Ouran High School Host Club Live Action Episode 3 Recap

This is actually a combination of two stories from the manga into one. They took Jinochi Ayane’s story and combined it with the summer party which originated as the Christmas party. Only this time the party didn’t have the fickle fiance and Haruhi actually dressing as a girl to find out how the male actually thought about his fiance. OHHC actually has a lot of stories that don’t need to be told in all actuality. The drama could actually skip over a lot of the filler stories to focus more on the stories that involve the growing relationships of the club members, so I am a little sad that we don’t get to see that. Still, this is a good drama.

That being said, it is raining outside and our heroine is running late for club activities. When she arrives in the music room, it has been transformed into a tropical paradise. This shocks Haruhi. Tamaki explains the club does this to cut down on the dreariness during the rainy season. To Haruhi, the tropical scenery makes the rain all the more depressing. The boys then remind Haruhi about the summer party and Haruhi begs off and asks for a 1 week reprieve from club duties. Why? Haruhi has dropped from first place to third place in her class!!! This shocks the boys, but it’s not like Haruhi has to worry about her fallen ranking. It’s not like she can get expelled just for that. Kyoya points out that is exactly what a drop in ranking means. Scholarship students must maintain being number 1 in their class otherwise they run the risk of losing their scholarship and being expelled.

This floors the boys. They don’t want Haruhi to be expelled so they all put on glasses and ask Haruhi to choose which one she wants to tutor her. Kyoya and Tamaki are first and second ranked in their class and Honey and Mori are right up there, too. Hikaru and Kaoru are just a tad below Haruhi. Tamaki tells them to bow out,  but the twins refuse as they believe not only is academic excellence needed, a good connection is as well. With all the boys pressing in around her, Haruhi is cornered. Her solution? She finds someone else to tutor her.

Jinochi Ayane is 3rd in the 2nd year class, right behind Kyoya and Tamaki. Jinochi speaks without taking a breath and is always complaining about the host club members being too loud and distracting Haruhi from being able to concentrate. The boys nickname Jinochi “The Morse Code Lady.” Tamaki tries to help out and is belittled for his efforts by Jinochi. Haruhi asks if Jinochi hates Tamaki and Jinochi replies that she does detest Tamaki. This knocks his lordship down completely.

At the same time, Tamaki’s beloved stuffed bear Kuma goes missing, along with his kuma pencil. The club isn’t concerned as they find it rather odd that anyone would steal such a blank looking bear. The upset Tamaki hand drew 200 posters in a night and passed them out to students the next day. This angers Jinochi who cannot believe that it never occurred to Tamaki to actually photocopy one poster instead of hand-drawing all of them.

That day at the club, Jinochi is helping Haruhi study and tells Haruhi that it must be hard to keep up her grades while also having to please people. Haruhi tells her that isn’t the case as she doesn’t care about such things. Not what Jinochi expected to hear as she is quite mindful of such things. Haruhi asks just what is behind Jinochi’s grudge – does she really hate Tamaki [who is dressed up as a giant stuffed bear to avoid detection]. Jinochi explains how she was enamored by Tamaki when they first met. Tamaki complimented her on her beautiful, straight hair and said it must be like her heart. Jinochi was angered to learn that the newly transferred Tamaki said various comments like that to almost every girl on campus. What took the cake, though, was when Tamaki kicked Jinochi out of the #2 spot. Jinochi was floored to learn he got such great grades but never spent time studying as he started up this ridiculous host club. That is why she hates him so much. Such a lazy person and to be able to do such things. Haruhi comments that it doesn’t really sound like Jinochi hates Tamaki at all since Jinochi is always watching him.

Jinochi, flustered, springs to the window and opens it. It blows her hair around her face and the twins notices that she has a natural wave to her hair. Jinochi yells that her hair is naturally wavy and rushes off. Surely Tamaki doesn’t even remember what he said those…2?…years ago. As she rushes out, her pencil case goes flying and out rolls Tamaki’s missing kuma pencil. Jinochi goes to her locker where she pulls out Kuma and throws him on the floor and hits him. Why is she treasuring that bear so much when Tamaki says such drivel to all the girls and probably doesn’t even recall what he said to her.

