Ikemen desu ne Episode 3 Recap

Flashbacks…and more flashbacks…and the plot with NANA finally begins in earnest. I am not sure on the episode count for this series as of yet, but I wonder if they will finish it within 8-9 episodes since the plot is moving along at a frenetic place. I think we are like halfway through the original series’ plot all ready.

I promise, for the most part, not to compare this drama to the original as much. That being said, I have to say I don’t like the NANA storyline at all. It just falls flat for me…completely. I also did not like the scenes of Miko’s and Shu’s shadow date [I wasn’t a huge fan of it in the original either]. Meh. I do like in this episode, however, Tamamori’s smile. Amazing how good he looks when he isn’t constantly glowering…although even his glowering is attractive [the lip snarl does come off a little ugly, but that’s a hard face to pull and still look decent] and Yaotome’s Yuki is growing on me a little more.

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta, Yaotome Hikaru, Fujigaya Taisuke

This episode opens right where 2 left off, with Ren comforting the devastated Miko who has just learned her mother is dead and Shu and Yuki have arrived on the seen. Ren gets Miko up and they run right into Shu and Yuki. Shu demands to know what is wrong. Miko [still can’t get used to this as it is my ex-step-sister’s name] averts her tearstained face and Ren does the talking. He says that Mio is overwhelmed due to the success of the their first live as a band. Shu doesn’t seem to really believe this and Yuki tries to lighten the mood by saying it is understandable. Before anything more can be said, Ando and RINA walk in. Ando congratulates them on their performance. His good mood ends when he sees Mio’s crying face. He asks what is wrong, but before Ren can explain, Shu jumps in with the same excuse Ren gave about Mio being overwhelmed by the successful live. Be that as it may, there is still a press conference. RINA is instructed to fix Mio up for that. Mio leaves and Shu shoots Ren a not-so-nice look.

Takimoto Miori, Katase Nana

RINA fixes Miko up and asks if she can go on. Miko says she doesn’t want to cause any trouble and will go ahead with the press conference. Ren comes in at that moment and states in no uncertain terms can Miko go through with it. Is she even capable of answering questions and keeping her cool? Ren tells Miko to leave and go meet with her aunt to see what she can learn about her deceased mother. Now the problem is, what to do? How to sneak Miko out so she won’t be recognized? RINA tells Ren not to worry, she’s got it taken care of.

Katase Nana, Tamamori Yuta, Tanoshingo

So the three sneak into NANA’s dressing room. Ren keeps watch while RINA gets Miko transformed into a girl to elude reporters. When RINA comes out, Ren wonders if this will really work. RINA tells him not to worry, but things get complicated when NANA’s stylist walks in. Toru is happy to see Ren and acts like a crazed fangirl for a moment. He then wonders just why RINA and Ren are in the dressing room. RINA then gets Toru riled up and the two start bickering and go outside to “fight” it out.

Tamamori Yuta

Takimoto Miori

With that crisis averted, Miko finishes disguising herself as a girl. She steps out and Ren is awed by her appearance. Miko asks if she looks weird and Ren replies “not really,” purses his lips in a cute way and looks away. I think he likes Miko’s more feminine look. He walks out of the dressing room, saying he guesses she really is a girl. As if there was any doubt in his mind, but it’s one thing to see her in girl-mode versus knowing she’s a girl. At this time, the three stooges stalkarazzi appear and begin cornering Ren about being outside NANA’s dressing room. Of course Miko chooses that time to make her exit. Ren, panicking, grabs her hand and tells her to run. The two set off down the call [with Miko experiencing some heart pounding that is not related to exercise at all]. Of course the reporters give chase.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

Kojima Haruna, Tamamori Ren

Deguchi commands his men to get the scandalous shot. Of course, they all think that Ren is with NANA. So the reporters run, snapping pictures as they go – none actually turn out worth a darn since they are running. Soon the other two reporters have met calamity leaving only Deguchi in pursuit. Ren manages to get Miko to an exit before she can be seen. She thanks Ren as the door closes. When Ren goes to leave, he runs smack into NANA! Ren is displeased that she appeared exactly at that moment. Just then Deguchi pops up and Ren decides to let NANA “handle” things herself. NANA, of course, has no idea just what is going on.

