Yankee-kun to Megane-chan Episode 2 Recap

At long last!

Nerima cannot believe that Hurricane Ada was actually a girl! Daichi complains about how Hana follows him everywhere and Nerima says that is probably because she cares about him. Daichi almost falls off his chair, so Nerima thinks that Adachi likes him too. Nerima says that he is never wrong and Daichi begins to freak out. What will he do if Hana confesses? Nerima’s advice: ask her to be friends first. Daichi decides to go with that plan.

Naka Riisa, Narimiya HirokiThe next day Daichi is enjoying his manga on the school roof when Adachi pops up. He is immediately uneasy, but proceeds to ignore her as she yells at him to go to Chiba-kun’s house. Finally fed up with Daichi ignoring her, Hana rips out his ear buds and yells once more should they go to Chiba’s house. Daichi tells her to shut up and asks who Chiba is anyways. Hana replies that Chiba sits diagonally behind Daichi. He finally remembers that Chiba is the kid who is always sick. Hana then reports that Chiba has been absent since last fall, but was never hospitalized. Hana asks what illness could he have. Daichi then says it is most likely psychological. Chiba probably didn’t feel like going to school and said he had a headache or stomachache and then it snowballed from there. It’s just plain old truancy so the two should leave him alone. Of course Hana doesn’t want to do that.

Naka Riisa, Narimiya HirokiHana keeps bugging Daichi who keeps refusing. He finally yells at her to just go herself. Hana then pulls out a piece of paper and says that her research showed that it is Daichi’s fault Chiba doesn’t attend classes. We then flashback to Chiba by the pool trying to eat a sandwich. He spots a kitty and goes to feed him and then enter Daichi growling at Chiba to get out of his way. End flashback. Daichi says he has no idea what she’s talking about. Hana ignores this and theatrically says that Chiba stopped coming to school soon after (like you can blame such a random moment for Chiba’s absence). Hana then turns and glares saying that it is obviously Daichi’s fault.

Narimiya Hiroki, Naka RiisaThey arrive at Chiba’s house after school. It is a huge, palatial place. Hana rings the doorbell and when no one immediately answers, Daichi starts to leave, but then out rushes Chiba’s mom. She asks who they are and when Daichi turns around, he is immediately smitten. Hana goes to introduce them, but Daichi shoves her out of the way and takes over. They go inside where Chiba’s mother feeds them dessert. Both Hana and Daichi fall in love with her baking an fight for the food. His mom then says that she has no idea why Chiba has stopped going to school. The boy even refuses to see his parents. When she goes back to the kitchen, Daichi asks if Chiba won’t even see his relatives, what makes Hana think the kid will see them? Hana then complains he has no willpower since he is giving up before trying. Daichi scrunches his face and tells her to shut up.

Naka Riisa, Narimiya HirokiHana then kneels outside Chiba’s door and introduces herself. She asks if he is okay and Daichi says Chiba obviously isn’t since he has become a shut-in. Hana tells him to stay out if he doesn’t intend to help and Daichi complains that it was Hana who said it was all his fault. So should he help or stay out? Poor Daichi. Hana then tells Chiba that she knows why he doesn’t want to come to school, but he should forgive Daichi and learn to deal with him being in the same class. Chiba begins to come closer and closer to the door when he hears Hana,but Daichi who is fed up with being insulted, scares him back into the recesses by yelling at Hana who then demands he apologize to Chiba. While they argue, a piece of paper flies out from under the door. Daichi reads it and shows it to Hana. It asks them to please leave. Daichi then leaves.

Daichi returns home to find his family staring at test papers. His father demands to know just what they are. Daichi says he doesn’t know and then Shinagawa asks his son how many points were they out of. 100 usually, right? Poor Daichi only scored single digits, which earns him nothing but ridicule from his father and sister. When Shinagawa asks who his son takes after, his wife says it is from her and things get a little awkward.

