Asuko March! Episode 6 Recap

Takei EmiAfter three months and a lot of trying events, new friendships, and discovering a certain joy in industrial work, Nao is faced with the ultimate decision: to transfer or not to transfer? After a rather emotional interview in which the head asked if she really wanted to transfer from what sounded like a good school, Nao thought that she wouldn’t get in, but she did! What’s a girl to do?

Transfer. Nao is going through the process of preparing to transfer to Eirin. She is happy to be able to get to wear a cute uniform and be in a school where the ratio to boys and girls are more even and the 90% college entrance rate isn’t bad either. It is the high school life that she has been longing for with no more welding or overalls.

Shiraishi Miho, Takei EmiBack at Asuko, Sugisaki asks Nao if she really wants to quit, surprising our protagonist. Nao asks what she means and Sugisaki explains that she sees Nao wandering around the school with a sad face, plus Nao keeps colliding into people. This leads Sugisaki to believe that Nao-chan doesn’t really want to leave Asuko after all. Nao immediately says that Sugisaki-sensei is wrong. Nao says she just sort of feels sorry that she has just gotten used to the tools and now probably will never use them again. Sugisaki then mentions that Nao used to be afraid of boys as well, but now she’s getting along with them. Nao tells Sugisaki that the boys are all rooting for her transfer, so…[Nao looks off in to the distance and trails off]…at that comment it’s almost like she’s saying she has no choice but to transfer since the boys are all supporting her. Sugisaki comments on Nao looking off into the distance more and more. She tells Nao to be honest about it. This startles Nao out of her daydream and she says she is being honest – she’s always wanted to go to a regular high school. Nope, Nao still isn’t being quite honest.

Katsumura Masanobu, Takei EmiAfterward, Nao complains that Sugisaki is so persistent even at Nao’s insistence that the transfer is what she’s always wanted. At that moment, Omukai comes up and tells Nao that he is in charge of her transfer. He then hands her paperwork and asks her to fill it out. Nao asks if after she fills this out and Omukai finishes the sentence by saying she’ll be a Eirin High School student as soon as she fills out and submits the documents. Nao gives a rather lukewarm smile and Omukai asks what is the matter – isn’t Nao happy? Nao says that she is and Omukai beings to list all the good things about Eirin. He then says maybe he’ll go with Nao so he can be surrounded by girls for once. This surprises Nao, but we all know that Omukai enjoys his job at Asuko.

Takei Emi, Kanai Yuta, Ishida TakuyaThere are now only 4 days left until the motor show and Nao’s class are all huddled around their eco=car, praying that it actually works. The moment of truth comes and Takeuchi presses the button. The car starts! All the boys are happy and celebrating, but Nao’s reaction, again, is only lukewarm. Hirose asks what the matter is – isn’t Nao happy that the car started? Nao replies that she is happy and that there is only a little more work to be done. Takamki then tells Nao to make sure to be there after the motor show. Nao asks why and he says that they are throwing her a farewell party. This seems to depress Nao rather than make her happy. Murai then asks what her favorite convenience store snack is (so they can buy it for the party) and he seems shocked when it’s black karinto (a type of sweet bread). Hirose claps her on the shoulder and tells her that he understands as he likes it, too. Ahhh, got to love Hirose, the tough boy with the really soft side. Nao thanks him and the boys say they will make sure to have it and cheer.

Gouriki Ayane, Takei EmiNao is changing when Momo comes in and asks if she can go to Nao’s farewell party. Nao replies that she can and Momo says she will be all alone since she will be the only girl from now on. No doubt, news that makes her happy. Nao apologizes and Momo says that she honestly didn’t like Nao, which surprises Nao (honestly I don’t know why). Momo comes over and caresses Nao’s face and says now that she is leaving, Momo still doesn’t like her. Again, more shock for Nao. Again, I wonder why it’s surprising as Momo has threatened her on several occasions. Momo then says that she hated Nao for getting “fresh” with everyone. Momo hates girls, you see, so she will be celebrating Nao’s leaving. Wow. Quite the farewell.