Yaotome HikaruImori Miyuki, Takimoto Miori

After that drama, Ren goes back and explains the situation of what really happened with Mio. Shu reveals that he knew of Mio searching for his mother, too. This depresses Yuki who did not know and just gave Mio a hard time thinking there was something weird going on. Shu shoots another look at Ren. You have to wonder just what Shu is feeling towards Ren. Is he worried about Miko and Ren becoming closer, or is it something else? Meanwhile, Miko successfully meets her aunt as Mio. Shigeko tells Mio that she had wanted to raise the twins herself, but just could not do it financially, so she left the twins at the convent. Shigeko then asks if Mio and Miko talk. Miko replies that she doesn’t see her sister at all and then asks after their mother, but Shigeko doesn’t know anything about Miko’s mom. Apparently the twins’ mom and dad eloped. Not the news Miko wanted.

Fujigaya Taisuke, Yaotome Hikaru, Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

Miko goes back to the house and decides to put on a happy face as not to worry the others. Lights spring on and there are the guys n the backyard. Yuki and Shu successfully open their congratulatory message balls, but Shu has problems getting his open. He keeps yanking in frustration until it comes down on his head, cracking opening. This gives Miko a much needed laugh. Thus starts Miko’s party complete with good food and fireworks! Yuki looks so cute with his hair down up with two mini devil horns. The entire group is happy and having fun and even take a commemorative photo of the event. When the big fireworks go off, Miko watches in awe and turns to look at Ren who is smiling. Miko smiles back, but it soon fades when she feels her heart pound again. Why? She hasn’t figured out that she likes Ren, yet, but we know that’s the reason.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Ren

Later, Miko is sitting and watching the sky when Ren comes up and sits near her. She says it’s pretty and Ren replies that he can’t see well in the dark. Miko says she always used to watch the sky with her brother and they wished that they would be able to meet their mother. Since that isn’t possible anymore, Miko will leave A.N.JELL. This news throws Ren for a loop as he has finally accepted Miko as party of the band. I know Miko wanted to protect her brother’s dream and fulfill his desire of finding their mother, so why can’t she just hold his place until he comes back? Seriously. I never understood this part of the plot at all. Miko is happy to have such good memories of her last night with the guys.

Fujigaya Taisuke

Shu has seen all this and is not happy. Well, it really plays out this way because Ren is the only member that Miko is aware of who knows her secret, thus they have become closer because of that. Sure, Shu is always nice and helps Miko out, but since he hasn’t confessed, that left the door wide open for Ren to slip in. Anywho, Miko is out cleaning things up when Shu comes out. He gets up close and personal with Miko complete with angsty expression. However, just like every other time, he cannot bring himself to confess. He puts a tray in Miko’s arms instead of pulling her into a hug or telling her how he really feels. Smooth.

Takimoto Miori

Miko then sits in her room recalling all the moments together – most of them only involving Ren. Flashbacks, I tell ya. Miko picks up her cell and we then cut to Ren in his room. His cell rings and he immediately jumps up…as if he was hoping it was Miko almost, but alas, it is his mother. She apologizes for what happened at the restaurant and asks to meet again. Ren ignores the call. Meanwhile we learn that Miko was looking at the picture they had just taken. Will Miko really leave?

