Asuko March! Episode 5 Recap

Nagayama Kento, Takei EmiThe episode opens with the Asuko students working hard on finishing the eco-car. Everyone keeps asking Nao for advice since she has been appointed as the class leader. Takeuchi then points out that their “leader” is scraping too much off the body’s frame. Nao then scolds him for not telling her sooner and the class begins laughing and teasing Nao about how she is as klutzy and hopeless as ever. Definitely a change from the tension of the past few episodes. However, to ruin the atmosphere, Nao starts thinking about how she is making her last good memories at Asuko because she’ll be taking the transfer exam in 10 days. Say it ain’t so.

Kanai YutaIt is now instructional learning time about Japanese history. Everyone in class is off in their own world and doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the teacher, not even Nao! The teacher then calls on her to answer a question and she shocks the class by getting it wrong. Tamaki then scolds her for spending too much time on eco-cars which apparently has affected her brain. The teacher then asks him for the answer and he replies with a fictional mascot. The teacher then calls on Murai who surprisingly gets it right, shocking the whole class. Murai looks up and says he just happens to like the Nara period [710-794]. The whole class can still not believe that Yoshino has lost out to Murai. Tamaki then asks doesn’t that bode disastrous for her test? Nao nods. Uh-oh. Will Nao be able to make up on studying so she can pass the test to transfer out of Asuko? Takeuchi, Aruto, and Tamaki all seem as worried as Nao herself.

Sasano TakashiAt home,  Nao is trying to spend as much time studying as possible so she sits at the dinner table trying to eat and study at the same time. Her grandfather scolds her for this, but she says since he is listening to baseball while going through mail order catalogs, he has no right to criticize her. Her grandfather asks why she is suddenly interested in studying (her grades had always been good before). Nao complains that there is no time. She needs to study for her transfer exam and also study up on eco-cars since she is the leader of the project. Nao is so tired from trying to do both. Her grandfather then tells her to quit one which surprises Nao. Yoshino then explains that if she doesn’t give one up, both could end in failure. This really depresses Nao. At this point, Yoshino flops food on his magazine and drops his earbud into his plate. He holds both up and shows Nao that was exactly what he was talking about. Nao says she definitely doesn’t want to let that happen to her. I want her to choose the car over transferring, but it might just be the opposite.

Kaku Kento, Takei EmiThe next day during lathe training, Nao is nodding off. Tamaki asks if she is getting enough sleep. It’s bad if she is sleepy during a training class as she might get injured. And we all know how klutzy Nao is normally, so adding sleep into the mix is not good. Nao says he’s right and then falls asleep on his shoulder. Tamaki laughs and says she definitely didn’t get enough sleep. Murai looks over and leans in asking if Tamaki is thinking of something “ero” (perverted). Tamaki insists that he isn’t, but Watjima smiles and says he obviously is. Got to love teenage boys. But in all seriousness, Tamaki probably isn’t thinking anything perverted, he is just happy that the girl he likes is using his shoulder as a pillow.

Later, Nao puts a box on the top shelf of a wobbly cart. Just as she turns around complaining about being tired, the shelf tips over. Tamaki sees this and quickly pushes her out of the way. When Nao falls, her wrist makes a cracking noise as it slaps hard on the ground. Nao complains it hurts as Tamaki scolds her to be more careful. We then get to see Tamaki whose shirt is ripped and arm is bleeding. Nao immediately demands to know if he is okay as the boys all gather. Tamaki, in pain, says that it is no big deal. The shop teacher then comes over and freaks out over seeing blood and immediately yells for an ambulance. Nao whose hand is in pain, seems to decide to keep quiet about it in regards to Tamaki’s injury.

