Asuko March! Episode 7 Recap

Takei Emi

This episode begins with Nao lounging at a beautiful beach watching her classmates play volleyball. They ask her to join in and she kicks off her flip-flops only to have her feet burned by the hot sand. Aruto comes and picks her up, telling her to be more careful. Then Nao is promptly dropped and the dream comes to an end with her falling on the floor in a factory. Instead of a fun-filled summer, Nao is doing assistance training on weird new machines with her fellow classmates. Tamaki yells for her to get up and Nao does and dispiritedly goes over to help Hirose who hands her the cap she needs to wear while working. Nao goes to pick up the newly made gears, and like her dream, she gets burned (only it’s her hands this time). Murai rushes by and tells her to be careful as newly made gears are still warm. Nao then whines to herself that she is spending her glory days of youth Asuko style – in a factory.

Takei EmiWe then rewind to a week before summer vacation to find out why the class is working in a factory instead of enjoying a normal summer break. Omukai announces to the students that over the summer they will all have to undergo internship training. This catches the students by surprise and they stop their goofing off to complain about how bothersome and internship will be. Nao is completely lost (I know she is more sheltered, but she should at least know what an internship is). Takumi is surprised that Nao doesn’t know and tells her its temporary training in a real company. Omukai then announces that the class will be divided into 4 groups and each group must complete a one-week internship. Murai says he doesn’t want to, but Omukai says there is no choice as everyone must participate.

Nagayama Kento, Matsuzaka Tori

Tamaki stands up and tries to rally the class who are all expressing their unhappiness at being forced to do the internship. Tamaki says they could all benefit from the training. Omukai is happy that Tamaki is speaking out on his side. Tamaki then ruins the moment by turning and saying “Of course, we’ll get paid by the hour, right?” LOL. Of course Tamaki would think of the money aspect. Alas. Most internships are unpaid (its extremely rare – at least in the US – to get a paid internship). Omukai bursts this bubble by saying that they won’t be getting paid and Tamaki sits back down saying he doesn’t want to go anymore. Omukai complains that Tamaki really disappointed him. Poor sensei. Omukai then tells his students not to cause problems and points at his wedding ring saying he and his wife are going to Las Vegas.

Kaku Kento

Shiraishi Miho, Takei EmiLater, Nao goes to the clinic to practice yoga with Sugisaki and complain about the internship. Sugisaki chides her for choosing to stick with Asuko and then complaining about what she has to do. Didn’t Nao already make the decision to stick things out and enjoy her life there? Sugisaki then asks if Nao thought about her future at all when she decided to stay. Nao replies that she didn’t entirely think things through. Sugisaki then asks what Nao plans to do and Nao says college looks like the right path. While saying this, Nao is shaking all over the place. Sugisaki notices this and goes over to help Nao, wondering if there is something bothering her since she seems to be wavering and can’t make a proper choice. Nao, instead of replying, complains that Sugisaki’s help (with yoga), hurts.

Takei Emi, Gouriki AyameNao leaves the clinic after yoga practice wondering just what she is bothered by. She reaches insider her shirt and pulls out Aruto’s feather pendant, wondering if that is the cause. She quickly puts it back inside her shirt when she hears Momo call her name. Momo complains that Nao is still there after all, despite all of Momo’s warnings. Momo calls her shameless an goes to walk past, but Nao grabs her arm. Speaking of shameless, can Nao ask Momo for something? This surprises Momo. So what does Nao want? She wants to go and do something together with Momo! Talk about thick skin. This shocks Momo as well. Nao says that since it is just her and Momo, she would like Momo to be a friend she can confide in. Momo hugs Nao who smiles, but her smile fades when Momo tells her that just because Nao stayed, doesn’t mean that Nao can sweet-talk Momo into liking her and hanging out. Momo then shoves Nao away and leaves, calling behind her that she wants no females friends. Nao is upset by this and leaves while Momo leans against a wall around the corner wondering what Nao means about being friends – it’s impossible.