Takashima Masanobu, Takimoto Miori

The next day, Miko and Ren sit in Ando’s office. Why has he requested their presence? Mabuchi worries if Ren may have let out some hints that Mio is really Miko. Ren says he hasn’t said anything when Ando comes in. He announces that Mio will be making her solo debut. This shocks Miko and makes Mabuchi happy. The schedules for the release will be pretty tight. Ren breaks in and asks what Mio will be singing. Of courses it will be a song composed by Ren. One that was prepared for their next album. The title here is “Alone.” I am thinking it is supposed to be the Japanese version of “Without Words.” Ando then hands the information to Miko who tries to tell him her secret, but he pulls a freaky [seriously the look sent shivers down my spine] look and gets up in her face, scaring Miko into silence. After he leaves, Miko wonders aloud just what she will do? Ren, unsympathetic, puts it to her really simply. She has a decision to make: leave or stay and attempt to sing his songs. What will she choose?

Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta

That night, Miko looks at the music and recalls Ren’s words to try or to quit if she can’t sing his song. Meanwhile, Ren sits in his room trying to arrange the song to fit Miko’s voice and range. He gets mad at himself for thinking about it since Miko has said she was leaving. Should he put effort into it? It’s really cute to see him so involved in trying to make the song for her and then getting worked up a like a little kid as he remembers she had declared she was leaving. Miko then turns to her little altar and prays for guidance on just what decision she should make.

Tamamori Ren

The next day Mabuchi pulls Ren aside and tells him that Miko has run away! This shocks Ren. Mabuchi shows him the note that Miko left and Ren immediately heads for his car, calling Miko who is in female mode. Miko answers the phone and tells Ren where she is. Ren tells her to wait there and not move. When Ren picks her up, he scolds her for just leaving like that and Miko asks if he will take her to her destination. Ren is chagrined to learn that Miko did not leave the band or run away, she was simply visiting her mother superior for advice. Whether or not Mabuchi knew this, I am not sure. It seems like he didn’t.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

Ren then does take Miko there. Miko even tells Ren that her name is Miko. On the way, Miko shows off her hairpin and says it suits her long hair. Ren replies that Miko can’t wear it in her short hair. Miko says he is right and fiddles with the pin, causing it to break. This upsets her, but amuses Ren who laughs and says even the pin protests the fakeness. Miko ges out and Ren tells her to leave her bag with him as he will take her back to the house. Looks like he doesn’t want to run the risk of Miko really disappearing. How cute. This thrills Miko and she happily leaves her bag behind.

Katase Nana. Kojima Haruna

NANA is at a photoshoot when she notices RINA come in. Toru asks if RINA is there to go another round. RINA, hiding the borrowed dress, says that she was there for a makeup hug. The two hug and RINA quickly puts the dress on the rack. Toru doesn’t notices this, but NANA does. NANA recognizes the dress from the blurry picture and wonders if RINA knows who the girl is. NANA then confronts RINA, letting the other girl assume that she is really dating Ren. Of course, RINA confesses Miko’s secret. Even if NANA was dating Ren, still, I can’t believe RINA blabbed so easily.

Tamamori Yuta

Miko meets with Mother Superior who encourages Miko to do what is right for Miko. Everyone has a place in life. MS’s role is to guide her flock while Miko needs to discover just what it is she is meant to do. While this is going on, Yuki is at the house and made a special juice just for Miko who is nowhere to be found. Shu says she went out since early morning and Yuki comments Ren is gone, too. Not what Shu wants to hear. Ren is out walking around and killing time when he sees a street vendor selling hairpins. He picks up a pretty princess pin and buys it. He makes the mistake of taking off of his sunglasses, causing him to be mobbed by fans. Ren barely escapes. It was only 500 yen, but the crowd swarmed him before he could get his change from a 10,000 yen bill.

Tamamori Yuta

He then gets a call from NANA. Ren meets NANA and demands to know where the picture of the girl he was running away with is. NANA tells him there is no way she would have such a picture. This annoys Ren and he goes to leave. NANA confesses she knows Miko’s true identity. Ren sits down and swiftly steals her shoe, throwing it on the roof of a nearby building. Poor NANA is flustered as things really aren’t going to plan. Ren walks away and NANA hobbles after him. She is accidentally hit in the face with a basketball, causing her to fall and skin her elbow as well as give her a nose bleed. Ren swoops in and saves her as people swarm in recognition. This makes them go crazy and snap pictures as it appears the rumors of Ren dating NANA are true.

