Ikemen desu ne Episode 5 Recap

Ikemen desu ne 5

And we are still zooming right along. Yuki “declares” his feelings for Mio and then spends the day cheering her up and deciding to put his feelings on a the shelf for her; Shu does his best to put distance between Ren and Mio, but always ends up helping Mio and Ren get closer while he pines away silently unhappy; NANA is NANA. Kojima is a good actress, but the character of NANA just seems stale and flat to me. I do love the pacing, but then again, sometimes things just happen a tad too fast, with too little explanation, to the point where it seems like a little more back story would be good.

The episode opens with Yuki’s confession that throws Miko for a loop. Yuki, without explanation, then just tells Miko to follow him as he will make sure to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Ren is upset recalling what Mabuchi said about Miko possibly falling for Shu while Shu recalls Miko’s and Ren’s reactions when Miko sang “Alone.” Looks like everyone could use some of that cheering up that Yuki is offering.

Kojima Haruna, Tamamori Yuta

Ren is upset to find NANA waiting for him in Ando’s office. Apparently NANA has offered her services to help out with Mio’s PV for “Alone.” Ren curls his lips and can’t hide his disgust at having to work with NANA. After the PV has been set, Ando wonders aloud to his secretary just why Ren and NANA are together when it is obvious there is nothing between them. Just why does Ren have to listen to what NANA says? Wow. This is something that really went unnoticed in the original, but then again, I don’t think that Taekyung was as contemptuous of UEE’s character so publically as much as Ren is of NANA.

Manda Hisako, Yanagisawa Shingo, Katase Nana

Mizusawa stares at A.N.JELL’s CD and wonders just how she can get her son to help her out on this song like she wants. A man comes in and then says it it time for her medicine. So, it does look like they are giving Ren’s mother an illness, and from her conversation at Miko’s father’s grave, it seems like it could be a fatal one. Interesting twist, but I am not sure I feel an sympathy for her as she just doesn’t deserve any for her selfishness. Meanwhile, Mabuchi tries to figure out what to do with Miku liking Shu while massaging RINA’s shoulders. What happens if Shu starts liking Miko back? RINA tells him to keep massaging and don’t forget the pressure points and this gives Mabuchi an idea.

Yaotome Hikaru, Takimoto Miori

Yuki takes Miko out to eat really spicy food and tells her that it’s okay to cry. He then takes her to a haunted house where he tells her it’s okay to scream if she’s scared. The two end up getting pretty freaked out, but end up laughing over it later. Just what Miko needs – to have her mind taken off of all her problems and feelings. Yuki then recalls Miko sobbing in Shu’s arms and comes to a decision. He then tells Miko that he will take her to his favorite spot. It’s a bus. It takes one hour for a round trip and after just sitting and watching the scenery, things start to feel better after awhile. It is an interesting side to Yuki. He seems so innocent and child-like, but for him to give such advice and talk about such things, you know that he is a lot deeper than he actually shows. Too bad you rarely ever see this side of him, because I do tend to like it best. Miko falls asleep on his shoulder and he enjoys the moment as he comes to the decision to forget about his feelings for Miko.

Yaotome Hikaru, Takimoto Miori

Back at the house, Mabuchi initiates his plan to keep Miko from falling deeper for Shu and to keep Shu falling for Miko [no worries on the first front, but too late for the latter]. Mabuchi congratulates Miko for successfully conveying her emotions in the song and then tells her about a pressure point to allow her to control her wild emotions. This intrigues Miko who wishes to know. Mabuchi then pushes his finger against his nose making a piggy face. Miko follows suit, too gullible to realize that Mabuchi is lying through his teeth. Mabuchi then checks out the schedule for the PV and then sees that it is Ren’s birthday the next day. Mabuchi then leaves and asks forgiveness for the whopper he told, but this way Miko would be too ugly for Shu to fall for. Yeah, right.

