Kuroshitsuji the Musical: That Butler, Friendship

Matsushita Yuya, Sakamoto ShougoAlthough I am not to certain how well recapping a musical will be received, I have decided to recap/review the Kuroshitsuji musicals. I have read the manga [up to a certain point] and am currently watching the anime. And somehow I found out about the musical thanks to YouTube. That then led me to seek out any venue where I could find and watch the entire musical and not just musical snippets on YouTube. I do believe both musicals are available on DVD, but I do not believe any of the releases comes with English subtitles. So if you like The Black Butler, then you should definitely check this out.

I know there were a lot of complaints about Matsushita Yuya as Sebastian because of his voice not being all that deep, but after watching Matsushita as Sebastian, I think he suited the role just fine and he even did sing in a very different manner than his usual R&B style and I don’t think it was all that bad. Maybe I am just biased because I love Matsushita’s voice. Not bad, for a 17-year-old. And I know there were complaints about Sakamato Shougo being too old and tall for Ciel, but I think his acting was pretty darn good and he really embodied the aloof, adult-like earl. Anywho, I digress.

The first musical takes place after the curry god incident with Prince Souma and Agni, but before Ciel and Sebastian go off to investigate the London Circus for her majesty, Queen Victoria. The actual plot is not done in the manga nor the anime. Tanaka narrates the musical, but you never actually ever see him onstage.

The musical opens with an introduction to the staff of the Phantomhive household: Bard [Koyama Tsuyoshi] is the cook, Meilin [Igari Atsuko] is the maid, and Finnian [Minami Shouta] is the gardener. Ciel is throwing a ball to appease his business partners and the three servants are hard at work…or rather working hard, but accomplishing little. Bard isn’t motivated to cook, Meilin breaks some expensive china, and Finnian has no ambition to weed the courtyard. They decide the only way to motivate themselves is with a song. Thus the first musical number starts. “Sawagashii, hana sannin!” or “How noisy, this trio!” I have to say that the musical servants do look a lot like their manga counterpoints. In this number you have a relatively simple dance and see the servants’ determination and their bumbling. They may try to be the best servants, but usually end up failing.Idiot Trio

At this point Ciel [Sakamoto Shougo] comes in and asks what all the noise is about. This makes the servants nervous. Ciel demands to know what all the noise was about and Bard explains they were just singing to get fired up. Ciel then demands to know if anything good has ever come of them getting fired up. The trio gets quiet and Meilin hangs her head – the obvious answer is no. Ciel says this and Bard acts all embarrassed and tells bocchan to quit it. Ciel tells him that wasn’t a compliment, but rather a complaint. Meilin immediately apologizes for waking Ciel up so early. Ciel says he was already awake and Finnian asks if Ciel listened to their song. Ciel replies that he had no choice but to hear it and asks if that is something they should really be singing. The trio then ask what song they should sing instead and Ciel tells them to ask him. By him, he is, of course, referring to the demon butler himself – Sebastian Michaelis.Sakamoto Shougo

Then comes Matsushita’s grand entrance and the second musical number, “Yes, My Lord.” The number is basically Sebastian’s commitment to excellence and being the perfect butler for Ciel. It’s rather simple with some rather…odd dancing on Matsushita’s part. Not sure I like the choreography for this number. Sebastian then runs down the list of all the things the trio did wrong and thus begins dramatic music and Sebastian’s weird dance, which causes the servants to run around in circles in a tither. Having enough of the spectacle, Ciel chimes in with his own song saying he’s had enough of the idiocy and is returning to bed. Sebastian tells him he can’t as the schedule for the day is just getting started.Matsushita Yuya

The song ends and Sebastian asks his master how Ciel found the song versus the idiot trio’s. What kind of butler would he be if he couldn’t perform something of that standard? The servants applaud while Ciel wonders why Sebastian had to sing at all. He tells Sebastian to stop being competitive in weird instances. The servants then point out that even Ciel joined in the song, to which the young earl becomes embarrassed and insists that he did not and wasn’t listening. Ciel then tells his servants to go back to work as there is little time left until the ball and the trio scatter to complete their tasks.Sakamoto Shougo, Matsushita Yuya

Ciel says he always knew the servants were hopeless. Sebastian replies that they have no choice to but to rely on the idiot trio since Agni is not there to help. Apparently Agni and Prince Souma are on vacation right now. Sebastian then says he had hoped to invite Elizabeth [Ciel’s fiancée] and Frances [not sure who this is actually] to the ball as well, but they weren’t at home. Ciel is happy that they were unavailable as it would be too noisy with them there. He just wants the tedious ball over with already so he can go back to London to investigate the circus. Sebastian kneels and says he will do whatever Ciel commands and protect the young boy with his life.Matsushita Yuya, Sakamoto Shougo

Ciel says that is only because of the contract and calls Sebastian cunning. Sebastian smiles and asks if Ciel is displeased. Ciel changes the subject and goes to return upstairs when Sebastian pulls out a letter from the queen. Ciel asks him to read it and Sebastian does, to himself. I am sure Ciel probably meant out loud. Before Sebastian can relay the contents of the letter, Meilin rushes in and says that they have unexpected guests. Sebastian then leaves before telling Ciel what the queen had to say. Ciel goes to follow, but turns and goes towards his room instead when Sebastian returns and says that they have guests from Japan. Ciel doesn’t want to be bothered with them and tells Sebastian to take care of them by himself. Sebastian asks if that is really okay and Ciel says he has already told Sebastian that he doesn’t want to be bothered and just wants the tedious things over with already. Ciel says there is plenty of time to talk business at the ball. After Sebastian sends the guests away, then he must come back and tell Ciel what the letter contained. Sebastian says that is troubling as the queen wrote to treat the Japanese guests with utmost courtesy.Sakamoto Shougo, Matsushita Yuya