Takei Emi, Sasano TakashiWhen Nao gest home she fins her grandfather lying on the floor. She runs to him and asks what’s wrong. He says he needs his medicine and sends Nao to the cabinet to look for it. Nao frantically goes through it and asks where it is. He tells her on the other side and when Nao opens the drawer, in it there is a cake. Next thing you know, her grandfather is up and streamers are flying. He congratulates her on passing the exam. He says they have never really properly celebrated her achievements. Nao thanks him and he asks after his performance. Nao tells her grandfather it was too convincing. Nao then asks if he is okay with her transferring to a non-technical school. Yoshino tells her that he wont stand against it anymore since she worked so hard to get what she wanted (and after all that hard work, it seems like she doesn’t want it after all). The depressed Nao sits down to a grand dinner and she says she has made the decision after all. Then why isn’t she happy? Her grandfather asks if there is something wrong with the food and Nao tells him no. That night Nao takes out the transfer papers and begins filling them out. Will she really do it when she doesn’t want to leave?

Takei emi, Matsuyama MaryNao stands outside Asuko. Only three more days left. She then gets a surprise visit from the stalker Kyoko warning her to stay away from Aruto. This shocks Nao. Kyoko then explains that Aruto and his mother have been running away from his father for a long time now and Nao was the one who told him how to find Aruto. Nao recalls the “talent scout” and cannot believe that was really Aruto’s father. Kyoko then tells Nao that Aruto was fired from the club. Apparently, Aruto’s dad caused a ruckus and a fight broke out. Nao cannot believe this. Kyoko says that it is all thanks to Nao. Congratulations, you ruined Aruto’s life. Kyoko then walks away and Nao remembers her last meeting with Aruto who told her that she ruined everything and he can no longer stay. Woah. Quite the guilt trip and Nao definitely feels it.

Takei Emi, Kikukawa ReiThe depressed Nao is trying to find Aruto when she bumps into Sachiko. She asks if Nao is looking for Aruto and Nao replies that she is. Sachiko says her son will be late. Nao then points to the bags and boxes and Sachiko replies that they are moving soon. Nao asks if it’s because of Aruto’s father. This surprises Sachiko who asks if Nao knows about that. Nao immediately apologizes. She tells Sachiko that she did not know the circumstances and gave Toshiro their address. Nao says she came to apologize and boys her head once more, saying she is sorry. Sachiko says that it is all right as it was only a matter of time anyway. She and Aruto have always been running from him and he always finds them.

Takei Emi, Kikukawa ReiNao helps Sachiko take her groceries home. Unfortunately, Toshiro is also there. He says that Sachiko is late, where has she been? Sachiko immediately clams up and begins shaking. Toshiro tells her not to look at him like that as he is a changed man. Sachiko then begins flipping out a little as she is so scared. Toshiro then notices Nao and recognizes her from before. Sachiko then runs away and Nao gives chase, followed by Toshiro. Luckily, Nao catches Sachiko before she can run out into a busy intersection. Nao then takes Sachiko and runs away with her. Toshiro pursued the girls, but they manage to lose him. When Nao sees that he has left, she turns to Sachiko and tells her that they need to go, but Sachiko is totally out of it and freaking out. Omo. What to do? Meanwhile, Aruto is out searching for a new job. Looks like he’s trying at different host clubs, but is rejected because he is still in high school. This depresses him. As he is about to continue on, he gets a call that surprises him.

Nao manages to get Sachiko safely to her house where her grandfather prepares a hearty dish to help Sachiko to calm down. Sachiko apologizes and Yoshino says that it is okay to help people, especially beautiful women such as Sachiko. Nao gets up and tells him to stop ogling Aruto’s mother. Yoshino says he isn’t doing anything wrong, he’s just being a gentleman. He then sits down and says Sachiko can use his married son’s room. Sachiko thanks him once more and Nao is surprised that her grandfather is wearing a wig under his chef’s hat. He only wears that when he’s trying to impress someone. LMAO. The doorbell then rings and Nao goes off to answer it.

