Yankee-kun to Megane-Chan Episode 4 Recap

Hongo Kanata, Naka Riisa, Narimiya HirokiThe student council assembly has just finished with Izumi’s surprising appearance. Hana leaves the auditorium rattled and surprised that Izumi is running for president as well. Daichi can’t believe that she didn’t know and points to a poster where it clearly states that both she and Izumi are running. Hana takes a closer look. She thought it read “Waizumi” not “Izumi.” She isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, is she? This makes Hana all depressed – if only she had known. Daichi says that is just like her when Izumi comes and asks how they can still smile when they can’t read. The gang turns and Izumi says he will be the head of the school approaches Daichi (not Hana) and says that he had better just withdraw now. This surprises Daichi and he asks why Izumi is addressing him. Izumi’s reply is that he cannot stand Daichi. It is Izumi’s goal to make Daichi kneel before him. What a sad goal to have in your high school life. This, of course, pisses Daichi off and he grabs Izumi’s lapels. Hana breaks the two apart and says they won’t know if it’s a waste of time until after they try. Hana then puts on a smile and sticks out her hand, asking for a fair fight. Izumi just kinds of snarls and walks away.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Naka Riisa, Koyanagi Yu, Narimiya HirokiNot offput by Izumi’s horrible attitude, Hana turns to Daichi and says let’s wage the battle together. Daichi slaps her hand away and asks why he is involved. Hana then says that the people who nominate the council members are automatically involved in the election. Poor Daichi, Hana keeps getting him involved in things he has no desire to do. Daichi reads the nomination form in horror. The clause Hana mentions is on the very back of the form which Daichi didn’t see when Hana kept trying to get his signature. Chiba wishes Hana good luck in her campaign while Daichi just stands frozen. Chiba nominated her as well, so he’ll be involved in the campaign, too.

Narimiya Hiroki, Kawaguchi Haruna, Koyanagi Yu, Naka RiisaThe next day in front of the school, Hana and co are campaigning while Daichi squats nearby very unhappy. He refuses to wear the headbands and sashes that Hana made as they are unfashionable. Hana digs out purple and pink jackets and asks him which one he’ll prefer. Daichi refuses wearing either of them and Rinka scolds him for insulting Hana. Hana then asks for Rinka’s opinion. Rinka doesn’t want either the pink or purple. She digs into the bag and brings out a shiny gold one. This shocks Chiba and Daichi comments the gold jacket is even worse. Hana praises Rinka on her taste and lets her take the gold one. Chiba gets the pink and before she can give one to Daichi, two girls and Izumi appear. Izumi walks with that horrible expression that I can’t stand on his face while the girls where frilly sashes asking for people to support him. Izumi tells Hana and co that they are wasting their time. In order to get votes, they have to show what they can do for the school. He then wishes them luck and goes on his way. Rinka complains about Izumi bringing his own cheerleaders and Daichi comments that it’s too bad they have defective girls instead of girls like that. Rinka caught this and got mad, but Hana missed it as she was concentrating on the frilly sashes instead.

Hongo KanataDuring class, the teacher announces Rinka’s transfer. She very coolly introduces herself an goes to sit down. Two students complain that yet another yankee has joined their class. What rotten luck. The teacher then asks Hana as class president to look after Rinka. As the student council advisor, he is happy to have the two competitors as students. After that gush, he hands out midterm reports complaining how the class average in every subject went down. The teacher doesn’t understand and singles out Daichi who says not to ask him. Izumi then says that Daichi is the lowest rank in the class so he shouldn’t be arrogant. Izumi says he doesn’t want be brought down by Daichi who will not just tarnish their class, but the whole school. Hana comments on Izumi’s “rotten apple” theory (isn’t that correct?), but Chiba replies it’s rotten oranges. Izumi then complains about a new female yankee coming (Rinka obviously). Daichi then asks about banning yankees and Izumi replies that is his whole goal since yankees are nothing but human trash. Ouch. Way harsh.

