his popularity [he’s surfing their fansite]. RINA tells him to work hard and do well at the interview he has since Shu and Ren both won’t be there. Yuki says he will and then sees a picture of Mio and Ren at the airport. This surprises him and he rushes back to the office. I forgot to mention above that Yaotome shows just how good of an actor he is as well. He displays a bigger range of emotions than he has shown in the entire series thus far. Sure, he’s had glimpses of deeper emotions, but this episode really showcases how well he can show his serious, emotional side.

Yaotome Hikaru

NANA sees the same report on her cell and is livid. Toru then teases her about being in love with Ren. NANA hotly denies this, saying that she needs to keep track of Ren since they are supposed to be dating. But when NANA’s bag falls, a whole bunch of Ren memorabilia falls out. NANA says it is just people who requested them from her, but Toru knows better. NANA is in love. Too bad I don’t feel any sympathy for her whatsoever. It’s a little too late now for me to start caring about her.

Kojima Haruna

The happy Mabuchi is skipping down the hall of the office when he sees Ren and Miko, this throws him for a loop. Mabuchi asks why Miko is there instead of with Shu. Ren says that he doesn’t like to meddle, but he went and brought her back. Mabuchi pulls him aside and asks why he’s interfering with Shu and Miko’s love life. Ren says he likes to be honest and grabs Miko into a hug. Miko immediately does the piggy nose and Mabuchi learns that he was wrong all along – Miko really likes Ren! Poor Yuki is shocked to see and hear all of this. [Anyone else wonder why Ren would be so open in the office, which could expose Miko’s secret to everyone?]

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

Yuki goes up and confronts Miko. Does she really like Ren? Miko, not wanting to lie, tells Yuki the truth. This, of course, sends Yuki off hurt and angry, which doesn’t bode well since he has an interview. Mabuchi, RINA, and Miko look around the office, but can’t find him. Does Miko know where he’s gone? Miko recalls Yuki’s secret bus and rushes out. She barely manages to catch the bus. It is empty aside from Yuki who tells Miko to get lost as he doesn’t want to see her. Then begins some confessions. Yuki says how they started out as good friends, but soon his feelings began to change and he started to fall for her. Miko tells him how Yuki is a great friend and has always cheered her up. Without him, Miko wouldn’t have been able to make it through the tough times. Yuki asks Miko to wait til the end of the ride and he will sort his feelings out – meaning they will go back to being friends as he will put his romantic feelings aside. [I so wanted to hug poor Yuki here.]

Yaotome Hikaru

When the bus ride is over, the two alight. The moment is really bittersweet. Yuki takes the high road and doesn’t go after Miko or fight for her. He knows he has already lost the battle and is bowing out gracefully. Definitely not what Shu does later. When Yuki turns around to face Miko, he has a smile on his face and tells her not to worry about him. He cannot forget if she is worrying. He then says he will go off and give one heck of an interview. Yuki then leaves and Miko is sad about all that happened. She cries, but smiles through her tears at Yuki’s going back to his more normal self even though he is hurting.

Yaotome Hikaru, Takimoto Miori

Misuzawa stops by the office to see how the arrangement is going. Ando tells her that  Ren is shut up in the studio and is working hard on it. This makes Misuzawa happy. She then asks after Ren’s and Mio’s relationship – are they close? Ando says that they live together, so of course they are close. Misuzawa apparently didn’t know that Ren and Mio lived in the same house. Mabuchi of course confirms that the two are the best of friends and pretty close. Misuzawa goes home and is upset that the two live together and that they are pretty close. For a woman who wanted to really see both the twins, she has turned an about face when learning Mio is Miko and that she is close to her son. Instead of being one of her “beloved” twins, Miko has been downgraded to “that woman’s daughter.” Sheesh.

Manda Hisako

The next day, Miko listens outside of Ren’s door and wonders if he spent all night at the studio again working. She happily thinks about making him a bento when someone enters the house. Miko, idiotically thinking it is Ren, happily runs out to greet him. Only it’s not Ren, it’s Shu returning from his visit with his parents. Really awkward. The two sit down and Shu gives Miko a present. Damn. Kicked to the curb royally and still treating her like a queen. Miko goes to tell Shu about her and Ren, but Shu stops her and tells her not to worry about him. He has decided to not give up. No matter who she is looking at, he will accept her and wait for her to realize [that he is the best choice?]. This doesn’t make Miko too happy. Can’t really blame her there. Shu is approaching an idiotic tenacity.

