Ouran High School Host Club Live Action Episode 2 Recap

Still following the manga pretty well, I am impressed. Episode one was the first story in volume 1 of the manga series and this episode follows the first story of volume 2. I am wondering if I will get to see my favorite yankee and see Hikaru and Kaoru’s attachment to Haruhi like you can in the manga series? Time will tell. As these are only half hour episodes, I don’t foresee them being able to delve all that deeply into the intricacies of the manga, which will be sad.

Ouran High School Host Club

After a brief recap of the happenings of episode one and an introduction to the newest host club member, the series opens with the music room door opening on the club dressed as English gentleman. Tamaki is doing his usual spiel as well as the twins. Kyoya comes by and unveils photobooks of the club members, causing quite the commotion among the guests. Haruhi sees this and understands now where the host club funds come from.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Takagi Shinpei, Takagi Manpei, Daito Shunsuke

Tamaki approaches and offers Haruhi some of the sweets they are serving the guests, but Haruhi declines [she isn’t a fan of sweets to begin with]. Tamaki then asks what Haruhi likes saying he will have them prepare it for her next time. Haruhi then says that she would like to have otoro [one of the best cuts of tuna]. This surprises Tamaki and he immediately calls for someone to quickly bring otoro since Haruhi has never eaten, this call is taken up by the guests as well and Kyoya quickly pulls out his cell to order some otoro especially for Haruhi. Seeing all this commotion annoys Haruhi, but what can she do?

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

Haruhi goes and puts her tea tray down and Tamaki quickly goes over and asks why she dresses as a boy. Haruhi says that she needs to in order to pay off her debt to the host club. Tamaki then starts calling himself her father and then rushes to grab an enlarged photo of her middle school picture [from her ID card] and brings it to Haruhi saying that “father” wants to see her as a cute girl like in the picture. Haruhi quickly grabs the photo away and scolds Tamaki for taking and enlarging her picture. Tamaki slaps her hand away where it was covering the picture’s face and tells her to quickly dress like a girl and grow her hair out. Tamaki has even bought her a bow already. Haruhi says she doesn’t need it and asks if Tamaki is sick since he keeps referring to himself as her father. I do find it funny that when they talk about Haruhi’s sex issue, there is always guests around, but when the conversation gets loud, all the guests seem to disappear and Haruhi’s secret is safe. Doesn’t actually make a whole lot of sense, but that is what happens every time.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

The upset Tamaki turns to Kyoya and complains to “oka-san” that Haruhi is not listening to him. Kyoya turns in surprise and wonders if Tamaki is really referring to him. I do love how they are following the manga where Tamaki [in order to understand his own affection for Haruhi] claims himself as her father and makes Kyoya the mother of the group. Kyoya was never pleased about this, but they have all played the “family” parts out in the magna which added to the comedy. Tamaki ignores this and grabs Haruhi’s shoulders, shaking her and demanding she becomes a “girl” once more. Kyoya and the other club members come up and Kyoya says that Tamaki’s wish will come true soon as Haruhi’s sex will definitely be exposed. Tamaki asks what he means and Honey does his shrinking jump and glomps on to Haruhi explaining that physical exams are coming soon, so the two of them [being the shortest members of the club] should compare heights. The boys all recall how you have to go shirtless for the examination – Haruhi will definitely be caught out if that happens.


Afterward, Tamaki goes over to the window and begins fantasizing about what will happen if Haruhi’s identity is exposed. He sees her with long hair and in the girl’s uniform. Got to love how Tamaki gives Haruhi a completely different personality. He makes her cute, innocent, and girlish. Things that Haruhi really isn’t at all. The club members watch his actions until Hikaru, Kaoru, and Honey break in and say in unison that if Haruhi’s sex is uncovered, she will have to leave the host club. Tamaki starts turning to stone as the members keep laying it on him. Soon everyone will know how cute Haruhi really is and she will start receiving male attention as well. Kyoya as the final blow by saying how Haruhi was confessed to at least once a month in middle school, thus turning Tamaki into dust.

