Asuko March! Episode 4 Recap

So, for the past 2 episodes, Momo has been taunting Takeuchi about his brother, ne? Well, we finally get Takeuchi’s story here and of course Nao does her best to help him out like she did with Takami, Aruto, and Hirose. We also get to see Nao finally realize her feelings for Aruto.

Minami Keisuke, Furukawa Yuki, Kanai Yuta, Nagayama KentoNao has been at Asuko for 2 months now. She thought she would never get used to doing things like sliding under cars and having oil drip on her face (if you haven’t guessed yet, from construction work they are now doing mechanical work on cars), but she has. Yay, Nao-chan! She then gets a request for body measurements from Watanabe and friend so they can build an android in her likeness. She politely refuses and thinks to herself that she has also grown used to such strange requests from the boys. But the one thing that she can’t get used to is the fights. Kishi and Wajima are back and already looking for trouble with Takeuchi. Oh, and Murai joins in as well.

Takei EmiEvery time that there is a fight, Nao always ends up getting pushed around or hurt, whether she is trying to protect someone or just in the vicinity. This time she gets whacked in the arm by Takeuchi’s book that Wajima threw. The trio follow Takeuchi and ask if he wants to be beaten again. Takeuchi tells them to go ahead. They have already been suspended once, this time will mean expulsion and he takes off his glasses. Wajima goes to punch him and Nao does her best to get out of the middle. Hirose stops Wajima and asks how Wajima will inherit his father’s auto shop if he allows Takeuchi to get him expelled. Takeuchi then calls Hirose an ape and Hirose loses his cool and goes after him. Great example. Takami manages to get a hold of Hirose and soon the whole class is struggling to get to Takeuchi or keep their friends from fighting. And poor Nao is stuck in the middle getting pushed back and forth. Hirose yells at her to get out of the way and Nao yells back that she is trying but is stuck. Takeuchi laughs, untouched and Nao wonders just why he is in Asuko.

Takei Emi, Sasano Takashi

Nao goes to visit Yokohama Eirin. She is impressed just from looking at the school. Her grandfather shows up and says he is there as her guardian to see the school she is thinking of  transferring to. Nao complains that he is there just to find faults to which he denies (but you know it’s true). Nao goes around the school and is happy to see a bathroom that doesn’t require a key, boys dancing, a quiet date, and international students. Nao is so impressed, but her grandfather does shoot everything done. Nao asks what there is to like about Asuko and her grandfather replies they smell of oil Nao immediately says she hates that smell and he asks why.

Kaku KentoBack at Asuko, Omukai announces that in 2 months the Asuko Motor Show will be held. When the students ask what that is, Omukai explains that it is an event held every year at the end of the first semester in which different models of cars are shown. All of the first year students are assigned with the task of showcasing eco-cars. Omukai asks for volunteers to be the leader for the class and no one volunteers whatsoever. Tamaki tells Omukai to put his head down and when he does, he asks everyone with a part-time job to raise their hand. Even though it is secretly allowed, it’s best if Omukai doesn’t know who really does have a job or not. Almost everyone raises their hand except for Nao and Takeuchi. Tamaki then nominates Nao to be leader. Nao points out that Takeuchi doesn’t have one as well, but the whole class says it has to be Yoshino since they don’t like or trust Takeuchi. Aruto says it has to be her to as he saunters in late. Aruto says that since she is transferring soon, it will be a good memory for her. Omukai asks if he can finally raise his head and Tamaki gives him the go ahead. Omukai asks if anyone has a problem with Nao as leader and Nao says she does, but no one else speaks up and Omukai makes it official and asks Takeuchi to be her assistant which shocks and annoys him.

Kanai Yuta, Ishida Takuya, Kaku Kento

After class, Nao tries to get things rolling only to have Murai, Tamaki, and Hirose be the only ones staying. Nao says it looks like no one is interested in the project and Tamaki replies that it’s because they all have jobs to go to. He then tells Nao to hurry things up because he has work and doesn’t want to be late as well. Nao asks after Aruto and Tamaki replies that he was the first to leave. Nao recalls what he said and mutters “so much for making good memories.” Tamaki asks if she is that depressed that Aruto isn’t there to help.  Nao immediately says she doesn’t really care and then asks where Takeuchi is since he is supposed to be helping. The three don’t know and Hirose says it will be better if he doesn’t come. Tamaki then brings up that he went to the same school as Takeuchi. He was a child prodigy, son of a doctor, rich  friendly, outgoing, and interested in stuff like the auto show. Then 3 years ago he suddenly changed, becoming withdrawn and only focusing on his studies. Hard to believe he was so different, ne?

