Pure Episode 6 Recap

So…yeah. What a way to end episode 5. This episode shows that even if Toru wishes to distance himself from Yuka, they have an indelible connection. It also goes to show just how much he is beginning to like the girl. Probably not in the same way Yuka is finding herself liking him, but still.

The episode opens with Yuka sitting depressed in her workshop. She is all alone with the lights off holding her jar of candy listlessly. She recalls the heart-shaped model and Toru’s expression. We then cut to Toru announcing that he is off the Orihara project. His boss states that it is probably for the best as Yuka probably won’t want anything to do with Toru anymore. He then tells Fujiki that she will be in charge and then he tells Toru to debrief Fujiki on what is going on. With all this commotion, will the project be able to go on successfully? Toru says nothing and just sits and smokes. I bet Fujiki isn’t happy at all about being assigned to Yuka’s project since she, for whatever reason, doesn’t seem to like the girl.Tsutsumi Shinichi, Shinohara Ryoko

We then cut back to see Yuka still sitting restlessly in the dark. Toru then picks up the pictures he took of Yuka working and of Candy and his house. After flipping through them, he just tosses them in the trash. Cold. Meanwhile, Yuka opens the candy jar and takes out a piece of candy. After she opens the wrapper, the candy falls to the ground. Yuka begins twisting the paper and then loses control. Not like total crazy, but pretty bad for Yuka. She begins tearing apart her workshop. She topples tables, throws things, and even uses her artwork to smash her other pieces. Yuka continues on her destruction until her workshop is a complete mess and she has accidentally cut her cheek. My main wonder is why no one came to check on Yuka. It’s the middle of the night, how come no one did anything about the noise at all? Where was her mother during all of this?Wakui Emi

Apparently, Takako slept through it all! The next morning Yuka’s mother gets up, puts on the tea kettle and goes to get Yuka up, but she is not in her room. Takako then goes to check out Yuka’s workshop and is horrified to find it completely destroyed. Takako makes her way through the debris to wear Yuka sits lifeleslly by the window. Her mom crouches down and holds her daughter crying. She tells Yuka that it is enough. It was apparently too much for Yuka, so it is best to just quit. It really does look like Yuka is a little girl being comforted by her mother in this scene. Poor Takako is hurting to see her daughter in such a state and poor Yuka is depressed and hurting as well. Can she cope with a more normal, adult life? Or will it be best for her to quit as her mother tells her to?Fubuki Jun, Wakui Emi

Ryo calls the magazine right away and Oya is doing his best to talk them out of quitting. Fujiki looks over at Toru to see how he is handling the news about Yuka possibly quitting the project. Toru is the epitome of calm. He is going through paperwork, putting stuff together for his construction and corruption piece, seemingly ignoring what is going on around him. The Oya then reveals that Toru is off the case and someone new is on it. He then demands Ryo’s cooperation in getting Yuka to continue on with the project. Toru gets up and gets ready to head off when he catches sight of the pictures he threw out the other night. This seems to phase him a bit. Is he regretting his decision to stop working with Yuka?Tsutsumi Shinichi

Ryo hangs up and Machiko asks how things went. Ryo tells her that Toru is off the project so they want Ryo to help Yuka along with the project. Machiko does not seem to happy to hear this. Ryo says that he is the only one who can encourage Yuka and gets in the mood to work. Machiko seems to be rather worried about this, but then again, she has been suspicious of Ryo’s true feelings for his cousin already. How no one has realizes that his love for Yuka is deeper than mere familial affection is beyond me.Takaoka Saki

Meanwhile, Toru is on the job! Well, he is on the construction job once more. He is outside of his target’s house, taking photographs. While doing this, Toru recalls fragments from his past. Mainly, he is at a funeral listening to relatives talk about his situation. You see, Toru was an only child. First his father committed suicide and then his mother. Talk about selfish. How can parents just abandon their child in such a fashion? In a way, they took the easy way out, leaving Toru with a tremendous scar and burden. No wonder the poor man seems so cold to everyone.Pure 6 - Young Toru

Oya and Fujiki head over to the Orihara house to talk with Takako. Oya explains that they didn’t like the “just in case” model. They are willing to let Yuka do what she wants on any theme she wants since “love” has proven too difficult for her. Takako tries to tell them that Yuka is quitting, but Oya won’t let her utter the words. He instead talks over her. Every artist is bound to have a slump sometimes. Even if Yuka doesn’t manage to make it herself this time…not the right words to say to the girl’s mother…anyhow, Yuka can attend the party at least. A party for a lie if Yuka can’t produce anything before the reception date. Yuka then pops out and asks Fujiki where Toru is. Fujiki explains that Toru is no longer working on Yuka’s project. When Yuka seems not to understand, Fujiki states in a more clearer, crueler way that Toru has quit the project. I really don’t like Fujiki.Shinohara Ryoko, Wakui Emi

