Asuko March! Episode 8 Recap

The 2nd semester has officially started at Asuko and Nao has noticed that she is becoming more mentally and emotionally immersed in technical high school life. She is having a discussion about voltages on soldering irons for microchips when the boys comment on how Nao wears her work clothes more than her uniform now. She replies that she is more comfortable in them and Wajima says he hopes that more industrial minded girls like Nao enroll in the school making the others agree as well. Then Watanabe and crony come up and tell Nao that they are changing clothes. Nao replies she is totally okay with it and the boys reply that they aren’t. This surprises Nao as she looks around and sees other boys in various states of undress.

Ishida Takuya, Nagayama Kento, Kanai Yuta, Furukawa Yuki, Minami Keisuke, Takei Emi

Nao runs into Aruto in the hall. It is awkward and she recalls the confession and rejection. Nao does her best to act normal, though as does Aruto. They exchange banter on Aruto oversleeping before he goes into the classroom with Nao staring at his back and then Tamaki shows up asking Nao to please move. He doesn’t seem in the best of moods. This of course causes Nao to recall Tamaki’s own confession. Like with Aruto, she tries to play it as nothing has changed. She says it is unusual for him to be late to class and Tamaki replies that he wasn’t late, he was gathering information on electrical studies for credential purposes since he will be taking it up next year. Awkward pause and then Tamaki moves on to the classroom with Nao staring after him. Then up comes Omukai who asks Nao to please move. What a pattern. Nao moves and Omukai passes by, turning and telling Nao it’s okay to stare at sensei’s back, too. LMAO. Of course, Nao immediately turns sensei down on that proposal.Takei Emi, Matsuzaka Tori, Kaku Kento

Nao goes to her daily exercise with Sugisaki whom she tells about her predicament. Nao still hasn’t answered Tamaki’s confession. Nao says that they didn’t get to meet often during break and that the timing never seemed to be right. Nao wonders just what kind of answer she should give to Tamaki-kun. Sugisaki then points out that Nao hasn’t completely gotten over Aruto’s rejection. This statement shocks Nao. Can’t imagine why. Nao’s response confirms Sugisaki’s suspicions and the good doctor tells Nao she needs to decide on an answer for Tamaki soon. Sugisaki then says their should be a deadline for confession replies. Poor Tamaki has been kept hanging in suspense for a month. Nao says that decision is not an easy one to make and Sugisaki commiserates as it is always hard to know if a good friendship will be ruined. Nao gives another shocked expression. Sugisaki’s intuition is always spot on (well most of the time anyways).Takei Emi, Shiraishi Miho

Nao retuns home wearing a cute outfit, not too unlike her practical clothes. Yoshino comments his daughter on the cute new outfit. Nao replies that lately she has become addicted to comfortable clothes like that. Yoshino says he understands as he is the same way with men’s long underwear. LOL. Yoshino then says that he is glad Nao has grown accustomed to industrial work. Nao smiles and says that it is all thanks to her grandfather. She smiles and thanks him before going upstairs. Yoshino goes to tell her something, but decides against it. What? We don’t have long to find out.Takei Emi, Sasano Takashi

When Nao gets to her room, she hears someone inside. Who could it be? She hesitatingly cracks open the door where she sees someone unpacking. She has no idea who it is even after the woman turns around. Nao’s mother chides her for not recognizing her and Nao is surprised by her mother’s sudden reappearance. Nao asks what she is doing and her mom responds that she is “packing.” Uh-oh. Mrs. Yoshino then picks up Aruto’s paper crane and asks if it can be thrown out. Nao recalls the moment Aruto gave it to her and immediately takes it back, saying it’s not trash. Her mom then picks up Aruto’s necklace and asks about that as well. Nao grabs that, too and tells her mom not to touch them. Mrs. Yoshino asks if they were gifts from a boy. At her daughter’s silence, Mrs. Yoshino says she understands and won’t touch them. Nao then changes the subject. Mrs. Yoshino just got back from Singapore, so why is she packing away Nao’s things? Her mom says that she has come to take Nao back to Singapore with her. Needless to say that shocks poor Nao.Takei Emi

