Korean Dramas Start Streaming on Netflix

For awhile now, Netflix has been carrying various Korean and Chinese dramas on DVD. The selection is small and you can wait quite awhile because they are in high demand. Well, now long waiting periods are over as Netflix is starting to stream these dramas!!! Kudos. Anything is better than Crunchyroll. Why? Because I have a roku player [it plays streaming internet video on your TV). Netflix never gives me any problem on my roku player while Crunchyroll almost never works. So, I am totally excited about this news. Another bit of news to be excited about is DramaFever in the final stages of testing their very own roku app. It will be nice when I can finally watch Asian drama on my television versus my dinky 17″ computer monitor.

So far only 5 more recent kdramas are streaming on Netflix.

They still only have a handful of streaming available. They do offer DVDs, but the availability of those DVDs really comes and goes fast, just like the streaming titles it seems.


  • City Hunter and Lie to Me are on Netflix now but not all episode are available now.

    • Thanks, I have added them to the Lists page of dramas available on Netflix. I watched the first episode of City Hunter just the other day ^_^

  • ive watched playful kiss, boys over flowers…loved both. i started watching city hunter but they only have half of the episodes, so i had to finish it on youtube. i wish they would put personal taste up with lee min ho.

    • DramaFever has the complete series of Personal Taste streaming online. It’s free with limited commercials, or you can subscribe to watch uninterrupted. I do wonder how many more Asian dramas Netflix will acquire. I would really love a site that could stream quality Japanese & Taiwanese legally.

  • Bad boy, City Hunter, Lie to me, my princess, playful kiss, Midas, boys over flowers, tamna,the island, road number one are on netflix

  • They don’t have enough recent from 2003 n up on asian drama serious. That all i watch so im disappointed.

    • Yeah, what they have for streaming is a little disappointing. I think I’ll just stick with DramaFever and MVIBO which features a nice collection of both newer and older dramas.

  • Well, this is a couple of months after the last comment but they have added new Korean dramas! The old ones they took off like Playful Kiss and Lie to me are all back. They have also added Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata, Spring Waltz, Summer Scent, You’re Beautiful, and Shining Inheritance! I’m excited! Thought I would tell you in case you don’t frequently watch the Netflix listings.

    • It has been awhile, thanks for the tip. I last updated my list in January. Looks like they’ve got quite a few more. I just wish they made it a little easier to find them.

  • I noticed that they added In need of Romance and Dream High 2 but they are not subtitled. Do you think they will be in english soon?

    • Okay. Another Netflix user had a question regarding English subtitles, too. My question in return is do you have it set up so that Netflix is playing the video with subtitles enabled? Sometimes, for whatever reason, the subtitles are not enabled when streaming starts so you need to manually enable them. The subtitles work fine for me when viewing them both in firefox. I haven’t tried on my streaming device yet, but usually, on that I have to define whether or not I want subtitles displayed.

  • Okay, I didn’t know that, I though they automatically came like that. Thank you. I will look into it.

  • I just finished watching Chuno@The Slave Hunters(Netflix w/subtitles) with Jang Hyuk and Lee Dae Hae. This drama was Awesome and I love the music!!!! The theme song makes you want to get up and dance. I just love Jang Hyuk, he is so talented, and a very good looking man!!!!! He was great in Midas and Robber too. It is amazing how they have such beautiful music to match these dramas. These are definitely dramas to see if you haven’t already.

  • I also just finished watching Bread, love, and Dreams. This was a great drama. Go Kim Takgu!!!! Everything came full circle in this drama. Nice Ending.

  • Hey they just added My fair lady(Take care the lady) and again it’s not subtitled. Do they have a facebook page were we can comment about this. Like I said I have watched over 10 dramas (20 to be exact plus 3 more I haven’t watched) and they have always been subtitled and I have never had to go inside netflix to turn them on.

    • There is apparently a technical support hotline (you can try to dig it up on their site). You are not the only one with this problem as there have been tons of reports of subtitle and closed captioning issues this year (some of them FCC related). For me, I can see the subtitles on my PC. I haven’t tried the Netflix apps or watching the newly released shows on my Roku, so I can’t guarantee that they work on those, but a lot of people have issues if they are using devices other than their PC. Netflix is aware of these issues and has been trying to fix them, but there seem to still be quite a few complaints. They do have an official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/netflix (that’s for the US).

  • they have heartstrings :3 gooodd dhsooowwww~~ !!

  • I am just looking forNETFLIK to add more korean drama series.The reason I subscribed was to watch them but they haven,t add any lately.Any recomendation?..Shold Iswitch to HULU?

    • Well, if you don’t mind paying for a service and being stuck with commercials…then maybe Hulu would be the best option as they carry titles from Viki, DramaFever, and I think some MBC shows you can’t get elsewhere.
      Or there is DramaFever which is still free with commercials. I like free with commercials over paying for a service and being saddled with commercials betimes.

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