Takimoto Miori, Yanagishiwa Shingoq

Ren is working hard on composing when he gets a text from his mother. He is angry over her persistence and how it seems she has forgotten just what tomorrow is. He then recalls a birthday that he spent alone. He lit the candles on his own cake and waited for his Mizusawa who didn’t show up until later. She was drunk and had completely forgotten his birthday altogether. What a horrible childhood. Meanwhile, Miko asks Shu about throwing a party for Ren’s birthday. Shu shoots the idea down because they have never celebrated Ren’s birthday at all. Shu then reveals that Ren’s mother was famous and thus never acknowledged Ren who has never celebrated nor revealed his birthday [to his fans]. I think Shu regrets recounting this because he can see just how much if effects Miko and how this could potentially bring the two closer, which is just what he doesn’t want.

Tamamori Yuta, Fujigaya Taisuke, Takimoto Miori

Miko then goes into hers and Ren’s room with a first aid kit. She tells him that they should take care of his arm which he hurt when he fell after getting chased by the pig when they visited her father’s grave. Ren wants no part of this, but Miko charges on ahead. She rips of the old bandage quickly, hurting Ren and then dabs his wound none to gently before slapping on a new bandage. Sheesh. You’d think she’d have a little more finesse, but no. Miko laughs and teases Ren for being such a kid. I do love Takimoto’s laugh – it’s a genuinely nice, unforced laugh. The two then up pretty close together and when Miko notices this, she does the piggy nose pressure point to control her feelings. This annoys Ren who thinks that she is teasing him for getting chased by a pig. Miko insists that she isn’t, but nor can she stop making the nose. Ren goes off angrily calling her a “buta-usagi” [the Japanese version of pig-rabbit] since he equates Miko with a rabbit, with Miko sadly saying she wasn’t teasing him at all. Ren would be pleased to know why she’s making the nose, I’ll bet.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

The next day dawns and A.N.JELL gather to film Miko’s PV. Miko is less than thrilled to find out that NANA is the main female lead. The story of the PV goes that Miko likes NANA who in turn likes Miko’s best friend Ren [who returns NANA’s affection]. Miko’s emotions go wanky when she learns that there is a kiss scene in the PV. This surprises Ren as well. NANA states that she used her influence to have it added. This will not go well at all. To top it off, the stalkarazzi are there to capture the truth behind NANA and Ren’s relationship because it just seems like there is no spark there. So is their relationship really just a publicity stunt?

Kojima Haruna, Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

In the dressing room, Miko admires NANA’s pretty accessories. She then tells herself that she is content to have Ren’s hairpin. NANA comes in and warns Miko away from her stuff. She then notices the pin and wonders why a boy would have such a thing. Miko replies that it is for her little sister. NANA then says that the cute accessories and girl’s clothing suits Mio best and begins holding up dresses. This distresses Miko who is saved by Ren’s entrance. He angrily demands to know what is going on and NANA says that girls’ clothes really suit Miko best, right? Ren the says that he lost his bandaid and asks Miko to reapply it for him. Miko happily agrees and goes off with Ren following behind wondering if she is really a closet sadist. Meanwhile, NANA glowers after them. I still feel her character is lackluster and that disappoints me. I know that people say they hate her, which means Kojima is a good actress. I don’t disagree that she is a good actress, but her performance just seems unbelievable and a little subpar in this series. She is not a convincing fairy at all and is more vicious than anything else. It just seems contrary and doesn’t fit well at all.

Kojima Haruna, Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

Filming is about to begin and Toru hands Miko something to give to Yuki. Apparently Toru wants Yuki to be true to his feelings. Yep, it looks like Yuki has come up on Toru’s gaydar. I do have to say that in most dramas/mangas with a gay male, they seem to be the one to easily see through a cross-dressing female. Not so in this case. Back at the house, Yuki is researching nice restaurants to go out with the band at in celebration of Mio’s PV and single release. Shu picks Italian and Yuki picks Korean and the two fight until her aunt comes downstairs [complaining of not having any funds on her cell]. Yuki asks which food Mio will prefer and her aunt tells them Italian, making Shu gloat and Yuki disappointed. Wondering what to do for money, Miko’s aunt looks down at the cup left behind by the boys and comes up with the idea to sell it since fan girls would want anything the boys used.