Later at dinner, Nao complains that her mom came back so suddenly. She then notices that her mother is not wearing her wedding ring. Nao asks if things are going okay between her parents and her mother immediately says that things are fine and that she is only back in Japan for work and will be going back to Singapore (and Nao’s father) soon. Nao says be that as it may, it doesn’t mean her mother can neglect her father. Mrs. Yoshino then turns and gives Nao a plane ticket. Nao will leave for Singapore in a month. Nao says that she absolutely not go. Mrs. Yoshino doesn’t listen and says she has already made the decision for Nao to study abroad. Nao says her mother has gotten ahead of herself and asks for her grandfather’s support. Yoshino tries to talk to his daughter, but she tells him to butt out. Mrs. Yoshino says that it was what Nao wanted before and pulls out Nao’s old letters where Nao complained about Asuko.Takei Emi

Yoshino jumps in and says that Nao now has girlfriends at Asuko. She doesn’t really, but Nao lies and says she does and that they even eat lunch together everyday (well, if you count Sugisaki-san…). Yoshino then says that Nao’s male friends are all gentle and not rowdy at all (not really). Nao nods and says she is really happy a Asuko now. Mrs. Yoshino says it doesn’t matter as she has already made the decision. Before Nao can say more, her mother’s cell rings and she has to rush off to an important business meeting. Nao is flustered and asks her mom to stay and finish their conversation, but Mrs. Yoshino gets up to leave saying the decision has already been made. Yoshino then complains his daughter didn’t finish her dinner, but Ayumi just rushes out and Nao complains about her mother’s selfishness.Takei Emi, Sasano Takashi

The next day at school Nao complains about her mother’s sudden reappearance and insistence that she go to Singapore to finish high school. Kishi and Wajima try to figure out just wear Singapore is (Australia, the US) when Takeuchi replies that Singapore is an Asian country and Tamaki just listens (obviously not happy thinking that Nao might be leaving). Hirose speaks up and says it is the country famous for merlions – though they are probably extinct now. Ah, these boys. Nao replies that they are mythical and not real. Takeuchi then says that Nao’s mom is pretty assertive deciding where Nao will study without even letting Nao have a say. Nao agrees with the assessment of her mother. Apparently Ayumi always does whatever she sets her mind to do. She and Nao’s father set up shop in Singapore, but it is her mom doing all the major work, not letting Nao’s father have a word in edgewise.Nagayama Kento, Ishida Takuya, Minami Keisuke, Nishi Yosuke, Takei Emi

Later, Nao’s mother pops in to pay a surprise classroom visit. Nao sees her and hides and listens to Omukai telling Ayumi about how the stuff Ayumi was told wasn’t true (like the college acceptance rate getting higher and the class doing better – it shrunk and no graduates are planning on attending college). Ayumi then tells Omukai that is because the teachers are neglectful. Omukai replies it is because most students prefer to work and Ayumi just smiles and cuts him off, telling him to quite making excuses and show her around already. Not good. Katsumura Masanobu

Nao quickly rushes off upstairs and runs back to the classroom where the boys are acting like they normally do. This is exactly what Nao doesn’t want her mom to see. She tries to get the boys’ attention, but it is too loud. She then grabs a bucket and starts banging on it yelling for them to listen. Watanabe asks if there is a fight and Nao replies that there isn’t. She says’ her mother is coming to visit the classroom. If Ayumi sees such a sight, she will take Nao to Singapore for certain. This hits the boys hard and Nao begs for the boys to play serious for a little while. Tamaki stands and asks what Nao means and the other boys gather around. Nao picks on Kishi and tells him to remove his bandana and arrange his hair nicely which he doesn’t want to do since it is his signature. Wajima then asks about his hair color (can’t change the fact that it is platinum). The distressed Nao says whatever and reiterates that the boys need to be serious. The boys quickly set out to change into respectable, serious boys (hopefully her mom doesn’t come in while they are all stripping and changing). Wow, these boys move fast to change into the proper uniforms and get their appearance in order.Asuko March! episode 8

