Smile, Donghae Episode 13 Recap

Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji EunWe pick up with Saewa abandoning poor Anna on the side of the road. Poor Anna looks afraid and confused. How could Saewa do that to someone she knows has issues with understanding and getting around? Meanwhile, at the hotel, Bongi and Donghae are crazy with worry. Bongi gets up as she finally notices that the wedding dress is missing. This surprises Donghae and Bongi points to the empty spot where the dress used to hang. Perhaps that means Anna went to see Saewa. Bongi pulls out her phone and calls, but Saewa is not answering. Is she still at work?

Park Jung AhNope. The evil witch known as Saewa has arrived at the hotel for her date with Do Jin. He hands her out of the car where he kisses her hand and turns it over to the valet. Very corny and cheesy. The two head in to dinner where Do Jin notices Saewa picks the cucumbers (they look like pickle slices to me) out of her salad. He smiles and says he likes how she does that, surprising Saewa. Do Jin elaborates that most women wouldn’t do such think. Really? Do Jin says that women either eat hardly anything or a lot on dates. He likes how Saewa isn’t doing such things and doesn’t really care how others see her (which is so not true in certain respects). Saewa says that he’ll find out her habits eventually, so she shouldn’t hide anything now. Baloney. She’s hiding quite a bit from him already. Do Jin then compliments her honesty and says she is becoming more like the woman of his dreams. He then drops the mother bomb. This shocks Saewa. Do Jin says that he wants to make their relationship official with marriage in mind. He then explains his great affection for his mother and how he wants to show Saewa off to her. A little uncomfortable, but Saewa does concede to have lunch with him and his mom the next day.

Lee Joo Yeon, Park Hae MiSool Nyeo and Sun Ok return to the apartment and Sae Young jumps to her feet immediately hugging her mother and crying about how worried she was. Sae Young had been afraid that Sool Nyeo left the girls to go off and die. Sool Nyeo says she doesn’t think her daughter would care since she has Tae Hoon and Sun Ok. Does it matter if Sool Nyeo never comes back? Sae Young holds her mother tighter and tells her not to say such things as Sae Young can’t live without her mother. Sool Nyeo says Sae Young is obviously lying and pushes her daughter away, but Sae Young embraces her again and says she isn’t and she is now sorry for how horrible she treated her mother. Sool Nyeo insists that her daughter is lying and then says everything is her own fault for having a daughter instead of a son. Sun Ok looks on exasperated and says that they are the same.

Lee Bo Hee, Park Hae MiSool Nyeo and Sun Ok then go into Sool Nyeo’s room to talk. Sun Ok asks if Sool Nyeo’s husband approved of the kids marrying and Sool Nyeo says she didn’t ask him. Sun Ok then reveals that Kang Jae wants the kids to get married. Sool Nyeo then asks if Sun Ok will be horrible to Sae Young afterward and is she doing this only because Sae Young is pregnant. Sun Ok says that if Sool Nyeo doesn’t approve the match then she can live as a widow with an unwed daughter and grandchild all her life. Sool Nyeo then asks when the wedding will take place. It will have to be soon before Sae Young starts showing. SUn Ok says that they will choose a lucky day after Tae Hoon’s exam. Sool Nyeo cries that she worked so hard to raise her baby only to have her married off in a hurry. Sun Ok says she isn’t happy about this either then in runs Sae Youn hugging and kissing both women and thanking them. Looks like at least one person is happy.

Sun Ok returns home and reports Sool Nyeo’s arrival to her husband and that she has consented to the marriage. Kang Jae is happy that she did, but Sun Ok isn’t happy. She feels like she is offering her son up to her best friend on a platter. Kang Jae tells her not to be selfish and then says that they will soon have Sae Young in the family which is something to look forward to. Yeah, I don’t think Sun Ok will ever truly be happy as she has never really approved of the scatterbrained Sae Young.

Lee Bo Hee, Im Chae Moo, Lee Joon Ha

Lee Jang Woo, Park Jung AhDo Jin takes Saewa home and asks if he can come up for coffee. Saewa says it will take a lot of talking as he is the first boy to even take her home. Do Jin is flattered that he is doing a lot of firsts with Saewa. He then says that before she goes in there is something they must do. Saewa wonders what and Do Jin leans in to kiss her. This shocks Saewa who backs away. Noticing her behavior, Do Jin kisses her on the forehead and says that next time it will be on the lips. He then gets in his car and drives away while Saewa stares after him smiling. She then remembers about her mother. How could she forget? A horrible person and a horrible daughter [Yes, I know I am too harsh. Will I ever like her?]

