Pure Episode 7 Recap

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui EmiI have to say that one of the things I love about Pure is the acting of the two leads, but particularly Tsutsumi Shinichi as Toru. I love his serious acting. His comedy is great, but I absolutely love it when he shows his serious side like he does so much in this episode.

So this episode backtracks to where Toru asks Yuka if the sculpture is the shape of her love and she gets all worried that it is weird. Toru assures her that it is not. The two then look at each other and he tells her that it isn’t weird to her face, making Yuka smile. Then up comes Komiya with Toyama whom Toru had been stalking for his story. Apparently Toyama has been asked to lead Yuka’s support group. Toyama then introduces himself to Yuka while Toru kind of glares at him. Toyama then says he hasn’t decided on whether or not he would support Yuka, earning him a look of confusion from Yuka and a more evil glare from Toru. It’s always great to tell the artist to their face that you aren’t sure whether or not you want to back them. But since Toyama is crooked, it would be a good thing if he didn’t support Yuka.Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

This tense moment is interrupted by the adorable Yuta who comes over to see his beloved onee-chan. Yuta is shocked to see his father there just as Toyama is shocked to see both his sons present. It is always interesting just how people can be connected in the most random ways. Toyama asks why his sons are there and Toru makes his way away from Toyama as Yuta tells his father that he begged his older brother to bring him. This surprises Toyama. Yuta then says that Yuka is his friend. Toyama gets up and Yuka replies that they are friends and says that she is happy to meet “Ryuta’s father.” Kawaii.Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

Toru watches Toyama from a distance and is approached by Kuroiwa and Fujiki. Fujiki takes her leave so that the men can talk about what they need to and Kuroiwa looks over at Toyama asking why he is there. Toru explains that he is a candidate for the team leader of Yuka’s support group. This surprises Kuroiwa. Any significance to this whatsoever?Tsutsumi Shinichi

After the party is over, Toru stands looking through the gest book. He finds Toyama’s names as well as Ryuta’s and Kota’s. When Yuka comes out changed into normal clothes, he closes the book and puts it down. Yuka thanks him for coming and then asks what she should do now. Does she need to help clean things up as she should take care of things herself. Toru says that it is not necessary for her to clean anything and then brings the topic to the two kids who were there earlier. Yuka thinks for a moment and then a bright smile covers her face and she asks if he means Ryuta. Tora then changes the subject as I guess he decides he can’t use the innocent Yuka for any information. Wonder what Fujiki thinks? That girl always seems to be lurking in some of these scenes.Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

Yuka then goes up to her sculpture and says she will take it home. Toru comes over and tells her that she can’t do that. The sculpture will stay there until her collection is published. This depresses Yuka who had really wanted to take it home with her as she really liked it. Toru smiles and then recalls what Yuka said about one of his wings being broken. He then tells “Orihara Yuka” that since it is her precious creation, they will take good care of it until she can have it back. Toru, noticing Yuka’s strange expression, asks what is wrong. Yuka replies that it is the first time Toru has called her by her name. This throws Toru off and he is about to make up some excuse or something, but Yuka shakes her head an out pops a bright smile. The smile then fades as she touches her chest and turns pensive for a moment. But soon the smile is back. Her mother comes out and notices this exchange. More reason for Mrs. Orihara to worry over her daughter?Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

Meanwhile, Ryo wonders alone in his finery recalling Yuka’s declaration that the title of her piece was “Ai” [love]. He also recalls Yuka’s bright smile and her glance at Toru. He then recalls Machiko’s confession that she doesn’t want to see the person she loves hurting. What will happen? Will Ryo open himself up to Machiko or continue his one-sided love for Yuka?Takahashi Katsunori