Takimoto Miori, Kojima Haruna

Meanwhile, Miko is done and waiting for Ren who is nowhere to be seen because he is staying with the injured NANA until Toru can arrive. NANA sends him out for some bandages and when he leaves, Miko calls. NANA picks up the phone and tells Miko that Ren won’t be coming since Ren is with NANA. This shocks Miko. What to do since Ren has her male clothes?

Fujigaya Taisuke, Takimoto Miori

Not knowing what to do, Miko ends up calling Shu. She says she is in Harajuka and has no idea wear to buy clothes. Shu is surprised, but agrees to help as he knows Harajuka well. He then talks her into going to eat. She goes to a burger joint where Shu has managed to make it to as well so he can watch her from afar. Then to an ice cream joint, and then to the shop where she buys clothes. Man Shu shells out some serious dough for Miko in this episode and she never knows it. Miko stops and admires a pair of shoes. Shu sees this and buys them. He then tells Miko to turn around and walk forward. Miko does, but Ren calls after leaving NANA saying he is on his way to get her, thus Miko goes back the way she came while Shu gets all depressed. So close, yet so far [how she missed him, I’ll never know. It wasn’t THAT crowded].

Tamamori Yuta

Miko meets up with Ren who tells her that if she has trouble telling Ando that she is leaving, he will do it for her, not that he wants her to leave. Ren wants her to stay, but he will respect her decision to go back to life as a girl if that is what she really wants. Miko changes and becomes Mio once more. She asks when Ren finally accepted her. Ren tells her that he had really accepted her the moment he had heard her voice – the voice he had been looking for. This has made Miko come to her decision. Even though she became Mio to find her mother, she still has the voice God gave her and she wants to use that voice to sing Ren’s songs. I think this makes Ren both happy and sad. He is happy that she has chosen to stay, but sad that she must remain hidden as a male. [There was more flashbacks during this scene – seriously didn’t need this many in this episode.] Ren, to hid his happiness, grabs Miko’s face and squishes it saying that he will fire her if she performs badly. Nice.

Tamamori Yuta, Takimoto Miori

In the car, Ren offhandedly gives Miko the pretty pin. Miko asks if it is for NANA and Ren vehemently denies this. He felt bad that Miko’s pin broke so he bough her a new one. This makes Miko very happy. Although she cannot wear it now, she will definitely wear it when her hair grows out and she is living as a female once more. Ren tells her that the pin cost 10,000 yen, shocking Miko who turns it over and sees the 500 yen price sticker. She laughs and says that she is happy just to have the present so Ren doesn’t need to lie about the cost. Poor Ren really did spend 10,000 yen for it.

Manda Hisako

Meanwhile, Ando is meeting with Reiko. He calls Ren who still refuses to help Reiko out. Ando, abashed, asks why Reiko wants Ren of all people to rearrange the song “Missing You.” [I wonder why the titles don’t necessarily translate quite right as in Korean it was “What Should I do?”] Reiko won’t admit that Ren is her son. She just says that she is impressed by Ren’s talent and skills and really wants him to arrange the song for her. What can Ando do? His hands are tied with Ren always refusing. At this moment he is then shown the news report that Ren and NANA are dating. Major crisis!

Takamori Yuta

NANA goes to A.J. Entertainment where she meets with Ando saying she has something to return to Ren. Ando is flummoxed. After denying all the dating rumors, this happened and NANA is there! Ren shows up and Ando leaves the two to talk, telling Ren that they will discuss the situation later. NANA gives Ren his jacket back and then offers to be his girlfriend. This sickens Ren who says he would rather die than date a fake, bad-mouthed fairy like her. He then storms out with NANA vowing to hurt him since he wounded her pride. Ren meets with Miko and tells her to go with him. Ren then gets a message from NANA saying she will confess Miko’s sex to the world. This stops Ren in his tracks and he asks Miko if she really needs to stay in A.N.JELL as a boy. When Miko replies that she does, Ren heads off to stop NANA.