Fujigaya Taisuke, Yaotome Hikaru, Imori Miyuki

It is time for the kiss scene, but Ren just can’t go all the way. He is not someone who can lie so easily like NANA. So the annoyed NANA takes matters into her own hands and we have the typical Japanese “kiss.” Meaning her lips barely touch his. I am not saying you need to have a very serious makeout session or anything, but can you at least get non-stiff, non-staged, practically non-existent kisses? At least so they actually seem believable? This shocks both Ren and Miko who has to turn away and do the piggy nose while she wonders just what she feels for Ren who is angry at the whole kiss. NANA tells him that she is a pro and doesn’t do anything halfway. Poor Ren. His anger is not assuaged when he stalks off and catches Miko doing the piggy nose. So she’s still mocking him, huh? Meanwhile, Misuzawa meets with Ando to check on the progress of getting Ren to work on her song for her. Ando wonders if the two have some past history since the stubborn Ren is even more stubborn now. Misuzawa says they have none. Ando then asks how the copyright issue is going. Misuzawa replies that she is currently looking for the songwriter’s children. Now, if you have seen the Korean version, then who the children are won’t come as a surprise, but in case you haven’t, I won’t say, though I think its pretty obvious since the last episode.

Kojima Haruna, Tamamori Taisuke

The PV shoot comes to an end without any huge incident. Miko realizes that she has left behind her hairpin and runs back into the dressing room to look for it. NANA has noticed it on the floor and picked it up before Miko’s arrival. Seeing how frantic Miko searches for it, NANA carefully keeps it hidden. Ren comes in wondering why Miko is taking so long and Miko says that she is looking for something she lost. NANA then invites the two out for a celebratory meal since the PV filming has come to an end. Ren refuses, but NANA manages to cajole him along. Miko says she is still searching and Ren tells her that she has to come since it is celebrating her PV. While Ren gets his car, NANA asks for help from Miko and then asks Miko to put the pin in her hair. Miko states that is her pin, but NANA says that Miko is lying and is weird for saying her pin since only girls have hairpins. Ren then pulls up, ending the conversation, but how Miko can back down when she knows it is hers, I don’t know. She’s a jellyfish to almost everyone except Ren. She manages to stand up to him for the most part. The reporters make to follow to get a scoop, but end up in a heap instead.

Kojima Haruna, Takimoto Miori

The trio go out shopping for fireworks. Ren has no interest, which annoys NANA. Instead of looking at fireworks with her, he goes to wear Miko is. He sees a stuffed pig and rabbit and takes the both of them and says that they look just like Miko who is a “pig-rabbit.” Miko tells him to stop calling her that and he keeps on, laughing. That is, until the store clerk recognizes both him and Miko as A.N.JELL members. The man then takes the stuffed animals to ring them up for Ren. Nice. NANA then tells Ren to buy the fireworks and he tells her to buy them herself since he hates wasting money on unnecessary things such as that. This really peeves NANA off. She loses her composure so much in public, how does she have a good image at all?

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

The trio then go to a restaurant where NANA ups her bullying of Miko and Ren. NANA decides to take pictures with Ren who definitely doesn’t want to. She snaps a picture and then asks Miko to take one. Miko takes her phone and gets ready when NANA shocks Ren and Miko again by kissing Ren. This causes Miko to do a horrible shot. Miko excuses herself and goes off to the bathroom while Ren wonders just what NANA is up to. NANA says that she loves to bully Miko. Ren then warns her to stop. NANA pulls out a hairpin and talks about just how horrible Miko is because she is a liar. She then says that Miko tried to claim that hairpin was hers. Ren gives his knowing little smirk. He takes it from NANA and says that the hairpin cost him 10,000 yen. It turns out that NANA is the one who is caught lying once more. He then gets up and grabs Miko’s bag and walks off. NANA, recalling what Ren said about never wasting money starts putting two and two together. Those two can’t like each other can they? And that would be a “DUH!”

Kojima Haruna, Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

Miko is sitting out on the beach trying to calm her feelings down. Just as she decides to head back, she runs into Ren who asks her what she is doing there. Miko says the breeze felt nice and she was just about to go in. Ren throws her bag at her and says that they are leaving. He then asks what it is that she lost. Miko confesses it was the pin. Ren, back turned, smiles widely at this and was about to pull it out and give it back to her when Miko says she is okay with it. Her losing the pin was God’s way of scolding her for holding on to her femininity when she had already determined to stay posing as her brother. This shocks and annoys Ren who asks if she’s really okay with losing it. Miko, clueless, chirpily reiterates that she is fine with it.

