Pure Episode 8 Recap

What do you do when the odds are stacked against your relationship? I have to say I love how Toru can’t resist Yuka and does his best to keep advising her and guiding her and protecting her – even at the cost of hurting himself in the process. His is a very selfless love, not that Yuka’s is selfish, it is just more childlike and innocent.Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

Is it wrong…to want to be with you? Is that stupid?

And the hurting Toru embraces Yuka which makes her happy. She comments that his embrace is warm. We then cut to a scene where we see Ryo and Machiko in bed together. Oh Ryo. Then back to Toru and Yuka who slowly pull apart. Toru has a very serious expression, but Yuka wears a happy smile. Toru then sees her latest artwork and tells her to make her art projects her priority so that she can fly as an artist as he knows she can do it. Yuka asks if he means fly like a bird and he nods. He then drops a big bomb for Yuka:Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

There are times when we can’t be together even if we want to.

Yuka asks if they really can’t and stares searchingly up at him. She then gets a serious expression and says that she understands after thinking for awhile. She then tells Toru with a smile that she will try her best not to ring the magic bell. The unhappy Toru then looks back down at the broken wing sculpture.Wakui Emi

The next day Oya throws the newspaper article down in front of Toru and tells him that Komiya had to pull strings with a politician in order to stop the article from getting published. We all know which politician, too. Toru is not happy to hear Toyama’s name. At the restaurant, Machiko is feeling a little awkward around Ryo. When their boss leaves them alone, she hesitatingly asks if Ryo has seen a certain movie. Ryo replies that it is a chick flick and he likes action films. Ah, poor Machiko is trying to make the best out of their relationship and Ryo isn’t quite getting it. He is the one who took the leap and she is the one who said she is fine being second to Yuka, but we’ll see how long this lasts.Takaoka Saki, Takahashi Katsunori

At this moment, Yuka comes in and greets the pair. Ryo asks why she is there and Yuka says she has brought more artwork to display. Machiko goes to take it and says they will make some more room for the sculpture, but Ryo stops her. He turns to his cousin and tells Yuka that she an no longer bring her artworks for display. Ouch. This surprises Yuka whose smile fades. Ryo tells her that things have changed and not to bring her work any more. Yuka asks why and Ryo replies she is an artist now so she shouldn’t bring her creations to the restaurant any more. Yuka doesn’t get it. Ryo then sends her abruptly home to work on her new projects. He takes the bag from Machiko and gives it back to Yuka and tells her with a smile to work hard. Machiko then says she will see Yuka out and walk her part way home as Machiko needs to go shopping anyways. Yuka bids Ryo goodbye as he returns to his paper, a little shook up. Machiko notices this all. Ryo isn’t being too fair to Yuka who just doesn’t understand.Takaoka Saki, Wakui Emi, Takahashi Katsunori

Machiko and Yuka sit out on a bench where the depressed Yuka says that Ryo seemed down. Machiko then tells Yuka that she likes Ryo. The innocent Yuka smiles and replies that she likes Ryo, too. Machiko then asks if Yuka’s heart throbs around Toru. Yuka nods. Machiko then asks if Yuka’s heart beats fast around Ryo. Yuka shakes her head no and Machiko explains that Ryo makes her heart throb and thus she is in love with him. Machiko then explains that love is wanting to be “held” close by that person [a word in Japanese that can literally mean hug, but can also allude to sex]. Yuka, in her innocence, says that she understands as she felt very warm and safe when Toru held her tightly. Of course, Machiko misconstrues this as the two are not talking about the same thing. More trouble ahead for Toru-san. Machiko asks where and the unsuspecting Yuka replies it was outside on the road and then embraces herself. I think Machiko got the picture. Yuka then takes a candy out of her bag and tells Machiko it is for Ryo. Machiko replies that she doesn’t think Ryo wants it anymore and walks away. Ouch.Takaoka Saki, Wakui Emi

The reporter whose article got squashed confronts Takako about the article. He tells her it won’t be published, but he felt that she should know about it as her daughter isn’t normal. Meaning? He then asks just how much Yuka knows about relationships between men and women? Needless to say, he knows just the right words to worry Mrs. Orihara. The reporter then tells her to be wary of Toru. Even if he wanted to, I don’t think Toru can ever bring himself to cross that line. I could be wrong, though, but I don’t think I am.Fubuki Jun