Ikemen desu ne Episode 3 ending

NANA is at the top of the stairs with the reporters below her. They notice her and begin asking question and snapping pictures. NANA smirks and says that this is all Ren’s fault for hurting her and goes to head downstairs when Ren shows up. NANA tells him it is too late, but Ren causes quite the sensation by grabbing and “kissing” NANA. From the angle, it looks like they aren’t really kissing, but Ren has positioned himself to make it look like they are. So much for NANA confessing. Miko sees this and is shattered while Shu watches on hurting that Miko is hurting.


  • Toru is such an annoying character, I really wish he would tone himself down a bit. What annoys me about the shadow-date scene, apart from the fact that she clearly couldn’t have missed him, was that I really don’t know how Shu got there so quickly, for starters. And secondly, she’s supposed to be Shu’s friend. Even if she likes Ren, she shouldn’t just ignore what Shu has just told her just because Ren has called her. It’s like she completely forgets that she was speaking to him 2 seconds ago. Poor Shu :-(. And the kiss at the end. I wouldn’t mind if they made it an actual kiss. Really, there’s no reason not to.

    • I am kinda wondering why we have a character like Toru at all. His voice and everything about him does tend to get on my nerves. I do agree with you about the problems with the shadow-date scene. Shu is amazingly face to get there, which seems a little odd, but whatever. In this drama, as well as the original, there are these lovely problems. Like ignoring what your friend tells you to do because Mr. Ren has finally shown up, quite late with no explanation. Also, like I mentioned in the post, there is a complete disregard for her brother’s dream when she decides to leave the band because they have discovered their mother is dead. I am sure that wasn’t really the only reason Mio got in the music business and Ren never made it a condition of her staying.

      • Yeah, i never understood that either. It never even occurred to her “maybe I should stay for Mio’s sake”. She only ever thinks about herself, in that regard.

  • i love the fast-paced story this japanese version is adapting…

    • Me too. Although I love the original, I admit to there being fluff you could definitely cut out without missing, which is what this version is showing us. Although, there are drawbacks to that as well. But for the most part, I find it good.

  • Thanks for recapping this series. I’m really enjoying it. Japanese Dramas tend to be more snarky than Korean ones so I wondered how it would do. It’s really good! I think Tamamori Yuta is very good as is Shun. When I’m watching the drama, I make a lot of comparisons between the Korean one and the Japanese one, but I got lost in the plot too. That’s speaks to the good acting and directing. I have to say that the first time I saw Ren’s pout, I squealed.

    • You’re welcome. I couldn’t stop comparing the two dramas, but the Japanese one soon envelopes you with the rapid-fire plot and the different plot alterations. I am really loving it now. Tamamori Yuta really makes this drama. Fujigaya Taisuke as Shu is a good actor, but I think the character falls a little flat at times. Maybe it’s just the whole plot deal with Shu falling for Miko, but just being unable to reveal he knows her secret and has started to fall for her. Ren’s pout definitely grows on you as it is cute.

  • Thanks for recapping this series! I’m really enjoying your recap now. I’m viewing Ikemen Desu Ne on a different light and it’s certainly brighter. At first, I can’t really take Ren’s face (I am sorry). I don’t know if it’s because of his thinness or his harsh features or the way he twitches his lips. It’s distracting. But once I got used to him, he’s so much cuter. Also in every screen cap you placed, I appreciated him better as I was scrolling down. Sometimes, he looks like Calvin Chen (TW Fahrenheit) and sometimes there are times that he looks like Osamu Mukai. Whoever, he looks like, I really like him now. I’m just saying that I really like this one. Again, thanks for the recap! 🙂

    • You are welcome! I had issues with Tamamori’s facial expressions at first as well, but they have since grown on me. He has his own cute charms and if he can get a handle on the expressions without being too over the top, then he will be a great actor. You aren’t the first person to mention he looked like Calvin and now I totally see it as well.

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