Sasano Takashi, Takei EmiNao goes home where her grandfather puts a lei around her neck and starts dancing the hula. Nao asks what is with Yoshino and he replies that they agreed to go to Hayama Beach once vacation starts. Nao tells him point blank that she can no longer go. This surprises Yoshino. Nao tells him that she has an internship so he will just have to find someone else. Yoshino complains that he is really shy and is no good with other people – doesn’t Nao feel sorry for him? Nao says it doesn’t concern her and her grandfather starts acting really childish begging her to go and Nao tells him to act his age. He is already 60 so he will just have to bear with the disappointment. Wow! Yoshino really can act as more of a child than his own granddaughter. It’s always funny to see their role reversals.

Nao goes to visit Shioiri Gears Factory where she and her fellow classmates will be spending one week working. There we have the excited boys, running around like kids admiring the machinery. Nao is happy when she sees Tamaki, Murai, Hirose, Takeuchi, and Kishi are all in her group. She then looks over and sees the yawning Aruto. Kishi and Wajima then come up and start teasing Nao about her eyes sparkling when she sees Aruto. Nao denies that they sparkle. Then up comes a grumpy older man who complains that the factory is not a kids’ playground. Tamaki apologizes and when Nao goes to introduce the group, the man just tells them to get out of his way and sits down with a newspaper. Nao asks if he knows who is going to be in charge of them, but the man says he has no idea and can’t you see he’s busy. This sets Wajima off and Nao does her best to stop him from starting a fight with the grumpy man since they are not in school. At this time, the manager comes up.

Ishida Takuya, Minami Keisuke, Furukawa Yuki, Takei Emi

Takei Emi, Matsuzaka Tori, Kaku Kento, Ishida Takuya, Nagayama Kento, Minami Keisuke, Furukawa Yuki, Kanai YutaThe factory manager introduces himself as Nujamiri. He then calls attention to the factory workers and introduces the Asuko students to them saying that they will be training for one week. The kids boy and say the standard yorishiku. Nujamiri tells the gang if they have any questions, then feel free to ask anyone. Needless to say, the factory workers don’t feel the same. They complain that it is a very busy period for them and that they will fall behind if they have to train newbies. Nujamiri then turns to the grumpy older guy, Noguchi, and asks him to look after the Asuko bunch. Of course, he isn’t happy at all either. Tamaki and the rest aren’t happy that the “old geezer” will be training them. Noguchi doesn’t win any brownie points by saying he doesn’t want to babysit a bunch of kids. Just as Wajima is about to go off (again), Nujamiri steps in between Wajima and Nogushi and says that the only person with free time is Noguchi (what is the story there?). The introduction comes to an and and Nujamiri lets the staff get back to work.
Matsuzaki Tori, Nagayama Kento, Kaku Kento, Takei Emi, Ishida Takuya, Minami Keisuke, Furukawa Yuki

Knowing her fellow classmates are disappointed, Nao tries to diffuse the situation and tell them to just go along with it. The gang gets changed and just ends up standing around doing nothing. Nao says it is probably free time and this is what most internships are like. Takeuchi says that isn’t the case, the workers just want the kids out of their way. Hirose complains about being under Noguchi who is just sitting and reading his paper. Nao looks around and notices Aruto is missing. She asks if anyone knows where he is and Murai replies that Aruto, being Aruto, is idling away at some high place. And we cut to see Aruto lying on a small patch of roof. That boy.

Minami Keisuke, Furukawa Yuki, Kanai Yuta, Takei Emi, Nagayama Kento, Ishida Takuya, Kaku Kento
Back inside the factory, Noguchi calls Nao over (referring to her as onee-chan, which is big sister, weird, ne?). This surprises Nao. She asks if he means her and slowly goes over. He stands up and says he will teach her an important technical trade secret. What? He has Nao give him a lower back massage. Nao asks if this is possibly the technique he was referring to and he replies that it is. With good massage skills, it will be easy to get into any work. Riiiight. Nao replies that has nothing to do with technical work and Noguchi then asks why Nao wants to work in a factory anyways. Doesn’t a girl like Nao have interest in other things? Nao smiles and says she has taken an interest in industrial work as of late. Noguchi doesn’t believe this and says he can’t see Nao as a future industrial worker. Nao says he can’t possibly know what she will do in the future and Noguchi replies that she is going to go to college or something like that. Nao will probably spend her days idling and going on group dates. This angers Nao who gets more aggressive in the massage as she tells Noguchi to stop deciding what she wants to do with her life – unfortunately, Noguchi likes the harder massage. So much for revenge.

