Jdrama: Ikemen desu ne

zsa86 and I were kicking back and forth jdramas to recap and she picked Hana Kimi 2011 and I chose Ouran and we both left Ikemen desu ne up in the air. I have decided, while waiting for Ouran, to tackle Ikmen desu ne in spite of all the negative reviews. So, keep an eye out as that will becoming either tonight or tomorrow. I have to say, depending on the first episode, I may or may not finish recapping this. I am horribly behind. I know. And I will finish what I started [in most cases]. I will let you know my final decisions on some of the series still hanging. I will admit to having the feeling of scrapping almost all of them and just starting fresh with the option of going back later to finish them. I’ll have to see.

Anywho. Korean comedy isn’t quite as bad when it comes to horribly over-the-top acting and expressions as in Japanese and Taiwanese comedies, so I am really worried about how slapstick and silly this series will get. The Korean version took awhile to hook me, but when it did I was addicted and anticipating each new episode. I am sure, like the other dramas with multiple versions, I will be critical and constantly comparing it to the original, but oh well.

Ikemen desu ne美男ですね

Romanized title: Ikemen desu ne
English title: You’re Beautiful
Broadcast station:
Broadcast dates: 15 July – 23 September 2011
Episodes: 11
SCast: Takimoto Miori, Tamamori Yuta [Kis-My-Ft2], Fujigaya Taisuke [Kis-My-Ft2], Yaotome Hikaru [Hey!Say! JUMP], Kojima Haruna, Takashima Masanobu, Yanagisawa Shingo, Katase Nana, Imori Miyuki, Manda Hisako, Rokkaki Seiji
Based on Korean drama You’re Beautiful [Minami Shineyo]
Theme song: “Everybody Go” by Kis-My-Ft2

Main Cast:

Takimoto Miori as Sakuraba MikoTakimoto Miori Tamamori Yuta as Kisaragi RenTamamori Yuta Takimoto Miori as Sakuraba Mio Takimoto Miori
Fujigaya Taisuke as Fujishiro ShuFujigaya Taisuke Yaotome Hikaru as Hongo YukiYaotome Hikaru Kojima Haruna as NANAKojima Haruna

Supporting Cast:

Yanagisawa Shingo as MabuchiYanagisawa Shingo Katase Nana as RINAKatase Nana Takashima Masanobu as AndoTakashima Masanobu
Imori Miyuki as Saskuraba ShigekoImori Miyuki Manda Hisako as Mizusawa ReikoManda Hisako Tanoshingo as ToruTanoshingo


Nun-to-be Sakuraba Miko is on her way to Rome when she is stopped by Mabuchi Hajime who requests that she pretend to be her twin brother Mio. Why? Mio was selected to join popular idol group A.N.JELL, but had an accident and needs to hide out until his broken nose heals. Thus the little nun cuts off her hair and poses as her twin brother. Can she keep the secret from fellow band members and survive until Mio comes back?


The soundtrack is available in both a basic edition and a limited edition with DVD. Both soundtrack versions have both the BGM and the songs sung by the band A.N.JELL

A.N.JELL with TBS Ikemen desu Ne Music Collection [Album + DVD] [05 Oct 2011]
Available from CDJapan and YesAsia
01. [Disc 1] promise
02. [Disc 1] ふたり
03. [Disc 1] alone
04. [Disc 1] Miss You
05. [Disc 2] 美男ですね メインテーマ
06. [Disc 2] Girl’s Soul
07. [Disc 2] Sunrise Shower
08. [Disc 2] Youphoria
09. [Disc 2] Pursuer
10. [Disc 2] 会えなくなる前に
11. [Disc 2] アシタハレルカナ
12. [Disc 2] Moon Knows
13. [Disc 2] Run and Dive
14. [Disc 2] Sky Sky Sky
15. [Disc 2] Let’s Play Tag
16. [Disc 2] Bad Relations
17. [Disc 2] 明け方の虹
18. [Disc 2] You are not my angel
19. [Disc 2] My Formal Crisis
20. [Disc 2] The story has not ended yet
21. [Disc 2] とびっきりの愛をこめて
22. [Disc 2] 浅葱色の夜
23. [Disc 2] Someone’s Sorrow
24. [Disc 2] He is my Hero
25. [Disc 2] 妖精の葛藤
26. [Disc 2] 心の奥の方へ
27. [Disc 2] 美男ですね メインテーマ (Strings Ver.)
28. [Disc 2] 会えなくなる前に (Strings Ver.)
29. [Disc 2] 明け方の虹 (Strings Ver.)
30. [Disc 3] promise (Memorial Edition) (Music Video)
31. [Disc 3] ふたり (SHIBUYA-AX Live Version) (Music Video)

