Yankee-kun to Megane-chan Episode 3 Recap

Narimiya Hiroki, Naka RiisaEpisode 3 starts right up here two left off – the yankee kicking down the door to Daichi’s classroom to call Hana out. Hana sits stone faced. The teacher finally picks himself up and asks if that girl is Hana’s friend. Hana replies that she doesn’t know who that girl is which angers her. She goes over to Hana’s desk and slams the kendo stick on it, knocking into the back of Daichi’s head. She demands once more to have Hana deny knowing her. Hana does and then tells the girl to leave as she is disrupting class. The girl tosses Hana’s book away and Hana jumps up from her seat, but instead of confronting the girl, she just picks up the book. The girl, looking like she’s about to cry, then runs away, kicking down the 2nd door to the classroom. After this happens, Daichi complains once more that it is irritating. Yeah, just a little. He seems to be stuck in problems all thanks to Hana.

Narimiya Hiroki, Naka RiisaAfter class, Daichi goes up to the roof for a smoke where he sees Hana standing listlessly. He goes up to her and asks if the professor has finally finished lecturing her. Hana says that she doesn’t mind and Daichi then asks if the girl was someone from Hana’s yankee days. Hana replies that the girl wasn’t and when Daichi presses her for more info, Hana says she doesn’t have to tell him. Daichi says it involves him since he had to fix the doors the girl busted. Hana turns and glares and says that is just punishment for his normal, bad behavior. Daichi’s retort is that he doesn’t need a legendary yankee to lecture him, earning him a kick from Hana (which he ducks) who says she isn’t one any more. He comments on seeing her undies and then says that if she isn’t a yankee anymore, she should curb that kicking habit and ditch those weird people always hanging around her. Hana yells that Rinka isn’t a weird person and goes off with Daichi asking who Rinka is. We see the girl, Rinka, on the roof hiding. She says to herself that she is Rinka. So we know her name, know that she had nothing to do with yankee Hana, so just what is their relationship?

Furuta Arata, Kawaguchi HarunaThat night, Daichi’s dad comes home drunk with a friend. They tease Daichi for being stupid and having rotten fortune with women. Daichi tells them to stop mocking him and goes to leave when his father brings in a girl from the cabaret. It is Rinka! This shocks Daichi who hides the fact that he knows the young girl and asks his dad what will happen if his mom finds out that brought home a cabaret girl. His dad doesn’t care and when Daichi’s mom comes out to see what is going on, Mr. Shinagawa introduces Rinka as Daichi’s friend – nice cover. Daichi’s lies and says she is his friend. Everyone goes into the house where the men and Rinka eat. Mrs. Shinagawa asks if Rinka is really Daichi’s friend. He assures her that she is, but hits a snag when Mrs. Shinagawa asks for her name. Overhearing the conversation, Rinka jumps up and introduces herself. When Daichi’s mother asks if Rinka’s parents will be worried, Rinka replies she has none and then asks Mr. Shinagawa if she can spend the night since she has no place to go. Mr. Shinagawa easily agrees and Daichi pulls him aside and tries to get him to reconsider, but his father refuses and his mother is okay with the idea as well as she doesn’t want a young girl wandering alone at night.

Meanwhile, Hana’s grandfather returns home drunk from a cabaret as well (apparently the same one as Daichi’s dad). After Hana gets him settled in, he tells her that he ran into Rinka and found her a safe place to stay. Tatsuo says he is sad because it seems Rinka didn’t remember him. Hana is shocked to hear that he saw Rinka. Tatsuo goes to talk more about Rinka nad Hana quickly tells him to not talk about the past. Just what is she hiding?

Kawaguchi Haruna, Narimiya HirokiBack at Daichi’s, he’s asleep when Rinka comes into his room and pounces. He struggles to get away and they end up on the floor with Daichi trying to crawl away while Rinka holds him down. He says that he has someone he likes and Rinka demands to know if that person is Hana. Daichi immediately denies this and Rinka throws herself off of him. Daichi then asks what Rinka’s relationship with Hana is. She refuses to answer and demands to know his relationship to Hana. Rinka then asks how Hana could change that much – is it Daichi’s fault? This  throws Daichi for a loop – just who is Rinka? Rinka replies that she is Hana’s one and only disciple. We then cut a flashback of Hana and Rinka fighting a group of guys together. Rinka says they fought everyday and never lost a single battle. They were the infamous Hurricane Ada and Young Leopardess. Daichi says that Rinka’s nickname was lame.