Toru phones into Kuroiwa telling him that Toyama’s secretary met with Ayabe construction again. He definitely believes that Ayabe will get the bid by using money. He promises to keep Kuroiwa informed and walks heads out of the phone booth. He looks around, almost like he is lost and continues on. He ends up on the street where Candy’s house is. He goes over to the puppy and pets it. He then takes out the photograph he took of the dog and places it on the house. At this point the cute little boy Ryota comes and tells Toru that Candy is Ryota’s and Yuka’s so Toru is not allowed to play with him. Toru is nonplussed and leaves Ryota with the puppy. The boy then notices the picture and picks it up as the depressed Yuka approaches. Ryota shows her the picture and points at the retreating Toru, saying that he left it.Tsutsumi Shinichi

Yuka, seeing Toru, begins to follow him. She rushes to catch up and even calls out his name. To his credit, Toru does stop and turn and stays put when he sees it is Yuka. She approaches him slowly. Ryota was watching on, but runs after Candy who takes off, leaving Yuka and Toru alone. Yuka asks if Toru really did ask to be removed from the project. Toru replies that he did and she asks why. Instead of replying, Toru asks what happened to Yuka’s face (she has a bandaid on). Yuka pokes at the wound and tells Toru that she can’t make anything. She then looks at the picture of Candy’s dog house saying she had so much fun making that. She just doesn’t understand. Toru then does what Toru does best – he encourages Yuka and tries to help her along – not by telling her what’s what or telling her what she has to do. He simply gives her the best gift he can – the truth.Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

There is no such thing. Love has no shape. You Should make whatever you want. That’ll become your creation.

My creation?

Yes. Just make whatever you desire.

Okay. When I ‘m done with my new creation, will you take a look at it?


When I’m done, I’ll ring the magic bell.

I love these moments between Toru and Yuka. These are moments when you see the softer side and Toru opening up to Yuka. These are the moments when you also see Yuka beginning to grow up [as much as she possibly can given her condition]. I love them. I love how you can see a visible relaxation and softness in Toru when it comes to Yuka. It’s sweet. Needless to say, after this conversation, Yuka seems a lot happier and definitely less depressed.Takahashi Katsunori, Fubuki Jun

Ryo goes to the Orihara house after work as he was worried about Yuka. Takako tells him that Yuka was out in the workshop fixing it up. It seems her daughter is in a better mood after going out for a walk. Ryo is surprised when Yuka comes in smiling. He says he came over to cheer her up, but it looks like she doesn’t need it. Yuka explains that she is fine because Toru taught her soemthing. This shocks both Ryo and Takako – she met with Toru. Yuka then announces that Toru taught her the truth. This “truth” is really becoming bigger and bigger with Yuka. She likes Toru so much because he doesn’t gloss things over and tells her what is really going on – something her mother and Ryo don’t necessarily do. Needless to say, they both seem worried seeing Yuka’s good mood is due to a conversation with Toru.Wakui Emi

Takako is so worried that she goes to Yuka’s doctor to ask if her daughter can experience romantic feelings. The doctor replies that it varies in a case by case basis, but it is possible for such feelings to develop. He asks Takako if Yuka is showing signs of romantic feelings. Takako says she isn’t sure if her daughter is in love or not, but she is worried. The doctor says he can understand Takako’s concern. If Yuka is, then it could be that this person she is developing interest in will be the only person for Yuka in her lifetime. Meaning Toru will be her first, last, and only love. Intriguing, but not surprising. If you look at Forrest Gump, in that movie Jenny was Forrest’s one and only love. During this conversation, Yuka is working hard on making a wing. When she finishes it, she smiles and says that is what she had wanted to make, Now the only problem is, where to go from there?Pure Episode 6

Ryo’s boss then sits him down and tells him about a job offer in Osaka. The head chef there expressly requested Ryo to go and work. Apparently Ryo turned down an offer in Paris to stay in Japan and watch over Yuka. With Yuka starting to do well more on her own, isn’t it about time Ryo thought about his own life and desires instead of watching over his cousin? But what happens when his cousin is really his life’s desire? Poor Ryo.Takahashi Katsunori