Park Hae Mi, Park Jung AhSool Nyeo is watching television and recalling her piggyback ride from Pil Jae when Saewa comes in. Saewa immediately scolds her mother for running away and making the girls worry. Sool Nyeo tells Saewa that she should know her mother is a baby. Saewa then says if she ever does it again…and then trails off. Sool Nyeo jumps at that and asks if Saewa will sever ties. Saewa says she just might and since she can’t live without her mother, then she’ll end both of their lives. Sool Nyeo is comforted by this and Sawea smiles. She then kneels and apologizes for her earlier words. Saewa then tells her mother that she might be bringing home good news soon. Sool Nyeo asks if Saewa will be doing the 9 o’clock news and Sawea replies that its even better. She’ll be doing something her mother has always dreamed of. Saewa will not let her mom down as the first born in the family. So selfish. So selfless. What exactly is Saewa’s true feelings and motivations?

In her room, Saewa notices a lot of missed calls from Bongi. She then answers her phone and it is Donghae! Bongi asks if Saewa finally picked up and Donghae asks if Saewa saw Anna. Saewa replies that Anna came to the station. This relieves Bongi to hear. Saewa then tells Dongahae that she told Anna everything that happened betwixt the two. She says this with such a disgusted look on her face, too. Saewa then asks Donghae and Anna to stop bothering her in the future. Donghae then asks if Anna is with Saewa. This surprises the girl who asks isn’t Anna with Donghae? Saewa dropped her off near the hotel. Donghae is not happy to hear that at all. Can’t say I blame the boy. He asks when. Saewa replies it was early in the evening. The shocked Donghae hangs up and runs out with Bongi running after him. Saewa wonders if Anna is really missing.

Park Jung Ah, Ji Chang Wook

The frantic Donghae and Bongi run all over near the hotel calling out and searching for Anna. They manage to find her in the exact place where Saewa left her. She is squatting and crying. She is so happy to see her son. The two embrace and Donghae scolds his mom for leaving without telling him and causing him all that worry. Anna cries and apologizes, saying she thought she could find her way back. Bongi asks if Anna is okay and how long she had been stuck there. Anna replies that Saewa dropped her off and poor Anna didn’t recognize anything so she stayed put like a good little girl as her Donghae always told her to stay put if she gets lost until he can find her. Such a sad and touching scene with a real nice display of emotions. Donghae hugs her and says that he is there for her and the two cry together while Bongi watches on.

Do Ji Won, Oh Ji Eun, Ji Chang Wook

Do Jin Won, Ji Chang WookDonghae takes his mother back to the hotel and gets her cleaned up and ready for bed. Poor Anna must have been so frightened so she should rest. Donghae then tells her to never go out alone again. Anna promises she won’t and will only go with him and Bongi [how cute that she already has come to depend on and trust Bongi so much]. She then asks Donghae why Saewa was so mad. Good question. Does Saewa hate Donghae? Is that why Saewa is mad at Anna? Donghae says that it was just a little fight and tells his mother to go to sleep. He then sits back down on his bed.

Park Jung Ah, Oh Ji EunMeanwhile Saewa is freaking out wondering what to do when she gets a call. Saewa goes outside to meet Bongi. You can’t tell that only a few seconds ago she was royally freaked out and worried. She has her calm, annoyed face on and asks what Bongi wants. Bongi says she wants to talk about Anna. How could Saewa do that to her? How indeed? She has ice in her veins instead of blood. Saewa asks if Anna was found and Bongi angrily replies that Anna was found exactly where Saewa abandoned her. Saewa says that Anna only had to walk down the road and there was the hotel. Anyway, it’s good that she is found. Bongi gets really upset by Saewa’s poor choice of words. Bongi then says that would never have happened if Saewa had taken her back to the hotel herself instead of leaving her in the middle of the street like she did. How could she do that? Saewa looks a little uncomfortable – she should be after what she pulled.