Tamamori Yuta

Ren is about to head off to the studio when he gets a text from his mom asking to meet him. Miko asks what is wrong and Ren tells her that his mom wants to meet him. Miko thinks it has to do with his birthday. Ren is surprised that Miko knows that when it seems his own mother doesn’t. Ren then asks if Miko knows about his past. Miko tells him that she has heard a little about it. Ren then turns and asks if Miko has ever had a birthday party by herself. That is how he spent his birthdays until his mother abandoned him. Miko then says that just maybe Ren’s mother has remembered and wishes to spend the evening with her son. Too bad we know just how horrible of a mother Misuzawa really is.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

Miko arrives home and when Shu asks where Ren is, Miko says that he has gone to the studio for the night. She then hands Yuki Toru’s note, which contains Toru’s email address. Miko then goes into her and Ren’s room and wonders just what she can do for him since it is his birthday. She recalls all of their moments together and does the piggy nose again. She then stops that and puts her hand over her heart. Yes, she likes Ren. She then goes downstairs and thumbs through a catalog to find a cake store that is open late at night. Shu, hearing this, knows it’s for Ren, but still he tells her of a store that is open late. The man tries to force Miko and Ren apart and yet manages to help bring them together, too. But then again, we get to see Fujigaya’s awesome, yearning expression. He’s pretty good at that, just like Tamamori is really great at angry expressions.

Fujigaya Taisuke

Meanwhile, Ren did not go to the studio. Remembering Miko’s words about his mother remembering and wanting to spend his birthday with him has gotten his hopes up a bit and he is on his way to see his mother. His happiness is stilted when there is someone else in the hotel room. It turns out Misuzawa hijacked her son. She set up an interview with a reporter to say that Ren has already agreed to redo her song. Ren refuses the interview and tells his mother that he didn’t recall accepting the offer before he runs out. Misuzawa’s plan to trap Ren failed and she only managed to alienate him more. Good job, good job.

Tamamori Yuta, Manda Hisako

Ren heads to the studio where he gets another call from his mom. She is there and begs him to do the song for her. She is even willing to acknowledge that Ren is her son if he will only do that. Ren asks if she loved the songwriter that much. Misuzawa says that she did love him and because she gave birth to Ren, she lost him. The hurting Ren then says that his mother, who is playing the mother card to get him to do the song, should really think about what day it is. Misuzawa recalls that today is indeed Ren’s birthday. He tells his mother that he should never have been born and walks away. Miko has witnessed the entire conversation. I don’t feel bad for Misuzawa as she made some horrible choices in her life and is still being horribly selfish. She never considers anyone’s feelings but her own. Ren would do good to not do the song for her.

Tamamori Yuta

Ren goes back to composing and Miko realizes her plan to celebrate his birthday pretty much has no success after such a scene. She watches him and tries to figure out just what she can do for him. She sees that he has finished his water and goes out to buy him a new one. Ren goes to take a drink and is shocked to find a new bottle as he knows he finished the other one. The light starts blinking and Miko sees this and runs out and gets a new light bulb. Ren has a pretty good idea what is going on now and says that he could really use some milk. Miko goes out and buys him some. As she puts it in the studio this time, Ren catches her in the act and wonders just what she is doing. Why is the accident express delivery there delivering water and light bulbs. Ignoring this, Miko asks if Ren wants to go eat cake. This throws Ren who then says no store is open. Miko pulls out the information that Shu gave her and says a place still is. She really wants to go there and try their cakes.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

The two get to the store, which is still open, only to find all the cakes have been sold out. Ren angrily suggests that they go back home. When they get there, Ren says he knows that Miko was trying to get him to have a birthday cake. In spite of everything, Ren tells her it was his best birthday ever. Miko, recalling what he said about wishing he had never been born, runs up and hugs him, shocking Ren. She tells him that Mother Superior did this on her birthday every year. She then tells Ren that she is glad that he was born. This really touches Ren. Miko goes on to say that his fans are all glad that he was born and Miko, silently, says that she is really thankful to God that Ren was born. Nice. She hugs him tightly and then lets go saying it is now past midnight and his birthday was officially over. Miko walks away, crying and doing her pig nose while Shu and Ren watch. Ren happy, but Shu not so much as he can see Miko’s emotions for Ren.