Takei emi, Nishioka Tokuma

Takei Emi, Katsumura MasanobuMeanwhile, Omukai is going through Las Vegas guides trying to plan his vacation with his wife when Nao comes to consult with him. She sits down and asks if they can’t chance the factory they are doing their internship with. Omukai says he recommended the best for that company. After all, he used to work there once before. This surprises Nao who had no idea that he did. Omukai then says there is a person at Shioiri with world class skills that will help the kids learn and grow. Nao says that they weren’t placed under the care of such an excellent person. Omukai then tells Nao to request that person to guide them. The man’s name? None other than Noguchi-san! Say what? This shocks Nao and she tells him that Noguchi is the one handling them. But Omukai is back to his Las Vegas plans and ignores her when she tries to talk to him about Noguchi leading them.

Takei Emi, Ishida Takuya, Nagayama KentoThe next day the Asuko gang is out pullling weeds instead of doing factory work. They are shocked when Nao tells them about Noguchi. They cannot believe that cantankerous old geezer is actually an industrial whiz. Nao tells them that it is true as she even looked Noguchi up online. There were even pictures, too. Takeuchi goes over by Nao and takes the printout. It is an article about Noguchi being the first Japanese to win a gold metal at an industrial world design competition. Murai wonders then if Noguchi is actually training them with these menial tasks. Maybe all that weeding is exercising the muscles need for training. >_< Oh, Murai-kun is so funny. Murai and Wajima then begin attacking the weeds with renewed vigor when Noguchi comes and says it isn’t exercise, it’s just meaningless odd jobs since the kids are interfering with the factory work. Noguchi then tells the gang that they should be happy he even gave them work to do. This isn’t good.

Hirose and Kishi stand up and Hirose demands to know if they will be pulling weeds all day then. Noguchi asks if that is a problem. Why? Don’t they do such things in school as well? Actually, they do more practical work in school than they are being allowed to do at the factory. Noguchi then says that weeding is basic housekeeping work. Nao finally gets up and asks if there isn’t anything useful that Noguchi could possibly please teach them. But then a bell rings. Noguchi tells them good job, puts out his cigarette and walks away, leaving the boys seething in anger. Wajima is twisting and pulling on his towel trying to keep his anger in check and stop himself from going after Noguchi.

Asuko March! 7

Asuko March! 7The gang have changed and are heading out of the factory. They all seem to be in a rotten mood after the weeding incident. Nao says that it seems there summer break has been a waste and Tamaki replies that a summer job would have benefited him more than this work. They keep walking and Aruto’s stalker Kyoko pops up at the factory’s entrance. This surprises Aruto and the others. Kyoko comes in and says she came to pick him up and then asks to go home together with Aruto. She then drags him off. Wajima and Murai complain about their jealousy and how Aruto is suck a lucky guy. Tamaki just looks at Nao who is obviously depressed by the scene.

Matsuyama Mary, Matsuzaka ToriAruto asks why Kyoko came and she replied that she was worried. Worried about what? Kyoko came to show Nao just what her relationship is with Aruto. This surprises Aruto, especially when Kyoko replies “That the two of us are dating, right?” Not so much. Kyoko is just a psycho stalker who won’t let Aruto go. Aruto stops and takes Kyoko’s hand from his arm and says that he has no intention of dating her. He walks away to have the angry Kyoko demand all the money back that she gave him to help with his mother’s medical expenses. Low blow. But she is psycho stalker chick, so not surprising. This stops Aruto in his tracks and he looks back. Kyoko puts on a smile and rushes up to him. She relinks their arms and asks if they should go out to eat on the way. Well, looks like Aruto is stuck. I don’t think he’s found a new job yet, so there is no way he can repay the crazy girl, so he is stuck putting up with her for the time being. There has to be a way out, ne?

The next day, the kids ask Nujamiri if they can change their mentor since Noguchi is teaching them nothing. Nujamiri asks if he can think about it later as they have a huge order to fill in the next 2 days so he has no time for such things. Doesn’t he think that if they got the kids working, they would be able to fill the order faster? Nao asks if they can do anything to help, but Nujimari just tells them to observe. Hirose complains because they are treating them like kids. Well, they technically still are, but they are also very capable and passionate when it comes to their work.