Oh Ji EunBongi says that she shouldn’t have done that and then scolds Saewa for her behavior. Even if Saewa broke up with Donghae it doesn’t give her the right to treat Anna so callously, especially when Saewa knows about Anna’s problem. Saewa gets angry at this lecture and demands to know what gives Bongi the right to scold her. Anna isn’t Bongi’s mother. I love Bongi’s reply: “If she were, I’d have killed you right now.” Nice! And so true, I think I have the same sentiments. Bong I then asks how Saewa can do such a thing when both Donghae and Anna came all the way to Korea just for Saewa alone. Besides, if Bongi is this angry, imagine how poor Donghae must feel. Saewa laughs at this and asks if Bongi is Anna and Donghae’s spokesperson. Bongi’s response is a good one again. “This is nothing compared to how selfish you are.” Burn.

Saewa looks a little taken back by that last comment, but then she laughs again. Is Bongi sympathizing with Donghae just because of what Bongi went through herself? This takes Bongi by surprise. What does Saewa mean? Saewa elaborates by saying:

You must see yourself in Donghae after how you got dumped by your fiance, but you shouldn’t get too carried away by this.

Oh Ji Eun, Ji Chang Wook, Park Jung AhSaewa is so full of shit she reeks. Bongi tears up and yells at Saewa when Donghae approaches. He turns to Bongi and tells her to leave as Saewa is right and Bongi really has nothing to do with the situation. Donghae says he will talk to Saewa and Bongi replies that what Saewa said is not right. She then turns to Saewa to confront her once more for her cruel words, but Donghae turns and yells at Bongi saying that he has already told her once to leave. Poor Bongi. I know Donghae is frustrated, but the girl doesn’t need to take everyone’s crap, does she? Donghae tells her to stay out of their business and the poor, flustered Bongi just makes tsking sounds and runs off. True she may take things too far and shouldn’t butt in like she does, but she is truly doing it out of the goodness of her heart.

After Bongi leaves, Saewa won’t look at Donghae and gives him a half-assed apology: “I didn’t mean to do what I did. I had reasons.” And let me say, the reasons aren’t good enough. Donghae tells her to forget it and says that they found Anna, which is all that matters. Saewa angrily turns to face him and demands to know why he is there then. Did he come to beg once more? How long will he continue to do this? I sincerely hope he puts her in her place. Please, Donghae, please! Donghae tears up and takes a moment to gain control before saying he is not there to beg. Oh. He. Did. Not. He didn’t come to beg, he came to say he will never give Saewa up! Say what? After all the crap she’s pulled? This surprises Saewa. Donghae says he will keep going with his original plan. Besides, all relationships have rocky starts. Donghae doesn’t want to lose the person he loves like Anna. He and Saewa have been together for six years and he trusts her and their love. He then walks away, crying. Donghae then runs. Runs and runs and runs some more, vowing to win no matter what. I really don’t think she’s worth all that effort.

Ji Chang Wook, Park Jung Ah

Jung Ae Ri, Kang Suk WooDo Jin arrives home and something seems off. New curtains? Hye Sook smiles and replies that he is spot on. Her son is in a good mood. Was he on the date? Do Jin replies he was and that things are going pretty well between him and Saewa. He reminds Hye Sook about their lunch plans and Hye Sook replies that she hasn’t and can’t wait to see what kind of girl Do Jin’s sweetheart is. The two go to part ways and Do Jin asks if father is in the study. Hye Sook smiles and says the is in the bedroom. She bids him good night and goes into the room. Their first night sleeping like a married couple! Hye Sook, a little nervous, prattles about how it will take some getting use to, but she thinks it will be a nice change. Joon turns off the light and slides down. When Hye Sook cuddles into him, he moves away from her to the farthest side of the bed. Yeah, so much for that plan.

The next morning, Pil Jae mentions visiting his dead wife. This makes the entire Lee household feel bad for forgetting her death anniversary. Pil Jae lays the blame on Sun Ok and her obsession with Tae Hoon’s predicament. Sun Ok apologizes and Pil Jae says it’s really Songi who is owed the apology as she was upset by it. Sun Ok apologizes to her niece who tells her aunt it is okay. Pil Jae, not letting it go yet, keeps on rubbing in the forgotten day. Sun Ok finally snaps at this and Kang Jae tells her to be quiet and sincerely apologizes. Pil Jae finally gives up the grudge and happily digs into to breakfast, annoying Sun Ok. Kang Jae then gives the news that Tae Hoon will be allowed to marry Sae Young. Tae Hoon beams and Tae Hoon is congratulated. Sun Ok still can’t accept Sae Young as a daughter-in-law and Bongi is not happy to think of being in-laws with Saewa. Kang Jae asks if something happened and Bongi doesn’t reveal the matter. She then congratulates her brother who is happy, but feels sorry since Bongi’s own engagement ended badly. Bongi smiles and tells him not to worry as she is truly happy for him.