Toru puts in another call to Kuroiwa to let him know that it looks like Ayabe won’t be winning the bid at all. This shocks Kuroiwa who asks how Toru found out. Toru replies he found out from anti-Ayabe sources. Kuroiwa then mentions that Toyama is a politician who orchestrates things. If Toyama’s crimes are exposed, it could cause quite a stir and put a lot of politicians and others in hot water. Toru then requests to follow Ayabe some more. If Ayabe isn’t in the running, why doesn’t Toru switch his target to the other construction company? Kuroiwa okays this move, but warns Toru not to let his own personal feelings and agenda get in the way. Toru says he won’t, but can he really separate out his hatred towards Ayabe and his parents’ deaths from his work?Tsutsumi Shinichi

Meanwhile, Yuka is still slumped and Ryo is still depressed. Machiko asks him about the party and whether or not he’ll check up on Yuka after work. Ryo, not showing any of his usual spirit, says that he won’t be going to visit as there is nothing he can do to help Yuka at this point. Machiko turns, worried. Ryo explains that he cant help because his art skills are horrible and laughs it off, but you know that has nothing to do with his depression. Toru helped Yuka, but he can’t.Takahashi Katsunori, Takaoka Saki

Toru is back following Ayabe when Ryota approaches and asks what he is doing. Toru goes over the little boy who tells Toru that he went to visit Candy. Ryota is depressed because Yuka hasn’t been coming. He then shows Toru an invite to Yuka’s show. Ryota wonders if he goes, will he be able to see Yuka finally? Toru takes the invite and smiles. He then hands it back and tells Ryota he will be able to.Tsutsumi Shinichi

That night after work, Ryo contemplates whether or not he should take the job. It would be a wonderful opportunity for him. He turns to his dirnking buddy Machko and asks what she thinks. Machiko supports him going to Osaki as it will be good for him. She then tells him that she always thought Ryo considered Yuka as his precious little sister, but she doesn’t think so anymore. This shocks Ryo. He says that she is wrong, but Machiko cuts him off saying he’s lying. She then says that ever since Toru came into the picture, she realized what Ryo’s true feelings towards Yuka are. But Machiko can’t say it aloud. Instead, she says that she was wrong. Ryo forces a laugh. He says of course Machiko is thinking wrong. Yuka is his cousin, there is no way anything can be between them. Machiko may have bit her tongue, but she clearly doesn’t believe Ryo at all.Takahashi Katsunori, Takaoka Saki

Back at the publishing house, Oya gives Fujiki Yuka’s speech and tells her to type it up for the reception. He then hands her work for Toru to follow up on. Oya checks the time and wonders if things will be okay. If it looks like Yuka won’t make it, then Fujiki will go ahead and use the model instead. Toru finishes up his work for the day and comes back to the office to drop off film. Fujiki hands him the information for the interview tomorrow. When Toru goes to his desk, he sees the speech for Yuka. Fujiki asks if it is simple enough for the girl. Toru says nothing and then Fujiki tells him it looks like Yuka couldn’t do it after all. Toru tells her there’s still time and leaves. Nice! I kind of like having Fujiki getting a figurative slap in the face from Toru. Why does she want Yuka to fail so badly?Tsutsumi Shinichi

Meanwhile, Yuka is still lost. She closes up her candy jar and goes to put it away only to knock the wing she made off the table. It breaks. She kneels and picks it up, putting it back together again and then pulling it apart. But this broken wing seems to be just what Yuka needed to be inspired. She plays around with the shape and a light bulb goes off. While Toru works on his project for Kuroiwa, Yuka is busy working on her latest creation. Will she be able to finish in time?Wakui Emi

The day of the reception dawns with no news from Yuka. Oya tells them to bring the model and cover it. Since Yuka hasn’t produced anything, they will have to use that instead. Now all they need to do is wait for Yuka. Ryo has called and put the publishing company off for as long as possible to allow Yuka to finish. Will she make it in time? Meanwhile, Toru was trying to contact Kuroiwa, but couldn’t get a hold of him. As he hangs up the payphone and goes to leave, his beeper goes off. He then recalls his promise to Yuka to view her latest creation. He also remembers Yuka saying she will ring the magic bell to let him know when it is done. Is this fortuitous or what? Does the beeper going off signify that Yuka has come through after all?Tsutsumi Shinichi

Back at the reception hall, Oya is worried about Yuka still not being there. He asks Fujiki to show him the speech she typed for Yuka. Fujiki hands it over just as Toru shows up. Oya and Fujiki are surprised to see him there. Toru asks if Yuka finished it and is told that she didn’t. Looks like it was too much for her after all. Toru sees the draped model and lifts up the cover. He is unhappy to see it and asks if it will really be used. Oya says there is no other course – Yuka didn’t finish, plus wouldn’t she be the most embarrassed of failure? Toru says it can’t be helped and goes to pick up the model [to smash it], but he is stopped by Oya and his men.Tsutsumi Shinichi