Kaku Kento, Takei Emi

Takei EmiLater in the nurse’s office, Nao is icing her hurt hand which is now bruised and swelling. Sugisaki gets off the phone with the hospital and Nao asks how Tamaki is doing. Sugisaki says it was nothing serious, Okano just made too big a deal. This relieves Nao. Sugisaki then comes over and touches Nao’s hand and she complains of the pain. Sugisaki then says that Nao sprained her fingers really good and won’t be able to use them for awhile. This freaks Nao out. She’s in big trouble if she can’t. She won’t be able to study this way and Sugisaki says it is her own fault for not being careful (true). Sugisaki goes to tend the fingers and asks if Nao was admiring her classmates instead of paying attention. Nao says she was up all night studying. Sugisaki wonders why she is pushing herself so hard for the test and Nao replies that up until now, she hasn’t been able to seriously study. Sugisaki’s response: “But if you pass it, then you’ll be saying goodbye.” Nao then promise that even if she’s in a new school, she will visit Sugisaki sensei. We then cut to see the good doctor’s face and she is crying! Sugisaki then tells Nao, wiping away her tears, that none of her former students ever come back for a visit. Ouch. Sugisaki then says that it is sad. There are so few girls there and now one more is leaving. Sugisaki then gets up and says she is used to it and then says she has to remove her contacts. So was it just the contacts, or was she really crying because of Nao leaving?

Nao visits Omukai who gives her a review book for the exam. Nao thanks him and flips threw it. She says it looks really hard. Omukai says that it is and wishes her good luck. Nao then asks if he isn’t being too cold-hearted towards her. He then tells her if she ate only rice with furikake on it everyday, she would be cold-hearted, too. Nao asks if perhaps his marriage is in trouble. Omukai replies that it’s been a week since his wife left home. We cut to see a picture of the two together on his desk before he turns to Nao and says he fears she may be right.

Katsumura Masanobu, Takei Emi

Takei Emi, Nagayama Kento, Kaku KentoLater, instead of helping out with the eco-car, Nao is sitting in a corner by the door trying hard to study. Takeuchi comes in and then scolds her for studying when she should be working. He even tells her there is a time and place for studying. Hard to believe almost that came out of the studious Takeuchi-kun’s mouth. Nao holds up her bandaged fingers saying she can’t work because she’s injured. Takeuchi’s reply is that Tamaki is the one who is more injured and he is there hard at work (even with his arm in a sling). Takeuchi tells Nao she is still able to work as well and tells her to try scraping off the body. Nao slams her book shut and says she gets it.

Asuko March! 5When she goes over to help Watanabe and friend, they says she is just in time as they have to get to work. Nao complains about them leaving with so much left to do. Tamaki says it can’t be helped as they have jobs. Nao replies that she needs to study, too and Tamaki replies her studies can wait until they are done there, right? Nao sighs and says she is just wasting her time by working on the car. Tamaki then says that she is the leader, so she shouldn’t complain. Nao then tells Tamaki to stop telling her what to do and that she has had enough. Wajima angrily demands to know what she means by that. Kishi then asks if that means she’s going to quit making the eco-car. Takeuchi then complains about Nao being the one who rallied everyone together and who now plans on leaving. Nao tells them to finish it themselves and says that even though she’s grown to like things at Asuko, she has no need for that kind of work. Open mouth, insert foot.

It’s meaningless to be working so hard for something I won’t be needing in the future.

Hearing this depresses the boys and Tamaki then asks Nao didn’t she want to make happy memories in Asuko? Nao then says if she fails her transfer exam, then that would make all this hard work a bad memory, wouldn’t it?

My future hangs in the balance here. Even if this eco-car runs or not, it wouldn’t be able to compensate for my loss!

Now, I know Nao is under a lot of pressure, but to just do that without considering the feelings of everyone around her and who has worked so hard and plans on pursuing technical work in the future is just plain rude and ignorant. I mostly like Nao, but it’s times like these that really makes me want to shake her or slap her up one side of the head.

Takei Emi, Kaku Kento

Nagayama KentoThe boys jump angrily to her feet at Nao’s last statement. The boys look equal parts angry, sad, and shocked. Tamaki slams down what he was working on and angrily grabs the front of Nao’s overalls. He pulls her angrily towards him and demands to know what in the hell she is saying. Nao seems surprised and scared by Tamaki’s actions. Hirose comes over and tries to get Tamaki to calm down and stop. Nao tells him to stop and that he is just mad at her for getting him injured. Tamaki yells that isn’t the case at all. And walks away. Takeuchi who has been watching all of this tells Nao to just go home. This surprises Nao. Takeuchi then says if she stays, she will only make the mood worse. Good job on ruining everything for everyone Nao-chan. Baka. Nao looks around, tears up a bit and says she will leave then. As she goes to leave, Takeuchi tells her to not bother coming back, he will take over her role as leader. Everyone starts going back to work  and Nao just leaves, but you know she’s hurt. Well, she deserved that after what she pulled.