We then cut to Inspector Aberline and one of his Scotland Yard lackeys. Henry is scared and Aberline tells him to stop being such a wuss, but when another lackey comes out of the blue, Aberline crouches down and screams. It appears that another murder has taken place and the victim had connections to Japan like all the previous victims. This leads Aberline to suspect that anyone with Japanese connections or people from Japan might have something to do with what’s going on. A scream sounds and Aberline tells the other officers to go, but they play around and he has to herd them out. Aberline helps provide a lot of comedy along with the idiot trio as he always complains about the fact that no one remembers how to say his name properly.Ise Naohiro

Back at the Phantomhive mansion, Ciel plays a game of chess with one of his Japanese guests. Apparently they have come all the way from Japan to see Ciel’s steward Tanaka. Japan is starting to open itself up to the west, but the guests are embarrassed to admit that they just cannot fathom Western ways. Ciel says that it is understandable as they are not used to Western ways yet. Kai [Oshino Daichi] says that is why it is a problem. Rokumeikan [Western-style diplomatic house in Japan] was built to show that Japan is a civilized like the rest of the world – but that is just a façade. People laugh at how unfamiliar the East is with the West. Kirito [Miyashita Yuuya] butts in and says that those who wish to laugh should just laugh. Kai continues and says that he and his brother came to England from Japan to learn from Tanaka the ways of the west. Sebastian then tells Kai that Tanaka is out at a bookstore and will return later and thus begins the near misses of Kai who can never seem to catch Tanaka.Uninvited Guests

Ciel beats Yuuki [Aoyagi Ruito] at chess and the Japanese boy is upset. Now, I have no idea how old Yuuki is supposed to be, but he acts like quite a little brat. His older brother Kai tells him not to act like that and Sebastian says that Ciel is a game aficionado who never loses. Kai then explains to Yuuki that Ciel has paid him a compliment by not holding back even though he is an amateur. Kai then declares to keep playing until he finally wins. Ciel is not pleased by this, but gives in as he remembers the queen’s message. He sits back down to play chess much to Yuuki and Sebastian’s happiness.Matsushita Yuya, Sakamoto Shougo, Aoyagi Ruito

Kai then approaches Kirito and tells him that since they are guests, they had better keep a closer watch on Yuuki [I guess because he is so childish at times]. Kirito isn’t too concerned about this and says that since they are guests, they should receive all the hospitality they can. Kai says that isn’t the case and Kirito goes on to say that Ciel must be at a loss at how to deal with them since they were unexpected guests. Kai asks if that is true and Sebastian negates that. Kirito then says he will go about his own business. Ciel says he cannot allow that and says that the queen told him to treat the Japanese guests with utmost courtesy. Sebastian breaks into the conversation [as Ciel shouldn’t have said such a thing] and says that Ciel should challenge Yuuki with the Japanese game of Shogi.  This excites Yuuki as he just might win if they switch to a game originating from his country and Sebastian sends them to Ciel’s room to play while he repairs tea. Yuuki, in his excitement calls Ciel informally. Ciel warns him that he has never lost a game before.Oshino Daichi, Miyashita Yuuya

Enter in Lau [Ryuuya] and his two Chinese girls. The man never goes anywhere without a girl by his side.  He asks if he should be Ciel’s opponent. Needless to say the young earl and Sebastian are not happy to see Lau coming in and doing whatever he wants again. Thus the next musical number starts “Shi Shang Wei You Neng Zhi Hou Hui Da Yao” or “There’s no medicine for regret in the whole world.” A song with a more Chinese sound to it, since Lau is a Chinese character. I must admit the song makes no sense to me at all in the grand scheme of things, but I suppose that is how it is supposed to be given that Lau is Lau and does whatever he wants, sometimes incoherently.Ryuuya

The song ends and Lau sits down, talking to Ciel who had gone upstairs already with Yuuki. Lau complains about Ciel not inviting him and then says that it is odd for a dour person like Ciel to throw a ball. Lau then notices finally that Ciel is gone and Sebastian tells him that Ciel left during the song and dance as Ciel is not a fan of such things. Lau gets up complaining that he had really wanted Ciel to see it and that he had worked out his timing. He then goes up to Kirito and asks who he is. Sebastian introduces Kai and Kirito as their Japanese guests hoping to learn the mannerisms of England. Kai introduces himself and Kirito, saying they are there to look after Yuuki. Lau comments on how Yuuki seemed to be a well-brought up boy, not unlike Ciel. He then asks since Kou Ando are in the toy business, are they there looking up their competition? Kai immediately refutes this since they are new to the business. Besides, they only manufacture Japanese games. Lau says they should surely become a success and then describes a modern videogame console as something to be invented, but Kai just laughs saying it seems impossible.Matsushita Yuya, Ryuuya, Oshino Daichi, Miyashita Ruito

Lau stops his laughing and asks what the Japanese’s true motives are for coming to the mansion. Kai and Kirito seem nervous at that questioning. Kai asks what he means and Lau repeats the question, making Kai more uncomfortable. The tension is broken, however, when Lau says that they are obviously there uninvited to enjoy Ciel’s party. This causes Kirito to miss a step and Sebastian to drop his tray. Lau only has pleasure on the brain. Lau then says that he expressly came to help out in hopes of being able to join the fun. Sebastian then replies that the others have already been invited. Kai then offers to help out for the party. Sebastian refuses, but Kai insists. At this point, Bard and Finnian come in to take out the furniture. Bard takes the cake instead, leaving the heavy lifting to Finnian. Kai then asks Kirito to help out and Lau tells him to carry the remaining chair while he makes tea. This annoys Kirito who yells at him. Lau said he is joking and it will be coffee, not tea. Kirito can’t believe this since Lau asked him to help. Kirito then tells Lau to get a move and help as well since that is the only reason Kirito is helping out. Lau turns and literally skips off in the direction the servants went followed by Kirito. Ah, Lau. Such a comedian.Kurshitsuji the Musical 1