Ishida Takuya, Takei Emi, Kaku Kento, Minami Keisuke, Furukawa Yuki, Nagayama Kento

Asuko March! 7Nao looks and sees containers of gears. She happily goes over to them and says that maybe they can do something with them. Oh, this probably won’t turn out all that good. Hirose goes over and says that they could ask how to finish cutting them, but Takeuchi says there is no need for that as he thinks he gets how its done. He goes over to the gears and explains that during their “free time,” he managed to take notes on the process of cutting the gears. Sugoi! Just like our nerdy genius. This makes the group happy and they grab up the boxes of gears and start working hard.

The gang are happy to have finally done something productive! They go off to have lunch and agree to finish up the gear work later. After they leave, Noguchi comes out and sees the workshop and the gears the kids have been working so hard on. He rushes over to the table and picks one up, inspecting it. He then looks around and calls them damn fools. Uh-oh. When the gang returns, Noguchi is taking a hammer and breaking apart the gears they spent so much time and effort on. Tamaki runs over and asks what he is doing, followed by the others. Tamaki and Murai grab Noguchi to keep him from doing any more damage and the hammer goes flying out of his hands, narrowly missing Nao. Noguchi demands to be set free and the boys demand to know just what Noguchi was doing.

Asuko March! 7

Asuko March! 7Murai and Tamaki release Noguchi who demands to know who taught the kids how to make the gears. Nao replies that they taught themselves. Takeuchi then comes forward and says that they already know how to do it. Noguchi approaches our (arrogant) Takeuchi and asks what he means by saying “they know.” What they hell can they possibly know? He then slaps Takeuchi, shocking everyone as Takeuchi goes down, glasses flying. Wajima then goes up and grabs Noguchi’s shirt front and Nao tries to get in between them to stop a fight from breaking out. Alas, she fails. Noguchi calls Wajima a shitty brat and Wajima retaliates with a punch that sends Noguchi sprawling. He picks himself up and asks how Wajima could dare hit him. He then goes after Wajima and the boys end up struggling to keep the two apart. Nao dives in once more to stop them and ends up getting elbowed rather hard on her forehead. She should’ve learned by now to stay out of the middle of fights.

Asuko March! 7Nujimari is outraged at the fight. All the boys are carrying various bumps and bruises as well as Noguchi. Beside the outrageousness of the group fighting with Noguchi, Nujimari picks up a broken gear and says that they are now all worthless – do you know how much money that will cost the company? Tamaki replies that is Noguchi’s fault who in turn replies that the kids’ ruined the gears first. A worker kicks over a stool and complains about the group screwing up and setting the factory back. Nujimari also scolds Noguchi for not properly watching over the gang and being a nuisance to the company. Why does Noguchi hang around and do nothing when his fellow coworkers and boss don’t want him around? What is the story behind his being hated?

Takei Emi, Katsumura MasanobuOmukai comes and apologizes to Nujimari for the mess that happened while the students watch on. Omukai turns and leaves as the workers get back to their job. Nao apologizes for needing Omukai to come and apologize for them. Omukai then tells them that they will be training in school from now on versus coming to the factory to train. This makes the boys happy and they set off, while Nao just stands looking at the factory. Omukai asks her what is wrong and she says she has something she wants to ask him.  Of course she asks him about Noguchi. How did such a great man fall so far? Omukai says that world class technician Noguchi looks down on the company’s policies and standards (hiring subcontractors for cheaper labor). Thus, Noguchi is treated as a nuisance which led to him becoming highly irritable. On top of that, Noguchi’s family left him. Poor guy. Omukai then reveals that he won’t be going to Las Vegas. This shocks Nao, but Omukai says not to worry about it. He and his wife will go on a local vacation instead. Nao apologizes and Omukai asks if she wants to come, too.