Matsuzaka ToriNao gets changed and as she heads out she complains about being fired. There was no need for Takeuchi to do so since she planned on quitting the eco-car work anyways. Nao then wonders if she maybe said too much. Eyeroll. Of course she said too much! A bag then falls to the ground. Nao looks up and there relaxes Aruto in a tree. He asks what the boys have done to Nao now. Nao says she is okay and Aruto asks if that is true. He always sees Nao as a girl who needs help. He jumps down from the tree with a smile. Nao says she doesn’t need his help as she has been removed as the project leader. This means she’ll have more time to study at least. Aruto closes in on Nao ans she backs away to the fence.
Matsuzaka Tori, Takei Emi
He leans in close and Nao thinks he’s going to kiss her, but he just brushes a leaf off of her shoulder. Aruto then asks if Nao thought he was going to kiss her. Nao replies that she didn’t think that at all. Aruto then asks when the test is. Nao replies in 10 days. So that means she’ll be busy on Sunday, right? Nao says she will be, but why?

Aruto: I was thinking of asking you out, but it seems you can’t make it.
Nao: Yeah, well…it looks impossible…but where are “we” going?
Aruto: But you ARE busy, right?
Naoo: Yeah, well…I am busy…but what time will we meet?

So much for her resolution to study. But then again, we all know how much Nao likes Aruto-kun.

Takei EmiNao goes back home where she pulls everything out of her closet. She tries on several outfits trying to figure which will be the best one to wear for her date with Aruto. Her grandfather looks in and wonders what is going on. Nao immediately tells him not to look in her room without permission while she tries to hide all the clothes on her bed. Yoshino asks if his granddaughter is starting to like industrial boys after all. Nao insists that isn’t like that, but we know that’s not true. Her grandfather keeps mentioning moments that might have touched her heard during training. Nao again replies that isn’t true. She likes the boy for different reasons, no industrial ones. Yoshino is happy that he got Nao to admit that she likes someone. Nao then pushes him out and closes the door.

Takei Emi, Matsuzaka ToriSunday comes and Nao is wearing a cute little jumper. Her happiness at meeting Aruto is shortened when she notices an older woman sitting with him at the café. Aruto waves her over and introduces her to the girl as his “girlfriend.” Ouch. Way harsh. And by that, I mean Aruto was being cruel to Nao. Surely he knows she likes him by Nao and he uses her to get rid of one of his clients? The woman laughs and says that Nao is just a kid. Nao is trying to figure out what is going on and Aruto tells her to be quiet for a minute (without using honorifics). Despite the situation, this pleases Nao to hear him call her just by her first name. Aruto then explains to Yuko he is a host who meets with many people so he cannot get married. Nao’s ears perk at that word “marriage.” Aruto explains that Nao is still in high school so they can’t marry. But they are in a serious relationship where without Nao, Aruto is weak. Yuko gets mad and stands up, throwing water in Nao’s face. Yuko tells them not to get too carried away and shoulders roughly past Nao who is in shock. Don’t blame her there. Nao wonders why her and Aruto at least looks abashed.

Matsuzaki Tori, Takei EmiNao angrily walks away, wiping herself off. Aruto asks if she is mad and she replies she is as she got treated like a kid. Nao then scolds Aruto for not telling her about the plan sooner. Aruto apologizes and then offers to treat her. Nao refuses saying her mood has already been ruined. Aruto then grabs her arm, stopping her. He tells her that they should go as she doesn’t want to waste her cute outfit, does she? This was just what Nao needed to hear. She smiles and the two head off. Aruto goes and buys that filled fish-shaped thingy you see a lot in Asian dramas. He asks which part she wants and she asks which part is better. Aruto then splits it in half and asks heads or tails. Nao takes the head and happily takes a bite. The two then go shopping at street stalls and try on sunglasses. Aruto sees two bracelets and tries to haggle them to a cheaper price by flirting with the woman selling them. Of course the auntie is buttered up. Nao comments on his amazing skills as they happily walk away with the bracelets for the cheaper price.

Matsuaka Tori, Takei EmiThe two then sit on a bench overlooking the water and Nao inches her hand closer and closer to Aruto’s. Then there is a click of a camera shutter and when the two look over, there are people from a magazine taking pictures for a “Stylish Couples on the Streets” section. Nao replies they aren’t a couple and Aruto grabs her and says why not. After a few shots, Nao starts warming up and smiling. Afterward, Aruto apologizes for seeming like a stingy guy. Nao says that she doesn’t think that at all. She has actually been longing to have such a normal high school life. Nao says she doesn’t get to experience such things at Asuko and that is one of the main reasons for her desire to transfer. Aruto smiles and says she will be able to experience normal high school dates.