Takimoto Miori, Fujigaya Taisuke

Ren finishes the song much to Ando’s delight. Ren doesn’t care, he is just happy the job is done. Ando then reveals some rumors about the composer and Misuzawa. The annoyed Ren then leaves the room and recalls what his mother promised about revealing everything after he arranged the song for her. We then get more hurt flashbacks of child Ren being abandoned by his mother all because of that composer. The hatred is really building here. I have to say that Ren doesn’t really have the right to be angry at the composer, but his mother. It’s his mother’s selfishness, not the composer’s that she abandoned her son.

Tamamori Yuta

Miko meets with Misuzawa who begins her assault. She gives Miko a present and it is girl’s clothes. This shocks Miko. Misuzawa doesn’t reveal that Shigeko told her, though. Misuzawa does, however, say that she has a special relationship with Ren and wants Miko to steer clear of him. Miko quickly says that the last thing she wants is to hurt Ren. Misuzawa then gives Miko the twins’ mother’s name. Misuzawa also hints that her mom died because she was abandoned by the twins’ father. This is something that Miko definitely does not want to believe. Miko leaves and Misuzawa says that she is just like her mother. I think that’s a big hint that Misuzawa isn’t being quite truthful about her and Takumi’s real relationship.

Takimoto Miori, Manda Hisako

Ren meets with Miko and asks her to go to the movies with him. Miko turns him down as she isn’t in the mood, but Ren says her mood has nothing to do with it, she’s his eyes. Miko then readily agrees to go with him. Ren, of course, wanted a date and that was his ploy to get what he wants. Miko holds his hand and guides him to the seat, but when the movie starts, she is distracted due to the conversation she had with Misuzawa. Ren notices this, but Miko insists that she is fine. When Miko sneezes, Ren takes off his coat and puts it over her lap. Miko tells him to take it back as he’ll be cold. Ren says he’s fine, they can’t have her getting sick again.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

Aferward, Miko exclaims about the stars. Ren replies that he cannot see them and Miko shows him a star she made for such occassions, making Ren happy. Miko then asks what happened to make him suddenly want to see a movie. Ren explains about being depressed and not having anybody who could lift his spirits. Now whenever anything bad happens, Miko is there and manages to make him feel better every time. This makes Miko happy. Miko then says when her job is over she will look at new stars and remember all that has happened. Ren asks what she means and Miko explains that she will leave when Mio returns. Ren holds her and tells her that even then, nothing will change between them. He tells her about buying a telescope and plans a fan meeting the next night to stargaze. Miko agrees and its officially a date. [There is a kiss scene that was really cute BEFORE the kiss, but so not doing a kiss picture as the kisses are so horribly fake.]

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

Miko meets with Shigeko and tells her that she has learned her mother’s name. Shigeko doesn’t recognize it and asks where Miko learned it. Miko says from Misuzawa and this worries Shigeko. What else did Misuzawa say? Obviously nothing much as Miko isn’t too depressed. Shigeko says she will ask around for her cute niece. Meanwhile Ren is in the studio when Shu barges in. Shu says that he gave up on being the leader of A.N.JELL and gave up on the musical direction of the band to Ren, but he sure as hell isn’t going to give up Miko to Ren. Nice. Who knew that Shu had such feelings in him…seems to be a darker Shu-san. Ren says that he won’t give up either, but before they can argue further, Yuki and Miko show up. Mabuchi also shows up and says that the real Mio will be back in a week or two! What will become of Miko then?

Tamamori Yuta, Fujigaya Taisuke

Meanwhile, the reporters smell something fishy about Mio and Miko. It just doesn’t seem to add up to them. One of the lackeys then has an aha moment where he comes to the conclusion that Mio and Miko are one and the same since they are never seen together. It is true and yet not at the same time since there really is the existence of both of them. They then go and confront NANA who is shocked to hear them ask that Miko and Mio are the same. Seeing her reaction, the reporters know that they really are on to a huge scoop. NANA’s repsonse? She literally plays dead. When people began to pass by and look, the head reporter says that they won’t print any more bad news about the fairy as long as she doesn’t let the band know that they are planning a scoop on Miko/Mio. NANA nods. Will she keep the bargain? [Between these two scenes we get a montage of Miko collecting stars and giving them to Ren. Miko tells him that he is her most important star though. Cute.]