Nao’s mom and Omukai arrive and Omukai is startled to see all the boys seated  properly and all wearing their school uniforms with coifed hair. One boy has a towel over his head and Kishi is still wearing the bandana, but his hair has been slicked back. Omukai asked what happened and Tamaki plays like he has no idea to what Omukai is referencing and Nao worries that Tamaki is too into character with his uncharacteristic reply. Wajima points to his hair and says that his and Kishi’s is natural because they are only half-Japanese. Nao is trying hard not to laugh while also cringing at how things are going. Omukai then announces that Yoshino’s mother is visiting. Ayumi greets them and Omukai is shocked when they greet her back in unison properly. Ayumi goes to sit in the back and observe when the unsuspecting Murai shows up late. Crap. What will they do as Murai has no idea what is going on. Will the ruse be ruined?Asuko March! episode 8

Murai calls Ayumi an oba-chan, which upsets her. Tamaki stands up and tells Murai to kindly stop using disrespectful words. This speech from Tamaki shocks Murai. Takeuchi slaps his desk and stands up. He introduces Ayumi as Nao’s mother. Will Murai take the hint? Murai bows to Ayumi and introduces himself by saying his hobbies are chess and binding erotic pocket books. Oy vey. Hirose jumps up (wearing Takeuchi-kun’s glasses) and asks to talk about student council issues with Murai. Poor Murai is so confused. Hirose then claps him hard on the shoulder and tells him to shut up and follow him. Hirose then gets him successfully out of the classroom. Is the crisis diverted for now? Everyone faces towards the front once more and Nao asks Omukai to quickly start homeroom. Poor sensei is still in a state of shock. As he goes to begin, a rather loud yell can be heard. Nao begs him to continue once more. Looks like they aren’t out of the woods yet.Ishida Takuya, Kanai Yuta

Next is the practical portion of their school day. Ayumi is less than thrilled by the appearance and smell of the workroom. Nao tells her fellow students that she will be counting on them once more to behave and show their serious side. Nao beings welding and the boys all compliment her on her good technique. Hirose says that he can never hope to achieve her skill and Murail (hair smoothed and face bandaged – guess we know what the yell was for) says that Nao is the prince of welding. Nao smiles and says he means “princess,” right? The boys laugh at this and the play continues. Awkward much? Nao looks back on her mom, wondering if she’s buying it.Kaku Kento, Nagayama Kento, Kanai Yuta, Furukawa Yuki, Takei Emi

On their way back to the classroom after training, her mother said the picture is not quite what her daughter portrayed. Nao asks why and Ayumi replies that Nao said she had lots of girl friends. Nao replies that they are just in other classes. However, Ayumi says she has not seen a single girl besides Nao since entering the school. How will Nao pass this hurdle? Nao laughs and says that she just hasn’t met them yet. The boys overhear this and you can see the cogs working. Will they try to help Nao out in this matter, too? When Nao goes to change, Momo is already there. Nao asks if they can eat lunch together, shocking Momo. Nao then explains that her mom is visiting and is worried that she doesn’t have a female friend. Since Nao doesn’t want her mom to worry… Momo smiles and says that she will never be able to stomach acting as Nao’s friend. Nao asks if Momo really hates her that much and Momo replies that she does and goes to walk away. What will Nao do now? At this point, Sugisaki walks in and says that if Nao needs help, all she has to do is ask. This surprises Nao. Sugisaki takes out a hairtie and asks to borrow a school uniform. It’s tough, but she will try her best. While Sugisaki is by no means old…I’m not quite sure she’d be able to sell high school student. Nao tells her that it will be okay. But will it?Takai Emi, Gouriko Ayame

Nao sits in the classroom eating lunch alone which her mother immediately pounces on. Didn’t Nao say she always eats lunch with her girl friends? Nao says that they are absent due to colds when a high-pitched voice calls out her name. Nao turns and gets quite the shock. Murai, Kishi, and Wajima have transformed themselves into “girls”! LMAO. Actually, Furukawa and Minami are very attractive as females. Kanai, while not ugly, is more plain. The other boys are also shocked to see the cross-dressing classmates. Nao jumps up and immediately drags them out with her mother watching on. I don’t think it’s too hard to see through that ruse. Nao kicks them out and her mother asks what that was about. Nao smiles and says nothing an sits back down.Kanai Yuta, Minami Keisuke, Furukawa Yuki