I hope you don’t put up walls…whether you’re in Asuko or in a regular high school.

Nao thinks about those words and goes over to join him by the rail where Aruto stand looking out of the city.

Is there something you’re going to miss if you transfer?

Nao replies that there isn’t – at least not yet. Aruto says that is too bad. He looks like a nervous little kid for a moment. It’s nice to see a younger side of him.

Matsuzaka Tori

I think Yoshino is the one who has kept be from flying

Takei Emi, Matsuzaka ToriThis surprises Nao who asks from here. And Aruto then says she’s kept him from seeing the sky as well. A star flashes by and you can see Nao is touched. Aruto tells her there is something on her shoulder. Nao goes to brush it off and Aruto goes in and plants a kiss on her cheek. He smiles and says he will see her tomorrow, leaving Nao in a state of shock. Nao does happily watch Aruto walk away. Meanwhile, the frame expands and we see crazy stalker Kyoko is watching the young couple on their date. Seriously, that woman needs a hobby that does not include stalking Aruto. She is seriously creepy.

Matsuyama Mary, Matsuzaka ToriAruto is finishing up at work and Kyoko comes in and asks if he is finished for the day. Aruto is surprised, but says he almost is. Kyoko then says that he had a date with Nao. Aruto asks if she was watching and Kyoko replies that she was, all day, up to the moment he kissed Nao. Aruto seems a little worried by this. Kyoko rips off the couple’s bracelet and he asks what she is doing. Kyoko then flicks open a lighter and sets the bracelet on fire. Yep. This girl is all kinds of crazy. Kyoko throws the burning bracelet on an ash tray while Aruto goes to get it and yells at her. Kyoko quickly turns around and kisses him (well, if you look at the up-close shot, their lips barely get enough contact to be considered a real kiss). This, needless to say, completely stuns Aruto. Kyoko shrugs off her shawl and says she just watched. She then pushes him down on a couch saying that she has watched him ever since he was a child actor. She then tells him that she will always have more than Nao will. Poor Aruto looks scared shitless. Can’t say I blame him.

Meanwhile, Nao is home trying to study, but she keeps thinking about the kiss. She smiles and says that Aruto is like that with a lot of people. She then looks down at the bracelet and reminds herself that she needs to study.

Minami Keisuke, Furukawa YukiThe next day at school, Nao peeks in at the progress being made on the eco-car. She is surprised when Hirose tells her not to peek without permission. Nao comes into the room a bit and says she was just curious about the car’s progress. Kishi then shocks her by throwing his shoe at her, telling her not to come in. Wajima joins in that she’ll only be an annoyance. To make things even worse, Takeuchi tells her to go home as the workshop is off limits to “outsiders.” Well…she did kind of earn that after what she pulled, but that was all said in the heat of the moment. You’d think it would have blown over a little. Nao angrily complains about them calling her an outsider and kicks a stray basketball in frustration, accidentally hitting a man in sunglasses (the same one that Aruto’s mother was hiding from, terrified).

Takei EmiNao runs over and quickly apologizes. The man then says that is okay and points to a picture asking if Nao is the girl in it. It is from the couples shoot when Nao and Aruto were out on Sunday. Nao says that it is her and the man compliments on how they are a cute couple. Nao says they aren’t really a couple and the man introduces himself as a talent scout. Nao, takes out her ponytail and shakes out her hair. Not obvious at all. The man then says that Aruto looks cool. The man then asks for his phone number and address. Nao asks if she has to tell him and the man replies that she does. Aruto used to be a child actor and was incredibly talented.  This could be a big break for the young man. You know that Nao would like for Aruto to get a break, but this…no friend should give out another’s friend’s information to a complete stranger who introduces himself as a talent scout.

Harada Ryuji, Matsuzaka Tori, Kikukawa ReiAruto and his mother arrive home from grocery shopping. Sachiko hears the TV and asks Aruto if he left it on before they left. She then drops her bag as she sees the man sitting on their floor. He welcomes them back. He asks if they went shopping. Aruto says something I kind of didn’t and yet kind of did expect him to say: “oyaji” [dad]. Toshiro then says that it was just like before, the two of them said they would go shopping, but never came back. Aruto asks how Toshiro found them and Toshiro tells his son not to look so scared. They are family after all. He then casually says they should start living together again.