At this time, Meilin comes in followed by Aberline and his two lackeys. Poor Meilin is flustered as they just barged in. Sebastian tells her it is okay and then sends her away to finish preparing for the party. Aberline then gets down to business and asks if Sebastian knows about the new serial killings. Sebastian replies that he has read about them in the paper and Aberline announces that he is the lead investigator, making his men clap. Aberline then goes over and gives them candy for that. Oy. Silly. Sebastian asks if Aberline wants help and Aberline refuses since he can’t accept bribes. Aberline is then introduced to Kai and Aberline requests to be on security detail at the ball since the murdered all had connections to Japan. Kai readily accepts, but Sebastian staunchly refuses the help as he doesn’t want the party mood ruined. The disappointed Aberline and his men then leave.Ise Naohiro

After they leave, Sebastian turns to Kai and apologizes for the disturbance. He then asks if Kai is thinking he is a horrible butler for not accepting the police help. Kai immediatley says he isn’t thinking such things, but in comes Kirito who says that thought crossed his mind. Kai scolds him, but Sebastian tells them not to worry because he is [one of his 2 phrases that he ALWAYS says] “one HELL of a butler.” There is no way he would put any of them in danger. Kirito says that while Sebastian may say that, the butler’s face shows that he could care less one way or another. Putting on a smile, Sebastian turns around and excuses himself to finish his preparations for afternoon tea. He bows and tells the two guests to make themselves comfortable. Kirito laughs as Sebastian leaves and goes off followed by an unhappy Kai.Oshino Daichi, Matsushita Yuya, Miyashita Yuuya

And thus the ball starts with Ciel welcoming his guests for coming. He then takes up a violin and starts playing [well, pantomiming] while his guests dance and Sebastian puts out refreshments and Meilin distributes drinks. Yuuki asks the maid just what kind of person Sebastian is as the butler sends chills done his spine. Meilin says that Sebastian makes her tingle, too – definitely not what the young man meant. LOL. Meilin and her crush on Sebastian. Meilin then says that Sebastian is the perfect butler whom she has never seen fail. At this moment, Sebastian knocks over silverware and and Yuuki points this out. Meilin then says that she didn’t see anything and rushes away.Kuroshitsuji the Musical 1

Kai gets Yuuki to get up and dance while he goes to help Sebastian pick up what he dropped. Sebastian asks if Kai is enjoying himself and Kai replies that he is. This makes Sebastian happy. Kai also thanks Sebastian for the Western clothing that Yuuki is wearing. It was a gift that was too big for Ciel, so Sebastian is happy to have it put to use. Kai asks if Sebastian will dance as well and Sebastian replies that is not something butlers do. Kai is unhappy that there is so much to learn. He then asks after Ciel. Sebastian tells Kai that it’s a secret but Ciel can’t really dance all that well. Kai then asks after Tanaka and Sebastian says that he was just sitting across the room a moment ago. This shocks Kai who hadn’t seen him at all. He then goes to ask Sebastian when he can meet with Tanaka, but Sebastian goes off without saying anything [another common, funny occurrence in this musical].Oshino Daichi, Matsushita Yuya

And why did Sebastian so rudely leave? He caught sight of Grell [in butler form, not reaper]. He demands to know what Grell is doing there. Grell immediately comes out and bows saying that he is only there to apologizes for all the trouble he caused during the Jack the Ripper case. Sebastian tells him to stop the poor performance and get down to the real reason he is there. Grell immediately stands up and says that he is an actress after all, so how can Sebastian call the performance, bad? Grell then says he came to expressly see Sebastian – surely the butler missed him? Of course Sebastian replies that he didn’t in the least. Grell then fondles Sebastian, saying he is purposefully being cold, but doesn’t really mean it. This annoys Sebastian who tells Grell to please leave and then picks him up by his coat collar. Grell’s squeals call attention to what is going on and Sebastian is forced to let go.Matsushita Yuya, Uehara Takuya

Sebastian then asks how everyone is doing and says that Ciel is presenting a gift to everyone there – sweets in the shape of flowers blooming on the estate. The servants then hand out the candies and Ciel asks Sebastian why Grell is there. Sebastian replies that he doesn’t know, but he is sure that Grell can’t do anything. The cast then goes offstage to hand out sweets personally to lucky audience members. After everyone returns to the stage, Sebastian calls for attention and goes to perform his tablecloth trick – and fails epically! Which is not usual for Sebastian. He immediately apologizes and sets the trio about on cleaning up the mess and preparing new refreshments. He then mentions Tanaka and Kai goes off in search of the elusive steward. Lau asks what he can do and Sebastian tells him to stand quietly in the background doing nothing.

Matsushita Yuya

Kai manages to miss  Tanaka once more and Sebastian goes up to Kai and asks him to help out with some form of entertainment. Kai wonders what would be suitable and Sebastian apologizes for having Kai come up with a Japanese form of entertainment to cover for his mistakes. Kai says he understands and will ask Yuuki for a musical performance. Sebastian goes over to Ciel who wonders just what is wrong with his butler. It is unlike the perfect Sebastian to make such mistakes as dropping silverware or unsuccessfully pulling out a tablecloth. Sebastian immediately apologizes for embarrassing the Phantomhive name and Ciel immediately replies that he doesn’t care about that. Why his Sebastian acting differently today and failing? Sebastian leans in close and tells his beloved master that he had entirely too many things to deal with. Ciel turns to face his butler and demands to know just what Sebastian has been up to.Sakamoto Shougo, Matsushita Yuya

Before Sebastian can reply – though he probably wouldn’t have anyways – Kai calls everyone’s attention to the front of  the room where he and Yuuki stand on the stairs where Ciel performed his violin piece earlier. He introduces himself and his younger brother. He then says that Yuuki will be giving a flute performance. The guests clap for him and Yuuki’s walking tick becomes a flute [or rather the flute is the handle of the walking stick]. Yuuki puts it up to his mouth, but seems reluctant to play. Kai tells him everything will be fine and Sebastian requests that Ciel move away from the base of the stairs. Ciel demands to know why and Sebastian says that it is a safety measure. From what? Ciel does not question this, but does move farther away.Oshino Daichi, Aoyagi Ruito