The trio are disappointed after they spent so much time making themselves up, Nao rejected them and sent them away. The boys thought they were pretty cute, too. They then come across Watanabe, Tamaki, and another boy. So does that mean they won’t get to even go in and try to pretend either. Mmm. Kaku Kento makes another pretty girl. Murai goes up to the prettified Tamaki and asks if he wants to go on a date with him. LMAO. Only Murai. He loves to flirt with and give Tamaki a hard time. Tamaki’s response? He slaps him.Kaku Kento, Nishi Yosuke, Kanai Yuta, Minami Keisuke, Furukawa Yuki

Nao’s mother is wondering on her own when she comes across Aruto sitting in a hammock in reading. Oy. He isn’t aware of the situation at all. This could be bad. Ayumi gets Aruto’s attention and asks him where the gym is. Aruto points it out, and when he does, Ayumi notices a blue paper crane he is using as a bookmark. She says that he is the one who gave Nao the crane. This surprises Aruto. Tamaki comes up as Ayumi says that Aruto must have given Nao the feather necklace as well. He stays hidden while Ayumi asks just what kind of relationship Aruto has with Nao. Is he her boyfriend? Aruto smiles, but replies that he isn’t. Ayumi then says that Nao seems to treasure the crane so it is important to her. Not what Tamaki wants to hear. Aruto replies that he is not the right guy for Yoshino. Ayumi asks if that is so. Aruto smiles and gets up and asks Tamaki if he is right. This surprises Tamaki who is flustered. He says he doesn’t know what Aruto means and quickly walks away with Aruto looking after him. Then Aruto turns and leaves while Ayumi smiles and says she sees.Matsuzaka Tori, Kaku Kento

It’s gym time and the activity is basketball. Ayumi watches on while Tamaki and Aruto face off. Literally. They do the jump ball which is amusing as it is Nao who throws up the ball. Talk about symbolic right there. The game begins and Tamaki sticks to Aruto like glue. He tells Aruto that it is none of his business. Aruto asks about what and Tamaki replies he needs no encouragement from him. He dives for the ball but Aruto easily dodges. Aruto then says he knows Tamaki is getting impatient, which surprises Tamaki. Aruto then confesses he overheard Tamaki tell Nao that he likes her at the beach. This shocks Tamaki. Aruto then says that unless Tamaki is more aggressive, he will not win fair lady. This makes Tamaki angry and he goes after Aruto who trips him. Nao goes to rush out, but stops while her mom just watches closely. Tamaki then angrily grabs Aruto by his jersey and Aruto tells him that is the spirit – show how you really feel. Danger.Matsuzaka Tori, Kaku Kento

Tamaki goes to punch Aruto, but classic Aruto style, he catches the punch. He tells Tamaki that he has committed a foul and Tamaki yells at him to stop being cool and tackles him. Wrong sport. While Aruto uses the ball to try to keep Tamaki at bay, Nao blows the whistle and runs over to stop the fight. Nao gets down and tries to get them to stop while the boys watch on and laugh. Finally, I think a teacher, pulls Tamaki off of Aruto who complains he is hurt and asks someone to switch out with him before walking away with Tamaki glaring after him. The boys comment on the intense fight and Ayumi is enamored with the passion of youth.Matsuzaka Tori, Kaku Kento

That night at dinner Ayumi asks who Nao will choose. Her unsuspecting daughter asks what she means and Ayumi asks if she will choose Aruto or Tamaki. This shocks Nao and she stutters, asking her mother what she means. Ayumi notices this and says it is hard to choose between the two. Yes. And no. I’ve already chosen Tamaki, even though I really do like Aruto, I think Tamaki is better for Nao. Ayumi tells her daughter to let both boys chase after her for awhile so she can enjoy it. What a mother. Ayumi then says that Nao won’t be able to enjoy it much since she’ll be leaving for Singapore in a month. This surprises Nao. Ayumi iterates that Nao hasn’t convinced her so her decision is final. Ayumi says that she knew that the boys were all just putting on an act for Nao. Ayumi then tells her daughter not to worry as she will forget her Asuko friends and make new ones. Ouch. How inconsiderate.Takei Emi, Sasano Takashi