Sasano Takashi, Kikkawa Rei, Takei Emi

At the door is a breathless and worried Aruto. He immediately asks where his mother is and Nao replies that she is eating. Without further ado, Aruto barges in, surprising Sachiko. He takes her and pulls her out of the chair saying they are going home. Yoshino stands and asks if he is Aruto. Aruto then thanks him for the help and says he is taking his mother home now. That surprises Nao. Yoshino then tells Aruto that if he cherishes his mother, then he will let her stay at the Yoshino house where it is much safer. Aruto says he does, but…Yoshino then tells Aruto that if he needs someone to rely on, then he can rely on them. Aruto then says they will take Yoshino up on his offer. Yokatta! Nao happily goes over to her grandfather and tells him his wig is askew. He scolds her for not telling him earlier as he straightens it.

Takei Emi, Matsuzaka Tori, Kikkawa Rei

Matsuzaka Tori, Takei EmiLater, Nao is coming downstairs with clothes. I don’t know if they are for Aruto, of if she is planning on taking a bath. She runs into the half-naked Aruto who has just come from the bathroom. Awkward. He walks past without saying anything and Nao turns and sees his back and the marks there. She quickly turns her head away and apologizes. Aruto puts on a shirt an tells her it’s okay. Nao comes in and apologizes once more time for giving out his address. Aruto tells her to forget about it, surprising Nao. Aruto then says that like Nao, he is transferring as well since they have to move to another place. He walks away with Nao staring sadly after him.

Takei EmiThe next day at school, Omukai hands out papers for the students to choose their course of study for the 2nd year. Nao is then asked by another classmate for her form since she plans on transferring anyways, thus she doesn’t need it. Even more depressed, Nao gives him the paper. Later after school, the gang are hard at work on the eco-car. They finish up for the day and the boys begin talking about which departments they’ll go into. Tamaki and Kishi think Mechanical Arts while Murai wonders if he’ll be able to do Public Works. Murai then turns to Nao and asks which department she will go into. Wajima goes by and calls him an idiot as Nao won’t be there by that time. Poor Nao, this makes her even more depressed, but this was her decision, wasn’t it? Then again, it’s not too late to change her mind and stay at Asuko.

As Nao leaves, she gets a call from the girl she bumped into at Eirin. The girl takes her to where the dance club is practicing. Nao feels uncomfortable as she hasn’t officially transferred yet, but the girl tells her it’s okay. She then introduces Nao to the club. They cheer for her and the girl announces that Nao will be starting the school during their second term. This seems to cheer her up a bit.

Takei Emi, Kaku KentoThat night, Tamaki is hard at work when he catches sight of Nao and the dance club. They invite Nao to their recital only July 2nd saying that Nao is their friend now. And the next time the club gets together, Nao will be officially a member of Eirin and can partake in the activities. The club then walks away leaving Nao alone. Nao remembers that the car show is on the 2nd as well! Tamaki comes over and congratulates her for already making friends at her new school Nao apologizes and he asks her why. Isn’t that what Nao worked so hard for? Isn’t that what she wants? Nao timidly says it is and Tamaki then says he hopes she can make it to the motor show as after that she will be at her new school with her new friends, so who knows when they’ll be able to meet again. Sad. Nao really looks even more depressed as she hears this.

Takei EmiThere is only one more day left until the motor show. When Nao shows up and sees the empty classroom, she immediately begins to recall all the different times she’s had. She can now laugh at the awkward start to the school year that used to depress her so much. She then goes to the building where she become friends with Aruto who told her that her stumble into Asuko could be a good thing. She then goes to the room where she tried to save Hirose from getting beaten up. Nao then ends up in the workroom where they worked on the eco-car and she became friends with Tamaki.