Yuuki finally starts playing his flute. It’s a very beautiful, oriental-sounding melody, buyt just as soon as he starts, the lights go red and men come in trying to kill Yuuki and Kai. Sebastian does a nicely choreographed fight scene that doesn’t look too fake and manages to stop the men. In true Sebastian style, he uses a tablecloth and silverware to ward off the intruders. He then rushes upstairs to ask after the two Japanese guests when one of the attackers gets back up and shoots Sebastian who falls down to the ground. Yuuki says he knew such things  would happen – that is why he didn’t want to play in the first place. The gunmen comes up the stairs and next thing you know Sebastian tells him not to proceed and kicks his rear downstairs. But of course, Sebastian is a demon, so a little bullet won’t hurt him. Ciel then comes forward and asks if the guests were surprised by their little drama. Nothing like pretending it was all planned, but given Sebastian, I suppose it was to an extent. Ciel then closes the ball and offers the guests the latest creation of Phantomhive’s toy company that he is particularly proud of.Matsushita Yuya

As the guests begin to depart, Lau crouches down by the body of one of the attackers and tells Sebastian it is as expected. The poor butler has to play all of the hard roles. He was perfectly shot, wasn’t he? Sebastian says it was a mere scratch when Meilin runs in screaming that one of the windows had been broken. Sebastian pulls a bullet from his front jacket pocket and says for that to happen right before his eyes…humans are really something. He then drops the bullet in the champagne flute that Meilin was holding. She looks at it and asks what it is before running after the retreating Sebastian. Ciel then turns to Lau and asks a favor of him. What it is, we don’t know.Matsushita Yuya, Igari Atsuko

The next scene is pitch black with the sounds of horses and other things being played before a low light opens and we see Kirito. He asks how long the person plans on following him. Who is the person? Out pops Grell who is surprised that Kirito notices his presence. Looks like Grell has a crush on Kirito. What about Sebastian? Grell tells Kirito that Sebastian is a black dahlia which makes Kirito a purple lilac. The angry Kirito says that this should have nothing to do with his charm points – what is it that Grell wants to say? This upsets Grell. The two are finally alone, shouldn’t they get to know each other better? Grell of course, wraps himself around Kirito who shakes him off and tells Grell that if he has no business with Kirito, then Grell should leave and head home. Grell then says that Kirito is just like him. Kirito pauses and Grell announces “The smell.” Surely Kirito has noticed this as well. More red light and the sound of wind blowing. Kirito says nothing to this and just tells Grell that if the reaper is looking for a partner, he’s barking up the wrong tree as Kirito just doesn’t swing that way. Grell – always rejected.Miyashita Yuya, Uehara Takuya

Back at the Phantomhive mansion, Aberline arrives on scene. Ciel asks if it is just to say “I told you so.” Sebastian says that seems likely. Ciel then turns to Kai and Yuuki and demands to know what is really going on. Kai says it seems the intruders are extreme patriots of Japan who are against the Westernization. They view those who try to change to the Western ways as traitors and have threatened the lives of even Japan’s ministers. Ciel replies that it can’t be helped, there are those who will not cotton to the change. He then tells Kai that he and Yuuki should just go back to Japan and retire to the countryside where they can be away from such political struggles and danger. Things will be fine as long as they have and believe in each other. Kai doesn’t like this idea and Yuuki then bursts out that everything is because of his flute playing. Kai tells his little brother that is wrong, but Yuuki won’t calm down. His older brother knows that his flute playing on brings misfortune, right?Aoyagi Ruito, Oshino Daichi, Sakamoto Shougo, Matsushita Yuya

Yuuki goes to run away in a panic, but is stopped by Kai. Then enters Kirito. He tells Kai to let Yuuki go and goes over the the younger boy, exasperated. After a deep sigh, Kirito backhands Yuuki much to Kai’s horror. Kirito then tells Yuuki that he doesn’t know what will happen to Japan in the future, nor does he care what happens when Yuuki plays his damn flute, but he can’t stand to see the way Yuuki is acting know. Yuuki doesn’t like this lecture and calls Kirito a murderer before running upstairs. Kirito goes to follow, but Sebastian says to leave things alone. Kirito pauses and says that’s right. He doesn’t have to care how people act and he goes up the opposite staircase after apologizing for what happened.Oshino Daichi, Miyashita Yuya, Aoyagi Ruito

Kai bows deeply and goes to follow and Ciel says there is no reason to hide anymore – just what is with that flute. Kai says there is a rumor that the Kou Ando company good exorcise ghosts with the flute. How interesting. As the eldest, Kai was supposed to inherit the flute and the duties, but he lost his fingers as a child so the flute was passed down to his younger brother Yuuki. Yuuki thinks that his brother’s accident was his fault and that his parents’ murder by spirits was his fault as well. Ciel says that is strange since the flute is supposed to exorcise ghosts. Kai agrees with this, but Yuuki strongly believes his flute only brings misfortune. Sebastian then asks why Kirito was called a murder. Kai asked if they noticed the unseemly name calling. Hard to miss when Yuuki yelled it out. Kai explains that Kirito arrived at their house a few days after their parents’ death nine years ago. When Yuuki saw Kirito, he asked him to give his parents back their eyes. Yuuki supposedly saw Kirito in the middle of the spirits who came to kill their parents. Kai insists that Yuuki was confused and that Kirito isn’t that kind of person. Ciel doesn’t let it go and Kai gets angry saying that he didn’t see Kirito kill their parents at all. He then runs off.Oshino Daichi, Sakamoto Shougo, Matsushita Yuya

After Kai runs off upset, Sebastian says there was a better way to handle that. Ciel then says that Kai was obviously lying. Sebastian says that Kai was because of his breathing and sweating. So Kirito really did kill the brothers’ parents. Sebastian then says that Ciel really does love detective games. Ciel isn’t doing it for fun. It is the queen’s orders after all. He then changes the subject and says that “they” should have reached their by now. Perhaps it was a mistake sending them. Sebastian says that he sent Aberline along to help which makes Ciel only more worried about the outcome.Sakamoto Shougo, Matsushita Yuya