Hongo Kanata, Kawaguchi HarunaThis sets Rinka off. She jumps to her feet and bangs her kendo stick on the desk next to Izumi asking him to say that again. She is sick of hearing him say yankee this, yankee that. Stand up and fight her and lets see who the real trash is. Yeah, that just illustrates his point more and more. Izumi complains about Rinka always resorting to violence – that’s why Rinka is nothing but trash. Izumi request for the professor to continue class. Rinka doesn’t listen so Hana has to call Rinka back. The hot-headed girl reluctantly goes back to her seat and the teacher continues on about college questionnaires while the girls in class complain about how the class makeup is getting worse. They point out that Hana is surrounded by yankees and that if she gets elected, then yankees will be accepted at the school which is definitely not what those girls want.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Koyanagi Yu, Narimiya HirokiRinka later asks Hana what she will do with the class complaining about yankees dropping the average. This is something that Rinka is definitely not okay with. Hana’s reply is regardless of it being due to being a yankee or not, it is true that Daichi’s grades are holding everyone back. This annoys Daichi that Hana agrees with Izumi there. Hana says she can’t help but agrees with Izumi and picks up Daichi’s report card astonished to see all the scores in single digits. Daichi tells her to shut up, so what if he actually got single digits. Hana then says it is amazing that he scored above 5 in almost all subjects. Ouch.Chiba is holding Hana’s results and he asks if all these points are out of a 100. Hana replies that they are and Chiba replies that he has never seen such amazing results before. Daichi grabs the report card from Chiba and it turns out that all of Hana’s scores are actually lower than his (save her Japanese which was higher). Daichi says that doesn’t’ matter – this means Hana and not Daichi is the lowest in the class.

Rinka immediately jumps in front of Hana and tells Daichi not to insult her. Chiba tells Rinka that it isn’t an insult, it’s the truth. Hana says that it is a worry, ne. Daichi tells her to stop talking like it’s someone else’s problem. Won’t such horrible grades keep Hana from being able to run in the election? Hana then takes out a paper and says that is why Daichi will fright on as her substitute. Oh wow. Poor Daichi. Getting dragged in even deeper by Hana. Daichi asks what and Hana points out something else she kept hidden. Daichi replies that he has a bad feeling. He reads the fine print where it says if the president-elect can’t run anymore, the nominator will step in and run instead. Really? What an odd rule. Daichi says that Chiba has the better grades and he should be the one to do it. Chiba’s reply is that he isn’t a good enough substitute for Hana. Rinka then says that Daichi is the only one on par with Hana for stupidity and fighting power. Omo! And that was supposed to be a compliment. Hana acts all cute saying that it’s embarrassing but true while Chiba tries to figure out what they mean by “fighting.”

Naka Riisa, Kawaguchi Haruna, Koyanagi Yu, Narimiya Hiroki

Koyanagi Yu, Narimiya Hiroki, Naka RiisaThe gang gathers at Daichi’s house without his knowledge. He is very unhappy to see his three friends in his room hard at work. He asks what they are doing their and Chiba comments that he was surprised Daichi’s home is a hospital and Rinka comments on how his father doesn’t seem like a doctor (he really doesn’t). Daichi tells her to stop talking about his dad and kicks the posters telling them to do this work elsewhere. Hana says that it will be troublesome. Rinka replies that she is freeloading on the Adachi’s already, so she doesn’t want to give them more trouble. So it’s okay to give Daichi trouble instead? Rinka then holds up a finished poster and Hana praises her skill. Daichi says how good it is has nothing to do with it and tells them not to use it as he sits down at his desk. Chiba then agrees with Daichi saying that since Izumi is against yankees, its best not to use weird language and incite him more. Daichi seconds this and Hana agrees as well.

Narimiya Hiroki, Naka RiisaHana asks why Izumi views Daichi as his enemy. Daichi asks them not to limit it to only him (since Izumi is against all yankees), but Chiba responds that no matter how you cut it, Izumi is viewing Daichi has his enemy for whatever reason. Chiba then says Izumi wasn’t like that as a freshman. He was always reading and never seemed to care about others, so why is he so bothered by Daichi? Hana and the others all turn to look at Daichi who is busy puffing away on a cigarette. He says that nothing comes to mind, which leaves the mystery of Izumi hating Daichi unsolved still. Hana lists all of Izumi’s good points and wonders why he would worry about a bum like Daichi. Hana points her finger into Daichi’s cheek and says the answer lies there and Daichi wonders what happened to talking about campaign stuff.