Toru calls up Kuroiwa and tells him that Toyama appears to be involved with multiple construction companies. Toru says he believes Toyama is up to something and request to be allowed to keep following him. As he hangs up, Oya comes up and tells Toru to go to Yuka’s to collect all of her artworks to keep them for her collection book. Toru tells Oya to send someone else, but Oya insists that Toru is the only one who can handle her.Tsutsumi Shinichi

At home, Yuka is watching the weather, depressed while the nervous Takako asks her daughter to sit down as she has something important to talk to her about. Is Yuka about to get the birds and the bees speech? Nope, Takako just tells Yuka not to see Toru without her present. Unless Ryo or Takako are there, Yuka cannot see Toru by herself and if she does see Toru with supervision, it must only be in regards to work. Yuka asks why and Takako tells her that a girl should not go to a guy’s room by herself – this is a something that all girls know. Takako then asks Yuka to promise no to see him alone. This depresses Yuka who wonders why she can’t see him when she likes him and wants to see him. Takako doesn’t explain and just says that no is no and she doesn’t need to tell Yuka the reason. Such a typical parent response to a small child. Nothing like the “Because I said so” speech. Yuka shocks her mom by angrily saying she understands and then Yuka repeats Toru’s words from the previous night about not being able to see each other even if they want to. Yuka then gets up, teary eyed and unhappy saying that she understands that, but not what her mother is talking about.Fubuki Jun, Wakui Emi

Meanwhile, Toru is still hard at work on Kuroiwa’s case when Fujiki sits down beside him. She tells him that even if him holding Yuka was an accident, he still held her. Toru asks if Fujiki is there expressly to annoy him. Fujiki then asks if Toru can sleep with Yuka. Toru’s reply is asking Fujiki if sex is the only thing she can think about. Fujiki says it may seem silly to Toru, but it’s important to her. Toru disses her by saying that for her being Miss Ordinary, she only sleeps with men with merit. Fujiki then asks if Yuka knows about sex. Seriously? How crazy is this conversation? Fujiki then walks off after sufficiently rattling his cage.Shinohara Ryoko, Tsutsumi Shinichi

The next day Toru brings men to pack up Yuka’s work and take it to the publishing house. Her workshop looks so empty with everything gone. Toru asks her if that is all, but then Yuka recalls the piece at Ryo’s restaurant. She says she will go get, but Toru says that he will because it is his job. Yuka nods and looks around her empty workshop and comments on how only her father’s picture is left. Takako coms in and asks if they are all done. Toru says that they are and Takako shoots Yuka a look. Yuka responds by sliding behind Toru who notices this odd behavior which upsets Takako.Fubuki Jun, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

Takako and Toru go out for coffee and Takako explains that Yuka’s strange behavior earlier was due to Takako forbidding Yuka to see Toru. Takako then reveals that she read the article that was supposed to be published. She then asks if the article is completely false. Before Toru can answer, Takako tells him about how hurtful and cruel he was to Yuka in the article that was written before, but he also has said he likes her artwork. Just what are Toru’s real feelings? Takako says he must know by now how Yuka feels about him. She then warns Toru that once Yuka likes something, she cannot control herself. So is Toru just sympathizing with Yuka? If so, he needs to walk away. Toru replies that he has never sympathized with Yuka. This shocks Takako, but before anything else can be said, his beeper goes off. Takako asks for the number just in case and Toru gives it to her.Tsutsumi Shinichi

At the restaurant, Ryo stares at Yuka’s art piece and article. I think he feels a wee bit bad for his earlier actions. At this time, Toru walks up an goes in. Ryo is less than thrilled to see him. Toru pauses in the doorway and says he is there for the sculpture. Ryo says that he knows and the awkward atmosphere gets a little more tense. Machiko goes to enter, but stops as Ryo tells Toru that the sculpture left there was Yuka’s first step – her first work displayed in public. Yuka had no dreams of awards, Ryo just wanted to shed some light on her hard work. It became their ray of hope. He then turns to Toru and tells him that he does not trust Toru like Yuka, but that aside, Ryo wants them to create a great books for his cousin. Ryo then iterates that Yuka’s artworks are precious to her. Machiko, pouting slightly closes the door and walks away.Takahashi Katsunori, Tsutsumi Shinichi, Takaoka Saki

