Ikemen desu ne Episode 6 Recap

Well. Talk about vicious and vindictive. NANA is doing her best to pressure Miko into confessing her identity or NANA will do it for her. Which is better, Miko coming clean herself, or NANA informing everyone? What shall Miko choose? As if you need to really guess.

So the boys run to help Miko when they see her retreating from NANA. Miko finally collapses to the ground and NANA basically tells her that she is unable to like Ren as Miko is not in a position to be able to like him. NANA also threatens Miko with exposing her feelings for Ren and her true identity. Of course Miko can’t have this as exposure could mean the death of A.N.JELL, so she [like an idiot] agrees to have nothing to do with Ren.

Kojima Haruna, Takimoto Miori

Then the boys finally arrive and ask what is going on. NANA immediately puts on a very fake mask of concern and tells the boys that Miko is sick and collapsed. It was totally obvious that NANA was bullying Miko, but the boys immediately latch onto the fact that Miko is sick and immediately become concerned. Ren ignores NANA and offers his hand to Miko who, recalling NANA’s words [and also receiving a threatening glare] ignores this, which annoys and hurts Ren. He gets even more annoyed when Shu kneels down and helps pick Miko up and Miko allowed his help. Shu then puts his hand on her forehead and confirms that she has a fever while Ren glowers at Shu’s closeness to Miko.

Takamori Yuta, Kojima Haruna, Takimoto Miori, Fujigaya Taisuke

Enter Ando and Mabuchi. Ando is immediately concerned to see something wrong with Mio. Shu explains that Mio is sick and Ando agrees that Mio’s schedule has been a little hectic. He then turns to Mabuchi and scolds him for putting to much strain on Mio with a horrible schedule. It is Mabuchi’s job to regulate the schedules and look after the well-being of the band. NANA then puts on more of her fake fairy act, threatening Miko before turning and leaving asking Miko to just wait and see what NANA will do now.

Tamamori Yuta

Miko goes back to the house and shakily enters the room she shares with Ren. She looks around at the A.N.JELL cds on the wall and then recalls NANA’s words and the moments she had with Ren. She repeats the phrase, crying, that she cannot like Ren. As if NANA has any right whatsoever to dictate such things.

Takimoto Miori

Meanwhile Misuzawa is sitting in her hotel room listening to the song that her lover wrote when her assistant comes in and hands her a paper with the contact information for the composer’s next of kin. At last! Misuzawa is excited. Who else is also excited? Mio and Miko’s aunt. She is going around the house and pricing items used by the band. She is shocked when she sees the ill Miko lying on the coach. Miko is so out of it that she didn’t notice what her aunt was even doing. Her aunt tells Miko to lie down in Miko’s room and when Miko complies since she was out on the couch because she didn’t want to get Ren sick, her aunt chortles about how much she can get for Mio’s used t-shirt.

Takimoto Miori

The boys arrive home and finally find Miko in her room. They ask if she is all right and Miko replies that she is doing better now. Ren then comes in and scolds her for getting sick. Miko apologizes and Shu scolds Ren for scolding Miko. He then goes over to the bed and pats her head. Ren then angrily leaves the room while Yuki rushes out to get her some stuff to help the fever. Shu then turns and asks her to get better fast as he hates seeing her in pain before closing the door.

Fujigaya Taisuke

That night Ren wakes up and wonders if Miko is still ill. He thinks that she must be doing better now and goes out into the kitchen for water, pondering if he should check on her to see if she is really okay or not. As he closes the refrigerator door, he jumps in fright at the sudden appearance of Miko who asks for water. It is obvious that she isn’t okay as she collapses against the fridge.

Takimoto Miori, Takamori Yuta

Ren freaks and rushes Miko to the hospital, but when the get there Miko refuses to go in and get treated! She recalls Ren saying out the members of the band have put their lives into A.N.JELL and she can’t bring herself to go in and be discovered. Ren at this point cares more about her health, but Miko stands firm…so to speak. As she then faints once more in Ren’s arms. The poor guy is tortured. What to do? Ignore Miko’s wishes and endanger A.N.JELL’s future or listen to her wishes and risk her fever getting even worse?

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto MioriTakamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

Ren chooses to honor Miko’s request and takes her back home where he carries her to her room. He runs into Shu who is immediately concerned and offers help, but Ren does not accept the offer. HE will take care of Miko. This surprises Shu [and hurts him and angers him as well]. Ren then puts Miko back in bed and sets about taking care of her. When a bag falls out of the closet he is rummaging through for a washcloth, he notices the dress that Miko wore to visit Mother Superior. It dawns on him that those are probably the only girl clothes Miko has.

Fujigaya Taisuke, Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Ren

The next day Miko wakes up to see Ren sleeping by her bedside. On a table near the bed is all the stuff he used to take care of her. Miko is happy to see how Ren cared for her all night long. She leans in closer to look at him and Ren then wakes up, totally unruffled. He asks if Miko is okay and she says that she is felling better. Ren then shows one of his rare, big smiles as he is happy that Miko is doing better. This then sets Miko’s heart racing and she does the piggy nose. Ren takes her hand from her face and tells her to listen as he has something important to say. He then tells Miko that he has officially accepted her as part of the band.l Yay!