Smile, Donghae 13: The Lee Family

The Kims are eating breakfast and Hye Sook announces she will be meeting Do Jin’s girlfriend. Joon doesn’t bat an eyelash or look up. He just wonders if his son is serious this time. Has Do Jin played around a lot? Do Jin tells his father that this is the only woman he has ever thought of marrying. Not sure what Joon thinks about this. Do Jin calls up Saewa to confirm their plans for lunch and meeting at the hotel. Do Jin warms Saewa to be on time since Hye Sook hates people. Saewa tells him not to worry and looks at a profile of his mother that she printed out. Looks like research to score brownie points. Will it work?

Lee Jang Woo, Kang Suk Woo, Jung Ae Ri

Breakfast at the Yoon house has Sae Young commenting on how the rich and famous do weddings. Sool Nyeo can’t believe Sae Young’s talk of double weddings and the like. Her daughter is neither rich nor famous, so she will not be getting such weddings. Sae Young then comments how she can’t wait to buy a cute apron and cook for her hubby. Sool Nyeo asks if he daughter can even make rice. Sae Young says she will learn. Sool Nyeo replies that even if she does, Tae Hoon won’t be brining in a lot of money at the start since he is still a student. Sae Young tells her not to worry as all prosecutor’s wives on TV live in mansions. Such an innocent, delusional child. Saewa comes out and asks if Sae Young even knows how much money prosecutors and judges get paid. She then asks for coffee and Sool Nyeo asks her eldest if there is a broadcast since she is dressed so nicely. Saewa replies that there isn’t, but today is an important day for her. Sool Nyeo asks what is going on and Saewa leaves saying she will tell her later.

Park Jung Ah, Park Hae Mi, Ji Yoo Yeon

Lee Bo Hee, Park Hae MiSool Nyeo then heads over to the Lee house with gifts for Tae Hoon. Even though she’s said such awful things, she has to treat him nice now, so the Lee’s won’t hold her earlier actions against her when Sae Young marries into the family. Sun Ok is less than thrilled to see Sool Nyeo who presents the gifts for Tae Hoon. Sool Nyeo asks to see him and Sun Ok calls out to her son. Tae Hoon comes out and rushes over to the two women, calling Sool Nyeo “Mrs. Yoon.” Sool Nyeo asks to be called mother [since Sun Ok gets mad her, I am guessing she is using the actual Korean word for mother vs. mother-in-law]. Sun Ok tells Tae Hoon that Mrs. Yoon is just fine while Sool Nyeo keeps telling him to call her mother. Finally Sun Ok yells that Sool Nyeo didn’t give birth to Tae Hoon who then calls Sool Nyeo mother. This angers Sun Ok and tickles Sool Nyeo to death.

You used to say sons are fences and daughters are flowers. I’m plucking your fence, so you can later get a fence of your own after Bongi gets married.

Sool Nyeo then shows Tae Hoon the medicine she bought to help him study. Tae Hoon thanks her and keeps calling her mother which annoys Sun Ok.

The two old friends then go inside to talk where Sool Nyeo immediately begins complaining about the state of Sun Ok’s house (not the cleanliness or anything, but just how it must be cheaply built and cold in winter). Sun Ok replies that all houses are like that, even big ones. It’s not like apartment units. Sool Nyeo then brags about how good apartments are [I’ll take a house over an apartment any day, actually]. Sool Nyeo says that Sae Young gets cold in the winter and asks if the Lees have begun looking at apartments to buy the kids. This surprises Sun Ok who says that the kids will live with them for the time being. Sool Nyeo is not happy to hear this and demands to know if Sun Ok will make Sae Young work [like that’s such a bad thing?]. Sun Ok says she won’t force Sae Young to do anything, she doesn’t want to be a mean mother-in-law. The Lees just don’t have the money to get the kids a place of their own. Sool Nyeo is horrified to learn that the kids will be living in Tae Hoon’s room and will be getting married at the town hall. Her mood quickly changes as she leaves. Sool Nyeo recalls Pil Jae was in the area and decides to look for him to thank him.