Gouriki Ayane, Takei EmiHer happy musings are interrupted by the arrival of the venomous Momo who asks what Nao is thinking with that soft expression. Nao says she didn’t mean to and Momo says that Nao plays dirty, running away after making her place in Asuko. This surprises Nao. Momo angrily says that Nao is leaving only after she has attracted everyone’s attention. She then tells Nao that she bets Nao will forget Asuko as soon as she starts her new school. Not true at all. Nao can’t forget even if she wanted to. Nao asks why Momo is saying all this stuff. Momo then asks what Nao is feeling. Nao says that she will never forget the memories made at Asuko and then accuses Momo of being the one chasing after popularity with the boys. Momo angrily slaps Nao at that and Nao slaps her right back. Nao apologizes and says she’s already decided to leave. Momo then begins freaking out recalling girls who called her liar. Momo then throws down shelves on top of the eco car and runs out.

Asuko March! Episode 6The boys show up and Takeuchi tries out the car, but the engine is no longer working. Nao apologizes. The boys cannot believe that the car was wrecked just before the big motor show. How could Nao be so careless? Nao keeps apologizing for everything and Hirose then asks if someone else damaged the car. Nao lies and says that no one else did. The boys then ask Takeuchi if something can be done to fix it. Takeuchi lists all the things that need to be done, but says it is manageable if they pull an all-nighter. This upsets now, but Hirose gets up and says that since they’ve come so far, they should give it all they’ve got. The boys agree to do it when their jobs finish. Nao apologetically thanks everyone while Takeuchi watches on with worry. He seems to do that a lot with Nao, watch her with a worried expression. I think Hirose and Takeuchi both know that it wasn’t Nao, but can Hirose guess who really did it?

Gouriki Ayane, Nagayama KentoAfter school, Takeuchi confronts Momo. He says that it must have been her that broke the car. Momo is shocked at first but then asks what he is talking about. Takeuchi then tells Momo that Nao kept silent about who really broke the car. This seems to surprise and relieve Momo. Takeuchi the tells her to stop interfering. The class has already worked so hard on the car. He then walks away, leaving Momo alone.

Back at Asuko, Nao catches sight of Omukai who runs and hides from her. Eh? Nao asks if he ran away from her and Omukai replies that every time Nao says “Excuse me, Sensei” after school, it usually means some sort of trouble. LOL. Too true. Nao says he is very keen and then drops the news that the gang has to work on the car all night. Omukai is really unhappy as that means he must accompany them all night again, which is bad as his wife is finally coming home again. Nao apologizes, but the motor show is tomorrow and they can’t miss it. Omukai agrees and tells Nao to explain it to his wife. LMAO.

Takei Emi, Harada RyujiNao is working hard on the car while waiting for the boys. She decides to go and get some snacks and manages to run into Aruto’s father in front of the school on her way back. Nao asks what he wants and Toshiro asks where Aruto and Sachiko are. Nao says she doesn’t know and goes to walk away, but Toshiro stops her and asks for her help just like last time. Nao says she won’t tell him, which he picks up on. Since she changed it from ‘I don’t know’ to ‘I won’t tell’ then she obviously knows where the two are. Nao sees Omukai and calls out to him, but Toshiro grabs her and covers her mouth. He tells her to be quiet and takes her with him. Omukai misses this as his wife calls at that exact moment. Carp. Nao does leave behind a button and her bag of snacks, so someone will surely suspect something, ne?

Kaku KentoTamaki and the boys arrive, shocked to find Nao missing. Tamaki says that maybe she stepped out for good and the others complain that no work as been done – did Nao even work at all? Meanwhile, Toshiro takes Nao to a warehouse where she demands to be let go. She has has things that she needs to do before tomorrow. Toshiro doesn’t care and Nao tries once more by saying the boys will all be annoyed at her if she’s not there. Too true. Toshiro tells her he will let her go as soon as she tells him where Aruto and his mother are. Nao insists she doesn’t know and is doing something with her cell behind her back. Phoning for help? Her phone rings and Toshiro takes it from her and turns it off.