Yoshino tells his daughter to listen to Nao’s opinion as she is just deciding everything on her own. It doesn’t look like Ayumi will budge, but she agrees to listen to whatever Nao has to say, somewhat surprising given her earlier attitude. Ayumi then asks what Nao’s future plans in regards to Asuko are. Nao doesn’t know.  Since Nao can’t answer, Ayumie tells Yoshino to butt out. He’s easily cowed by her. Nao says that she knows it is where she belongs now, plus she has made important friends. Her mom tells her that only sticking to Asuko won’t allow her to make new friends, plus if she stays there, what good will come of it? Cold. Yoshino butts in again and says she will learn the joy of making things. Yeah, this so doesn’t impress her mother. Ayumi then tells Nao that her sadness at leaving will only be temporary, besides, hasn’t Ayumi always made the right decisions for her daughter?Asuko M arch! episode 8

Nao says she won’t let her. Her mom asks what she means and Nao replies that her mother did nothing when she suffered. She never even answered Nao’s letters. So Nao manned up and made her own decision since she got no help from Ayumi and that was to stay in Asuko. Ayumi says she is only thinking of her daughter’s future and Nao yells that it’s always been her mom’s way. Nao yells that she hates her mother and runs up to her room with her mom calling after her to wait. Nao locks her door while her mom tries to get her to listen. Nao jumps on her bed and covers her ears demanding to know why her mom has to be so selfish. Ayumi then clutches her chest and looks faint. Yoshino comes up and asks if anything is wrong, but she says nothing and walks away, not good.Asuko March! episode 8

The next day at school Nao comes in depressed. The boys gather round and ask what happened with the Singapore situation. Nao replies that the situation is even worse. The guys can’t believe it. They went through all of that effort and several of them even dressed like girls. Murai then says that even Tamaki was supposed to dress in drag as well and he then says that Nao should have seen Tamaki all dolled up. This surprises Nao who looks over at Tamaki who pretends that he has no idea what they are talking about since he wasn’t listening. Nao then asks what he’s reading and Tamaki replies that it has to do with his electrical studies. Hirose asks isn’t the exam hard and Tamaki replies that is why he is studying so hard now, so that he’ll be ready in two years to get in the program. A light bulb goes off in Nao’s head. She remembered something and jumps up and goes to Tamaki’s desk. She picks up his electrical studies information and asks if she could also qualify for it. This surprises Tamaki and the rest of the boys. Nao smiles and holds up the exam information and says she is going to use it to show her mother (I guess that she has a future decided).Minami Keisuke, Furukawa Yuki, Kanai Yuta

Nao is then told all about the breakdown of the test (practical and written parts). Tamaki shows Nao the book for the written portion and Nao is amazed at how complicated the test looks. Tamaki replies that the school has different final tests. Nao can see this. Tamaki then goes over to a table full of boxes and pulls out all the stuff that Nao will need to be able to do and work with. He also shows her an example of the wiring diagram for the exam. Wow. Hard. You get 40 minutes to complete the exam using the diagram. After that, it’s 13 questions on any of the topics posted on the board. Tamaki tells Nao that she probably doesn’t know much about that stuff yet, but if she practices properly, she can do it. However, Tamaki then says there is only a few weeks left until the exam, so he isn’t sure if Nao will be able to do it or not without great difficulty. Nao seems a little discouraged, but is determined to go through with it. She tells Tamaki that all the information he gave her was really helpful. Now all that’s left is Nao to understand. Tamaki says he will stay and help, but Nao refuses saying she is determined to do this all on her own. Tamaki wishes her the best and goes to leave and Nao recalls the confession. She calls after Tamaki, but he tells her to concentrate all her focus on the exam and give him a proper reply later. Tamaki is so understanding at times. Nao thanks him and Tamaki leaves.Kaku Kento, Takei Emi