At this point Tamaki reappears and says, verbatim, what he told her when he met her in their third year of middle school. She has beautiful straight hair thus her heart must be pure as well. Jinochi says that it’s too bad her hair is really wavy as is her heart. Tamaki apologizes for not knowing about her hair being wavy. He did honestly think back then that her hair was beautiful. Jinochi tells him to shut up an Tamaki then changes tact. Has Jinochi ever heard the saying that a rainbow can only come after the rain? Even though Jinochi hates the rainy season which makes her hair wave even more, after the figurative storm in her heart passes, she will be even more beautiful. Jinochi asks if this is true and Tamaki replies that she needs to come to the ball to find out.

The summer party dawns and Jinochi shows up wearing a beautiful red gown, with her hair in its natural wavy state. She is admired by the gathered crowd who cannot believe that the girl before them is the normally straight-laced Jinochi. Hikaru and Kaoru comment that wavy hair really suits her the best and lead her into the room. The dance then starts, though Haruhi just stands by and watches. Then comes the end of the ball and the twins announce that Jinochi is the winner of the Queen vote. Tamaki goes to get ready to deliver his kiss as was originally planned, however, Koaru and Hikaru announce it will be given by Haruhi instead. Tamaki demands to know what is going on and Kyoya says that a twist ending garners better results.

The nervous Haruhi goes up on the platform and wonders what to do. She decides that a kiss on the cheek won’t be so bad. As she leans in to do just that, Honey wonders if this will be Haruhi’s first kiss.  This freaks Tamaki out even more and he tries to stop the kiss from happening at all. Thanks to Tamaki’s interference, the kiss on the cheek becomes a kiss on the lips. Oops! Tamaki grovels before Haruhi telling her that “father” just didn’t want her to lose her first kiss. Haruhi glowers and says that she did thanks to him. Poor Tamaki. The girls start calling him a kiss monster and Haruhi sends him flying through the air, smashed by the word “hentai” [pervert]. And thus ends this episode.

I am looking forward to the next one as it will introduce Kyoya’s “fiancé” – one of my favorite stories. Along with the yankee who looks mean, but is really soft at heart.


  • What I find amusing is that Tamaki doesn’t seem to have any problem being public about his feelings for Haruhi. Everyone thinks she’s a guy but he never even considers/remembers that. And no-one ever thinks “Haruhi is a guy, why is Tamaki acting like that?” I have to say, I did like him in the bear suit eavesdropping. That scene where she ran out of the room was dramatic but then, you have Tamaki standing there in a bear suit, and it’s just so Ouran!

    • I did love Tamaki dressed as a bear. It is so Ouran…taken right from the manga actually. I think no one finds Tamaki’s attitude problematic about him so obviously liking Haruhi because Tamaki just has that very flamboyant attitude and is nice and likes everyone. Only the club members know how serious it could be, the girls don’t care because as the twins put it, who doesn’t like a little romance between males? Though Haruhi is so very obviously rebuking and rejecting Tamaki every step of the way. I wonder how they will develop the romance between the two when Haruhi took forever to realize it in the manga?

      • Not only did it take Haruhi forever but Tamaki as well. Right now he just thinks he sees it as a “daughter and father” relationship. Like he has taken the role of taking care of her and doesn’t completely understand that it’s love.

        • Too true. I can’t remember who in the manga discovered it first. I think it was Tamaki who began to realize just what he was doing with the whole “father and daughter” scenario. When Haruhi does finally realize just how she feels for Tamaki, that takes the backburner to her pursuing her dream. I stopped reading the series after that part. It was taking a turn down melodrama land that I wasn’t quite sure if I liked or not. Since there is just so much manga and so few episodes, I really wonder how they will pull this off.

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