The servants are wondering around in the audience in the pitch black searching for something. The trio is scared. Meilin and Finny cling to Bard. Then out pops Lau with a lantern, scaring them further. Lau scolds them for being so late. He thought that he had missed them, but instead he had arrived early. Bard says that Lau was supposed to be their guide since he was the only one who knew the way. Oops. Looks like Lau didn’t know that. Well, since they have arrived at their destination, then his job is done now. The curtain raises on a creepy place with coffins and skeletons. Lau calls out but receives no answer. They are at a place where the corpses were taken for investigation. Lau calls out once more using a funny pun and this finally gets a reaction. A voice corrects his wordplay and the quartet look around for its source.Ryuuya, Koyama Tsuyoshi

And thus starts are next musical number! It’s the undertaker’s [Izumi Shuuhei] song! Also known as “Howl Brings You Unhappiness.” LOVE The Undertaker! The man wears some killer heels as he is supposed to be tall and gangly. And how he can see wearing that wig of his is a mystery. The quartet look around and a spotlight focuses in on the upright coffin which opens. It is empty and the next thing you know The Undertaker pops up behind them. Then starts the funny dance with his skeletal backup dancers and his mouse singers. The whole song is about death and misfortune with the laughing through his song. Death really makes him happy.Izumi Shuuhei

The song ends and The Undertaker sends his part-time help back to eat some melon. He then asks how the group likes his theme park. Bard replies that it is more like a haunted house. Meilin cries out that Bard is a skeleton [again] and Bard yells that he is over there and that Meilin should know what he looks like by now. The Undertaker then goes over to the open coffin and asks if they thought he would come out so normally with that there. Everyone is scared and avoids the Undertaker and hangs on to Bard. The Undertaker goes to make tea and finds a missing ear. This freaks everyone out more and Bard finally pees his pants in fright, sending the other two over to Lau for protection. The Undertaker asks if they are there for the corpses brought in by Lau’s two girls and Bard cannot believe that Lau made the girls carry them.Igari Atsuko, Koyama Tsuyoshi, Minami Shouta

They are then interrupted by the arrival of Aberline. This takes Undertaker by surprise and he quickly tries to get things ready for another round of his song, but doesn’t have enough time in the end. Aberline comes in and takes one look at the Undertaker and screams. Since he couldn’t do his performance, Undertaker loses his interest and energy, making the trio call him a grumpy government employee. Learning that Aberline is with the others, his energy reappears and the Undertaker asks for a good laugh before he will divulge any information. Needless to say this surprises the guests.Izumi Shuuhei, Ise Naohiro, Minami Shouta

Lau steps up as the experienced person and delivers a really lame joke while Undertaker writhed in anticpation behind him. When Lau received no laugh, he explained the joke to Undertaker who got it and just didn’t find it funny. Then one by one, the others keep on trying and keep on failing. Finally, Aberline gives it another go [some of them almost got Undertaker laughing] and takes a bucket of various parts and makes a joke about someone who ordered the “left over bucket”: which causes the Undertaker to burst out laughing. Thus he gives them what he learned from the corpses. Which was? If he wasn’t mistaken the people brought in had already been dead for quite some time. Ala? Zombies attacked Yuuki and Kai?Izumi Shuuhei, Ryuuya, Ise Naohiro

The stage darkens with a crash of thunder and the sound of rain. We then see a shadow memory of when Kai lost his fingers after Yuuki tried playing the flute. Kai tried to comfort Yuuki who just couldn’t get over what happened. It turns out it was a dream from a sleeping Yuuki. The nightmare wakes him up and there is Ciel. Yuuki asks if he said anything in his sleep and Ciel replied that he did. Yuuki chides Ciel for not waking him from the nightmare. Ciel replies that he has nightmares every night of his parents’ burned bodies, Tanaka getting slashed in front of his eyes, and the mansion on fire. Ciel trails off and Yuuki calls his name. Ciel then says that Yuuki must have a lot of free time to always be blaming himself. Yuuki tells him to shut up as what does he know and Ciel’s reply is that he doesn’t know nor does he need to. Ciel then says that if Yuuki is playing a part in a tragedy, there are things that he can do before he spends time regretting. That is how Ciel sees it anyways.Sakamoto Shougo, Aoyogi Ruito

If I’m the one at fault, then I’ll bear it with my own hands.

This declaration of Ciel’s surprises Yuuki. Ciel says that if Yuuki thinks he attracts calamity, then it’s fine, isn’t it? But since Yuuki is attracting it, even if it is misfortune, Yuuki should be able to find some way to use it, to control it as Yuuki is the only one who can change his world. Yuuki then gets up and asks if it isn’t lonely for Ciel to live as he does. Ciel says he has no time to think about happiness. Sebastian then comes in with tea and Ciel departs. Yuuki sits down and asks Sebastian how Ciel became the head of his house. Sebastian said to draw out the murders of his parents. Since Ciel is all alone with no one to protect, he is using his own strength to continue on and control/change his world. Yuuki wonders if he can ever become that strong and Sebastian says that seeing how Yuuki challenged Ciel at chess saying he will play until he wins, Sebastian believes Yuuki is capable of it.Sakamoto Shougo, Aoyagi Ruito

And thus starts “Mado ni Omon” or “Recollection by the Window,” a duet between Ciel and Yuuki. I LOVE this song. This number, Grell and Sebastian’s duet, and Ciel and Sebastian’s duet are my absolute favorites. No real choreography, just simple movements and a very moving, sad song about not being able to get over the past and trying to overcome it. Aoyagi’s and Sakamoto’s voices just blend so well together and really portray the raw emotions of their characters. Ciel’s part shows that he has gotten further than Yuuki has in accepting and not blaming himself, but he still is not happy and fully able to overcome the tragedies, while Yuuki’s part tells how he is nowhere near getting over what happened 9 years ago and putting it behind him at all. Will these two young men be able to overcome the obstacles before them?Sakamoto Shougo, Aoyagi Ruito