Outside the door there is Aruto. Seems like he really is uncomfortable with the whole Nao and Tamaki situation. I know that Kyoko is what is keeping him from going to Nao and that it is not wholly his fault for not being able to get rid of the crazy, possessive stalker…but still. Since he has technically made a decision, does he have the right to feel like crap about it? Poor Aruto. Life just doesn’t like him very much.Matsuzaka Tori

After school, Nao finds her mother and asks to talk with her for awhile. Ayumi says she has a business meeting and cannot, but Nao persists. Ayumi, however, keeps stating she has no time. Nao finally blocks her mother’s path and tells her about her decision to qualify for the electrical studies course. Ayumi asks how her daughter will do such a thing and Nao replies that before she goes to Singapore with her mother, she is going to take up the electrical course so she can stay studying at Asuko. Ayumi then asks what Nao’s career plans are then. Of course Nao hasn’t thought that far yet, but there is a lot of jobs revolving around electrical engineers, so deciding a career path, she should have options.  Nao then replies that this course of study is what she wants and why she cant’ leave Asuko, plus such skills will be useful in the future. Ayumi does not support Nao’s decision at all. Why? Because she doesn’t believe that Nao has what it takes to do it. Such a supportive mother, ne? Nao says her mother doesn’t know that, so why would she say such a thing. Ayumi then lists all the things that Nao has never finished once she started: piano, painting, etc. Nao replies that it is different this time. Ayumi asks how, but Nao can’t really explain it at all and her mom just walks away wishing her luck.Takei Emi

That night, Aruto is out with Kyoko who asks him what is wrong as it seems his mind is not there with her at all. Aruto replies that isn’t the case and Kyoko replies that it has to do with Yoshino, doesn’t it. This surprises Aruto. Why is Kyoko mentioning Nao now? Doesn’t she know that Nao and him live in two different worlds? Kyoko pulls Aruto aside and asks if it is better for Kyoko to help him forget about Nao? And just where did Kyoko pull Aruto? To a hotel. Tacky. Aruto puts his foot down and says that he has had enough of Kyoko’s foolishness. Somehow he will get the money together to pay back all that he has borrowed from her. He hands her the umbrella and walks off into the rainy night leaving her alone. Yatte! Though you know that Kyoko, the psychotic stalker, won’t let things be.Matsuzaka Tori, Matsuyama Mary

And now we begin our usual montage of Nao hard at work. She is doing her best to study and beef up on the practical portion for the electrical studies exam. Needless to say, she has a lot of work ahead of her from measuring to stripping electrical wire and putting components together. But since it is Nao, you know she will work her hardest. She is too slow and doesn’t do it quite properly, but she is determined. Momo comes in and immediately starts bugging Nao. She takes Nao’s textbook, accuses Nao of another scheme to get the boys’ attention and goes to throw it out. Nao jumps up to stop her when a male voice tells Momo to just stop already. Takeuchi-kun? Yep. Takeuchi comes in and tells Momo that she is harassing now and not teasing, which is something he is sure Momo knows all about. Momo tells him to stop saying such stupid things. Takeuchi’s reply is that Nao is different from the girls in Momo’s junior high. Momo asks what he is talking about and Takeuchi replies that Momo is slowly transforming to be just like the girls she hated. Momo says she isn’t, slams down Nao’s book and rushes out. Takeuchi then explains to Nao what happened to Momo in middle school. Momo’s friend was bullied and when Momo stepped in to help, she in turn was bullied – even by the friend she tried to help. Poor Momo.Gouriki Ayane, Takei Emi, Nagayama Kento

Nao is studying in the wee hours of the morning for the exam. When she goes downstairs, she is surprised to see her mother hard at work. Ayumi asks why Nao is up so late and Nao replies that she is studying hard as she doesn’t want to fail the test. Ayumi says that staying up all night is bad for you and Nao tells her mother that Ayumi needs sleep, too. She then brings out dinner that Yoshino had made for his daughter. Ayumi says it looks good, but it too heavy for a snack. Nao agrees, but that’s grandpa for you. Takei Emi