Back at the reception hall, Toru is very carefully wrapping up Yuka’s piece for transport. Fujiki then comes over and asks if the broken wing in Yuka’s work is supposed to represent Toru. He stays silent [something he definitely tends to do whenever Fujiki gets on her kicks about Yuka]. He does turn a frustrated look towards her. Fujiki then changes tacts and asks if Yuka is the reason that Toru doesn’t sleep with her anymore. Oy. Talk about having no pride. Toru looks away and Fujiki says that it is impossible for him and Yuka as they are just too different from each other. Toru has had enough and angrily approaches Fujiki, frightening her [she even lowers her head and closes her eyes – I guess afraid he’ll hurt her]. He says nothing and just glares at her silently. He finally hands over the tape to finish packaging up the project and leaves. The surprised Fujiki looks at the sculpture and calls it the ultimate love letter.Shinohara Ryoko, Tsutsumi Shinichi

Back at home, Yuka is happy. She goes to her workshop where she opens the window to look up at the sky and have a conversation with her father. She is happy that she managed to give a proper speech. Plus, Toru smiled a lot which made Yuka very happy. Her smile fades and she says that something was strange. She straightens up and puts her hand over her heart. Something felt strange there. Yuka being Yuka, has not idea just what that strange feeling is. Love. Maybe even some innocent desire. Can she have a happy ever after?Wakui Emi

Later Yuka heads over to Toru’s paper in search of him. She notices Fujiki and greets her. Her presence surprises Fujiki who was looking at some pictures from the event. Fujiki quickly puts these face down and asks what Yuka is doing there. Yuka replies that she is looking for Toru and Fujiki tells her that Toru went out. Is Yuka there about the book? Yuka says she is there to meet Toru. Fujiki then asks why Yuka needs to see Toru. Yuka…I think not really understanding…just reiterates that she came specifically to see Toru. This answer annoys Fujiki. She tells Yuka that this is a workplace, not a place to come just because you want to see someone. This surprises Yuka who did not know there was such a distinction. She looks depressed for a moment, but Yuka then smiles and thanks Fujiki for telling her. Yuka then gives Fujiki a candy in appreciation. Fujiki looks at it with a withering glance. Yuka tells Fujiki that it is a gift for appreciation for telling her about the rules. Fujiki refuses to accept it as she hates all sweet things. She then goes off leaving a somewhat bewildered Yuka. Poor girl.Shinohara Ryoko, Wakui Emi

Yuka then goes to visit Ryo, but Machiko informs her that Ryo is not at the café. He and the others went shopping. Is it urgent? Yuka says that Ryo left early the other day, so she didn’t get to talk to him. Yuka then asks if she can wait at the café for Ryo to return with the others, but Machiko [just like Fujiki] turns Yuka away. Machiko explains that today is a very busy day for the café, so Yuka should just go home as Ryo will be too busy to talk with her. Yuka doesn’t want to bother her cousin, does she? Yuka thinks for a bit and says she definitely doesn’t want to be a bother to her cousin as he is working. She learns new things every day if someone has the patience to explain them.Takaoka Saki, Wakui Emi

As Yuka is about to leave, Machiko mutters that it is good to be Yuka. This causes the girl to pause and look back. Machiko continues that Yuka only does what she wants without worrying about anything. Machiko looks up to see Yuka’s worried face and apologizes. Yuka says that Machiko looks down and then rushes over to give her candy. Yuka looks a little worried at the candy since Fujiki rejected it, but eventually goes to give it to Machiko. She tells Machiko that the candy will cheer her up. Machiko, after hesitating a bit, smiles and thanks Yuka. This relieves the young woman who is glad that Machiko actually likes candies. Yuka then tells Machiko goodbye once more and heads off. I think Machiko feels a little guilty for her treatment of Yuka after she leaves.Takaoka Saki, Wakui Emi

The depressed Yuka is sad that everyone is busy with work. Everyone but her. She then passes by Toru’s apartment and wonders if he is at home. She then seems him approaching his apartment and happily runs up to the shocked Toru. He invites her in where he sits watching her and she happily drinks her coffee, looking around his apartment. Toru asks why she is there – did she have another question? Yuka shakes her head. Then why? Yuka smiles brightly and says that she wanted to see Toru. This seems to throw him, though he must understand by now that Yuka’s feelings for him [even if she isn’t fully aware of just what she feels] are getting deeper. He then notices the paper hanging off a shelf that has Toyama Taizo’s name on it. He quickly rips it off to hid it. Yuka then makes a little exclamation, startling Toru – did she notice? Yuka says there is something she needs to ask Toru after all – “what is my job?” This surprises Toru. Yuka says that everyone is busy. Everyone has a job. Toru tells her that her job is to make creations. This surprises Yuka. Her job is for her to make her creations?Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

Yeah. People who see your creations will feel something in their hearts, so making creations is your job.