Kaku KentoIt was Tamaki calling. He is surprised that it connected, but then got shut off. He gives the phone back to Wajima who tells him now to worry as Nao will be there anytime now. The door opens and two more classmates come in to help. The others immediately complain about Watanabe and his partner’s lateness. Watanabe says they don’t want trouble and even brought snacks. Murai is shocked to see it’s the snacks that Nao likes – do the otakus like it, too? Watanabe says he didn’t buy it, they found the bag at the back gate and Murai complains about being given food that was thrown out. Tamaki quickly comes and grabs it and recalls Nao saying it was her favorite. He runs out and the whole class follows. He founds Nao’s button and the guys ask him what is up. Tamaki says Nao could be in danger and runs off with the others chasing after him.

Matsuzaka Tori, Matsuyama MaryMeanwhile, the clueless Aruto is going around to various host clubs, but they just don’t want to hire a high school student. He is approached by Kyoko who offers him money since he needs it. Aruto refuses since he is no longer a host. Good principals…I guess. Plus that woman is just so freaking scary with her obsession. Kyoko says that she wants to give it to him no matter what. At that moment, up runs Tamaki and the rest of the boys. Tamaki asks if Aruto saw Nao and he replies that he hasn’t. Tamaki then tells him that Nao didn’t show up to school as planned tonight and her phone has been disconnected. This surprises Aruto. Tamaki asks if he has any idea where Nao could possibly be. Aruto shakes his head and Tamaki and the rest run off. Aruto goes to follow and Kyoko stops him saying that he shouldn’t care about “that kid” who makes him suffer. Aruto says nothing, just shakes of the witches arm and runs after the rest of the class. You go boy! Put stalker chick in her place.

Harada Ryuji, Takei EmiMeanwhile, Toshiro breaks something, frustrated by Nao’s continued silence. He comes closer and asks if she really wants to get hurt. Nao asks why he wants to meet them anyways. This surprises Toshiro. Nao continues saying that it is obvious the two are trying to avoid Toshiro, so why go to such lengths to see them? Good question. Toshiro’s answer? “I want to try again.” Not quite what Nao expected. Toshiro explains that the happiest time of his life was when he was with Aruto and his mother (whom he calls Shouko, but whom D-Addicts lists as Sachiko, so gomen-ne for the name issue). Toshiro says he only wants to protect them if only they let him return. He then gets angry saying that Shouko and Aruto won’t let him come back. Yeah, probably because he can’t curb that nasty temper of his.

Asuko March! Episode 6Meanwhile, Watanabe and cohort are out asking people if they’ve seen Nao. Of course the picture they have is Nao’s head on a muscleman’s body. Nice. Hirose and Murai run up and asks what the two are doing and Watanabe replies that they are searching for Nao using a picture. Murai and Hirose hit them up side the head and tell them to use their legs instead before running off with the otakus running after them not wanting to get left behind. The boys run all over calling for Nao. Takeuchi wonders where she could have gone. The split group meets up again and asks Takeuchi where to next. Tamaki points off in a direction and the group continues their search. Aruto looks on alone and sees the paper crane he made for Nao. He picks it up and hears yelling from the nearby building. Nao left bread crumbs!

paper crane

Matsuzaka ToriIt is Aruto’s dad yelling at Nao. He says they are family bound by blood, so it’s not wrong for them to be together. Aruto opens the window and looks in on the scene. There stands Nao telling his father that he is going about things in the wrong way. Yep. Just a little. Nao says that Toshiro has been given plenty of chances which he has crushed. Toshiro asks what Nao knows about it and she tells him that it is just his own selfishness since he threw away the precious time he had with his family (and which Nao is also referring to her time at Asuko). Toshiro, starting to feel abashed, tells Nao she is just a kid who doesn’t know anything.

I do know about it! I also know that I might always regret it. There were many chances I could redo it…In the end, I still chose to escape. At this late stage, it’s only now I realize how precious the times I spent with them were, but now it’s too late. I can’t stay in Asuko anymore.

But maybe going in the different and opposite direction is better for a person. You’ll feel lonely, but surely you could put up with it. Also, for the one you leave behind…for their own sake…it’s absolutely better for them, too!