The test day finally arrives. Nao has her admission ticket and rushes off to take the exam. Her mom goes to school that same day. Murai is surprised to see Ayumi there. Nao is almost late when she hears the sounds of raised voices. Momo is getting yelled at by the guys she always hangs out and flirts with. Nao wants to help, but will be late. What does she choose? She chooses to help poor Momo. She rushes in and gets in front of Momo, telling the guys to back off since Momo has stated she doesn’t like what they are doing. The leader complains that after flirting, Momo refuses to go out with him. Nao says it is a given and you can’t force a girl to do something she doesn’t want like that. She grabs Momo’s arm and tries to run away, but the guys surround them and the leader grabs Momo’s other arm, pulling her with him. Momo tug of war. Nao manages to break his hold, but accidentally knocks of his hat. Uh-oh. The boy yells at Nao for messing with his hat and pushes the girls down the hill into the water.Takei Emi, Gouriki Ayane

Sugisaki runs up and the boys run off, laughing. Momo pushes Nao back down into the water and accuses everything being Nao’s fault. Momo then climbs out and goes to run away. Nao tries to stop her, but Momo won’t listen and calls Nao annoying. And how is any of this Nao’s fault? Momo needs to start blaming herself instead of others. After Momo leaves, Nao notices she has dropped her admission ticket. Crap! Will Nao be able to take the test now that her ticket is one sopping mess (if she can find it even that is)?Takei Emi

At school, Ayumi is requesting for Omukai to start the procedure for Nao’s withdrawal. This shocks Omukai who asks Ayumi if the principal is aware of the matter. Ayumi asks why she should need the principal’s approval. Omukai replies that she doesn’t, but the school does require a reason for withdrawing. Ayumi tells him that she is taking Nao abroad for family reasons, thus there is no way Nao could attend Asuko anymore. Ayumi then asks if Omukai is trying to butt into their family matters. What a royal witch. The unhappy Omukai says he understands and goes to get the withdrawal started.Katsumura Masanobu

Tamaki and the boys then rush in and tell Ayumi that is not what she had promised Nao at all. Ayumi gives a small smile and says her first impression of the boys is definitely different. The boys start buttoning their shirts up and fixing their hair. Takeuchi (who is always immaculate) says that Yoshino has decided to take up credentials for electrical studies – didn’t Ayumi tell her then she wouldn’t have to go to Singapore? Ayumi’s response is a typical, hated one: “I didn’t promise her anything.” Oy. Ayumi then goes on to say her daughter has difficulty making proper decisions and this one is no different. Ayumi then says that Nao has no close girl friends to talk to and training is difficult for boys. let alone girls, plus the curriculum at Asuko is not conducive for college. If her daughter stays in Asuko, what future will she possibly have?Asuko March! episode 8

Ayumi goes to leave and Tamaki blocks her way. Tamaki tells her that Nao has completely rebounded every time. This surprises Ayumi. What is Tamaki talking about? Tamaki explains that Nao hated Asuko so much when she first started, but in the end Nao accepted the school as a place of her own.

And you’d like to protect her, is that what you’re saying? You’re only doing that to get on her good side!

After shouting that at Tamaki, Ayumi goes to leave and is stopped by Aruto this time (late as always). Aruto tells Ayumi that she has misunderstood. Aruto then says that it is Nao who has protected the boys and made things better. It’s horrible to say, but hearing this completely astounds Ayumi. How can she not know what her own daughter is capable of? Aruto then confesses that if it wasn’t for Nao, he would have left Asuko long ago. He then tells Ayumi about how hard Nao worked, even when she was on the bring of collapse. If it wasn’t for all that she did, Aruto wouldn’t be able to be there anymore. Hirose then speaks up saying that Nao protected his dream and shielded him when he was getting beat up. Tamaki then tells Ayumi about how Nao tried to protect his family’s factory as well. Takeuchi then replies that Nao made him realize that he is an important part of their class. Kishi then says that if it wasn’t for Nao, the whole class wouldn’t have been able to band together and Wajima elaborates that they wouldn’t have been able to make the eco-car without her. Murai then adds his two cents. He says that if Nao leaves, they will be a boys only class once more and that will be a bad thing. Omukai then comes in and says he agrees with Murai.Asuko March! episode 8

If there are no girls, I am not motivated to teach at all!