Harada Ryuji, Matsuzaka Tori, Kikukawa ReiSachiko then begins freaking out and saying that Toshiro is no longer a part of their family. Toshiro flips over the table and gets up. He tells them not to be sad as they should be happy the family is united. Toshiro then goes to the sink where he grabs a knife. Aruto pushes Sachiko behind him and tells Toshiro to stay away from his mother as he is not welcome there. Sachiko then runs out the door and begins screaming for help. Toshiro runs after her and grabs her asking her why she can’t just understand that he wanted to see them. Aruto pushes his father away from his mother, knocking Toshiro against a wall where he drops the knife and takes a tumble down a flight of stairs. Uh-oh. Wow. Won’t Nao feel like crap when she realizes that she is the cause of this incident. But then again, how could she know and on the opposite side, why on earth would she give a stranger her friend’s information. Seriously. Poor Aruto and his mother stare down at his father. Luckily, he isn’t dead. He picks himself up and promises to be back. Sachiko collapses and Aruto tries to comfort his mother, saying he won’t let Toshiro see her.

The next day, Nao is happily fingering her bracelet when she catches sight of Aruto. She is disappointed when she doesn’t see his matching bracelet. Aruto asks what she wants and Nao asks if the talent scout found him yesterday. Aruto asks what she means and Nao explains that a scout wanted to meet with Aruto and asked Nao how to find him. This makes Aruto stop in his tracks. He asks Nao to describe the man and when Nao describes his father, he asks if she gave him his address. Nao smiles and nods saying that the man wanted to give Aruto a chance. Aruto yells at Nao not to be fooled by that. He then says that people like her who can’t tell what’s really happening are annoyingly irresponsible. Yep, she was totally irresponsible in giving Toshiro the information just because he said he was a scout who wanted to recruit Aruto. Nao asks what he means and Aruto replies that he has to leave the school as he has no choice now. Nao rushes after him and tells him to wait. Aruto turns and tells her that because of what she did, she can never know where he is going. Ouch. He then walks away. Nao can only stare after him, hurt and wondering what is going on.

Matsuzaka Tori, Takei Emi

She aimlessly wonders the hall and heads to the classroom where she overhears Hirose telling Murai that she came to the lab the other day. Murai says that is so troublesome and Hirose agrees. Murai then says that someone needs to be a lookout to keep Nao from entering. Double ouch. The boys then wonder who would want a girl like that. Everyone says they wouldn’t and they of course pounce on Tamaki who likes her. Tamaki states that he doesn’t like Nao and in fact hates her! Triple and quadruple ouch. Tamaki then states that a girl’s level of intelligence is her selling point to him – oh and girl who wouldn’t make him go broke. Murai then cruelly says that you’d get along with her for “ecchi” reasons only. Tamaki then says not even for ecchi reasons. No one would want a girl like Nao at all. Wow, Nao has been completely dissed and burned. And while she did deserve some of it, it’s not to the extent these boys are going to.

Kaku Kento, Takei Emi

Gouriki AyameNao then runs off, hurt. She trips and crying, says that Asuko isn’t the right school after all. She goes to the spot where she always met with Aruto and crouches down. There is no one to help her at all. Then up comes Momo who is shocked to see that Nao is still at Asuko and hasn’t left school yet. Nao says has yet to pass the transfer exam. Momo then comments about how dejected Nao looks and happily comes over to divulge that she has heard that Nao is having a rough time in her class. Nao doesn’t disagree and Momo says that there is nothing she can do as even up to the end, Nao’s class doesn’t like her. Talk about rubbing salt into an open wound. With as bad as everything is, you have expect it to be all a dream. Momo smiles and says she will support Nao since she’ll be gone soon anyways. Momo then flounces off.