Nao walks home when she comes across a drunken Noguchi being kicked out of a restaurant. She tries to keep him from falling down, but ends up sprawled in the garbage. When she picks herself up, she sees Noguchi-san collapses on the hard ground beside her. The scared Nao tries to get him to wake up to no avail. At this point, Sugisaki and a group of friends come up and Sugisaki-sensei is surprised to see Nao in such a state. She asks Nao what happened and somehow manages to get roped into helping Nao take Noguchi home. Nao thanks her and Sugisaki whines that her goukon was ruined. Nao says she didn’t force her to come and Sugisaki tells her to shut up and looks for the toilet.

Takei Emi, Nishioka Tokuma

Takei Emi, Nishioka TokumaWhen Sugisaki leaves the room, the drunken Noguchi pops up and hugs Nao, calling her Madoka. He has been wanting to see Madoka for a long time. Nao struggles to break free and tells him that she isn’t this Madoka, she is Nao from Asuko. Noguchi is disappointed that it is really Nao. He then looks around and wonders what happened. Nao asks if he always goes drinking like that. Noguchi tells her that today is a special occasion. He has decided to quit the factory after he gets that month’s wages. This shocks Nao. Noguchi says he blames the Asuko students with the exception of Nao that is. Nao then asks why he destroyed the gears they made. Noguchi replies that the gears all had serious faults. He isn’t sure to what extent they were bad, but if such gears were used, the machines would rattle and fall apart. Nao chides him for not telling them earlier and Noguchi points to his mouth and replies that he got hit before he could. Nao bows her head and apologizes.

Shiraishi MihoNoguchi then says it is probably for the better that he leaves since the factory and he have different values. Besides, the factory never forgave him for his low evaluation, which made Noguchi always angry. That is why his family ended up leaving him. At this point, the drunken Sugisaki comes in and tells Noguchi that no matter where he works, he should cherish his family. Noguchi demands to know who she is and Sugisaki replies that she is telling him to stop his ways now before he regrets it (losing his family). Sugisaki then tells him to stop blaming work. Noguchi says Sugisaki is just a stranger – what does she know and why does she care? He then gets up and throws himself onto his futon in the other room. Nao looks at Sugisaki and asks why she said such things. Sugisaki replies that her husband managed to get full custody of their child – it was her fault anyways since she spent a lot of time at work.

Takei EmiThe next day at school Sugisaki stops Nao who thanks her for the help the other night. Sugisaki tells her to never mind and gives her a notebook belonging to Noguchi which Sugisaki managed to pick up by mistake. Sugisaki then leaves as she is still quite hung over. Nao goes to the changing room where she drops the book and notices that it is filled with notes, sketches, and calculations for the gears.. Our little Nao-chan gets an idea. She runs to the factory and asks if they are throwing the boxes of gears away. She is told that they are. So Nao takes them back to Asuko in a cart.

When she arrives at the entrance to the workshop, she calls out for the guys to help and they ask her what is up. The gears are then brought in and Hirose asks what is going on. Nao replies that she got the gears from Shioiri. Nao wants to try fixing them. Tamaki says that it is the old geezer who broke them, not the Asuko guys. Nao then reveals what Noguchi told her last night about how the kids ruined the gears and that is why he broke them. Wajima demands to know why Nao believes what Noguchi said. Nao then tells them that Noguchi is quitting his job because of what happened. This makes the boys feel a little guilty, but Kishi speaks up and says he doesn’’t feel sorry for Noguchi at all. Nao then asks if they are just going to standby and let the factory take them like kids. Takeuchi asks why it matters – such an evaluation from a company like that is meaningless. Murai picks up a gear and replies that most of them are broken anyways. Nao, looking slightly depresses, says she understands and will undertake the project alone. This surprise the boys and Tamaki replies that it will be hard and probably impossible work. Nao just says she is used to it already. Another guilt trip.

Minami Keisuke, Furukawa Yuki, Kanai Yuta

Matsuzaka Tori, Matsuyama Mary, Takei Emi, Kaku KentoNao wheels the car of gears out of the workshop where she sees Kyoko and Aruto. Aruto tells Kyoko to just go as he is okay from there. Kyoko agrees to this and then gives him a kiss on the cheek. Nao sees all of this and fights back tears. She continues on her way with the cart while Tamaki watches her leave, having seen everything. I really want her to get with Tamaki. Even though I like Aruto, you have to wonder if it’s possible for them to be together when his life is so screwed up.