Harada RyujiAruto and Toshiro both seem touched by this. Toshiro looks up and notices his son. Aruto looks shocked. Toshiro looks away and says that this is stupid. He turns to go and looks back saying, “Even now, I was wrong.” He’s saying this to his son and not to Nao. Yay! He at least admitted it. Toshiro leaves and Aruto comes in, surprising Nao. Aruto apologizes, saying it was all his fault.

Matsuzaka ToriAruto then walks Nao home. She asks what he thought when she didn’t show up to school. His reply: “What the heck happened to Yoshino?” Awww. Nao smiles and says she guesses so as it was pretty sudden how that happened, so he would think like that. It’s funny, ne? Right… Aruto says that he guesses so and turns to face Nao. He asks her if she is really okay with her decision. It seems like her heart does not sincerely wish to transfer to another school I know, right? Nao says nothing and Aruto walks ahead, leaving Nao smiling. Then comes the boys who are happy to see Nao at last. They demand to know what happened. Nao apologizes and says she got hungry and went out for food. They guys scolds her for being so troublesome. Nao apologizes and leads the way back to school with a big smile on her face. The boys complain, but run after her all saying they were the most worried. It’s nice to be loved, ne?

Asuko March! Episode 6

Kaku Kento, Kanai YutaTamaki smiles and goes to walk on, but stops and looks back at Aruto. He asks if he is coming. Aruto says yes and follows behind. The boys are already hard at work when Nao comes back changed. She cheerfully calls out that they must catch up and Takeuchi replies that the work got delayed because of a certain someone so she better make sure it doesn’t happen again. Nao’s smile fades and she looks all around. She agrees and everyone gets back to work. Nao dozes off holding the tire to the car and Tamaki comes behind her and whacks her on the head with a folder. Nao immediately jumps up and apologizes saying she will return the legendary pickled vegetables. What kind of dream was that? Nao looks behind her and apologizes and the boys start laughing. Work continues despite the class’s exhaustion.

Asuko March! Episode 6The day of the show arrives and Murai gets put in their car. They start the engine and it works! The boys all cheer and Nao is relieved. Takeuchi asks if she is ready and she agrees. Tamaki then tells the eco-car to leave, but it stays still. This worries everyone and Tamaki goes and asks Murai if he properly hit the accelerator. Murai asks if he should do that and the guys immediately start complaining. Tamaki tries one more time to send the eco-car off. Murai hits the accelerator and off their car goes. The boys and Nao are all happy to have the car off and running. The excited Nao then chases after the car with the boys behind her following suit.

Kanai Yuta, Kaku KentoAfterward, the tired boys go back to the workshop where they sleep all over the place. Only Nao remains awake, staring at the scene with a teary smile. She gets up and leaves. Murai wakes up and goes to crawl after Nao, wondering what is going on, but Tamaki grabs his ankle and tells him it is okay. The two sit up and Tamaki explains that Nao is going to her new school (we see Nao in her school uniform leaving Asuko). Tamaki then says that once the car was done, so ended Nao’s role as the leader. She worked hard on the car, so it is enough. Murai gently caresses the front of the car and then asks Tamaki to hold him because he’s sad. Tamaki refuses, but Murai pounces anyway. Nao goes to Eirin and hands in her paperwork. She then goes to the dance recital where her knew friend is happy that she showed up.

Nagayama Kento, Takei EmiThe motor show ends successfully and thus starts Nao’s farewell party. The guys all toast to their girl. Takeuchi walks up and asks where Nao was during the show. Nao doesn’t say and then points out the certificate saying their class got first place in the show. It’s a happy thing, right? Takeuchi smiles and says it’s because of the person who designed it and Nao laughs and says he is right. Then up Tamaki goes, calling for everyone’ s attention. He then asks the class to clap for Yoshino who is leaving next semester. Nao then goes up to the front of the room, rather uncomfortable. She then bows and asks for forgiveness after an awkward silence.

Takei EmiShe apologizes since they threw the party, since they bought tons of her favorite snack (omo, the plates are stacked high with that stuff and it doesn’t actually look too appealing to me), since they all went through the trouble of cheering for her during the transfer exam. They supported her through her plans to transfer, but Nao is sorry, she is staying instead. Hirose asks if she is certain and Nao says she is.