As this struggle goes on, Ryo shows up apologizing for their lateness. He is then followed by Yuka and her mother. Yuka walks in dirty and in her work clothes. She announces that she finished her work. Ryo smiles on proudly. As he goes to talk to Yuka, she rushes past him to Toru whom she has spotted. Toru moves to meet her with a small smile on his face and Yuka tells him that she is glad he is there – she was hoping the magic bell would ring. Yuka then smiles happily at him. These two have such a good and cute connection. Very innocent. In a way, they both provide something that the other desperately needs. I do feel bad for Ryo, but Toru-san is actually better for Yuka in a lot of ways.Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

Yuka goes and changes into her party clothes while her mother lovingly brushes her hair and Ryo watches on. Oya then comes in and hands Yuka her speech for the party. Oya then asks Yuka what the title of the pieces is. Ryo says that Yuka never names her works and Yuka asks what a title is. Ryo explains it is the name of the work. Oya then makes a last minute change to the speech since there is no title. Yuka seems to think very deeply about the name.Fubuki Jun, Wakui Emi

The reception is beginning. Yuka is led out of the room reading over the speech. She sees Toru and rushes up to him. Toru looks down at the speech in her hand and takes it away from her. This annoys Ryo who goes to stop him, but Toru simply tells Ryo to let Yuka speak for herself. That’s right. Yuka can speak for herself. Yuka is nonplussed by this. Toru turns his gaze on her and says

Just speak in your own words.

My own words…

Yeah. Tell the audience why you make your creations.

Yuka considers this thoughtfully why Ryo is still a little ticked. Yuka is about to make a speech – shouldn’t she have the paper. Yuka then interrupts and asks Toru about a title. Toru replies that she doesn’t have to say it if there is none. Yuka understands. It is now time for her to go onstage to give her speech. She walks into the room and Ryo and Takako hurry so they can be in the audience while Toru stays at his door watching on.Tsutsumi Shinichi, Takahashi Katsunori, Fubuki Jun, Wakui Emi

Ryota and his older brother have made it to the reception as well as Yuka’s doctor. The time comes for the speech and Yuka stands silent. Oya is not happy to see her without the prepare speech and Fujiki wonders how that can be. She then glances over at Toru and notices him pocketing something. Yuka still stands silent and then glances over at Toru before finally speaking. She simply states that she created what she wanted to. She then announces the new creation and the publishing people go over to the piece to unveil it. The room is shocked about the piece and it really seems to hit Toru. Oya asks what is the thing in between the spread wings. Fujiki says that it is a broken wing and Toru recalls Yuka telling him that his wings are broken. Yuka stares at the piece and smiles. She then says that the title of the piece is “Ai”! So that is the shape of Yuka’s love! Yuka then glances at Toru with a soft smile and Toru meets her gaze smiling back with his own soft smile. I am kind of impressed that no one notices Yuka’s gaze wasn’t on her creation, but on Toru.Wakui Emi, Tsutsumi Shinichi

Ryo looks all depressed, but puts on a smile and claps along with the audience while Machiko looks back, worried. Machiko goes searching for Ryo. She tells him that she is impressed at Yuka’s speech and then tells him that he should just leave the reception since it is only hurting him. Machiko then confesses that she hates seeing a person she loves in pain. Does Ryo get it? He’d have to be an idiot if he doesn’t.Takaoka Saki

The photo session continues an the reception starts in earnest. Fujiki watches Toru who has eyes only on Yuka. Kuroiwa shows up and reveals that Toru’s parents committed suicide when he was just a child. So poor Toru lead a rought life. Thus, in Kuroiwa’s opinion, Toru has been unlucky in love ever since. This seems to strike a chord with Fujiki and she repeats the words.Tsutsumi Shinichi, Shinohara Ryoko

Toru turns to leave, but Yuka calls out his name, stopping him, Yuka then bows and thanks him for his help. She then stands and smiles at him. Toru takes another look at the creation and asks if that is the shape of her love. Yuka’s smile fades as she looks back at it. Is it strange? Toru tells her that it isn’t strange at all, making Yuka smile brightly once more. We then have a moment with Yuka and Toru having a connection. They stare into each other’s eyes smiling. At this time, the man Toru has been following approaches with Komiya. Ooo. What will happen? We’ll find out in episode 7.Tsutsumi Shinichi, Wakui Emi

And, here is a better picture of Yuka’s “Ai”:

Pure episode 6

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