Kawaguchi HarunaRinka yells at him and goes back to her story saying how Hana disappeared one day and she’s been looking for her ever since. In order to earn money for her search, she started working in the cabaret where she met Mr. Shinagawa who offered her a place to stay. What a nice father and mother. Daichi says that may be so, but it’s embarrassing to face them everyday. Rinka’s reply is that at least they are there. Rinka only has Hana, but now Hana is no longer a Yankee and wants nothing more to do with Rinka. How could Hana abandon this girl without a word? Rinka says that she really liked Hana and is so very disappointed before walking out of Daichi’s room.

Narimiya Hiroki, Owada MihoThe next morning Rinka is gone, leaving only a thank you note behind her. Daichi’s sister spills the beans about her being a cabaret girl and Daichi’s mom asks his father to explain. Daichi’s father says that Rinka was a girl who sold candy at a party, thus when the words are shortened, you get cabaret. Oddly enough, Mrs. Shinagawa falls for this rather easily. Daichi can’t take anymore and gets up, but Kairi stops him and asks if it’s really okay to let Rinka go like that. Daichi replies that he doesn’t know since it was their father who brought her home. Kairi then hits him and says he is too cold-hearted. Daichi doesn’t know what she’s talking about and Kairi reveals she knows that Rinka snuck into his room in the middle of the night. Did they do it and now Daichi is through with her? Mrs. Shinagawa overhears this, putting Daichi in  pinch. He immediately denies doing anything and his father comes scolding him for saying he did nothing with such a nubile girl. Mrs. Shinagawa says that must be why Rinka left so early and Kairi thrusts the note at Daichi telling him that it’s been decided – he should take responsibility like a man. Poor Daichi.

Naka Riisa, Narimiya HirokiAt school during break, Daichi thrusts Rinka’s note in Hana’s face saying RInka told him that she was Hana’s disciple. Hana reads it and asks why Rinka is thanking him. Daichi stutters that he doesn’t know why and then goes on to say that it seems like Rinka has run away from home. Since Rinka is Hana’s friend, then she should do something. Hana thrusts the note back at Daichi and says that was too long ago. Say what? What does time have to do when you had that close of a friendship? She then walks off leaving Daichi completely puzzled. Not too surprising given that with anything else, Hana is usually so gung-ho.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Narimiya HirokiAfter school, Dacihi goes to the club where Rinka works. The young girl is surprised to find him waiting for her. He asks if she intends to keep working at the club and Rinka asks what business of his is it. Daichi replies that too many people will nag him if he leaves her out there to work like that. Rinka goes to enter the club saying she doesn’t get him, but Daichi stops her. She doesn’t have to get him, she just has to come with him. He then begins pulling her away, with her complaining. Then out runs a guy from the club. Looks like more trouble for Daichi. The guy grabs Rinka’s arm and then recognizes Daichi who has no clue who the guy is. They says his name and middle school, but Daichi cannot recall him personally – there were too many of them that he fought. The guy complains saying they had a showdown. Daichi replies he can’t remember everyone he’s ever beat up an grabs Rinka’s arm once more. The guy stops him once more saying that he brought Rinka there so Daichi can’t just leave with her. Then out walks the boss. Oh joy, more trouble. He asks if there is a problem. Daichi replies that there is as Rinka is only 16. The boss turns on the other guy allowing Daichi to take Rinka with him. Whew.

Meanwhile, Hana is with Chiba in a restaurant exclaiming over his intelligence. He must have studied even when he stayed away from school. Chiba, embarrassed says that he did just in case. Hana praises him for not knowing when to give up when Daichi’s voice can be heard yelling. Hana looks up and Chiba turns in his seat to see Daichi dragging the protesting Rinka after him. Hana looks uncomfortable at seeing the pair and Chiba smiles saying that Daichi asked if they could all gather at the restaurant to study. Daichi slides in beside Hana, exhausted while Rinka just stands. Daichi takes the menu and demands that Rinka sits down. Rinka eventually obeys. At this time, Nerima and his friends come in. Nerima catches sight of Daichi with Chiba, Hana, and Rinka and tells his friends they should go someplace else. Why? Why would Nerima say that? Is there some reason his friends can’t be in the same place with Daichi and Daichi’s new friends? A little bizarre.