Yuka goes to visit Candy and wonders just what is going on. Why are her mother, Ryo, and Machiko acting so weird? Yuka then thinks that Toru would probably know, but then she recalls his words about how they can’t always be together when the want to. Yuka decides that she can’t always ring the magic bell when she wants to. At this time, Kota walks up. Toru sees this and wonders what Toyama’s son is doing there. Kota tells Yuka that Ryuta won’t be coming anymore since their father is upset. Apparently Toyama told Ryuta to stop feeding the dog and seeing Yuka since she is not normal. Kota tells her that it is ridiculous, but that is just the way his father is. He picks up a stone and angrily declares that he will not be like his father and throws the stone as Toru walks up. Yuka tells Kota that his father had a warm-hearted father smell. The angry Kota picks up another rock and throws it. Toru walks away and Yuka tells Kota that he should not throw rocks. Yuka lecturing a teenager. Nice. Although, she is totally right. It is interesting to see Kota there and saying he disagrees with his father as he first thought Yuka was weird as well and didn’t want her anywhere near Ryuta.Wakui Emi

That night when Toyama gets home, his aide asks him if it is really all right to give the bid to Kawakami.Toyama replies that it is and tells him to make the arrangements to announce it to the public. Before going inside, the tells his aide to run a background check on Toru. More trouble for Toru? Toru finishes working for the day and goes to light a cigarette. He recalls Yuka’s “warm smell” comment and recalls when his aunt abandoned him at an orphanage after his parents’ deaths.Pure Episode 8

Yuka sits at home watching the weather and spacing out, recalling Kota’s words about his father thinking that she is not normal. Takaoka comes in and awkwardly sits beside her daughter asking her if she’s seen Toru. Yua has not and Takaoka thanks her daughter for listening to her. Yuka then asks her mother if she is not normal. This shocks her mom who doesn’t know what to say. Tears in her eyes, Takako lays her head on Yuka’s shoulder and puts her arm around Yuka. Not sure that was the best way of handling the situation, but whatever. I think from Yuka’s reaction, she kind of understands that she really isn’t normal. Poor girl.Fubuki Jun, Wakui Emi

At the restaurant, Ryo is taste testing something when Machiko goes outside to change the sign. Yuka comes running up and Machiko coldly asks what she is doing there. Yuka replies that she hasn’t seen Machiko or Ryo for awhile. Machiko says that they are busy when the restaurant is open – Yuka should know that. Machiko then goes inside without saying anything else while Yuka watches her. The girl looks so pitiful and alone. She really doesn’t deserve to be treated like that.Wakui Emi

Meanwhile, at the newspaper, Oya tells Toru that they want Yuka to visit an orphanage and create something with the kids who are hurting from not living with their parents. They will take photographs of this and use it in the magazine and photo collection book. Fujiki can’t help but overhear this. Toru tells Oya that the plan is so transparent and despicable and calls his boss the worst as he walks away. Poor Toru, it brings up some rather bad memories.Tsutsumi Shinichi

Yuka has waited outside the restaurant all day. Ryo and Machiko are alone inside and the atmosphere is still awkward. Machiko asks to go for a drink, but Ryo refuses saying he hasn’t been feeling good all day. Machiko asks if he regretted what happened. Poor girl. But she and Ryo got into this mess themselves. Machiko states that he must regret it since he slept with her while being in love with Yuka. Ryo tells her not to be silly, but Machiko says she noticed how Ryo couldn’t look Yuka in the eye. Machiko goes on to say they are cousins and Ryo angrily interrupts her and tells her not to put Yuka and sex in the same sentence. Wowza. Ryo says that Yuka has no idea about sex and that she is more pure. This shocks and hurts Machiko. she asks how Ryo can say something like that. Ryo can easily find someone to sleep with, but can’t find someone to replace Yuka. Ryo says that isn’t true, but Machiko says that it is and storms out of the restaurant.Takahashi Katsunori, Takaoka Saki

