Anime Recap Page

Just to make it easier to find all of nichan’s wonderful anime recap contributions, I have finally added the Anime Recap page [under the Dramas & Movies menu]. Now if only my other friend, Chani-chan would finish her idea of working her way through the ever-long Macross series. Oh, well. I shall contribute some anime stuff myself. I am thinking of working my way through Skip Beat! in honor of the drama finally being able to air sometime this or next year. Although, I did say the same thing about doing that for the manga Paradise Kiss and then never did. Who knows. Anywho, please enjoy nichan’s acerbic wit and picture-heavy anime recaps!!



  • i just posted 5-8 of “kenshin”, so enjoy updating the page already! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • You know, you could technically update it too if you so desired 😛

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