Nao goes off to work. She accidentally cuts herself and wonders what on earth she is doing. She goes out to the tree by the back gate, but that just makes her think about Aruto more. From the day she first met him to the day he kissed her cheek. She tries to shake herself out of her funk, but ends up tripping and dropping everything. At this moment, someone walks up and begins helping her pick up. Guess who? If you were thinking Aruto, then you’d be wrong. I kind of had a hunch it would be Tamaki to the rescue. He may have a romantic interest in Nao, but he is also her best friend at Asuko, so he does his best to take care of her and help her. Of course, Nao is a little crestfallen that it isn’t Aruto. Tamaki tells her that just because it’s only him, he doesn’t have to look so disappointed. Nao shakes her head and forces a smile saying she isn’t at all. She thanks him for helping.

Takei Emi, Kaku Kento

Tamaki says it seems like Nao can’t concentrate on her work at all. Is it because of Aruto? At the look on Nao’s face, Tamaki replies that he knew it. Nao is always like that. Nao asks what he means and Tamaki replies

When someone has a hold over you, you tend to run away from that person that’s why it’s making you anxious all the time. Instead of allowing Aruto to have a hold on you, strike back by confronting him already.

This surprises Nao a bit, but she does understand what Tamaki means. However, how can she confess if Aruto is with Kyoko? Tamaki tells her she will never know if she can’t confess to Aruto how she is really feeling (hmm, should he take his own advice?). Nao yells that she can’t tell Aruto that, but…but Aruto shows up at that exact moment and asks just what it is that Nao can’t tell him. Typical. Tamaki, trying to give Nao a chance, finishes gathering up the stuff and says he has to take off. Nao, anxious, goes to go with him, but he stops her and tells her to stop running away. He then leaves the two alone.

Takei Emi, Kaku Kento

Aruto asks what it is and Nao takes a deep breath and turns to face him. She stumbles around a bit before finally blurting out that she likes him. This seems to surprise Aruto. Nao then asks him if it is at all possible for him to like her. That is all she wants to know – is there a possibility. Aruto, looking hurt and conflicted just apologizes. Nao forces a smile and thanks him. She then grabs up the box of stuff and runs off. Poor Aruto looks more crushed than Nao and Kyoko watches from the fence, all smiles.

Takei Emi, Matsuzaka Tori, Matsuyama Mary

Takei EmiLater Nao walks home slowly. She smiles and says that it’s good that she finally confessed, right? Her smile crumbles and she starts sobbing. She shouldn’t be crying, so why is she? Tamaki sees the crying Nao walking over the bridge as he heads for home. What will Tamaki do? I have to say that Takei Emi is great for good expressions and the silent, eyes-filled-with-tears type crying. When it comes out to emotional sobs, she sucks. It is rather fake. Horribly so, in fact. Looks like its something she’ll need to work on for future projects.

Kaku Kento

Takei EmiAt home, Nao is depressed and refuses to eat. Her grandfather says he wants to congratulate her efforts. This surprises Nao, what does Yoshino mean? Her grandfather says that although he does not know what took place, the fact that Nao cried shows her sincerity. Yoshino understands that she is probably feeling miserable, but she still needs to eat so that she can move on to tomorrow. This touches Nao. She smiles and thanks him. Yoshino sets out the soba noodles he made for her and when Nao opens the door there are several trays filled with small bowls of noodles. Yoshino pokes his head from around the corner and asks Nao if it’s easy to eat. Nao smiles and replies that it actually is.

Back at school, Nao begins to work hard on fixing the gears. Omukai goes by and sees this. He then calls up Noguchi and invites him for dinner. Omukai then plays that he forgot his wallet, so they’ll have to head back to the school for him to get it. He takes Noguchi to the door where Nao is working and tells him to wait there while he goes to get the wallet. Noguchi sees Nao working on the gears and Omukai says that Nao is determined to fix them even if it seems impossible. Omukai then tells Noguchi that he doesn’t think he’ll be able to talk Nao out of trying before heading back to get his forgotten wallet. Noguchi keeps watching Nao and Omukai congratulates himself on his slyness.