Narimiya HirokiThe gang gets ready to go. Hana and Rinka head off first and Chiba stays behind to talk to Daichi. Chiba says he will become a doctor in the future, right? Daichi doesn’t respond to this and just lights a cigarette. Chiba says that means Daichi will be a science major like him. This makes Chiba happy, but Daichi doesn’t say anything about this. His dreams was to be a doctor and inherit the hospital, but that dream has kind of fallen due to his sister. Daichi finally just tells Chiba to be careful on his way home, When Daichi goes back inside he overhears his father telling a patient that he can never entrust the clinic to Daichi. Aww, poor Daichi. I say that a lot, ne? The patient replies that it’s a father’s dreams to pass their heritage on to their sons. By the look on Shinagawa’s face, you can tell that’s what he wants as well. The patient then leaves where he grabs Daichi’s face and says Daichi is having men trouble now instead of women. Great. Daichi says he understands and breaks free. He goes on into his room and lays down on his bed, lost in thought.

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan episode 4The next day at school, Rinka keeps shoving the girls in her class aside to make room for Hana. She keeps saying that they must follow yankee law in which the strongest gets everything and the weak must submit. This frustrates and annoys the trio of girls who do not know or understand this law. They all agree it is horrible and decide that Izumi must win at all costs and decide to do a negative campaign. The girls start handing out fliers and ask other students to severely punish yankees and help eradicate them from the school to make it the best. They accidentally hand the smear flier to Daichi who looks at it and yawns. The girls say they don’t mean him. He gives them a look (not even an evil glare, just a normal look) and just walks off with the girls calling out scary. Whatever.

Narimiya Hiroki, Naka RiisaChiba reads out the flier which says that Hana protects Rinka who is a violent delinquent who used to work in a cabaret. If Hana is allowed presidency, then she will be protecting all the students who go against the morals of the school. Hana is upset that they are slandering Rinka. Daichi then points out that even if it was only for a day, Rinka did work in a club, so that isn’t really slander. He then asks where Rinka is. Chiba replies that she was called out by Saki-sensei. Chiba believes that RInka is just getting lectured on being careful since that stuff happened before her transfer. Hana gets an angry face and says it is unforgiveable. She jumps up, but Daichi stops her and demands to know where she is going. Hana says she is going to get Izumi to apologize to Rinka (they don’t know that it isn’t Izumi’s doing at all). Daichi tells her she can’t if she wants to be student council president. Hana can’t stand this, but Daichi says she needs to win fair and square and not fight as she is no longer a yankee. Daichi then says it can’t be helped and that he will go and talk to Izumi as a member of the Hana campaign staff. He then calls Chiba along to do the talking, shocking the boy. I must say that Daichi is usually more mature than Hana and I love those moments of his.

Hongo Kanata, Narimiya HirokiChiba and Daichi meets with Izumi who replies that he had nothing to do with the flier, it was those girls. Chiba then says that they are doing it to support him, so it would help if Izumi told the girls to stop. Izumi says he won’t as what’s written on that flier is just what everyone is thinking anyways. Izumi then confronts Daichi about his reasons for choosing that prestigious college prep school versus a vocational school. Did Daichi think he’d be number one there as well? Izumi says this is a place where no one fights. Did Daichi come thinking that since he is a scary yankee, people would do whatever he says. How pitiful. No one knows the truth about our poor, abused Daichi-kun, not even his family. This annoys Daichi. Izumi then asks why Daichi has this half-assed attitude. He’ll never make it to the top anyways in school or in life. Daichi really gets mad when Izumi says his behavior is below childish. Daichi grabs Izumi by the jacket and Izumi says he knew he’d use violence before his brain. Izumi repeats that the school is no place for yankees and coolly walks away leaving Daichi fuming.

Narimiya Hiroki, Suzuki RyoheiDaichi vents his anger at Nermia’s shop. His best friend comments on Daichi’s ability to get involved in weird occurrences one after another. Nermia then asks what middle school Izumi is from because his name sounds familiar. Daichi says he has no idea and then describes him to Nerima who says that Daichi has nothing to fight a guy like that with. Daichi keeps mumbling about Nerima while folding his college questionnaire into a paper airplane. Nerima takes it from him, scolding him for folding everything into airplanes. Daichi says he was putting it to good use. Nerima takes a look at it, amazed that the school is already asking about college. Nerima then circles science major for Daichi, which Daichi is not happy with. Nerima asks why since Daichi wants to go to medical school, so he has to major in science. so Daichi needs to study hard. Daichi replies that he won’t.