Yamamoto Yusuke, Kawaguchi Haruna

Haruhi rushes in apologizing for being late only to find the club in deep preparation for trying to protect her “secret.”  Tamaki quickly rushes over when he sees her and tells her not to worry as they will definitely keep her secret so that she will be a princess belonging only to them. Haruhi stuns Tamaki and the twins by saying she doesn’t really care. If her true sex is revealed, she will, of course, quit being a host and find some other means to repay what she owes. Hikaru and Kaoru approach Tamaki and wonder what they do since Haruhi doesn’t care. The normally silent Mori has a light bulb go off and he mentions otoro. The other members latch on to this and says that if Haruhi doesn’t participate in actively keeping her secret, then they will make sure that she will never be able to taste Otoro ever in her life. LMAO, a little extreme, but it seems effective. Although, I think when they used such tactics in the manga, Haruhi didn’t really care as she had never tasted it before, so it’s not like she’d miss it. Haruhi wonders if it will be okay and Nekozawa pops up and says it won’t as he is sensing a bad aura. Cut to a mysterious man staring up at Haruhi.


The day of the exam arrives and Haruhi asks fellow classmates Hikaru and Kaoru how exams are done at Ouran. The twins reply they are like normal exams, but when the doors open there is an abundance of nurses and doctors who greet them enthusiastically. There is even food and drink service while they wait. Definitely more rich and upscale than what Haruhi is used to. And definitely a shock for me mainly because you don’t even see routine physical exams in American high schools. I think the most we ever got was MS testing. During the exams, the nurses and doctors create a bright, positive atmosphere and praise growth and weight loss among the students. This atmosphere surprises Haruhi. Kyoya and Tamaki come up and Kyoya says that this is all business and the principal wants the students to be happy.

Takagi Junpei, Takagi Manpei, Kawaguchi Haruna

We then see the same scruffy man again. As he goes to approach Haruhi, he accidentally bumps into Kyoya and then wonders off. Meanwhile, the club members [even those not in first year] have gathered around Haruhi to protect her, but this only annoys her as they are only drawing more attention to her. One of the twins then asks her how she went from that cute middle school picture to the horribly shaggy cut and boy clothes. Haruhi then explains that just before school started, neighborhood boys put gum in her hair as a joke. Haruhi, being Haruhi, couldn’t be bothered with trying to work the gum out and instead just cut it out of her hair. She used to have contacts but lost them and was just using her grandfather’s glasses for the time being. Also, she didn’t deliberately cross-dress. The uniform was too expensive for her, so she just borrowed her father’s clothes. It just so happens that those were the only ones to fit her okay as his clothes are usually too tight since he is a transvestite. This shocks the club members. They cannot believe Haruhi’s father is a transvestite – how she must have suffered. Tamaki opens his arms wide to allow Haruhi to cry in her “father’s” embrace, but Haruhi, like always, turns him down flat. Haruhi then says that no matter the outer appearances, a father is a father.

Nakamura Masaya, Tagaki Manpei, Takagi Junpei, Yamamoto Yusuke

Haruhi is then called for her examination and the boys go into action. I have to wonder why on earth they have the boys and girls together. Shouldn’t they be in a separate room? To distract the gaggle of girls all anxious to see Haruhi’s half naked body, the twins begin disrobing in front of the girls and doing their normal twincest routine. Hikaru and Kaoru don’t want anyone touching the other’s body. Distraction a success! While the girls are melting over that scene, Honey and Mori [garbed as doctors] grab and drag Haruhi into one of the changing rooms where Tamaki awaits. He tells her not to worry and that he will protect her. He tells Haruhi to wait in the room as he goes out. Haruhi wonders just what Tamaki has planned.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Yamamoto Yusuke

What indeed? Tamaki puts on a wig, unbuttons his shirt and poses as Haruhi. How he ever thought that plan would work is beyond me as he is much taller and more muscular than the slight Haruhi. Silly, silly Tamaki. Of course the girls all recognize him and wonder why he is cosplaying as Haruhi. This makes him uncomfortable and nervous. He quickly closes the curtains so they can’t see into the room. The twins point and laugh. Tamaki then takes off the wig and throws it down. Apparently the twins told him that the plan would absolutely work. Tamaki should know best of all that the twins can be the ultimate pranksters.

Yamamoto Yusuke

Tamaki then goes and pokes his head inside the room where Haruhi turns around giving off a dark vibe. She is completely disdainful of Tamaki’s horrible attempt at protecting her. She then steps out of the changing room and loosens her tie while the girls stare on. As she is about to announce [that she is a girl?] her name is called over the intercom to go to the music room. Apparently Kyoya has had this all set up. Haruhi will have a private examination with a doctor who has been apprised of her situation. How did Kyoya manage that? His father’s hospital is the one who is conducting the examinations. The boys all wish her good luck and Haruhi smiles at goes to go into the room, but when Tamaki does the same, she just sends him a withering glare. This scares poor Tamaki.