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui EmiThat’s a nice way to put it. This explanation makes Yuka happy and she tells Toru that she now feels inspired to make something. Yuka jumps to her feet, sloshing coffee, saying she will do her best and work hard. Toru looks at his floor and Yuka looks down at it as well. Oops. Toru smiles at her klutziness.Tsutsumi Shinichi

Toru and Yuka then leave his apartment. What a nice guy to walk her home. Yuka notices the pretty moon and points it out. Toru stands looking up at it as Yuka says that it will be sunny again tomorrow, but when Yuka says that her father is so lucky to see the moon so closely, he turns his attention from the sky to her. Yuka then wonders if her father is looking at the same moon as Toru’s parents. Toru turns away and seems very pensive. Yuka then mentions that Ryuta’s father’s smell reminded her a bit of how her father used to smell.Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

Toru turns back to look at her and then notices a motorcycle speeding towards her. He quickly pulls Yuka away from harm, hugging her too him. Yuka pulls away after a little while and seems very awkward and confused. I bet her chest is doing funny things again. Toru notices this as well and slowly takes his hands off Yuka’s arms and puts them in his pockets. He then walks away with Yuka slowly following. Clicks of a camera can be heard and we see a reporter laughing and thanking the two fort their scoop. Uh-oh! Yuka pauses, cocks her head to the side and stares at Toru’s retreating back before rushing off to follow him once more.Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

The next day Yuka is walking home singing her usual song when she sees a car parked out front. We then cut to Machiko handing Ryo the phone at the café. It is Takako wondering why Ryo hasn’t been coming over of late. Yuka is worried about Ryo, too. Did he catch a cold? Ryo replies that he is fine and Takako asks him over for dinner as she has something she needs to consult with him about. Ryo agrees and Machiko seems unhappy with this. Which is understandable as Ryo keeps getting pulled back in towards Yuka when he really needs to come to terms with his own feelings and start his life afresh without being Yuka’s babysitter.Takahashi Katsunori

Apparently Yuka got in that parked car. You’d think she would’ve known better, but she still got in. The car takes her the newspaper office. The driver gets out and quickly runs to open her door. Yuka has her wallet out and worriedly asks how much for the taxi ride. The driver explains that she doesn’t owe him a thing since it is a company car, not a taxi. It was the driver’s job to bring her to that place. Yuka then gets out of the car and hands him a candy, telling him to work hard at his job and she will as well. This surprises the driver. Yuka then gives him a giant smile and rushes into the office, making the driver smile in return. Oya and Fujiki sit down with Yuka where Oya hands Yuka some papers to give to her mother. It is the schedule that they want Yuka to follow from now on. Yuka stands up and smiles, saying she will do her best, surprising Oya and Fujiki.Wakui Emi

Yuka goes home and is working in her studio, happily saying “this is my job” over and over again. It is good to see Yuka so happy knowing that she has a “job” just like other people. Yuka finishes her piece, but her smile fades as she realizes that she has made the same thing yet again – a broken wing. She takes this piece and puts it next to the other one just like it. She then sits down with a contemplative expression. She recalls being pulled into Toru’s chest the night before and puts her hand on her own chest. She then recalls Machiko’s words about love being when you want to see someone all the time, but when you finally do, your heart throbs. Looks like Yuka is finally understanding “doki doki.”Wakui Emi