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

Ando is excited about Mio’s PV being completed and plans on making it a huge blowout event. Toru delivers NANA’s invite and says that Ren will probably be there. NANA acts all disinterested, but Toru tells the diva to be honest with herself. He then leaves saying he wishes to see Yuki at the PV screening as well. Alone, NANA looks at the invitation and gets an idea. There will be a lot of press, right? Yeah, NANA is smiling, not a good thing at all. You can guess what she’s planning.

Kojima Haruna

Meanwhile Sakuraba meets with Misuzawa to talk about the copyright issue. Sakuraba gets the vibe that Misuzawa and her brother must have been close, to which Misuzawa denies, but her familiarity with him and his family says the exact opposite. Sakuraba is surprised to learn that Misuzawa evens knows that he had twins. When asked how to contact them, Sakuraba lies and says she has no contact with them. This greatly disappoints Misuzawa. Sakuraba is lying in hopes of getting the copyright money that Misuzawa is willing to pay to remake Sakuraba’s song. She leaves, wondering over the two’s relationship.

Imori Miyuki, Manda Hisako

Back at the house, Yuki looks for Ren and Shu to no avail. He then realizes that he is all alone with Mio. Needless to say that makes him excited. He uses the time to earn brownie points by being the only member who stayed at home since Mio is still recovering. He makes her porridge and she eats it in her room. Miko tells him that the porridge is delicious, making Yuki very happy as he studied the recipe hard to be able to make it correctly. He is such a goofball and how Miko cannot notice his feelings for her is amazing.

Takimoto Miori, Yaotome Hikaru

So just where are Shu and Ren? Ren is out clothes shopping. He has to tell himself that he is not shopping for a present, but for an extra set of girl’s clothes “just in case” since Mio only has that one pair. He looks from mannequin to mannequin imagining Miko in each one. He finally settles on a simple white dress with an accompanying sweater, satisfied. Meanwhile, Shu is out shopping for Miko as well. Instead of shoes, this time he gets an aromatic candle. The salesperson says that his girlfriend is very lucky since he put so much thought into the gift [aromatherapy for a cold?]. Shu says he really wishes the girl he’s getting the candle for was his girlfriend.

Tamamori YutaFujigaya Taisuke

Back at the house, Yuki is bringing apples to share with Miko, but she is asleep. When she turns her head, Yuki immediately becomes fascinated with her lips. He goes in closer and then throws himself away, telling himself that they are both guys. But, in the end, he just can’t resist and jumps back over the couch to plant one on the sleeping Miko. Just as Yuki’s lips are about to meet Miko’s, Shu returns home and the guilty Yuki quickly springs away. Shu asks what he was doing and Yuki quickly replies nothing.

Takimoto Miori, Yaotome Hikaru

At this point, Miko wakes up and welcomes Shu home. He sits next to her and hands her the bag. This shocks Miko. She opens it and pulls out the candle. Shu explains what its for and Miko smiles and thanks him while Yuki watches on unhappily. At this moment Miko gets a call from none other than NANA. Miko quickly goes to her room to take the call. NANA commands her to reveal herself at the PV screening. Miko doesn’t want to, but if she doesn’t do it herself, then NANA will do it for her. According to NANA, it will work out better in Miko’s and A.N.JELL’s favor if Miko confesses and apologizes. This throws Miko for a loop.

Fujigaya Taisuke, Yaotome Hikaru, Takimoto Miori

Ren finally arrives home with his “non-gift” for Miko who is moping miserably in her room thinking that she will be leaving soon. Ren then knocks on her door. He comes in and asks how she is doing. She replies that she is doing better and Ren tells her he is glad. He then hands her the the bag of clothes and walks out, letting out a big breath. That took a lot of guts. Miko sits and opens the bag. She is happy with the clothes Ren has bought for her. While admiring then, she recalls NANA’s words and starts crying.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori YutaTakimoto Miori

The next day while A.N.JELL are preparing for an event, Miko seems completely depressed. RINA notices this and wonders if it has to do with Shu. At this point, we get a special appearance by SMAP member Katori Shingo. Katori announces how much he loves A.N.JELL while the band watches on as Katori, Mabuchi, and Toru make fools of themselves, uncertain of how to take it. RINA watches on, calling them the three idiots. Afterward, RINA takes Miko aside and says that she is there if Miko needs to talk. Too bad Miko doesn’t take to anyone about just what is going on.

Yanagisawa Shingo, Katori Shingo, TanoshingoTamamori Yuta, Fujigaya Taisuke, Yaotome Hikaru, Takimoto Miori

Later, Ando is giving Miko a pep talk about the PV screening, when he notices just how unexcited she looks. When he asks what is wrong, Sawagi says that Mio is probably not sure what to think of her solo debut yet. Ando then gets up and says that Miko and the members of A.N.JELL coming together is a miracle and he is happy to be a part of that. This really touches Miko while hurting at the same time. After the meeting, she apologizes to Ando’s retreating back as she is going to ruin his “miracle.”