Yuka sees Machiko leave and follows the girl. This can’t end well. She calls out to Machiko who turns in surprise. She asks what Yuka is doing there and Yuka replies that she was waiting for the restaurant to close. Machiko is shocked to learn that Yuka waited outside all day. Even though she knows this, after having fought with Ryo over Yuka, she decides to be cruel and says that Ryo left by the back door and continues on walking away. But Yuka keeps following. Machiko asks what she wants and tells her to leave her alone. Yuka sadly replies that it hurts her to see someone looking so down. The angry Machiko turns around and says it must be good to be so pure and innocent like Yuka. The girl likes everyone and never gets jealous. Plus, everyone likes Yuka back. Machiko says she can never be as pure as Yuka since Machiko is normal. She gets angry and jealous at times. Angered by Yuka’s depressed look, Machiko says she can be like that since she is stupid and walks away. Yuka sorrowfully watches her go and says that her wing looks hurt.Wakui Emi, T akaoka Saki

At the office, Toru is going through his desk when he sees the candy that Yuka gave him. He gets a call and it’s from Fujiki telling him that she has a message from Kuroiwa. Toru is to meet him at a hotel bar as it is urgent. Just what is the witch planning now? Meanwhile, Yuka keeps following Machiko. A guy comes up and hits on Machiko who tells him she will hang out with him in her anger. Yuka sees this and recalls how you shouldn’t follow a stranger and goes after Machiko to see that she is okay. All this happens while Ryo is drinking and drowning in his sorrows. He accidentally bumps into a man at the bar and the man beats him for no good reason. Ryo then unleashes his anger and begins beating the guy to a pulp. Mature.Takahashi Katsunori

The guy notices that Yuka is still following them and Machiko tells him just to ignore her. The guy then goes on about how it is a couples only party, so he is glad to have met her. Yuka keeps silently following and passes by a group of high school students getting out of cram school [I think]. It just so happens one of them is Kota. He notices Yuka and looks worried. Yuka continues to follow Machiko and the man up to his apartment. Machiko pauses in the hallway and tells Yuka to go away as it is none of her business. The man and Machiko go into the room and Yuka recalls what her mother recently said about not going into a man’s room alone. What will Yuka do?Takaoka Saki, Wakui Emi

Toru sits at the bar and Fujiki comes up and says that Kuroiwa’s name raelly worked to bring him. Fujiki says that she wanted to see him, but then changes tacks and says that she really wanted to discuss Yuka’s volunteer work. Fujiki is against it as she hates hypocrisy. She called Toru there to see about plotting a way to stop the volunteer work from going through. Toru replies that Fujiki never ceases to amaze him. Meanwhile, at another bar, the police have arrested Ryo for the fight! Not surprising as the guy did go a little bat shit in there.Tsutsumi Shinichi, Shinohara Ryoko

We then cut back to Machiko who wonders where everyone else is. How stupid can she get? The guy replies that they will be there soon and then asks to watch a movie in the next room while they wait. The next room his his bedroom. He turns the music player on loud an gets a really lascivious smiles on his face as he looks Machiko up and down. We then see that there is a camera recording the bedroom. Poor Yuka sits outside the apartment door wondering if she should ring the magic bell as it would make her mother sad. Meanwhile, her mother is fretting since it is late and Yuka still isn’t home. She pulls out Toru’s pager number. Will she call?Takaoka Saki

Fujiki reveals to Toru that Kuroiwa is really her uncle. She asks Toru if he knows why she didn’t tell him that. Toru looks at her surprised, but is interrupted by his pager. He goes to answer it, but Fujiki stops him and tells him that he looks exhausted. She then looks down and shows him that she has gotten a room at the hotel. Yes, because sex doesn’t exhaust you even more.Tsutsumi Shinichi

Yuka pulls out a candy and wonders about the magic bell when a man approaches and asks what she is doing there. Yuka doesn’t say anything and the man thinks that she must have been there before. He opens the door and invites Yuka in. She drops the candy, gives an odd look, but does enter the apartment. End episode. Talk about your cliffhanger.Wakui Emi

I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY loved the moment when Toru told Takako that he never sympathized with her daughter once. Rock on Toru, Rock on.

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