Kojima Haruna

Miko goes to listen to the song Ren arranged for Misuzawa. Ando then tells her the gossip about the composer and Misuzawa and alarm bells start going off for Miko. She then rushes out to confront her aunt and ask if it is really true that her father was with Misuzawa. Shigeko confirms it, but then says it is just Misuzawa’s hearsay. She doesn’t believe that her brother would really abandon the twins’ mother. Miko will not listen and rushes out to confront Misuzawa about the truth. Meanwhile Ren puts his star necklace on buta-usagi, happy. Misuzawa is informed Miko is there to see her and she calls Ren over to meet the child of the man she loves – Mio. That gets Ren’s attention.

Tamamori Yuta

Okay, so Miko meets with Misuzawa who then confesses that she and the twins’ father were lovers. In fact, they loved so much, that Misuzawa is in pain because of that love, which led Takumi to abandon the twins and their mother. Miko doesn’t believe this for one moment. Misuzawa then takes out the song that Ren arranged and said that was a song begging her to come back to Takumi. Miko just doesn’t believe it. Miko also reveals that she knows Misuzawa is really Ren’s mother, which shocks Misuzawa. Before anything more can be said and before Miko can break down Misuzawa into telling the truth, Ren shows up. Needless to say his world is shattered when Miko confirms that she is indeed Sakuraba Takumi’s daughter.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

Why, why are you that man’s daughter?

Ando tells Shu that there has been a request for an interview with him and the twins. This surprises Shu. Ando asks him to ask Miko if it is okay as it would be bad to alienate and anger these reporters. Shu says he understands and leaves the office wondering if something bad is up. He then sees Miko and Ren. So he gets to witness the scene where Ren basically breaks things off with Miko because he just can’t get past the fact that she is the daughter of the man who caused his mother to abandon him. Poor Miko. She has just as much right to be angry as Misuzawa is the woman who caused her mother’s untimely death. Ren runs off and Miko collapses to the ground crying. Ren goes off and falls the the ground crying his heart out as well.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

Shu approaches and puts his arm around her, pulling to his side. He tells her it’s okay to cry until she fell’s better. He then faces her and says that he will always be there for her right by her side. Actually, I am kind of egging on Miko switching to Shu here even though I really love Miko and Ren. I just hate how he takes out his anger at being abandoned on her since she is the daughter of the man his mother loved. How unfair is that? Sins of the parents have no right to fall on their children.

Takimoto Miori, Fujigaya Taisuke

Boy, episode 10 looks like it will be just as intense.


  • Why does Miko do the pig nose? She was doing it before to stop her feelings from overwhelming her, but now that she knows Ren likes her, she doesn’t need to stop her feelings anymore…
    “Instead of being one of her “beloved” twins, Miko has been downgraded to “that woman’s daughter.” I know! She did a complete 180, I don’t get it. She has a problem with Ren and Miko being friends (she doesn’t know that it’s any more than that) but didn’t have a problem with Ren & Mio being friends. That doesn’t make sense.
    Shu is ridiculous, he knows that Miko likes Ren and Ren likes Miko so to still pursue her after that? It’s plain rude, as well as stupid. Even at the end, he’s trying to cash in on her feelings being shattered by Ren.
    Ren telling Miko that nothing will change, even when Mio comes back. Loved that!
    I liked one of the reporters when Nana played dead – “We’re not bears”, lol
    Ren attacks Miko for being the daughter of the man who caused his mum to abandon him, but Miko doesn’t attack Ren for being the son of the woman who caused her parents to separate and her mum to die, which is way worse. I hope Ren realises that.
    Poor Yuki.

    • I think the pig nose thing was only to show Mabuchi that it was Ren after all, though at that point it seemed really unnecessary as there really was no reason to hide anymore.
      It is a weird double standard going on with Misuzawa and I am not quite sure why… it made sense in the Korean version as it had nothing to do with Tae Kyung’s mother hating Mi Nam for being the other woman’s daughter, but rather she just couldn’t stand the idea of the two of them together and she loved inflicting pain on Tae Kyung [after all, she had already gotten the song out of him so what’s the need to keep up the kind pretense.]
      Yuki knew when to back off. Shu didn’t. That can really work against a guy as it is also doubling Miko’s pain and not necessarily helping her.
      I am sure that Ren will realize he is being an idiot, especially since Miko didn’t reciprocate his sudden distaste. She may not be happy that Ren is that woman’s son, but knowing how he grew up and how unwanted he felt, she can’t just shove him in a corner like he initially does with her.

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