Takashima Masanobu

That night Miko prepares each members favorite food for dinner. When Shu asks why Miko did such a thing, Miko replies that it is her thanks for them taking care of her when she was ill and her apology for being such a bother. Ren is a little suspicious of such a thing, but the three dig in and tell Miko just how good her cooking is. This pleases Miko greatly, but makes her tear up as well, so she quickly excuses herself to the kitchen to get a salad she had also prepared.

Tamamori Yuta, Fujigaya Taisuke, Yaotome Hikaru

Meanwhile, Sakuraba is out drinking with her friends and talking about her meeting with Misuzawa. She tells them that she thinks there was something definitely going on between Misuzawa and her brother. She then wonders if Misuzawa could possibly be the twins’ mother since around the time they were born Misuzawa was out of the limelight for awhile. She and her friends laugh at this, but you can tell that Sakuraba thinks that she just might be on to something. Since she told Miko that her mother was dead, why would Sakuraba think that Misuzawa could possibly be the kids’ mother? Meanwhile Misuzawa looks at a picture of the twins and their father and wonders just when she will get to meet them.

Imori Miyuki

Miko is looking at the clothes Ren bought all sad about how her time with him is almost over. She then goes to his room to see if he is still up. Ren is and she goes in to find him looking at the stars. Ren says that he is trying to stargaze and asks her if the stars are out. Looking at him and not the sky, Miko says that there is a very bright and pretty star. Miko then approaches him and says that she will look back on her memories with A.N.JELL fondly. We then get flashbacks to Miko’s time with the band. Miko then makes a statement that Ren cannot see her [since it is dark]. Ren then surprises Miko by reaching out and grabbing her hand. He says that he may not be able to see her all that well, but he can sense that she is there. Ren says that the cure to not being able to see her is for Miko to never leave his side – to be where he cannot “see” her. Basically, it’s a confession. Woot! But Miko pulls away and leaves Ren alone. You’d think he would have felt it then that something was off.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori YutaTakimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

The day of the PV viewing finally arrives. NANA is in great spirits when she gets there and sees all of the reporters. Today is the day that Miko is shown for the liar she is [how is she worse than NANA who lies about being the perfect fairy?] The reporters are all there waiting for the scoop. Deguchi tells them to keep their eyes peeled and watch everything because you never know where the story will spring from. Mabuchi goes to get Miko who says that she isn’t feeling well and Mabuchi tells her to rest before the big event.

Kojima Haruna

Of course, Miko uses this chance to disappear. Mabuchi informs Ando of this and RINA goes off in search of Miko, cursing herself because she knew Miko wasn’t fine even though the young girl insisted she was. The three boys are informed of Miko being AWOL and when Ren goes to his room to change, he notices the pig-rabbit is missing the barrette. He then rushes into Miko’s room where the dress is gone. Looks like the worst is happening!

Tamamori Yuta

Miko has fully transformed into girl mode and boldly strides into the PV screening venue unnoticed. Ando, meanwhile, tries to postpone the event since Miko hasn’t been found yet. At this point the band shows up, which on of the stalkarrazi’s catch s they aren’t supposed to be there since it is Mio’s special night. They enter the screenign room and all eyes turn to them and pictures are being snapped. Learning of their arrival, Ando starts the preview. The lights go down and Ren leaves to search outside since he cannot search in the dark. Before he leaves he tells the others to look for a girl in a while dress. This shocks Yuki and stuns Shu [who didn’t realize that Ren knew Miko’s secret].

Tamamori Yuta, Yaotome Hikaru, Fujigaya Taisuke

Ren catches sight of the female Miko and chases after her only to lose her inside the screening room because of the darkness. While straining to see her, he yells out didn’t he tell her not to go where he cannot see? This causes people to look around. Miko turns and tells Ren not to look at her when the lights come up. Before Ren can get to Miko, Shu is there embracing her. Reporters surround the two and they ask if the girl Shu is holding is his girlfriend. Shu looks straight at Ren and says that Miko is. Wah, wah, wah. End episode.

Takimoto Miori, Fujigaya Taisuke


  • I’m really liking Yuki now. When the show first started I couldn’t help comparing him to Hongki. But now, he’s his own person and quite enjoyable to watch. He’s a bit more open about his feelings for Mio (when he still thinks Miko is a boy), and he’s not as crazy as Hongki was either. Ren is so obvious about his feelings, he clearly wants to be Mio’s favourite ANJELL. I’m feeling bad for Shu but I don’t seem as invested in that storyline as I was in the original. I’m very much a Ren girl, whereas in You’re Beautiful i was on the fence. I didn’t like the dress Ren bought Miko, it was too loose. And she wouldn’t wear anything tight, of course, but something that didn’t hang so badly would have been better.

    • I know, I am becoming a bigger fan of Yuki’s as well. I like this more played down, even more straightforward version of the original character. If I wasn’t a huge Ren-Miko fan, I actually would be a huge Miko-Yuki fan, even though you know that relationship is impossible – maybe because both characters are a lot a like in their innocence and naivete.

      It was funny watching this and then watching Ouran, because the female leads had similar clothes in these two episodes – the loose-fitting white dress.

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