Tamaki tells Omukai to not make things worse. Ayumi says she understands and will keep her promise. If, however, Nao fails the test, she will take her to Singapore. She then leaves.

During this, Nao rushed to get to the test on time, but failed to. She is turned away since she has already missed the written portion. Nao pleads to find away since her school won’t allow her to enroll in the course without the proper credentials (i.e. the test). The helpers apologizes saying he can do nothing to help her. Bummer. Poor Nao! Momo sees this from a distance and it looks like she feels bad. She should. Nao was late because she helped her out.Takei Emi

Ayumi gets home where she starts having chest pains and collapses. Nao wonders what she will do when she gets a call telling her about her mother’s collapse. She rushes off to the hospital where her grandfather is waiting in the waiting room. Nao asked what happened and Yoshino replies that Ayumi collapses from fatigue. Apparently Ayumi has been working hard nonstop for six months because the company Nao’s parents manage is on the brink of bankruptcy. This shocks Nao. Yoshino then says that when Nao first sent the letters, Ayumi wanted to come and fetch her right away, but they couldn’t financially afford it. They still really can’t and Ayumi has been doing her best to earn money (by selling her engagement and wedding rings). She told Yoshino to keep quiet about it, but he can’t allow Nao to think that her mother didn’t care about all her problems she was having. After this, Nao goes and sits by her mother’s bedside. What will Nao choose to do?Takei Emi

The next morning when Ayumi wakes up is surprised to see the sleeping Nao. She takes the blanket off of the table and tries to cover her daughter up. This wakes Nao up who asks how Ayumi is doing. Ayumi tells her not to worry and asks doesn’t she have school today? Nao replies that she does and gets up. She then tells her mom that she decided to go to Singapore (not because she necessarily wants to, but you know, the ultimate sacrificing daughter). This shocks Ayumi. Nao says that her mom is right and can’t do things on her own and needs her mom to watch over her still. Nao then outright lies to her mother by saying that she never liked the school and was only holding out longer because it was fun. Ayumi doesn’t seem to be buying this. Ayumi says she knows her daughter really wanted to stay as Ayumi has realized just how important Asuko really is to Nao. Ayumi replies that Nao’s classroom has helped her understand that Nao is needed there. Nao is touched by this, but worries about her mother. Ayumi says things will be fine. Nao then says she failed the electrical studies test. Ayumi replies she knows because Momo went through the trouble of finding her and telling her what happened. Good Momo. This proves that Nao really does have a good girl friend in school. This makes Nao happy.Gouriki Ayane

At school, Nao runs into Momo and thanks her for explaining to Ayumi. Momo says that is what she can’t stand about Nao. Why is the girl thanking her when it was all Momo’s fault that Nao didn’t get to take the test because Nao stopped to help her (which wouldn’t make it Momo’s fault, but Nao’s for really butting in). Momo then thanks Nao before walking away. Looks like they might just become real good friends now. Good.

Nao sees her mom off and her Takei Emi, Gouriki Ayanemom says she will not allow Nao to give up on Asuko now. Her daughter must become the top industrial woman. Nao then tells her mom to be careful and not overwork herself again. Ayumi promises not to and then tells Nao to stop enjoying boys fighting over her and chasing her. Does her daughter want to know a sure-fire way to do it? Nao asks what is the method and her mom replies that Nao should try going out with both. Girls should be crafty. Uh…I don’t think so. Perhaps if Nao explained she had trouble choosing and asked for a chance to figure it out by dating them both, but that always puts a strain on relationships even more, but doing it behind their back is doomed for failure. Some mother. Nao waves goodbye and says there is no way she can take her mother’s advice.Takei Emi

The final episode looks to be another interesting one. Sad to be saying goodbye to them soon. What will happen with Aruto, Tamaki and Nao? Will there be a resolution (since the manga isn’t even finished yet)? Who knows. You want one, but it’s always doubtful that you’ll get one.

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