Narimiay Hiroki, Furuta Arata, Hori Chiemi, Owada MihoThat night Izumi is walking home where he has a run in with a guy for his nasty look. Meanwhile, at the Shinagawa house, Kairi scolds Daichi for not emptying his pockets before throwing clothes in the laundry. His mother grabs the paper, thinking Daichi is hiding bad test scores again, but she is shocked to see it is a paper saying he wants to study science. This catches his father’s attention as well. His mother asks Daichi how he intends to study science with his horrible grades. Daichi tells her to shut up and asks for the paper back. His mother asks what he wants to do in science, does he want to go to college? Daichi replies that he doesn’t know and his father scolds him for not knowing what he wants to do with his life. Kairi then butts in and says that isn’t Daichi studying science because he wants to go to med school? This surprises his father who asks if that is true. Daichi lies and says he isn’t sure really yet. He figures he should study science now in case he does decide to go to med school in the future. This angers his father who starts calling him names and telling him to consider his future for once. Daichi jumps up and says he has no idea what he wants or what he wants to do. His dad keeps calling him and idiot and Daichi finally has enough and tells his father to quit calling him one and rushes out of the house. Kairi gives her father tape and tells him to tape together Daichi’s college study form as he has to submit it. Doesn’t his parents understand that the more they treat him that way, the more he’ll rebel?

Hongo KanataDaichi is out walking and smoking when he hears noises of a fight. He goes to look and sees one scrawny guy beating up a group. He comments on the boy’s strength and is shocked to see that it is Izumi! The next day Nerima says he thought he knew that name. He then says that Daichi and he fought Izumi’s middle school Daichi has no idea and Nerima comments on his friends inability to remember names an faces. Daichi asks if they won that fight and Nerima replies that it was a draw. Daichi recalls the fight and jump up as he remembers the platinum, glasses-less Izumi. He jumps up in surprise. Nerima says that after that Daichi gave up fighting and Izumi stopped being a yankee, so they never had a rematch. Daichi then complains about how Izumi pretended to not know him. Izumi is beating up some guys quite viciously when another boy sees him. They boy asks what he is doing. Didn’t Izumi say he would stop fighting? Izumi replies that he is bored so he can’t help it and walks away. What is that all about?

At school, the pre-election poll shows that Izumi has way more support than Hana. Rinka apologizes saying it is all her fault, but Hana has no worries. Even though she is far behind, she won’t give up. Izumi comes out with his disgusted face. I really do hate that face he keeps making. It’s awful and ugly as all hell.

Narimiya HirokiAfter school, the boy from earlier meets with Daichi, saying it’s been awhile. Will Daichi remember since his memory sucks for faces and names? He turns and asks who he is. The boy replies that he is Kagawa from Izumi’s middle school Daichi makes the connection and Kagawa says the he is Izumi’s underclassman. The two go out for a talk. Kagawa talks about how awesome Izumi was. When Kagawa entered school, Izumi was almost ready to graduate. Kagawa wanted to be just like him. Flashback to Izumi becoming the leader of his school, but finding it boring. Izumi announces that he will quit fighting to master other things like studying. Whether it’s physical or mental, he wants to be the top, which is why he wants to be student council president. Kagawa then says that Izumi is fighting again after quitting because it was boring. He has no idea what Izumi is thinking. Kagawa says that since Izumi is different from Daichi and Kagawa and needs to stop fighting. He then asks for Daichi’s help since Daichi is like Kagawa with no purpose in life. Not true!!! Daichi has a purpose, now if only he would stick to what he’d really wants to do…

Naka Riisa, Narimiya HirokiWhen Daichi returns to school, he is surrounded by thugs who accuse him of beating up their friends. They then call him Izumi and say that when they asked for the yankee of the school, everyone pointed in Daichi’s direction. Poor Daichi is dragged into someone else’s fight again. Daichi then fights with the gang and easily beats them while several students look on. He is then suspended from school. Daichi stays stone faced while the teacher yells at him, repeating suspension over and over. Daichi finally says he heard and Saki-sensei then asks why isn’t Daichi saying anything. It’s suspension this time, but next time it will probably be expulsion. Daichi leaves school with students complaining about him fighting again and how when Izumi becomes president, he’ll kick out all the yankees. Hana then runs up and asks what will happen to the election. Daichi isn’t happy that it’s all Hana is asking about. He says he is sorry and walks away. Poor, poor Daichi.