A.N.JELL with TBS Ikemen desu Ne Music Collection [Album Only] [05 Oct 2011]
Available from CDJapan and YesAsia
Tracklist the same as above, just without the 2 music videos.


Ikemen desu ne [2 hour special edition]
Available from CDJapan and YesAsia
Release: 7 December 2011

Ikemen desu ne Complete Series
Available from CDJapan and YesAsia
Release: 28 December 2011


  • Aloha from Hawaii,
    Our local TV station is now showing Ikemen Desu ne. Just completed episode 4.
    I also stumbled across your Website, which is very well done, informative and enjoyable. Terrific summaries. Mahalo for bringing enjoyment to so many of us who do not speak Japanese and must rely on English translators (and subtitles).
    I attempted to connect to & search for your summaries for episodes 1 thru 4, but receive “404-Page not found.” Is there any way that you could allow access again?
    Mahalo again. –L Analu

    • Aloha L Analu! I wish my local stations in Michigan could get Asian dramas 😛 I’m not sure any of the cable providers around my area have any.
      I am glad you are enjoying the site! When I was doing a little clean-up, I changed the permalink structure which apparently was a really, really bad idea. I’m slowly trying to get that cleaned up. You can find the episode summaries by clicking here.

  • Aloha NeeNee,

    This past Monday (7/2), our local TV station (KIKU) aired the final episode of “Ikemen Desu Ne” (IDN). I am pleased to say that I found this J-drama (JD) a real pleasure to watch, but now having had to “part ways,” I feel sad. How could 11 episodes have breezed by so quickly?

    KIKU usually broadcasts JDs about 1-2 years after the original air dates in Japan (probably due to translation lag times). I believe they did well to negotiate televising this particular JD in Hawaii. A good choice. And although you and so many others who frequent your (terrific) website have viewed IDN quite a while ago, I still wanted to convey what I really enjoyed about this JD.

    (a) Actors who held to their characters throughout the episodes – Facial expressions, verbal expressions, personalities, moods/emotions… Their portrayals remained consistent and complemented each other. They caused me to really think through what their character was supposed to feel.

    (b) A great mix of humor and emotion – Although the latter half of the episodes were much more emotional as the characters’ “real-life” revelations surfaced. My heart was really tugged at while watching such a sweetly innocent young lady experience frequent heartache as she discovered what loving someone could feel like.

    (c) Care that was taken in presenting the developing love relationship of the main characters – For example, the kisses probably caught the attention of many. My immediate reaction: Refreshing! They were sweetly gentle, respectful and proper, evoking feelings and thoughts of goodness and freshness. Contrast this with kissing scenes that evoke sensuality and arousal, which I very much believe are inappropriate, improper and unnecessary on-air displays.

    (d) A selection of very nice upbeat as well as meaningful songs and music – Though I wish there had been more group performances, but I realize the storyline was about relationships vs. focus on the group itself.

    I wonder if there are any “the filming of IDN” types of online information. It would be interesting! But, if so, one would probably need to read/understand Japanese, I’m guessing.