Lee Bo Hee, Park Hae Mi

Oh Ji EunBongi is back to work in the kitchen and is happy to be back. She sniffs around the cooking dishes and declares that she is finally where she belongs. she claps and announces she is back and won’t make any more trouble. A fellow chef tells her to stop talking and help with the vegetables. Then out comes the head chef who scolds her for using a knife since she isn’t ready after what happened. This takes Bongi’s happiness down a notch and she says she will cook the rice instead. The chef tells he she can’t and asks if she’s still out of it. Bongi says she isn’t and asks what there is she can do? She is then sent out to the restaurant to help with serving. Definitely not what she wanted to do at all.

In the restaurant, she sees Donghae eating with his teammates. He smiles and waves, but Bongi is still hurt from last night and snubs her nose at him. She goes to walk on, but Donghae jumps up and stops her. He apologizes for yesterday, but Bongi is not all that forgiving. She replies that he told her yesterday that she had nothing to do with him, so she is going her own way. Why is he stopping her? Donghae smiles again and apologizes, asking her to not be mad. “And from now on, I’m going to focus on the game, like you said.” Donghae promises to do well in the meet and asks if Bongi will come cheer for him. Bongi, touched, tries to act nonchalant and then asks if that is all he is eating. She takes his plate and then fills it up with food from her tray and gives it to him. Donghae accepts it with a big grin. These two are so cute together when they aren’t fighting [well serious fighting, their little squabbles aren’t too bad].

Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji Eun

Do Ji Won, Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji EunBongi goes to visit Anna and Donghae finds them chatting happily when he gets back from practice. Anna tells him that she ate a lot of delicious food that Bongi brought up to her. Donghae thanks Bongi who says it’s nothing and gets up to go. She has to return to work, but if she has time she will come take Anna down to watch him compete. He will be competing for the next three days, right? Why isn’t he leaving yet? Donghae tells her to hold on and gives her an envelope. Bongi asks what it is and Donghae replies that he is paying her for her help these last few days. After all, the contract is over today. Donghae says that Bongi was so good to Anna and thanks her for all of her help. This seems to make Bongi rather uncomfortable. She tells Donghae he doesn’t have to do that and Donghae smiles and replies that she demanded money back from him when she first saw him. Why? Does she have a problem taking money from a poor man? Bongi says that isn’t it and finally, awkwardly takes the money. She says that she had a great time with Anna and then wishes him luck at the game. All’s well that ends well. “If you win first place, that’ll put a good end to everything.” She says that he can do it. Donghae smiles and thanks her and then goes to hug his mother, promising the gold.

Do Jin goes in to meet his mother who is flustered to be meeting his girlfriend. This is the first time her son has ever introduced her to a girl he was dating. There is still time, so Do Jin asks if they should sit and wait, but Hye Sook wants to head over early just in case the girl is already there waiting. They leave and Saewa is in a taxi doing a makeup check. She asks the driver to take her all the way to the destination, but he doesn’t like doing the u-turn and asks if he can drop her off down the road. Saewa asks to be dropped at the crosswalk then. Will she make it on time and give a good impression?

Park Jung Ah
Anna is in the hotel room praying to James to help Donghae do a good job and to take care of him. She rubs the harmonica, but when she goes to put it around her neck, the chain breaks. Ill omen.

Do Ji Won

Outside, Donghae is trying to call Saewa. He sees her across the street and calls out her name. She doesn’t hear him because she is talking to Do Jin. She is flustered to know that he and his mother are already at the restaurant. Pressed for time, she decides to cross the street before the pedestrian light goes green. As she’s crossing, a truck comes. Caught like a deer in headlights, Saewa freezes. Donghae sees this impending disaster and rushes across the street. He pushes Saewa to safety and gets hit by the truck instead. When Saewa gets up, she is shocked to see the bleeding Donghae. End Episode.

Ji Chang Wook, Park Jung Ah

Oy. Poor, Donghae. It would figure that Saewa would be the bane of his existence.


  • OMG! I wanna slap Donghae for begging from Saewa! Seriously, you don’t need her! And GD eyes were glittering (and as shiny as fake diamond!) at the look of her future MiL! Geez, DoJin better think twice going out with this evil gold digger!

    p/s: Yeah, I’m pissed. Can you tell?

  • OMG, is Donghae dumb or something? Now his career is on jeopardize because of the accident! *head desk*

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