Takei EmiAt home, the depressed Nao is having no luck in her studies. Her grandfather knocks and asks if she is okay. He understands that she is feeling hurt and her romance fell through. Yoshino tells his granddaughter not to worry as there are plenty more boys in Asuko. Nao screams at him to shut up and throws a pillow at the door. She then says that all the guys that her grandfather is talking about hate her. Nao then says she can’t wait to leave the school. Yoshino says that they all can’t possibly hate a person like her (um, given how good she can bungle things, it’s not too surprising actually). Nao yells that he doesn’t know anything so he shouldn’t say anything. She then yells at him to go away. Yoshino looks down at the tray and wonders if his granddaughter isn’t getting enough calcium (because low calcium levels result in increase irritability). He then walks away and Nao breaks her pencil, crying and saying she can’t do this.

Takei EmiThe next day at school Nao hesitatingly walks to the classroom, afraid of what she will find. The guys immediately stop talking when she enters. Nao quickly goes to her desk where she sees a box with a sign that reads open. Nao does and sees a box filled with paints, flowers, and various things. Nao pulls one out and can’t seem to figure out what it is. Tamaki growls in frustration and takes it out and straps it on Nao’s injured hand. It’s to be able to help her write normally! This surprises Nao and Tamaki replies that she’s panicking about the test, right? Nao looks down and smiles when she sees the “Good Luck Yoshino” written on the arm thingy. Hirose then comes up and points at the box saying they all made things to help cheer her up. I was hoping that’s one of the reasons they were being so cold to her…but if that is, they went a little overboard.

Takei EmiHirose then takes out a music box he made for her saying that he changed the flow of music to help her concentrate more. Nao smiles and opens it and inside is a message from him encouraging her. Watanabe and friend (sorry, I just don’t know his name) come over and pull out a manga, saying they made this and are even willing to give her detailed background on the main character. Nao’s smile widens and up jumps Murai. He pulls something out of the box and says it is the best, but Nao has no idea what it is. Wajima and Kishi come over to explain as Murai puts the mouth guard (attached to an eraser?) in his mouth. It’s so she can erase all of her mistakes (figuratively, I think). Murai then wonders if she doesn’t like it and says he will take it back. Nao says she does like it and tears up.

Takei EmiShe asks why they did that after she said such horrible things. Tamaki says they knew Nao was just in a bad mood that day and Hirose replies they know she didn’t mean the horrible things she said. Nao then asks why she was removed as the leader. Kishi replies so she could concentrate on her studies and Wajima says so they could have time to make the gifts in secret as well. Nao looks over at Takeuchi and he replies that he just wanted her to think that they didn’t need her. Murai then says it was all Takeuchi’s plan to help Nao and do the gifts for her. Nao smiles even brighter. Happy to know that the boys don’t hate her, she thanks Takeuchi who tells her not to thank her, but the inventor. He then points at Tamaki. Nao turns and thanks Tamaki who tells her that if she doesn’t pass, she needs to pay them back for all the materials they used to make her gifts. Nao laughs and agrees. Nao then recalls yesterday’s discussion and asks about that. Tamaki says that she heard wrong, they weren’t talking about Nao at all. Apparently after Hirose mentioned the lab incident with Yoshino, Murai grabbed Watanabe’s manga and asked if they wanted a girl like the main character. At least that is solved. Nao scolds them for that and the class all laughs. All is right.

Asuko March! 5Nao then starts studying hard with the gifts her boys gave her. She thinks about each of them as she uses their gifts. Takeuchi watches this and smiles. It’s nice to see things getting better and going back to normal. Then the day of the test arrives. I have to say, I just wish that Nao would decide to stay. Alter the test, Nao goes to the lab where the boys are hard at work. Murai asks if she used his eraser and Nao says that she did. He then asks for it back. Hirose wonders why and Murai says he misses it. Wajima pushes Murai out of the way and asks how the test went. Nao says that it seems it went well. The boys cheer for her and Takeuchi smiles happily in the background, however Nao’s smile fades. Hirose asks what’s wrong, isn’t she happy. Nao replies that she is, but the school still needs to interview her first before she can transfer. Nao then looks for Tamaki.

Kaku Kento, Katsumura MasanobuTamaki is with Omukai, giving him money back. Tamaki thanks him for his help, but says he won’t be needing it as his father has decided to shut down the factory. Nao appears just at this point and is shocked to hear that. Omukai tries to give the money back, but Tamaki says he doesn’t want to has borrowing money from Omukai made his wife angry and she left. Omukai says not to worry as his wife will come home eventually and gives it back. Tamaki apologizes and takes leaves while Nao runs up and asking Omukai about what Tamaki is talking about. Omukai says they can’t help but shut the factory down since it’s not making money for them to live on. Omukai then says Tamaki isn’t have a tough time just because of the factory. He’s had a lot of times he couldn’t’ afford to pay for anything. Yoshino hears this and takes off running.