Nagayama Kento, Takei EmiLater, Nao bumps into Takeuchi who immediately tells her no. She says she hasn’t said anything yet and Takeuchi replies that if its about the eco-car then the answer is no. He has no time for such things. Nao asks if he is studying for college reviews, if so, they are still a long way off. Takeuchi says only 3% get into college and the school focuses more on practical training versus regular subjects. Such a low level. He complains so much, so why is he there? Even if it is early, if Takeuchi wants to get into a good college, he needs to prepare now. They come to a corridor and Takeuchi pauses saying that even if it’s free (as in no tuition fees), you have to deal with scum like them. Nao looks down and sees three boys playing cards and asks Takeuchi to stop looking down on them and calling them scum. Why doesn’t he try to get along with others?

Except for factory components, no human can ever get along with them.

Takei EmiNeedless to say that annoys Nao. She demands to know why he is there when he looks down on the school and its students so badly. Takeuchi replies that Nao looks down on the others as well since she is so desperate to escape. Takeuchi then says because of scum like those boys, people’s lives can be ruined. He picks up a volleyball lying in the hall and throws it at them. Nao quickly turns to ask just what he thinks he’s doing, but Takeuchi is gone. Then the angry boys call out and ask what Nao thought she was doing. Nao quickly takes off running for her life as the angry boys chase after her. She manages to quickly hide in a broom closet and they run by without noticing. When they leave, she gets out only to catch her skirt on a hook and tear it. She then manages to tear the other side as well. It’s just not Nao’s day today.

Nao goes home wearing her practical training uniform. She sighs and says that today was the worst day. Aruto sees her and calls out to her and Nao turns in surprise. Yes, definitely the worst day. It’s not like he hasn’t seen her in overalls before. Aruto approaches and teases her by asking if those are her “casual” clothes. Nao replies that they obviously aren’t. Then Naganuma comes over with an ice cream cone for Aruto. This makes Nao feel even worse. Naganuma asks who Nao is and Aruto explains that she is his classmate. Nao notices the silver charm Aruto was working on around Naganuma’s neck and quickly excuses herself for interrupting them. Aruto says she really wasn’t disturbing them, but she goes off anyways. Naganuma then asks Aruto if Nao likes him. Aruto stares after Nao with a … yearning? expression on his face and says they come from two different worlds.

Matsuzaka Tori, Takei Emi, Matsuyama Mary

Nao goes home and tries to study but she can’t concentrate because all she can think about is Aruto. She picks up her cellphone and says she doesn’t have anyone to discuss such matters with. She then wonders what she would be doing if she was in a regular high school Being in a technical school, Nao feels that she is missing out on so much. So Nao does the only thing she can think of – she goes to Sugisaki for advice. Sugisaki tells Nao that she definitely likes someone which surprises Nao. Sugisaki goes on to say that Nao can’t tell whether or not the boy likes her. That’s the most usual problem. Nao says she knew sensei would understand. Sugisaki asks who it is, but Nao doesn’t want to say and then Sugisaki advises Nao to shorten her skirt length, always ask for his help in practical training, and when he asks Nao a question, always look up to the guy from underneath. Nao has know idea what Sugisaki is talking about and the doctor replies that she thought Nao wanted advice on how to win the guy’s heart. Nope, not quite what Nao was going for.

Takei Emi, Shiraishi Miho

Ishida KazuyaAfter class, Nao passes out paper for the guys to submit designs for the car. The class isn’t interested, but Nao insists that they do it and that they submit it after class. She then turns to Takeuchi and says that since he is the sub-leader, she will be counting on him. He is, of course, less than thrilled. He reiterates that only factory parts can interact with his classmates and has not time. Silence. Takeuchi looks around, surprised. Hirose then tells him that no one is listening to him – they won’t allow themselves to be provoked anymore. This definitely shocks him. There goes the joy in his school life.

Takei Emi, Nagayama KentoAfter class, Takeuchi is walking down the hall when the three guys from yesterday stop him. They have figured out that he was the one who threw the volleyball, not Nao. Takeuchi smiles and does his little spiel about how he will report everything they do. Poor Takeuchi. It turns out they have already been expelled so that threat has no impact on them, thus he gets beat up pretty badly. I was waiting for that one. He was always pushing his luck with that stuff. Nao has collected the designs and is going downstairs when she trips over Takeuchi’s unconscious body.