When the song ends, Sebastian comes by with a candle and covers up the sleeping Ciel. As he goes to leave, Kirito comes down the stairs thanking Sebastian for being able to hear just how the others thought of him. Sebastian asked if he hear, duh, and Kirito replies that even if he didn’t want to, it still reached his ears. It seems Kirito always overhears things. He then puts up a cat mask and makes the paw motion with his hand as a joke. Sebastian doesn’t get it. Kirito explains and Sebastian apologizes which makes Kirito feel bad and totally killed the moment. This is a really cute scene between Kirito and Sebastian. LOVED it. The two are cute together just as Sebastian and Grell are. Kirito turns and says he is always left out and Sebastian, not wanting to miss another joke, goes to give a big laugh and then is stopped by the serious Kirito who then laughs and says they can be friends. This surprises Sebastian and he isn’t quite sure what to say. Kirito then invites Sebastian to Japan. Sebastian then asks if Kirito has heard that Japanese make the worst friends becausethey never come when they say next time. Kirito laughs at this and does the cat mask again. He tells Sebastian to smile and then walks off.Miyashita Yuya, Matsushita Yuya

Ciel wakes up and tells Sebastian that he has no right to decide who becomes Ciel’s friend or not. Sebastian apologizes and then mentions Ciel sympathizing with Yuuki earlier. Ciel angrily sits up and throws the covers off himself. Sebastian then asks if Ciel is jealous of Yuuki having such a kind, older brother, or is it that Ciel really does feel lonely? Sebastian then goes on to say that it seems like Ciel is the one who isn’t acting like himself. Ciel angrily jumps to his feet and tells Sebastian to shut up. Ciel has no need for siblings or friends that he can trust. Sebastian then bows and takes his leave. Ciel watches him go, crestfallen. That is why he has Sebastian.Sakamoto Shougo, Matsushita Yuya

Another murder takes place. Mrs. Simmons, who left Japan a year ago to study English, has been murdered. She was a guest at Ciel’s ball the other night. Aberline asks if his man is certain and thus begins a name play on the lackey’s wife being name Jessica. Poor Aberline is working with idiots, though he isn’t the brightest crayon in the box either. His other lackey comes and reports that Ciel is holding a musical recital as an apology to the ball attendees for what happened during the ball. Aberline wonders just what Ciel is thinking. He then orders that the bodies from the ball be re-examined because there is no way one of them was already dead when the incident happened. Aberline instructs the boys to take care of the body and then come and back him up. He then dashes off while the two detectives bumble on carrying the body.Ise Naohiro

The music recital starts with a magic show. Lau and his girls prepare to saw Sebastian in half. The girls can’t cut through him so Lau lends him his power and gets the Saw all the way through with one push. Sebastian then takes the saw and finishes sawing himself. The blanket is removed and Sebastian stands up whole to applause. The idiot trio asks how the trick is performed and Lau says it is magic. Ciel then says Lau is only saying that because even he doesn’t know. Finny says that he really wants to try it. Sebastian tells him to partner with Lau or call Sebastian when Finny decides he really wants to die. This is because Lau really did cut the demon in half, but Sebastian can survive it while a mere human can’t.Ryuuya, Matsushita Yuya

Kai comments on the fun performance. His only regret is that no one else showed up to see it, but since the recital was such short notice, the invitations probably didn’t make it. Sebastian refutes this as he delivered them all successfully that morning. Sebastian then sends the idiots away to prepare just in case the guests decide to show up. Ciel then asks what is the problem and Kai reveals that he wasn’t honest when he said it was the work of extreme patriots. Sebastian and Ciel reveal that they believe it is a competitor in the exorcist business who is deciding to kill Yuuki to get rid of competition. They are using the guise of patriots to hid what they really want and blame it on someone else that could lead to a rebellion which means more work for the exorcists. Kai refutes this, but Lau tells him he can’t hide from the truth.Matsushita Yuya, Ryuuya, Oshino Daichi, Sakamoto Shougo

Kai vows to watch over Yuuki and protect him and Sebastian goes to straighten Kai’s clothes. This embarrasses Kai. As this goes on, Tanaka leaves, but Sebastian won’t let Kai go until he finished his straightening. When Sebastian finishes, Kai runs off, but misses Tanaka yet again. Then Yuuki descends the stairs. Sebastian says that they are Yuuki’s only audience. Yuuki says it can’t be helped because of the incident the other night. Kirito comes in and tells Yuuki not to care about such things as they are there for him. Kai agrees and tells Yuuki to see it as practice. Sebastian makes his way over to Ciel who states that the real show is just about to begin. Those two and their schemes!Matsushita Yuya, Oshino Daichi, Sakamoto Shougo

Yuuki starts playing his flute with its interesting melody. Thunder sounds and the lights go dark. Ciel asks what is happening and Lau goes to take a look. Sebastian warns his master that they’ve come. Sebastian gets Ciel out of harms way as the zombies come in. Kai gets hurt and Kirito grabs Yuuki and takes him away from the fighting. Sebastian defeats the zombies and Ciel tells him that Kirito took Yuuki away. Kai says Kirito isn’t a bad guy and Sebastian says he can’t leave with the house full of zombies. The idiot trio then comes in and says they will take care of the mansion. Sebastian, Ciel, and Kai leave to go after Kirito and Yuuki while Meilin fights the zombies who just refuse to stay dead. there was really cool and well done choreography for these fight scenes.Kurshitsuji the Musical 1

Meanwhile, Ciel, Sebastian and Kai run into Aberline who was coming to find out what was going on. Ciel says the recital is over and runs off followed by Kai and Sebastian and soon after Aberline. We then cut back to the mansion where Finny is fighting more zombies who just refuse to stay dead. The servants are getting overwhelmed. We then cut back to the quartet looking for Yuuki and Kirito. Aberline and Kai split up from Ciel and Sebastian to find the missing duo quicker. Then we cut back to the kitchen where bard fights more zombies with meat, utensils and eventually dynamite, which still doesn’t seem to keep them dead. Will they ever be able to stop them? Bard wonders if that fact that he’s used to such things is scary?Igari Atsuko, Koyama Tsuyoshi, Minami Shouta