Koyanagi Yu, Kawaguchi Haruna, Naka Riisa, Narimiya Hiroki

Naka Riisa, Narimiya HirokiChiba catches sight of Daichi’s odd expression and asks what’s wrong. Daichi replies nothing, but I think he is hurt that Nerima just up and left. By the time Chiba turns around, Nerima and his friends had already left. Daichi then looks from Rinka to Hana and says that Rinka has something to say. Daichi tells Rinka that she does – just tell Hana what she told him yesterday. Hana catches on to that and asks what that means and Rinka quickly replies that she spend the night at Daichi’s house. Hana asks if that is true. Daichi reluctantly nods and says he had no choice. Hana is surprised that Daichi left an unknown girl spend the night at his house. Daichi says that’s just how things worked out and says that they were in different rooms. He asks Rinka to confirm his story, but she doesn’t. Meanwhile, Hana just packs up and says she will go home. Running away again. Hana asks Daichi to move, but he refuses saying that Rinka didn’t finish speaking. Hana doesn’t care, she wants him to move.

Naka Riisa, Kawaguchi HarunaDaichi does eventually cave to her. Hana gets up and tells Rinka that there is no place for “someone like her” so she should hurry and go home. Hana then goes to leave and Rinka angrily stands up demanding to know what happened. Why is Hana acting like such a goody-two-shoes. Is the new Hana ashamed of her? Chiba and Daichi look really unhappy to hear this. RInka says she understands. As of now she is no longer Hana’s disciple and will have nothing more to do with her. Rinka then storms out. Daichi asks if Hana is just going to let her go like that. Poor Chiba, meanwhile, is completely lost. When Hana remains unmoving, Daichi says that she and Rinka are annoying and then grabs up his things to chase after Rinka.

Naka Riisa, Kawaguchi Haruna

Ito Shiro, Naka RiisaAt home that night, Hana tells her grandfather that she was called “the worst.” She’s been trying to run away from Rinka by forgetting her. Hana says she wanted to live with her grandfather. Back then she wandered around and had no place where she really belonged. She thought by doing what she did when she went to live wither Tasuo, Rinka would go back home as well. Hana was certain that she and her grandfather would grow accustomed to each other. As long as Hana was around, then Rinka wouldn’t go home, would she? That is why Hana so coldly left without a word. Tatsuo comes up and asks how much Hana really knows about Rinka. He then tells her what he overheard from Rinka at the club. Rinka found out that she was adopted and she felt she no longer belonged in her home, plus she was bullied at school. Then she found Hana and found a place where she felt she belonged. Hana is surprised to hear this. She feels for her friend, but doesn’t think she can take the place of Rinka’s family. Tatsuo says that isn’t necessarily what should happen. He then tells his granddaughter that home is the place where you feel you belong.

Narimiya Hiroki, Kawaguchi HarunaMeanwhile, Daichi finds Rinka sitting by herself in a deserted playground. He tells her that she should not treat an important person (to herself) like that. Rinka tells him to shut up and tells him that he doesn’t know how she feels. Daichi takes out his cigarettes and says that she is right. Rinka then calls out and asks if he’s changed. He asks what she means and Rinka asks how a former yankee (him) ends up in a college prep school. Daichi tells her that is none of her business and Rinka says that might be true, but that sudden change in his lifestyle cut him off from the people around him, didn’t it? She then says that Nerima was his friend right? But he just walked out of the restaurant, ignoring Daichi. Rinka says she kind of understands how that feels – doesn’t it feel like he’s been left behind? But there’s nothing they can do to change that, is there? Rinka slides down and says that since Hana has changed, she will just leave. She thanks Daichi for taking care of her and walks off.

Naka Riisa, Kawaguchi HarunaHana lays down on her front porch and recalls the day where she first met Rinka. The young girl was getting bullied and Hana saved her, thus starting Rinka’s liking her. All the other people in the school avoided Hana since she was a yankee and since they all heard rumors about her getting held back a grade. Rinka was the only one who was nice to her and said that she was glad they were in the same class. And thus their bond was forged and the two became a pair. RInka told Hana that she liked her and wanted to always be together. Even if Hana wanted RInka to go back to a normal life and go home, how could she just abandon someone who loved her that much without a word of explanation at all?

The next day at school, Hana asks for Daichi’s help. With what? She wants him to nominate her for student council. Daichi asks why he would nominate a contradiction like her. Hana points out that Chiba has already signed her nominate form (looks like they need at least 2 signatures). Chiba wishes her good luck and Hana says that once Daichi signs, everything will be official and okay. She puts the pen in his hand and tries to make him sign and Daichi asks if she really knows what she is doing. It’s the student council presidency – the head of the school – something much more difficult than being a class president. It’s a position that Daichi believes is impossible for Hana to do (Izumi turns and listens to this conversation). Hana says she knows and tries to get Daichi to sign once more, but her refuses leaving Hana to pout.