She goes to the screw factory and Tamaki asks what she is doing there. Nao asks why he didn’t tell her about the factory. Tamaki says for no particular reason, he just didn’t want her to worry. Nao then says that even when she thought she was having a rough time, Tamaki offered her so much support.

While I thought I was having a rough time, you still offered me so much support…even if you and your family were going through this painful time.

Tamaki says that closing the factory won’t put them on the streets. In fact his father is out looking for a job as they speak. Besides, the factory was in the red for so long, it’s for the best that it closes. Nao won’t accept that. She only thought of herself. She bows her head and apologizes. Tamaki says that she doesn’t have to do that, he just wants her to pass the exam. He then tells her to leave as people will be coming to see the factory and he still has a lot to do. Nao smiles and thanks him before running off.

Kaku Kento

Asuko March! 5Aruto is changing at the host club when he recalls how he got the wounds on his back. His father demanded money from his mother who had none since she couldn’t work. He hits her and Aruto witnesses this all. Toshiro doesn’t believe that Sachiko doesn’t have any money and begins to whip her with something. I am not quite sure what it is. Aruto rushes in and covers his mother’s body, demanding his father not touch her. Toshiro doesn’t stop hitting and beats Aruto, too. The flashback ends and when Aruto goes home his mother is wrapped up in a blanket, freaking out, begging not to be hit.

Asuko March! 5The day of Nao’s interview dawns. The first question asked is why she wishes to transfer. Nao gives very perfect, serious answers to all of their questions, but the last one kind of surprises her. Basically, why do you want to leave your current school. Nao goes on to explain how she is the only girl, has no one to talk to, how the classes focus more on training versus academics, and how she often doesn’t share the interests of her classmates, causing her distress. She also complains about the constant fighting and how the school is really the worst. One of the interviewers nods as if he agrees with all Nao is saying about Asuko.

Asuko March! e05

Asuko March! 5Nao looks down at her injured hand and says that in particular, her classmates are stupid. After she was injured, they worked hard to prepare gifts to cheer her on with the exam, even if it means she’s been a useless person to them, even if they have their own problems, even if she was mean to them, they still did a lot for her. Nao starts crying. Even though she worked so hard to get out of Asuko, even though she hates the school so much, why would the boys do that for her. She calls them stupid to the end for doing such nice things for a person who wants to leave. While she is asking these questions, the interview ends and the head interviewer asks if Nao really wants to leave Asuko. Nao leaves and is stopped by the head interviewer who returns her something she left behind. Nao thanks him and he turns back and says that it sounds like Asuko is really a good school. Nao smiles and nods. Does this mean she won’t go through with the transfer? Onegai!

Nao goes back to Asuko and is in her overalls. She gives a deep bow of apology to the boys and says she didn’t do well at the interview. This surprises the guys. Nao apologizes again since they all worked hard and gave her their support. Tamaki is disappointed, but says it will be fine since they don’t know the results as of yet. Hirose tells her good work and she smiles and nods. Nao then says she doesn’t have to study anymore so now she wants to get back to working on the eco-car. She asks Takeuchi if that is okay and he agrees and welcomes the leader back. Just as they are about to happily start working on it, Nao’s phone goes off. It is her grandfather. Meanwhile, Aruto’s father visits his son at Ikaros. Uh-oh. Yoshino then says he got a call from the high school and asks if Nao is ready to hear the results. Nao says she is. She is completely shocked when she is told she passed.

Takei Emi, Minami Keisuke, Furukawa Yuko

And that’s where it ends. Episode 6 previews don’t really show if she’ll choose the other high school or stay at Asuko. Frankly I want her to stay.


  • dear wolforion20 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE RECAP
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE RECAP EPISODE 6!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!ive been watchgin rawS! and its all good for me but still its nice to understand what they are saying!!!! thank you so much for ep5’s recap!!!! GOOD JOB HVE A GOOD DAY!!

    • You are most welcome. I am glad that you are enjoying the recaps. I hope to have 6 up this weekend barring another family emergency popping up.

      By the by, there are English subtitles available for episodes 1-5 in case you didn’t know

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