While Sebastian and Ciel are searching for Yuuki, Grell comes out of nowhere, complaining about waiting forever for Sebastian to show up. There is a limit to Grell’s patience. Ciel has reached his own limit and demands Grell show himself already. Grell calls Ciel a brat and then appears with his very own changing room. He goes in as butler Grell and comes out as reaper Grell, spouting his line about being a butler to die for. Sebastian asks to deal with Grell later as he has no time for him. Grell says he has no time as well and brings out his chainsaw death scythe which he took back in secret from William.Uehara Takuya, Matsushita Yuya, Sakamoto Shougo

And thus starts one of my favorite numbers, “Red or Black?” Grell loves Sebastian, but fights him and nearly kills him on several occasions. I just don’t get it. The whole purpose behind this song is Grell professing his love for Sebastian and Sebastian professing his distaste for Grell. Who will be the winner of this battle, black or red? To Grell, Black is marvelous when painted read and for Sebastian, black will stain red black as well. It is a pretty even match and some fairly decent fight choreography. No surprise, our demon butler beats out the reaper butler.Matsushita Yuya, Uehara Takuya

Sebastian demands to know why Grell is there [while stepping on the fallen Grell who complains about Sebastian always hurting his face]. Grells says he is there to see Sebastian, but our butler doesn’t believe this. Grell finally says a soul is to be reaped that night. Grell also reveals that Kirito is a demon. Sebastian had suspicions of  that, but wasn’t certain as Kirito was a kind Sebastian had never met before. Sebastian is irritated that he wasted unnecessary time and energy fighting Grell. Grell says he’s okay for another round, but backs down when Sebastian  threatens to cut him into pieces. Sebastian then rushes off to find Ciel and Yuuki. Grell picks himself up and says that he wanted to show Sebastian his serious side by reaping even when he’s suspended. What it all comes down to is  the lovesick Grell really only wanted to see Sebastian. Aww. Love Uehara Takuya as Grell. He brings the eccentric reaper to life quite well.Uehara Takuya, Matsushita Yuya

Kai and Aberline run into the Undertaker who asks them what happened. Kai asks if they saw Kirito and Yuuki. Undertaker points out where they went and the two go to leave when Undertaker tells Aberline he say his men heading towards Hyde Park. This annoys Aberline as it is the wrong direction. KaI then senses spirits and rushes off followed by Aberline. Undertaker smiles and says it seems he will have to prepare a coffin tonight as someone is going to die, but who?Oshino Daichi, Ise Naohiro, Izumi Shuuhei

Aberline and Kai head back to the mansion where they see the zombies and an unconscious Yuuki with Kirito standing off to the side. Aberline asks what happened when a zombie gets up and knocks him out. Kai stops the zombie and goes over to Kirito complaining that he is such a nuisance. Kai then takes out a sword and kills Kirito. Kai drops the sword andgoes over to Kirito, complaining that it is his fault for not listening and covering up his sins. Kai then covers him up and kicks the dead bodies around before approaches his little brother. Then in rushes Ciel who is surprised. Kai says he killed Kirito who was no longer human. If only he had accepted the truth earlier, then this wouldn’t have happened and he would have done things differently.Oshino Daichi, Miyashita Yuya

Sebastian’s voice is then heard asking Kai to do that and he gets up from the spot where Kirito was slain, surprising Kai who asks how he did it. Sebastian replies in true Sebastian fashion that what kind of butler would he be if he could not perform such a feat. A plot twist. Kai then unwittingly admits to the murders by giving out information only the killer would know when Sebastian and Ciel play their little games with words. Kai walked right into their trap. This deflates Kai a bit and he climbs up the stairs where he turns and awakens his zombies once more. Oh seriously.Oshino Daichi, Matsushita Yuya, Sakamoto Shougo, Ise Naohiro

Sebastian tells Aberline to take Yuuki out. Aberline quickly wakes Yuuki up and pulls him out of the mansion. Sebastian then reveals how he had a suspicion about what was going on and how he had the recital moved to Hyde Park so as not to endanger their guests. All while fighting off the zombies once more. Ciel is impressed by all of this. Kai revives the defeated zombies, but Kirito comes in in his demon form and stops them. Kai escapes and Kirito tells the story of what happened nine years ago. Kai has the power to call demons and called Kirito and company, setting them loose on the house. Kai has stayed with Kai and Yuuki ever since because Yuuki’s dying parents, thinking he was Kai, told him to stay by Yuuki’s side. This touched Kirito and he chose to stay because of those feelings.Miyashita Yuya

The three servants are  tired like crazy from fighting and regather. Lau is sitting comfortably reading a paper. The trio demand his help, but Lau refuses since they said they would protect the manor. More zombies come and enter Souma and Agni who had received an urgent message from Tanaka. They cut their vacation short to hurry back and help out Ciel. Lau is unhappy with the disturbance and calls in his girl to fight. The battle begins once more.Kuroshitsuji the Musical 1

Yuuki manages to sneak away from Aberline when the inspector goes to get a carriage for them. We then cut to the lone Kirito who is recalling the events of the past and what tied him to Yuuki and Kai. Kirito killed his fellow demons to keep them from hurting Yuuki. Kirito, however, couldn’t kill Kai because Kai was the one who summoned him. Kirito then stayed by Yuuki’s side to keep Yuuki from learning about his elder brother’s betrayal. Ciel and Sebastian wonder what would Kai do if he knew his parents’ dying words. Kai re-enters and says he knows. He then compares himself to Ciel who asks not to be lumped in with him. Kai says that is right because those he hates are dead.Oshino Daichi, Sakamoto Shougo, Matsushita Yuya

Kai, annoyed calls in his zombies and yet another fight begins. Yuuki comes in and sees the transformed Kirito. In order to get Yuuki to use his flute and stop the zombies, Kirito plays the bad guy and plays that he will go and kill Kai. Yuuki begins playing, which weakens the zombies, but also Kirito. Sebastian stops Ciel from telling this to Yuuki. Kirito manages to stop the zombies, but in the process, with the help of the flute, becomes mortally wounded. The poor demon then sits down and dies and the zombies disappear. I hate that Yuuki will never know just what Kirito did for him.Sakamoto Shougo, Aoyagi Ruito, Miyashita Yuya