Naka Riisa, Koyanagi Yu, Narimiya Hiroki

She chases after him and begs him to nominate her. He ignores her and keeps walking away, so she stops him and physically turns him to face her, begging him to nominate her once more. Daichi ignores this question and asks if she is just going to ignore Rinka. Hana says nothing, just fidgets with her coat. Daichi then says it seems like Rinka went home. Hana asks if that is true nonchalantly, annoying Daichi. He asks if the election is more important than her old friend. Ignoring this, Hana takes her nominate form, writes Daichi’s name and then takes his thumb and stamps it next to it. Daichi asks how she can do that and Hana quotes a poem saying that if the bird doesn’t sing, she’ll make it. Oy. Daichi says he doesn’t understand her and Hana says that she will repay his confidence in her (the student council “nomination”) by working hard to serve him. Daich take the form from Hana and tells her

Narimiya Hiroki, Naka Riisa

Listen to what others have to say! You worked so hard for Chiba. Why? Aren’t you leaving your old friend behind? You really are the worst.

Hana’s face remains stubborn, but after Daichi calls her the worst, she looks a little troubled.

Didn’t I tell you? I’m no longer a yankee.

Hana quietly takes back the paper and leaves quietly. Truthfully, even if she stops being a yankee there is no reason for her to stop being a friend.

Suziki Ryohei, Narimiya Hiroki

After school, Daichi visits Nerima and tells him what happen. Wow, friendship between females are really fragile. Nerima points out that Hana did really become a top student – doesn’t she want Daichi to understand her new self? Daichi doesn’t understand what Nerima means. Nerima says that he believes that Hana said she was no longer a yankee for herself to hear, right?

She can only move forward, so it can’t matter to her what her old friend thinks or else she’ll never continue. Even we can’t stay like this forever.

Daichi is not happy to hear that from Nerima. He tells his good friend that they haven’t changed since they were kids, right? Nerima says it’s not necessarily a bad thing that he is concerned about people from his new school. Daichi says he doesn’t like him and Nerima replies that it is still a good thing that he is concerned for others.

Narimiya Hiroki, Suzuki RyoheiAs Daichi leaves Nerima’s garage, Naniwa comes an calls him out. Daichi, of course, has no idea who he is again. Naniwa re-introduces himself once more and Daichi replies again with that there were so many from that school that he just can’t remember. Naniwa yells at him to stop ignoring others. Daichi asks what he wants and Naniwa says it is Daichi’s fault he got fired. Nerima asks from what and Daichi explains about the cabaret incident. Nerima agrees that Naniwa is in the wrong. Naniwa grabs Daichi and demands compensation, but Daichi headbutts him without blinking and bids Nerima goodbye while Nerima closes up the garage, leaving the stunned Naniwa laying there. Nope, things haven’t totally changed for the two friends.

Koyanagi Yu, Naka RiisaRinka is a café where she receives a note from Hana asking her to be at the student council election speeches. Rinka angrily rips the note and flier up. The speech day dawns and Daichi is packing up to go home when Chiba asks if he isn’t going to listen to Hana’s speech. Daichi replies that he already knows the corny stuff Hana always says, so there is no need to go and support her. Chiba says that may be true, but does Daichi know that Hana wrote the speech for Rinka? This surprises Daichi. We then cut to flashback of Chiba asking Hana to help with her speech and Hana refuses the help says it is meaningless if it the words aren’t her own. Chiba asks what she will do if Rinka doesn’t show up since they parted rather badly. Hana says it can’t be helped if Rinka chooses that path, Hana can only do this right now. Daichi recalls Hana’s words and says annoying. What is?

Suzuki RyoheiDaichi goes and borrows a motorcycle from Nerima and drives off in search of Rinka. After he leaves, Naniwa and a gang of guys show up in front of Nerima. Daichi finds Rinka and drags her out of the café so she can make it to Hana’s speech. Rinka refuses to go and get in Hana’s way. Daichi says that the two girls are really annoying when he gets a call. He answers the phone and it is Naniwa saying they have Nerima and Daichi better come soon. Nerima, who is perfectly fine takes the phone easily away from Naniwa and asks if Daichi found Rinka. Daichi replies that he is negotiating and asks where Nerima is. Nerima, who manages to stay a step ahead of the gang says he is okay and it has nothing to do with Daichi who replies that isn’t true and that Naniwa coming after Nerima is his fault. Nerima says he’s clean it up since Daichi has graduated from being a yankee.Nerima then instructs him to do thinks properly and get into college. More guys appear and Nerima takes off running.