After Haruhi enters the room, we then see the mysterious doctor wandering around. He sees security and quickly goes into a room, which just happens to be where girls are changing. They see him and begin screaming and he jumps from the window. Meanwhile, Tamaki is outside with the other members, all depressed because of Haruhi’s treatment of him.The twins have to tease him and twist the knife in deeper. This annoys Tamaki. He tells them to shut up and sit with him as well.

Takagi Manpei, Takagi Junpei, Yamamoto Yusuke

Haruhi’s examination has ended and she goes back to change just as the weird doctor comes into the room through the open window. At that same time girls run and tell the club members to watch out for a pervert in the south hall. Kyoya recalls seeing a doctor that was not one of his family’s. Mori then has another light bulb moment. Didn’t the girls say south hall? Haruhi is in their club room in the south hall. The boys, all worried, immediately rush off to save Haruhi from the pervert.

Nakamura Masaya, Yamamoto Yusuke

Haruhi is in the middle of changing when the doctor, in order to escape detection, creeps across the room to hide in the changing room. Haruhi is nonplussed by his intrusion and just points out that there is somebody in there already. The man immediately covers her mouth and says he is not a pervert. He then searches for something in his pocket, but can’t find it. That is when the curtains open revealing the host club who has come to save Haruhi. Their appearance frightens the man and he tries to run, but Honey does a flying kick, sending the man sprawling [as expected as Honey is the heir to a dojo]. Mori then silently steps in and ties the man up.


After this, Haruhi wonders if he is really a pervert. Nekozawa pops out of nowhere and says that he isn’t. Apparently the man approached him for directions earlier. It seems this doctor was looking for Ourin and wound up at Ouran instead. He is looking for his daughter. Dr. Yabu explains that his business isn’t doing well and he took that out on his wife and daughter who left him. He heard that his daughter got into Ourin and wanted to congratulate her. Tamaki, hearing this, is moved. He tells the twins to quickly draw the man a map. The twins don’t want to. What daughter would want to see such a father? Tamaki tells them that is up to the daughter, not them.


The map is drawn and Yabu is untied. Tamaki even gives him the hairbow he had prepared for Haruhi to give to his daughter. The man is touched and ready to set out. However, when he sees the rich parents at Ouran, he looks down at his own garb and doesn’t want to visit his daughter dressed like that. Everyone has always said that he was a weird person and he doesn’t want to embarrass his daughter. Tamaki scolds him for this attitude and then repeats Haruhi’s earlier words about a father being a father no matter what his appearance. Haruhi is surprised to hear Tamaki quoting her, but you can tell that she is touched as well.

Daito Shunsuke, Yamamoto Yusuke, Kawaguchi Haruna

They gang head back to the host club, happy to have done something good. Haruhi approaches Tamaki and asks about the hair bow. Tamaki apologizes and says it was the bow he had planned to give her. Haruhi smiles and tells him that it isn’t a bad present. Tamaki, touched, launches himself at Haruhi. She pushes him away and calls him a pervert. This, just like uzai [annoying] crushes Tamaki to the wall. He says that he is her father and bangs his head against the word. The others crowd around saying that he is definitely perverted. The uncaring Kyoya tells them to call security to take Tamaki away and Haruhi wonders if the club will really be okay.



  • I don’t know how I feel about this show. I loved the anime, but i’ve never read the manga. This show is exactly the same as the anime so far, but there’s something about the live action that doesn’t gel with me. I actually do like the over the top effects, like being slammed against the wall, but the show doesn’t seem to flow well. I’m loving the twins, I wonder how weird it is to act like that, or if they just find it funny. And i’m mostly happy with Tamaki. I also find it amusing that they talk about her sex quite openly and it just never gets overheard by anyone. So stupid. I wonder if they’ll make the romance more obvious in the live action though. In the anime, hardly anything really happened, from Haruhi’s end anyway.

    • That is because the anime ended before the manga & it took Haruhi much longer to realize she was really in love with Tamaki. I really don’t like it when anime ends before the manga finishes because you get a less than satisfying ending.

      • I think I’ll read the manga, or at least, read it from where the anime stops. I hope the live action follows the manga rather than the anime.

  • Thanks for the recap! ^^ This is somehow a dream come true if they will finish the story. I am kinda upset that the anime didn’t come up with another season.

    However, I’m still not that pulled-in by this drama compared to other dramas I’m currently into. I dunno what’s lacking, I can’t pinpoint yet. >.<

    • I have that same feeling. I do enjoy this drama, but I feel it is lacking something, but what? I really hope to have a nicer end here, but we’ll have to wait & see.

      It would have been nice if the anime had a 2nd season or an OVA, but no.

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