Nomura Hironobu, Takei Emi, Kasumura Masanobu, Shiraishi MihoHe is taken to the clinic and Sugisaki says that he is hurt in several places, but overall all right. Omukai asks if Nao saw what happened, but Nao replies she didn’t, she just found the wounded Takeuchi. Thin in bursts Takeuchi’s father. He is arrogant and says he is taking his son right away. When Sugisaki tells him to let his son rest, Dr. Takeuchi says that place doesn’t have the right care. Dr. Takeuchi then goes on to say that the students aren’t smart so they resort to violence instead of using their heads. He then begins dressing down the entire school and then demands that Omukai start the transfer process for his son. Dr. Takeuchi then says Asuko will only hold Takeuchi back and isn’t ruining one of his son’s lives enough? Or has Omukai forgotten what happened to Hideki? Takeuchi wakes up and hears this last bit.

Katsumura Masanobu, Takei EmiAfter Takeuchi and his dad leave, Omukai tells Nao that he can’t blame Dr. Takeuchi for being angry at what happened to Hideki. Nao asks who he was and Omukai explains that Hideki is Takeuchi’s older brother. He excelled in practical training and was part of the motor club. Hideki wanted to design engines when he graduated, but even with Asuko’s 90% employment rate, the companies he wanted wasn’t hiring from their school.  Upset by this, he decided to take college entrance exams. Of course, Asuko isn’t really for students who want to get into college, making it hard for Hideki to study. So Hideki failed all of his entrance exams. Poor guy. Nao asks if the reason Takeuchi studies so much is to get out of Asuko as fast as possible. Omukai says that isn’t the case as Takeuchi applied to Asuko himself. Confusing, ne?

The next day, Nao sees Takeuchi studying in the library like usual. She approaches him and he quickly crumples what he is drawing. When she asks what he was doing, he quickly replies nothing and throws the drawing out. Nao then asks him why he is in Asuko. She explains that she heard about how he was a high achiever and yet intentionally chose Asuko. Takeuchi gathers up his things and says because of insinuation.

Nagayama Kento, Takei Emi

You saw it, right? My father despises this school. He assumes that someone from a small-time school can’t get into a top university. I want to prove to him that he’s wrong.

Nao asks if that is really the only reason and Takeuchi replies that it is. He gets up and goes to leave and Nao says she heard about his older brother being in the motor club. Takeuchi gets angry and tells her never to mention his aniki. Takeuchi says his brother is real scum, worse than the boys in the school. He then leaves. Nao goes and picks up his crumpled drawing. It turns out it is a design for an eco-car!

Nomura Hironobu, Nagayama KentoTakeuchi goes home to hear his father complain about him going to Asuko which will keep him from getting into a prominent university. Takeuchi says he has no specific reason to be there and tells his dad not to interfere with his life. Dr. Takeuchi then pulls out a car drawing and says maybe his youngest has a reason after all. Takeuchi grabs it from his father and tells him not to invade his privacy. Dr. Takeuchi yells that there is no time and that the only one left is Takeuchi. Takeuchi yells at his father to stop telling him what to do and even hits him with his bag. He then tells his dad not to worry – he won’t end up likes his older brother.

Takei EmiThat night, Nao takes out the crumpled design and starts painting it. Looks like she has made the decision to use that for their class’s project. The next day at school she asks after Takeuchi, but he is absent. Nao doesn’t get a chance to ask his permission and shows the class Takeuchi’s design. The class loves the design and start getting stoked to do the project. They asked who designed it and when Nao hesitates they ask if it was Takeuchi. Knowing their feelings towards Takeuchi, Nao lies and says that it was Aruto’s design (he was absent as well). Tamaki seems to know that Nao is fibbing, but keeps silent.

Asuko March! Episode 4

That night, the class rearranges their schedules and begin to work on the car. Nao is happy to see the turn out, but wonders why. Tamaki replies that it is because they felt motivated by the design. She watches happily, but soon the guys start asking questions about what they need to do and Nao has no clue. Murai tells her if she doesn’t know, then she needs to go ask the designer. Nao agrees to this and asks what questions she needs to ask in order to proceed. She has the questions and wonders what she will do when Tamaki comes and asks if she wants to know where Takeuchi lives. This surprises Nao. Tamaki says he knows that Takeuchi, not Aruto, designed the car since he say Takeuchi draw stuff like that in middle school. Nao apologizes and asks if Tamaki can please keep the secret. Of course, the little evil git Momo overhears this so you know it won’t be secret for long.