We belong to different places. I’m destined for a repair shop, you’re the son of a doctor. Our status was different right from the start, but I enjoyed being with you. But somewhere in my heart I knew someday we’d go our separate ways, that we’d go down different paths.

You understand, don’t you? Stop getting into useless fights. If you get expelled, what are you going to do? What will you do about the friends you just made? You don’t have to worry about me. You should go take care of your own path.

Suzuki Ryohei

Throughout this entire speech, Nerima is fighting the yankees. When he finishes what he needs to say, he throws the cell in the air, screams and charges whole heartedly in to the fray. He’s pretty good at holding his own, but he is completely swarmed by thugs.

Daichi calls his best friend and idiot as he hangs up the phone. He then goes over to the bike and tells Rinka that he is sorry, but something has come up, but Rinka still needs to go and see Hana. The girl is shocked. Rinka asks where he is going and Daichi coolly replies that he is going to help his friend.

Suzuki Ryohei, Narimiya HirokiNerima is not very happy to see Daichi show up. He asks what he is doing there and Daichi coolly approaches without saying a word, fighting when necessary. Daichi calls his friends the real idiot for acting cool by himself. Nerima says he couldn’t help it as Daichi always starts needless fights. (At this time, Rinka arrives to the fight as well and watches on). Daichi asks what he means and Nerima says that Daichi has been doing this needless stuff since he entered high school. Daichi asks what he should do and Nerima tells him to stop doing needless things and think about himself. Daichi yells back that he is an idiot so he can’t understand (this whole conversation takes place with them fighting the yankees until they come face to face and yell at each other). Naniwa gets up and tells them to stop talking about things and fight. The two then knock Naniwa down and then they notices that they took out the whole gang. Whoops. Nerima yells and drops down with Daichi following suit.

Narimiya Hiroki, Suzuki RyoheiNerima sits up and tells Daichi that he just wants his friend to be himself. Recently it seems like Daichi has been adapting to his new school so Nerima (a yankee) doesn’t want to get in his way. Daichi claps Nerima on the back of the had and jumps up calling him an idiot again. Doesn’t Nerima know that he can only be himself when he is with Nerima? Even if some things change, like their schools, it won’t change their friendship. Corny, but nice. Nerima smiles and Daichi smiles back. Rinka witnesses all of this and flashbacks to the fight Hana recalled where Rinka confessed she really liked her. Rinka apologized for causing the fight and Hana replies that she would always have her back. Rinka calls out to Daichi and he wonders what she is doing there. Rinka then asks him to take her to Hana. Daichi checks the time on his phone and curses.

Narimiya Hiroki, Suzuki Ryohei

Naka RiisaBelieve it or not, the student council adviser was still droning on about the 135 rules of student council. No wonder the students complained about long-winded speeches at the beginning when they talked about student council nominations. Finally the floor is handed over to the nominees. Looks like Hana is up first. Daichi and Rinka arrive just as the speech starts. Rinka jumps off the bike and rushes inside while Nerima pulls up on Rinka’s pink bike and asks if things should be reversed (I’m guessing he means Daichi should be driving the pink motorcycle). Hana starts talking about how she wants the school to change with Rinka runs in. Hana then talks about how she lives with her grandfather now, but before she hated school and had no place to belong. However, school became fun and people started accepting her as a person. Hana then talks about “your” place is the place where you belong. Daichi finally pokes his head in and we see Rinka’s touched face. Hana says that no matter what, she is publically committed to helping the students find and build their space.

Kawaguchi Haruna, Narimiya HirokiHer speech ends and the floor is opened for questions. Rinka asks if she can be with Hana as it is there where she can be herself. Hana says that they will build a place for Rinka to call her own. This makes Rinka happy while the students seem a bit confused, but they start applauding Hana. While this goes on, Rinka goes up to Daichi and thanks him. Daichi then says cute and she imagines that Daichi is confessing and she is unprepared. She goes off into the fantasies we usually see Daichi have. Only it turns out in reality he isn’t calling her cute, but a ladybug that was on her helmet. He shows it to her and she sucker punches him. He asks what that was for and she just replies that he is annoying.

Hongo KanataAt that moment, Izumi comes and says that Hana’s speech was boring. You don’t come to high school to make friends. Well, that is technically true, but it makes school more bearable. He then turns and faces the front and says that he is the other candidate and his goal is to make it the best college prep school and to chase the yankees out of school. Izumi did always seems irritated and cold-hearted at times, but then he surprises you with being nice and doing stuff to help, so this twist is unexpected (unless you read the manga, I am sure).

What will happen next? Coming in episode 4.

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