I am sure of it now. You may see me as a selfish person that deserves to be scolded…I know it was wrong and it’s only fair that you’ll shun me for it…but I found the thing that I wanted to do […] That I want to spend more days like these with you guys making something from scratch and doing more challenging tasks, so…once again…please allow me back into your company!

Needless to say the guys are all surprised by this sudden turn, but when Nao bows deeply to them asking to be allowed back in, Murai breaks the tense atmosphere by telling Nao to quit it. Is she trying to ruing the party’s atmosphere? Nao replies that she isn’t. Takeuchi then asks if Nao is aware of the difference in academic standards between Asuko and Eirin. Nao says she knows it. Wajima then speaks up. At Eirin, Nao can have a normal life and girl friends. Kishi joins in by saying there are no yankees there also, right? LOL. Got to love these boys all looking out for her, making sure she is making the right decision for herself. How sweet. Nao, very seriously, says she is aware of it. Tamaki then asks didn’t Nao go to that school today? Nao replies she did, but it was to say goodbye and apologize for inconveniencing the people. She also submitted the documents to cancel her transfer. Yatta! So it is official that Nao is no longer transferring.

Asuko March! e06

The guys asks if she is really certain. Yes. So, she can no longer transfer, it’s done, right? Correct. So Nao will be staying in Asuko? Yes. A brief period of silence. The boys look around at each other and then the whole room erupts into cheers, shocking Nao who thought they’d be upset with her after all their hard work to support her transfer. Tamaki yells why she didn’t jus say so earlier and Hirose says its because she wanted them to buy her the snacks. LMAO. Takeuchi smiles and tells her not to regret it later. Nao tells them that she would definitely have regretted leaving Asuko. Kishi says of course, because only at Asuko can you find tough yankees like them. Omo, cute. Wajima tells him that isn’t the reason and Murai raises his hand asking for her transfer slot at Eirin since she’s not going anymore – he’ll pretend to be her and dress in drag. Yep, that’s Murai for you.

Kanai Yuta, Minami Keisuke, Furukawa Yuki, Ishida Takuya

Katsumurua Masanobu, Shiraishi MihoAruto smiles, Sugisaki who is looking on smiles and goes to wipe away tears, but turns to see Omukai bawling next to her. Quite the teacher, Omukai. She gives him her hanky and smiles. He thanks her and says he will return it after he washes it, blowing is nose very loudly. So of course he can keep it.

Aruto and Nao go up to the roof where Aruto thanks her for helping him with his father. Nao tells him it was nothing as she didn’t help all that much in the end. Aruto takes off his feather necklace and puts it around Nao’s neck, telling her thank you once more. Nao cannot believe it – isn’t that pendant important to Aruto. He tells her that “I also have grown a new wing.” This surprises Nao who doesn’t really get it. Then up runs Tamaki calling them to take a group photo.

Takei Emi, Matsuzaka Tori

Nao happily goes down and the gang all gets together to take a picture with their award and the eco-car. Nao is happy that she has made the decision to stay. Plus, summer is coming right?

Asuko March! Episode 6

Scenes for episode 7 look totally interesting. Nao and her boys go to the beach. Nao confesses to Aruto? Tamaki confesses to Nao? A new semester starts with new difficulties? Stay tuned to find out.


  • I’m rallying for English subs! Kudasai!!! ^^

    • I am really happy that someone picked up this drama to sub. It’s a lot better than I originally thought it would be.

  • I’m glad for the eng subs too. This drama shocked many people since most thought it would be like more comedy. It is good.

    • Yeah, I thought it would be more comedy and less drama, but it does have a healthy dose of seriousness that I love. I can’t wait to see how things finish developing with Artuo, Nao and Tamaki. Although, I swear doramas really don’t give you that air if an actual ending sometimes so you assume what you want, but never quite know for sure.

  • Thank you so much for this! 🙂 I wasn’t able to find eng subs for ep 6 so this really helped me connect episodes 5 and 7!

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