Takei Emi, Kaku Kento

Takeuchi is surprised to see Nao and Tamaki at his house. Tamaki says he seems fine, so why wasn’t he in school? Takeuchi asks what they want and Nao says they came to ask permission. Takeuchi asks for what and Nao says to use his design for their class project. She tells him that he threw it out in the library. He drew it, right? Takeuchi looks uncomfortable and when Nao goes to ask him questions, his dad comes out. Dr. Takeuchi recognizes Nao from the clinic and asks if she is there to bring Takeuchi over to her side. This surprises Nao and Dr. Takeuchi tells her not to waste Kazuya’s time with such “useless stuff,” which annoys Tamaki. Dr. Takeuchi takes the drawing and says that is useless stuff. Both Nao and Tamaki are training to become factory fixtures, he won’t let that happen to his son, so he won’t allow Kazuya to do such useless things. Nao loses her temper and asks who he is to say that they do useless things. She says he knows nothing about them (Takeuchi seems a little surprised and possibly touched by this). Tamaki says her name and Dr. Takeuchi says that it is obvious Asuko girls have bad attitudes. Burn. He then goes back inside. Takeuchi tells them to go home and that he won’t let anyone interfere with his plans (but this sounds a little half-hearted).

Nomura Hironobu, Nagayama Kento, Takei Emi

Tamaki and Nao head home and Tamaki asks if it will be all right if Aruto finds out about this. Nao did lie and say the design was his. Nao forgot about that. She goes to Ikaros where she waits uneasily for Aruto to tell him about the lie. Kyoko heads to the club and is very unhappy to see Nao there. Kyoko asks if Nao is waiting for Aruto. Nao says she is and Kyoko asks if Nao is preparing to pay Aruto. This surprises Nao. No she isn’t planning on giving Aruto money. Kyoko then says that Nao obviously doesn’t know Aruto.

Matsuyama Mary, Takei Emi

You need to dangle money in front of him if you want him to like you. You’re only a kid…Such an uninteresting girl, too.

Matsuyama Mary, Matsuzaka ToriNao is hurt and shocked by this and quickly runs away. Aruto comes up and asks what is wrong. Kyoko says nothing and that she was waiting for him. Aruto then asks for the necklace back. Kyoko touches it and outright refuses. Aruto reminds her that she promised to return it that day. Kyoko looks really unhappy that he is insisting she give it back like she promised. It turns out that it is a gift for his mom’s birthday. He puts it around her neck while she sleeps. His mom wakes up and apologizes for not being able to work. Aruto tells her not to apologize, but thanks her anyways. Sachiko turns and says that she always troubles him, but Aruto says that she doesn’t and that he will protect her from “him” whoever he is.

The next day at school Nao is spacing out while working again. All she can think about is Kyoko calling her an uninteresting girl. Tamaki notices her distraction and follows her when she leaves the classroom. He asks if something happened and Nao asks why. Tamaki says that she seems depressed or something. Nao immediately replies she isn’t and Tamaki then offers to give her advice (how sweet!).

Since you’re the only girl in class, you don’t have anyone to consult with.

Nao smiles and thanks him. she then asks if there is someone he likes. This takes Tamaki by surprise. He stops and looks a little uncomfortable. He then says there is. Nao asks who and this really makes him uncomfortable. He looks at Nao and then decides to just confess. But as he goes to say it, Nao tells him to wait. She tells him to look over there and when Tamaki goes over, there is a picture of Hideki with a drawing not that unlike Kazuya’s. Poor Tamaki, there went his chance. Will he have another?

Takei Emi, Kaku Kento

Of course Nao rushes off to Takeuchi’s house to see him. He is leaving and when Nao asks if they can talk, he gets on his bike and peddles away. Nao chases after him and he peddles harder. Nao slips and falls in pursuit, but Takeuchi just keeps going. Nao doesn’t give up and picks herself back up and keeps running. Takeuchi comes up from behind her and says she ran just to catch up with him – she must be pretty desperate. What does she want? Nao says she found out. What? Why Takeuchi entered Asuko. As he goes to say for no reason, Nao says he likes cars. If he didn’t, why would he draw that design. Nao then says he really admires his brother, right? Takeuchi gets defensive when she talks about his brother again and Nao then tells him to look. She holds up the design his brother made. It is pretty similar to his own.