Hongo KanataThe two boys who told the gang that Daichi was the yankee of the school feel like it is all their fault (well, it is partially but not wholly). Of course, who can blame them for thinking that the guys were looking for Daichi when they asked for a yankee as he is the most notorious one in the school? Who would’ve thought they were actually looking for Izumi? And speak of the devil, Izumi walks by just as they say that. Izumi asks what is going on.

Daichi goes and meets Izumi. He asks him what is going on. Since Daichi is suspended, he shouldn’t be outside his house. Izumi then tells him that Daichi did something unnecessary which Izumi is not grateful for at all.

Well, you know…Why did you come to this school? You came to this school to be the best at both fighting and studying, right? Then you thought you’d be president since you’re already at the top of the class, right? Why is a guy like you fighting such meaningless fights? Aren’t you an idiot?

Daichi’s speech definitely shocks Izumi, particularly the part where Daichi calls him an idiot. Got to love it. Izumi calls him the idiot for taking on Izumi’s fight. Did Daichi want Izumi to be indebted to him? Izumi calls him and idiot once more and says that it is useless to do things for friends and acquaintances. Daichi then says since he doesn’t know what he wants to do, that’s all he can do. [In run Hana and the gang.]

Daichi: Isn’t there a friend who worries about you?
Izumi: There isn’t. I’ve always been alone and I always will be. As long as I have power, everyone will follow me.
Daichi: And then? You, what have you been doing your entire life? To get to the top, you push down everyone else and then what do you want to do? Picking fights to have fun. What do you want to do!? Pretending to be a top student but secretly going out to fight – don’t do things halfway!

Narimiya Hiroki, Hongo KanataIzumi goes head to head and grabs Daichi’s coat back. He tells Daichi to shut up. Izumi has gone further and further into the dark. He doesn’t know what to do, what he is living for. He thought studying and doing well in school would help him find it, but it didn’t. What is he supposed to do? Daichi doesn’t know as he is faced with the same problem. So what should Daichi do? Angry, Izumi pushes Daichi away and slugs him. Great. Daichi then hits him back. Chiba says they should stop the two and Hana goes to intervene, but Daichi tells her not to interfere and the two keep fighting. Hana goes on top of the wall and kicks a barrel of stuff off. Daichi asks if she is trying to kill them. Hana jumps down and says that Izumi just needs to go to school and be with friends who are al searching as well. Izumi doesn’t believe that is what school is for. Hana asks why he painted the mural and copied the notes for Chiba. Izumi says its because thinking of excuses is hard. Hana says that isn’t true, its really because Izumi wants friends. If you are always alone, then you are nothing and will never find what you are looking for. Hana then asks to do student council together with Izumi as president. Izumi says nothing, looks at Daichi and then walks away.

Hongo KantanaWhen Daichi returns home he is met by his father who asks if he’s been fighting again even while suspended. His father scolds him and Daichi tells him to shut up and goes to head to his room. His father stops him and hands him the college questionnaire. His dad walks off and Daichi smiles. When Daichi goes back to school he hands in the application and Saki-sensei asks if it’s really okay. Daichi tells him to shut up an goes back to his seat. It’s also the day that the election is to be held. Izumi withdraws saying he’s found something more interesting so Hana wins by default. Needless to say, the three girls are supremely unhappy.

Narimiya Hiroki, Hongo KanataThe gang are all setting up the new student council room and Daichi asks why he has to be involved with the moving process. Hana tells him it’s because he is vice president. Needless to say, Daichi is shocked by that statement. Hana then pulls out the paper and tells him to look at it. Daichi can’t believe that is happening yet again. She rips off another paper that was covering the third surprise. One of the nominees gets to be VP. Daich asks what is going on and Hana replies that Chiba has volunteered to be the treasurer, so that naturally means Daichi is the VP.  Daichi refuses the position, but Hana tells him to listen to her once in awhile. Daichi says she is always forcing him to listen to her anyways. Hana says it’s because of his poor reputation. She then says that she needs him and Daichi fantasizes about her confessing, which we all know isn’t going to happen. Hana then gives him cleaning supplies and Izumi comes. He is the co-VP.

End episode.

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