    I’ve been debating about watching the original, Korea’s “You’re Beautiful” version. Could I watch it without becoming a critic (and not even realize it) by comparing it to IDN vs. watching it simply for entertainment? A tough one…

    Well, such are my thoughts. Thank you, NeeNee, for your dedicated time and effort and drive to freely provide us access to your summaries, which are so thorough and informative. After watching an IDN episode, I would quickly read your summary to get more clarification on areas that seemed fuzzy to me or I missed altogether. True, there were unanswered questions here and there in the JD itself where situations were not quite clear or seemed unrealistic, but isn’t it like life? In many cases, we never know all details and some deductions must be made on what information we have, but all in all, I was very satisfied with what we were presented in IDN. I will miss the weekly episodes, but I respect the actors and look forward to seeing them in future JDs.

    Mahalo once again, NeeNee, for bringing us such delight with your website writings. I am glad to have discovered your website. –L Analu

    • Aloha, L Analu!
      Welcome back and thank you for your comment. Reading through what you loved about the show made me recall what I thought about when watching it last summer. After I had divorced this show from the Korean version (which, admittedly, took a couple of episodes), I really did fall in love the characters and the actors. Well, I’m still not 100% sure I liked Kojima Haruna’s portrayal of NANA only because her acting here didn’t seem all that different then some of her other dramas and at times I think she did not get enough depth in her character, but other than that, everyone did a wonderful job.

      I would love to see more dramas with these actors and actresses in them. I agree that I would have liked more of a focus on the band aspect at times, but this was, as you point out, more on the relationships of the characters than the fact that they were an idol band. As for the kisses, I have no problem with pure and innocent kisses which is what they should be, especially in this setting. To me, most of the kisses just felt like the fake, posed, barely touching the lips.

      If you go to Soompi’s Ikemen desu ne thread, you might be able to access some BTS information/videos with translations.

      I highly recommend watching the original Korean version, but do have to admit that you might want to allow yourself some time and distance from the Japanese version. It’s really hard sometimes to divorce your expectations and memories and likes and since I had started rewatching the Kdrama before the Jdrama, that made it harder for me to divorce the two shows at first, which really wasn’t fair to the Japanese version.

      I am glad that my recaps helped to clarify some fuzzy points ^_^ and am glad that you discovered the site and stopped by to leave your thoughts and impressions.

  • Long time no see/talk NeeNee! Hope things are well 🙂
    Gah, I am so out of the Asian drama loop ><… real life can be so distracting, lol. Your site seems to have grown by a storm! That's awesome! I can definitely rely on coming here & getting some good quality updates.

    I am a huge fan of the original Korean version, largely thanks to Jang Geun Suk's most brilliant enactment of Hwang Tae Kyung so it's no surprise that Ikemen desu ne has been in my dorama queue for months and months (and months…) now. Still very keen on watching it and glad to hear some of your thoughts. Heard from many that the Japanese version very much has its own flavour so I will go in treating it as simply another girl disguised as boy series (which I am yet to see one that disappoints really. They all make me want to chop off my locks and put on boys clothes just to see how much fun life can be inside a men's locker room, lol.)

    • Hi Jicks! It has been awhile 🙂 Things are well here and I hope are well for you.
      I know, real life is distracting and you can see that sometimes with the posts (or lack thereof) at different points for me. I did go from having 2 jobs to only 1 now, so that gives me more time for Asian drama 😛

      I know! JGS as Hwang Tae Kyung was epically good. I remembering watching the first episode of YB and going “meh” as I wasn’t a HUGE fan of comedies (but now they’ve grown on me more and more) and then when I decided to give the show another shot, it was like crack and I was hooked to the point I caught up with all the previously aired episodes and I was anxiously awaiting each new week.

      The Japanese show really did have its own flavor and since I came into watching it knowing it was an adaption, I couldn’t divorce IDN from YB at first. I think you are right in looking at it as another series with a crossdressing girl vs. as a remake because its hard not to compare (and sometimes complain) about the differences. Once I did that, I liked the series more and more for its own merits and it did some great things that the Korean version kind of just glossed over, so that was okay. I could tell you more, but you should watch it when you have time first and then we can talk about it >_<

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