Meanwhile, Ryo has arrived and is sitting down with Takako who tells him that she is thinking about meeting with Toru to talk to him. This surprises Ryo. Takako then turns and asks Ryo if he hasn’t noticed that Yuka has special feelings for Toru. Ryo says nothing and looks into his coffee cup. Takako then reveals that she was considering putting Yuka into an institution when she died as that would be best for her daughter who cannot care for herself. Takako now thinks that there might be a different life available for Yuka besides that. Ryo asks what she means and Takako smiles and says that Yuka won’t have to live alone. Ryo immediately says that Yuka isn’t alone – she has him. Takako immediately says no. She doesn’t want Yuka to burden Ryo’s life as he should marry and open his own restaurant. Takako is determined to meet with Toru even though she is scared. Toru is still following Toyama who is meeting with the Ayabe group. Toru pulls out his camera and takes picture after picture.Takahashi Katsunori, Fubuki Jun

After hearing what Takako had to say, Ryo goes to visit Yuka in her workshop. She tells him that even though she has to make a new creation, she can only make one thing – the broken wing. Ryo turns to her and tells her not to force herself and go at her own pace. Yuka says that she can’t do that as this is her job and she promised Toru to work hard. Obviously hearing this doesn’t make Ryo very happy. Yuka then suddenly lays her head on her cousin’s chest, shocking him. She then stands back up, confused. She then asks Ryo why her heart beats faster when she’s with Toru and not with Ryo. Ryo is shocked to hear this. Yuka then puts her hands over her heart and tells Ryo that she feels a sharp pain when she is with Toru. Ryo can’t bring himself to tell her that is “love.” He apologizes and says that he doesn’t know the answer either. He knows, but he just can’t say it. It still hurts him too much.Wakui Emi, Takahashi Katsunori

A fax is then sent over to the newspaper of the article about Yuka and Toru. This can’t be good. Oya calls Toru into his office the next day where he reads the article aloud. In the article, the reporter questions whether or not the love of a mentally challenged artist and a reporter from the publishing company working on her project can have a pure love. The reporter then says that Toru’s previous article highlighting Yuka’s abnormalities was just propaganda for the project. He then accuses Towa Publishing of underhand and low methods. Oya turns to Toru and asks him how he could let his rival write such a piece. Toru claims that the article is false and that the incident was merely an accident. Oya doesn’t care about that – the company’s image is at stake and Yuka’s project could fail as well. Oya then suspends Toru until further notice. Poor Toru. Yuka is in her workshop, unaware of what is happening, wishing that she could see Toru.Tsutsumi Shinichi

That night after work, Ryo is asked if he has made his decision about Osaka. Ryo apologizes and asks for more time, which he is give. Machiko then approaches Ryo who says that he is giving it careful thought. Machiko then invites Ryo for a drink. The atmosphere gets a little awkward, but then Ryo agrees to it. A drink. Now, I am hoping its in an earnest bid of interest in Machiko. However, I do believe it is more for the fact that he is hurting from knowing Yuka loves Toru and is trying to use Machiko to forget.Takahashi Katsunori

Toru then meets with the reporter who took the photographs and wrote the article, asking him to withdraw it. Of course the reporter doesn’t want to. The reporter then asks if Toru is going to use Yuka to help get him back in to the news bureau. Toru says he doesn’t care about himself, Yuka has a bright future as an artist. Toru doesn’t want such an article to hurt her. The reporter then asks if Toru is serious about Yuka. Toru says nothing and then the reporter laughs saying that Toru has not managed to convince him to withdraw the article. Oy vey. What to do? Komiya visits with Toyama to see if he can kill the article. Toyama replies that he hasn’t agreed to support Yuka yet. Komiya says she knows and that Towa Publishing will of course be very thankful for Toyama’s help. Toyama takes a look at the article and Toru’s last name jumps out at him. Does he remember?Tsutsumi Shinichi

Kuroiwa and Fujiki are sitting down to a meal and Fujiki tells Kuroiwa that Toru is convinced there is something between them. This surprises Kuroiwa as there actually isn’t anything there. Fujiki then tells him that Toru only sees her as an easy woman. I wonder why? Perhaps because she acts like one at times. Fujiki says he isn’t so different as Toru has no luck in love either.