Narimiya Hiroki, Naka RiisaThe next day Chiba is still absent. Hana tries to get Daichi to go with her, but he refuses until Hana tempts him with Chiba’s mother’s homemade apple pie. So Daichi ends up going. Hana pulls out a compatibility quiz. Of course, Chiba doesn’t answer and Daichi says he won’t. So what will Hana do? Daichi tells her to just put I Don’t know in the applicable places. Hana does this for every question since Chiba never answers (but he does move close to the door once more. Hana finishes the quiz and tallies that Chiba and Daichi have 80% compatibility. Aiyo. Daichi complains that she did the quiz between himself and Daichi and Hana replies that it will be her and Daichi next. Chiba puts his ear against the door at that. Hana works industrially and shows the results to Daichi. Her seriousness freaks him out – will she confess? Hana then puts the test against his had and says they have horrible compatibility – only 3%.

This annoys Daichi and he loses his temper. He goes over to Chiba’s door and and kicks it demanding to know when Chiba will come out. This of course scares Chiba back to the opposite end of his room. Hana scolds Daichi. She then says that what he did will only make Chiba want to stay away from school since it’s his fault he stopped coming to begin with. Daichi reiterates that he doesn’t’ remember and the two get into a shouting match. Daichi says Hana pushes her own agenda too much and if Chiba wants to stay away from school and be held back, they should just let him. Hana yells saying that it will be awful and lonely if that happens. Does Daichi knows how it feels to be held back? No, despite his grades, he hasn’t been held back before. Daichi then yells that Hana obviously doesn’t know how it feels either. Hana gets really quiet and tells him to leave as it has nothing to do with him, its just between her and Chiba. She goes back to talk to Chiba’s door and Chiba takes his hood off. Daichi tells her to do what she wants and leaves, screaming his frustration.

Narimiya Hiroki, Naka Riisa

Naka Riisa, Hongo KanataThe next day Hana scares Izumi when asking to borrow his notes. He asks why and she replies for Chiba who is always absent. Hana thanks him and goes to leave, but Izumi says Chiba shouldn’t need the notes as he is super smart. Hana asks how he knows and Izumi replies that it is because they were in the same class last year. Hana asks if they were friends but Izumi replies that they weren’t. Hana says if they were, she was going to invite him over to Chiba’s house to work on getting him out of his room. At Izumi’s look, she trails off, apologizes and then runs off. Yeah, Izumi has that effect on people. He’s got a pretty good annoyed glare.

Koyanagi YuMeanwhile, Chiba is taking Hana’s compatibility quiz. He is answering all the questions that Hana listed as I don’t know. He hears the doorbell. I think he is anticipating Hana’s visits. Hana passes over the notes and says that Izumi’s notes are amazing. Hana feels she would do well just from using them. She then tells Chiba that she heard from Izumi that he is quite smart – will he help her study one day? When she gets no reply, she gets depressed. She then asks if he dislikes her. If he does, then she will leave him alone. Chiba then actually speaks! He says that he doesn’t dislike Hana. This makes her happy and she says she will see him again tomorrow. Yay! He is opening up to her at last.

Narimiya Hiroki, Suzuki RyoheiDaichi visits Nerima who is studying for his exam. Though he is going to a vocational school, he still has exams. He doesn’t want to fail and be left behind, so that is why he studying. It would suck to be behind your friends. Nerima tells Daichi that he has known him for a long time and he thought that they’d be friends for life. But since they are in different schools now, they should start making other friends as well. Nerima then encourages Daichi to stop spending all his time with Nerima and start making friends at his own school. Then comes some of Nerima’s new friends to work on cheat sheets for the test. Nerima apologizes and Daichi says it’s okay – even cheating properly takes preparation. Daichi then hands off snacks to Nerima and leaves. He’s a little depressed.

Narimiya HirokiAt school the next day, Daichi thinks about what Nerima said. He hears his classmates talking and stops to listen. Of course when they see him, they immediately begin worrying. What happens if they become involved with Shinagawa-kun. They can’t do what they like anymore. It’s best just not to be involved with him. Hearing this Daichi gets up and goes to eat by himself on the roof. Meanwhile, Chiba is in his room going over the quiz once more. Particularly where Hana wrote that she wants to be his friend. His mother knocks and says his friends are there and he actually smiles! But it isn’t Hana. When he hears the voices, he immediately hides under his covers, afraid. I think it’s safe to say that Daichi isn’t the reason Chiba quit school. That day when Hana goes to visit, Chiba’s mother tells her that he won’t see anyone. This depresses Hana.