Katsumura Masanobu, Nishioka Tokuma

Takei Emi, Nishioka TokumaNoguchi asks Nao if she doesn’t think it is a waste of time. Even if Nao manages to fix the gears, Shioiri want take them back. Nao replies that you will never know unless you try, right? Noguchi says he is already telling her what will happen. Nao tells him to try seeing it like it is his first time. Nao says that she now knows that if she doesn’t say what she really thinks, then she won’t be able to move forward. We then cut to the hallway to see the boys in their work clothes all listening. They really like to eavesdrop on Nao, ne? Nao then pulls out Noguchi’s notebook and turns to the page with his design and instructions. Nao says it may seem difficult, but she is willing to try. She will probably not be up to Noguchi’s standards, but again, she will try. Noguchi take the notebook and tells her to not look at it randomly. What would a kid know anyway?

Asuko March! 7

When Noguchi walks out, he runs into the Asuko boys. He walks past them and they let him go. They then go in and Nao asks why they are there. Hirose replies they finished up with their other work and came to help her. Nao asks if they are certain as they said it was a waste of time earlier. Tamaki throws Nao’s words back at her with a smile: “Well you’ll never know unless you try, right?” The boys then all come in and get to work, Making Nao happy. Her smile falters a bit as she looks at Aruto, but it soon comes back full force and the gang all get to work. Tamaki seems happy that Nao can talk to Aruto normally. Is she moving on from her first crush? While the gang is hard at work fixing the gears, Noguchi remains in the hallway watching.

Kanai Yuta, Minami Keisuke, Kaku Kento, Matsuzaka Tori

The gang finish repairing the gears and go to Shioiri. Nujimari asks what they want and Nao says they have repaired what was broken and asks Nujimari to please use them. Without inspecting the gears, Nujimari refuses to use them because they are made by high school students who only observed and not experts. They kids complain about how Nujimari didn’t even really look at them, but he just rushes off saying he has no time. Noghuchi then comes up and complains about their shoddy work, making the boys angry. He then compliments them on showing they have the mettle to do it and says that he will teach them his techniques. About darn time.

Asuko March! 7

The gang follows Noguchi into the workshop they used earlier where the angry Noguchi broke the gears. When they all get inside, Noguchi starts ordering them around “Oi, Blondie and Bandanna, you both set up the gears.” LMAO. But I suppose those are the two things that stand out for Kishi and Wajima. They are instructed to place the gears exactly 15mm apart. Noguchi goes on with “And you, Stupid Wig and Bad Wig, you handle the welding.” Wigs? He is talking to Murai and Hirose. Omo. This part is just funny. Then we get “Bean Sprout and…Narcissus, you guys take charge of the gear cutting.” Well, I have to say that bean sprout and Narcissus does suit Takeuchi and Aruto well. To make it more hilarious, Aruto has no idea what Narcissus is. Noguchi then turns to Nao and Tamaki. Nao is still called “onee-san” and I think Tamaki is worried about his nickname, but it seems Noguchi ran of of steam because he doesn’t give Tamaki one. Those two will be in charge of the tester. LOL, Tamaki is depressed that he is the only one without a nickname. Kawaii.

Asuko March! 7

Nishioka Tokuma

The group works hard and Noguchi watches. He then takes over and shows them various techniques, telling the game that the gears are like people and the various differences need to be assessed. The gang take this to heart and are impressed by Noguchi’s mad accuracy and skill. At this time, Numajiri comes running in demanding to know what is going on as the kids aren’t supposed to be training in Shioiri anymore. Nao begs to be allowed to come back to train as they have still not been taught anything, but Numajiri says that the factory is not a school. Noguchi yells at him to shut up. Doesn’t Numajri want to minimize the losses? Noguchi then says that Numajiri can’t dismiss him, the kids, or the gears like useless and unnecessary things. You go, Noguchi-san. He then goes on to say that Numajiri is lucky that they are even willing to try to fix the gears. Numajiri, put in his place, just tells them to not interfere with the factory work going on in the other room. Noguchi goes back to showing them how to weld properly and Tamaki smiles and says “kakoi” [cool]. Nao grins back and says that it is very cool indeed.