Yuuki goes to smash the flute, but Ciel stops him saying that it is over. Aberline then rushes in and tries to figure out what is going on. Ciel tells Aberline that he is going after the criminal and to take Yuuki with him. Aberline takes Yuuki away and the crazy Kai returns and laughs at the dead Kirito for being so kind which is why he can’t forgive him. Kai then calls in his zombie hoard to attack Sebastian. The annoyed Ciel removes his eye patch and commands his demon to destroy them. Sebastian’s glove comes off and we see the demon mark that binds them together. Sebastian easily defeats the zombies so that Kai can’t call them back to life. Sebastian then comes behind the frightened Kai and says he treated him with courtesy, but because of his manners, he cannot forgive him and he should take his leave. Sebastian then puts his arm through Kai’s chest, killing him. Sebastian then puts on his glove and looks over at the fallen Kirito, Perhaps they could have been friends.Matsushita Yuya, Oshino Daichi

We then cut to Aberline explaining that they found Kai’s body by the river with a hole in his chest like something powerful punched through him. Bard goes to say that’s impossible, but both he and Meilin stop and think for a bit and look at Finny. Bard pats him on the back and Meilin leads him to Aberline. Finny, finally understanding what is going on, insists that he did not kill Kai. I guess Finny is known for his strength. Aberline says that nothing human could of did it. There is just too much that Aberline doesn’t understand. Undertaker replies that the other men who attacked the Phantomhives turned up dead as well. Has that been properly looked into? Aberline has no order to do so. The trio then talk about how they pity Yuuki who has now lost every one close to him. The trio leaves and Undertaker asks if Aberline told Yuuki about Kai being the criminal. Aberline didn’t because Ciel told him not to. The Undertaker then makes a really lame joke and laughs like crazy.Kuroshitsuji the Musical 1

Kirito’s funeral then starts. Yuuki is there and wonders why he has to mourn Kirito who killed his family. Ciel tells Yuuki to forgive Kirito who died sort of like a samurai. Yuuki finally places flowers on the grave and Ciel asks if Yuuki still thinks the flute brings misfortune. Yuuki replies he does so he will no longer do such work, especially since his brother is dead. Yuuki was never happy playing the flute anyway. He then says that he is the one who changes his world. This pleases Ciel to see that Yuuki has gotten stronger and then asks to trade the flute for his cane as proof of Yuuki’s vow. Yuuki doesn’t hesitate and makes the exchange. Yuuki promises to think of Ciel whenever he looks at the cane and then takes his leave followed by Undertaker.Aoyaji Ruito, Sakamoto Shougo

Sebastian then pulls the letter from the queen out once more and we hear the rest of the letter which said to treat the Japanese guests with the utmost courtesy and to get the flute from them. Mission accomplished. CIel is surprised by how easy the flute was to get. He then goes over to Kirito’s grave and says that a Japanese friend is the worst. As expected, there was no next time for Kirito. Sebastian says that the entire phrase isn’t entirely accurate because an Englishman isn’t the best butler [a demon is]. Ciel doesn’t care what Sebastian is as long as he obeys Ciel’s orders. Sebastian bows and says he will do whatever Ciel commands of him as Sebastian is one hell of a butler to the very end.Sakamoto Shougo, Matsushita Yuya

Thus starts “Kanata E” or “Towards the Distance”, which is Ciel’s and Sebastian’s duet. Although Sebastian sings the majority of the song. Props to Matsushita for doing the English verse so well as I know it is hard for Asians to do sometimes. His pronunciation was very accurate. It seems this song is geared towards Ciel, but also could have a little feeling for the dead Kirito as well. Sebastian and Ciel place flowers on Kirito’s grave and the other cast members come to pay their respects as well. The song is basically Sebastian commenting on Ciel’s path and how he is alone and gone through so much. But things have changed since Sebastian came into Ciel’s life. Ciel’s part talks about the pain of his scars and how he wishes to be carried away if he cannot have his prayers answered. Sebastian promises to keep with Ciel to the very end.Sakamoto Shougo, Matsushita Yuya

And that ends this musical. Besides the zombie fight scenes getting a little too redundant and one or two musical numbers I didn’t really care for, I absolutely loved this!!! So now I am finally watching the anime and I will probably go back to the manga as well.Sakamoto Shougo, Matsushita Yuya


  • I have a question. In a part ot the musical Ciel mentions a cat and Sebastian sounds very excited for that, but in the end, Ciel say something and Sebastian looks very sad. I wanna know what Ciel says, if is not a big problem…

    (Sorry for my bad english)

    • Your English is quite good, no worries. From my understanding, Ciel says that instead of catching a mouse, he will be catching a cat. This makes Sebastian really excited and he congratulates Ciel, to which Ciel tells him that there is no need for him to be so excited which then makes Sebastian a little sad. It was a really cute scene. The whole mouse catching is a reference to a Japanese saying and had to do with Yuki challenging Ciel to play chess until Yuki actually manages to beat him. Ciel, giving in to Yuki, says that it is more like catching a cat vs. a mouse.

      Does that help?

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH. I understand what the musical is about now. Thank you so much

  • Frances is Elizabeth’s mother. Though I can’t figure out why her (Frances’s) husband and son (Alexis and Edward respectively) weren’t invited too.

    Frances is also Ciel’s father’s sister (which would make her Ciel’s aunt and, since he’s engaged to Elizabeth, mother-in-law) and took her husband’s (Alexis’s) surname (Midford) when she got married.

    A lot of this is explained in chapter 14 when she makes her first appearance. She shows up again in chapter 52 along with her husband, son, and daughter. I hope that helps.

    Thanks for the summary. I didn’t really know what was going on during the musical from a lack of knowing Japanese and English subtitles.

  • Yuya suits as Sebastian. He has personality like Sebastian. This musical was good enough.Thanks for recapping.

    • I really enjoyed both musicals and adored Yuya as Sebastian. It made it really hard to watch the live action movie sans Matsushita.

  • where can you watch the musical online i cant find it anywhere T-T

  • I want to watch it too… but I can’t find it either.. :((((

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