Narimiya Hiroki, Naka RiisaThat afternoon when Daichi goes into the classroom to collect his bag, he sees Hana at the window. This surprises him. He asks why she isn’t at Chiba’s house. Hana replies that Chiba told her to stop coming. Apparently he doesn’t want anyone visiting. Hana said that Daichi was right, her persistence made Chiba dislike her. Daichi says it can’t be helped and Hana says that she still wants Chiba to come to school. She feels that it is lonely if Chiba belongs only in his room. If he is held back, then he will really have no where to go. Daichi says there is nothing you can do if that is what Chiba wants. He then asks why Hana is so hung up on being held back. Is it the age thing? Chiba will be older than his classmates. Daichi says he wouldn’t mind and would flaunt his older age. Hana then asks if he really wouldn’t mind.

Do you understand how it feels to be left behind? Everyone has move on, but you have to return to the same place. Even though you were at the same starting line, you can’t move one step past it. Everyone treats me carefully. They think I’m pitiful. Would you feel happy being thought of that way?

Naka RiisaDuring this speech, Daichi’s smile fades and Hana starts to tear up. Daichi catches that she said I and says that she must have been held back at one time. He immediately starts laughing at her and Hana freaks out that she let is slip. Hana then says she was held back a year in junior high. Hana says that is why she doesn’t want Chiba to be held back a year. She then runs out leaving Daichi alone with a serious expression. Looks like Izumi overheard everything as he was in a another room studying.

That night Hana isn’t eating as she is depressed over the whole Chiba situation. Her grandfather then tells her to take a package of cookies over to Chiba’s house when she goes next. Hana says that he doesn’t eat the lovely baked goods his mom makes, so she doesn’t think he’d eat the cookies. Hana says she is pretty and kind, the perfect mother. So why doesn’t Chiba come out of his room? Hana then tells her grandfather that Chba told her not to come anymore – she’s useless after all. Her grandfather asks if she is giving up after only one rejection. Hana goes to say she is afraid of being too persistent, but her grandfather reminds her that his persistence is the reason they are living together now.

Ito Shiro, Naka Riisa

Flashback to the delinquent Hana. She always ignored him and never talked to him. But he wouldn’t give up. He bailed her out of jail and was always kind. He did nice things like buy her roasted potatoes. Hana kept ignoring his kindness and his offer to live together as a normal family. One winter day, he sat and ate the potatoes she threw down as the snow started. Hana came back with an umbrella and told him not to eat alone and that is how their relationship finally started. End flashback. Her grandfather says that is why they are together now and offers Hana the cookies once more. Touching.

Naka Riisa, Ito Shiro

After that pep talk, Hana goes back to Chiba-kun’s the next day. She timidly tries to push the bell, but just can’t. When she tries again, Daichi pushes her finger so it rings the bell. Hana turns around in surprise and Daichi tells her that

I don’t know what other people think, but I don’t think you’re pitiful. This isn’t a sprint. If you start a little later, you can just catch up.

Naka Riisa, Narimiya HirokiSuch a serious attitude and nice speech from Daichi. Hana then says she knows without him telling her and the two are back to their normal, bickering relationship. Chiba’s mom answers the buzzer finally and the two announce their arrival. Chiba’s mother says that Chiba is still unwilling to see anyone. Hana says she understands and turns to leave. Daichi calls after her and asks if that is okay. Hana turns back and says she will come back again. They aren’t in a sprint, they can keep waiting until Chiba comes around. The two then leave as Chiba’s bullies come back. What to they want?

Narimiya Hiroki, Naka RiisaMeanwhile, Izumi is doing some e-search and discovers something surprising. At the same time, the trio of boys are hounding poor Chiba. They say they are worried in such fake voices. Poor Chiba cries as they laugh and say they will be back. The next day Izumi gives Hana a piece of paper that has Chiba’s blog address on it. Hana thanks him and sits in the library with a dictionary trying to translate it. Seriously? Apparently she is not net savvy. Daichi, after watching her trying to literally translate the blog address takes the paper and heads over to a computer. Hana follows with the dictionary and Daichi grumbles about why he has to do this. Hana asks what that is and Daichi replies that is Chiba’s blog. Hana replies so that is blog and Daichi tells her to shut up and just read.