Takei EmiLater outside the factory, Nao is on her cellphone requesting that some one please try to come. I have a hunch that it is probably the grouchy Noguchi’s family. Nao can’t help but interfere and give her all in helping the people around her (out of the goodness of her heart, too, not for any selfish reasons). Hirose and Murai see this and ask what she is doing. Nao turns around and says nothing.

Work continues and Noguchi watches Nao closely. He tells her to hand over the tool as she is too slow. He then takes it and shows her how to use it properly while Nao watches in amazement at his seemingly fast and effortless movements. Other workers come in and comment on how amazing it is. They thought it would be useless to work on those faulty gears. Numajiri comes in and tells them that it just how Noguchi is. Without a doubt, he is Shioiri’s best craftsman. So why treat him like crap? A young woman watches on from outside.

Asuko March! 7

Time for inspection comes. Nao asks what Numajiri thinks of their hard work with the help of Noguchi. Numajiri picks up the gears and inspects them closely. By his expression, the kids think they fail, but are shocked when Numajiri says it looks like they can use the gears after all. They did a good job. The gang all celebrates the good results of their hard work. And even the grouchy Noguchi cracks a smile.

Ishida Takuya, Takei Emi, Kaku Kento, Nagayama Kento, Matsuzaki Tori

Nagai Risa, Nishioka TakashiThe gang gets ready to say goodbye. Their week is officially over. They thank Noguchi for his help and guidance and he replies that if they want a job after two years, he will be at Shioiri waiting for them. Nao asks if that means he will stay and he says that it does. He has finally realized that he belongs there thanks to the Asuko gang. Nao then replies that she is happy to have remained in Asuko and is learning even more. Nao then apologizes for one more thing. She looked in his notebook and put in a phone call to Noguchi’s daughter Madoka. Nao tells him not to worry as Madoka still loves her father. Nao then sends him off to talk with his daughter. The guys ask who the pretty girl is and are shocked to learn the grouch had such a beautiful daughter. Murai then says that its time to head to the beach!

Asuko March! 7

The group then heads out to spend their last day at the beach. They are having fun and playing when Kyoko comes. Murai asks if Aruto was going away with his girlfriend and Kyoko replies that she brought lunch for everyone. Needless to say Aruto doesn’t look happy and we all know that Nao isn’t by this unexpected arrival. The group sits down to eat and the boys exclaim about how good the food is. Aruto gets rice stuck on the edge of his face and Kyoko takes it off and eats it. The boys all comment on how Aruto and Kyoko seem like a newlywed couple. Nao, not being able to take anymore, puts down her food and leaves the cheery group. Aruto sees this first and then Tamaki. Kyoko eats a strawberry and seems a little down. She may be rubbing it in Nao’s face, but she can’t help but notice that Aruto is still shaken by “that girl.”

Matsuzaki Tori, Matsuyama Mary, Takei Emi, Kaku Kento

Nao goes to a hill overlooking the sunset beach and cries. Tamaki goes up to join her and asks if she is ok. Nao asks what he means. She’s having a good time. Tamaki then asks if instead of Aruto, can’t it be him? This surprises Nao and Tamaki looks at her and says that he has always liked her. Aruto, who has followed as well, hears all of this. Aruto does not look happy at all that Tamaki has confessed to Nao. What will become of this trio?

Takei Emi, Kaku Kento, Matsuzaki Tori

Looks like things will heat up between Aruto and Tamaki in episode 8, but Aruto technically gave up his chance with Nao, so does he have the right to be angry? Even if it was against his will? It also looks like Nao’s mom is back in Japan and doesn’t want her daughter in a technical school. We have cross-dressing and fights. Can’t wait.


  • Love reading recaps, I think it’s the writers (your) thoughts that are most interesting though. You should have more of your own thoughts especially in the beginning and in the end. And also love the screencaps with the text, now I don’t have to fix my own screencaps (which I usually do).

    Wonderful, thanks and keep it up!

    • Thanks. When it comes to recapping, it all depends on how I do it. I sometimes tend to include more of my own thoughts at the beginning and end if I watch the episode straight through first and then write a recap afterwards. When I recap while watching at the same time, there tends to be less commentary from me. Glad you like the screen caps. I am trying to get better and better about including more pictures, especially for people who don’t get a chance to watch the episodes themselves.

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