Tamamori Yuta

After this episode, Ren takes the rabbit and pig he unwittingly ended up buying that day and performs surgery on them. He cuts the nose off of the rabbit and pig and puts the pig nose on the rabbit. Miko goes into their room that night and is happy to see the stuffed “pig-rabbit” and is even more happy to see the hair pin on its ear. She wonders how it got there and immediately thinks of Ren. She smiles and happily thanks the sleeping Ren who isn’t sleeping at all. He smiles widely. Yes, their relationship is getting on nicely, indeed.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

The feel good episode of the episode is ruined in the ending. We have the angry NANA showing up at the studio. She sees Miko [who has a cold] go into the men’s room, smiles viciously and goes in after her. This shocks Miko who wonders why NANA is in the men’s room. NANA turns the question on her and demands to know why Miko, who is a girl, is there as well. NANA then drags Miko out after asking her how long Miko intends to continue this lie. NANA even asks if Miko likes Ren. Uh-oh. The boys walk in to see Miko backing away from an advancing NANA. What will happen next?

Takimoto Miori, Kojima Haruna


  • I love it that Ando acknowledges Rens lack of feeling for Nana. Even though Taekyung wasn’t quite as obvious about it in You’re Beautiful, he didn’t really try to hide it that hard either. So to have someone actually notice it in this version is quite satisfying. I really liked Yuki in this episode, I am with you on the mature moments he has. It would be nice to see more of them. One thing I think they skipped through too quickly was the music video. I don’t know what I would have liked to see, but at least having the other two boys there as well would have been nice. Unnecessary to the story though, so maybe I’m just too influenced by the original.

    Nana is just annoying, I don’t really care either way for her. At the restaurant, she threw a glass at the window! She doesn’t seem to have any control over her emotions, which doesn’t make sense when you think about how she would have made her ‘nations fairy’ image in the first place. Also, Rens mum can go die in a ditch. Note: Do you think she says Ren’s name weirdly? To me, it sounds strange.

    • It is interesting. True Taekyung didn’t hide the fact that he disliked UEE’s character, but he didn’t as blatantly show his distaste. Ando is a lot smarter than Jung Chan’s boss in You’re Beautiful. It adds a little more dynamicness to the plot which is good. I wanted more from the music video scene as well. It seemed way too rushed, but then again, that’s not the first time. With their limited amount of episodes, they just can’t do some things to full justice, which is too bad. It’s still pretty darn good, though.

      Glad you find NANA annoying as well. UEE was essential to the Korean version, but I really wish there was no NANA as her character isn’t believable at all. Sad as Kojima isn’t a bad actress at all. She is just so lackluster. And I totally agree about Ren’s mom. She is selfish to the end and can just go off and leave and wouldn’t be missed. Now that you mentioned the whole name thing, I had to go back and listen. It does sound a little weird when she says Ren’s name. Wow. What you miss on an initial watching.

  • Love this episode! It was so CUTE. And many things happened that I really can’t get over it. And my heart aches for Ren. I cannot really understand how a mother can do that to her child. It’s very un-motherlike. And in this drama, it seems that they’ll make her seem redeemable in the end by making her sick. Well, that one’s going to make me sick. I just hope they reconcile in an un-cheesy way so that Ren’s mother’s character will be consistent. She’s a first class Selfish Witch. That’s what she is.

    • I must say that I am not sure her being ill will make her redeemable at the end, especially after you watch episode 7. I mean, she wasn’t horrible, but she showed more cruelness to her son, but then again, she did promise explanations as well. True, no mother should be like her. There are some people that just shouldn’t be parents and wouldn’t you know, they are the ones nine times out of 10 who end up with kids. Misuzawa is one of them. She continues to be selfish until the bitter end — though I think the Japanese mother is slightly more likable than the original Korean version.

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