Koyanagi YuChiba had documented each of their visits! He keeps calling Daichi scary which Hana keeps harping on. Chiba even says that the way the argue and are blunt with each other is amazing. How can they talk like that and not hurt each other? Hana wonders why Chiba always says he is scared and they go back a few entries to when Chiba first entered high school with positive thoughts. He was doing well, or so he thought and had even made friends. But it turned out they were just using him for his money. He began to lie to his mom so he could have money to spend with his new friends. The guys would even come to his house and bug him. This started to scare Chiba and he stopped leaving his room as he had no idea what they wanted and why they kept coming.

After reading this, Daichi gets up and says Chiba just needs to stand up to this K-kun and demand that they stop taking his money. Hana rushes after him and says that isn’t addressing the real problem which lies in Chiba’s heart. She drags Daich back to the computer and points at another blog entry. Chiba is afraid to leave his room, afraid of what his parents will think of him if they knew what K-kun was doing. Hana then tells Daichi if they can’t solve that problem, it will just keep repeating. Daichi asks how they can, but Hana doesn’t know.

Kogoyani YuThat night, Chiba is sitting huddled on his bed when his computer beeps. He goes to look and someone has commented on his blog. One comment says that there many things they can’t tell their parents and the other says that it isn’t good to not be able to talk to them. Chiba then says it is painful to tell your parents that you have no friends. That was why he thought he was lucky when K-kun became his friend. Then come comments to stop locking himself away and to just find friends who will accept him. Chiba yells does such people even exist and shoves the stuff off his desk. From the other side of his door comes Daichi’s voice saying that they do. He stops using his cell to talk with Chiba (that’s how he was commenting on his blog) and says he will just say it straight.

Why are you trying to act cool? Isn’t it okay not to be able to talk to your parents? You can talk to me like this now. Then doesn’t that make us friends? Seriously…if you can write in your blog, then talk to me!

Naka Riisa, Narimiya Hiroki, Koyanagi YuDaichi bangs his head on Chiba’s door and Hana turns around with a bag on her lap. She looks over at Daichi, apparently agreeing with what he is saying. Chiba turns around and comes to a decision. He slowly heads towards his door and opens it. Daichi nearly falls into him, but manages to move before he does. Both Hana and Daichi are shocked yet happy to see Chiba. Daichi says hi and Chiba smiles and says hi back. Daichi then comments that Chiba is huge (the kid’s really tall). Who knew. Looks like Chiba is finally starting to heal. Yay! Hana then hands him the rice crackers.

Hana is all happy that Chiba came out of his room and wonders if he will come to school tomorrow. Then up pops the yankees from the first episode. The want to fight Hana again. She says she isn’t a yankee anymore and kicks the leader down. A girl watches and calls Hana a traitor before taking her bike and walking off. A former gang member and friend?

Koyanagi Yu, Narimiya HirokiThe next morning Daichi is listening to music when Hana comes up and wishes him good morning. Daichi doesn’t reply no matter how many time she says it so she pulls his earbuds out once more and yells it in his face. He tells her to be quiet in the morning and she says that if she says good morning he should at least reply. Then Chiba-kun arrives! Yay! He raises his hand and happily calls out good morning, but then K and his goons come up and surround him. Daichi and Hana see this and Hana goes to stop them, but Daichi holds her back so that Chiba can take care of it himself. Chiba manages to stand up to K and tells him that if he needs money to earn it himself. Chiba has good friends now. He leaves and says good morning to Daichi and Hana. Daichi happily smiles and walks away, but he does reply to Chiba’s greeting and this annoys Hana as he still won’t reply to hers.

Koyanagi Yu, Narimiya Hiroki

We end the episode with the yankee girl from early walking the school halls and tightening leather gloves. She puts on some lipstick and starts beating the floor with a kendo stick while she walks. The girl kicks down the door and it land on the teacher. She then leaps over it and calls out Hana.

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