When Toru gets home from his meeting with the reporter, there sits Yuka in front of his door with some art. He asks her what she wants and Yuka sadly replies that she is trying very hard to work, but finds herself getting confused once more. Toru tells her that he can no longer help her and that she needs to learn to figure things out for herself [in a bid to keep her away from him and to stop the gossip that could hurt her]. Toru then tells Yuka the place she needs to be is in her studio and not at his apartment. This hurts Yuka who doesn’t understand. She looks at his back and Toru tells her that he is tired before going in to his apartment – locking her out. Yuka walks away puzzled and Toru leans against his door, hurting for doing that to Yuka.Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

At the café, Ryo recounts how his love for cooking was born and you can bet that Yuka enters in to the conversation. His passion started in middle school as he always would try making himself various things to eat when he was hungry. Every time something was successful, he’d take it over for Yuka to try and wouldn’t you know every time he did, Yuka had already prepared her own lunch. Story of his life. Always too late where Yuka is concerned. Ryo then confesses that even back then Yuka could have probably managed by herself without his help. Ryo then says that he needs to stop being the overprotective cousin at last.Takahashi Katsunori, Takaoka Saki

When he looks over at Machiko, she is crying. Machiko wipes her eyes and apologizes. Why is she crying? Machiko says she has always been a crybaby, so she can’t help it she supposes. Machiko then goes to leave, but Ryo stops her. He apologizes to her as he didn’t mean to hurt her. He then tells her that he will stop talking about Yuka and Machiko cries some more. She then embraces Ryo and tells him that she is fine being second place as she knows Yuka is special to Ryo. You know, girls say that, but then they never seem to mean it. They have a moment that could have turned into a kiss, but Ryo pulls her back to him first and then kisses her.
Takaoka Saki, Takahashi KatsunoriTakahashi Katsunori, Takaoka Saki

Toru throws himself into his work on Toyama. His desk is in utter chaos with all the pictures and notes and printouts. As he moves through things, he notices pictures of Yuka’s work. This makes him feel depressed. Yuka is sitting alone in the park and her mother looks into the studio where all she can see are sculptures of broken wings. Toru sees Yuka’s number and immediately jumps up to call, but stops himself. Meanwhile, Yuka stares at her last creation and breathes on it awhile before hugging it to her chest, tears in her eyes while Toru looks at a photograph of her work and lies in bed.Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi, Fubuki Jun

I can’t do anything for her.

He then jumps up and goes to get a cigarette, but he is out. He puts on his coat and heads out the door. He pauses and turns and there is Yuka squatting by the front of his building. This shocks Toru who cannot believe she’s there. Yuka turns around and sees Toru and gets up. She looks all sad and pathetic. Her eyes wonder all over and she says, unhappy, that she came back as she wanted to be close to Toru. She then looks up at him and back down at the ground. Poor Toru has tears in his eyes as well. What can this duo do? Toru slowly walks over and calls her silly since it is cold outside. Toru then looks down at the sculpture in her hand. Yuka raises it and says that she can only make that. Yuka then tells him that whenever she is making something she thinks about him and whenever she thinks about him, she ends up making those broken wings. Once she does that, she doesn’t know what to do. Yuka then looks up at him again and fighting back tears, asks himTsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

Is it wrong to want to be with you? Is that stupid?

Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui EmiHearing this, Toru hugs Yuka tightly to him. He himself fights back his own tears. Yuka smiles against his chest and brings her own arms around Toru. She says that he is warm. He then clutches her tighter. The two close their eyes  and we get this great silhouette with Toru’s broken wing. I really want them to be together in some way as they are both very good for one another.

Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi


  • Hi! I just discovered your website!

    “Pure” really disappointed me. I wanted to watch a nice romantic old-school Jdrama, preferably like Aishiteru to Itte Kure, but didn’t find it in “Pure”. This drama was too slow and had a HORRIBLE ending. Very disappointing.

    But it’s not all bad! I loved the lead’s acting and the sweet story overall.

    • ^_^ Welcome!
      I haven’t actually finished watching the series, but I do know that the ending is not quite what I am hoping for. I am okay with the pace for the most part, but yeah, it can be a bit slow. I believe the real magic in this show is the acting of the leads and their story. In a sense, they are both broken people who form a very deep bond with each other that I think allows both to grow and heal. Their scenes as this series progresses are very sweet.

      I haven’t seen Aishiteru to Itte Kure. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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