Nagayama Kento, Takei Emi

You said you wanted to prove to your father that a guy from Asuko can enter a university, but the truth is you’re doing this for your brother. You also hate those yankees because they interfered with your brother’s studies and you think they made him fail the exams. For Takeuchi-kun, the truth is that your brother’s dream to make card did not come true, so you came to Asuko to fulfill the dream for him.

Takeuchi seems surprised by this and not a just a a little emotional. He then demands to know so what. Nao then asks him to make the eco-car together with the class. He likes cars just like his brother did. Nao says it would be a waste if he just studies. I think she was going to mention that his older brother would be sad, but Takeuchi has had enough. He takes the drawings and rips them both saying Nao knows nothing. He then reveals that Hideki has become a shut-in who only plays online games. So, Takeuchi should be come like him? He then throws the pieces at her and rides off. Momo then smiles. She apparently saw the whole thing.

Nagayama Kento, Takei Emi

Momo goes after Takeuchi and says it looks like he is good friends with Nao. Takeuchi says she must not have seen if she thinks they are good friends. Momo says that they seem to be together lately. Takeuchi says that Nao keeps coming after him, that’s the only reason. Truthfully, I think he does like Nao and wouldn’t mind opening up and being her friend and friends with the others if he could just get past his own demons. Momo watches after him and says that is repugnant.

Gouriki Ayame, Nagayama Kento

Gouriki Ayame, Kaku KentoThat night Momo goes to Nao’s classroom with snacks. The boys all flock around her happy and say that girls like her and Yoshino have different kinds of strength. Momo then notices the design and says that it is Takeuchi’s. This makes the whole class pause and Momo says that perhaps she shouldn’t have said anything. Tamaki tries to diffuse the situation by saying it is Aruto’s, but Momo insists she heard Takeuchi and Nao talking about it. Wajima asks if that is true and Momo replies that it is (which it actually is this time, go figure). Tamaki keeps insisting that it was Aruto who did it and Hirose says that they should go and ask him. And speak of the devil, in walks Aruto who hasn’t been told that he “designed” the drawing. Tamaki complains that he finally decided to show up and Aruto looks around clueless as to why everyone is staring at him.

By the time Nao heads back to work on the car, she finds the guys leaving. She ask what is going on and they reply that they won’t make a car designed by “that” guy. Wajima then scolds Nao for being a bad leader and trying to hide the fact that Takeuchi was the one who designed the car, not Aruto. Nao apologizes and Wajima says that she is a piece of work. Since Nao will be leaving soon, she took Takeuchi’s drawing to use to save herself the work, which isn’t true at all. Poor Nao. The guys start to walk away and Nao yells that it was true that she didn’t know what to do, but they are wrong about Takeuchi-kun. They don’t believe they are wrong about him at all. Hirose comes out and says he wishes he could help, but because of Takeuchi, he just can’t. Poor Nao is all alone and it starts to rain.

Takei Emi, Minami Keisuke, Furukawa Yuki, Kanai Yuta

Nagayama KentoTakeuchi returns home and is scolded by his father for being late. Takeuchi replies that he was at the library and not school. His dad then tells him to prepare for his transfer immediately. Takeuchi sighs and then goes upstairs to take his brother dinner. He knows on the door, but his brother is too immersed in his gaming to answer. The dispirited Takeuchi puts the tray done, knocks once more and then goes to his room where he takes out a box of toy cars. Meanwhile, the depressed Nao is sitting down to her grandfather’s curry that he made especially to cheer her up. It tastes bad. Yoshino goes to the kitchen and wonders why. It’s because he forgot a spice. This curry needs just the right balance of spices. If just once is missing, then it will ruin the dish. A light bulb goes off and Nao runs out saying she will be back soon.

Nao rushes to the school and goes to Watanabe’s club room. The boys are all shocked to see her and quickly hide their…naughty manga. They tell her to knock first and she immediately asks for their help. She wants them to find Hideki in his online game, Watanabe tells her the task will be very difficult and Nao asks if it can’t be done. Watanabe says it can be, but not for free. Nao then consents to be their android model. While she is modeling, Watanabe and his club mates look for Takeuchi Hideki. Nao says that is amazing and Watanabe tells her not to fall for him. As if. Another member says they are only interested in her form for their android, not in real girls. Omo. How silly. They all apologizes for finding no appeal in a real girl like her and Nao wonders why it sounds like she is being dumped. They then track down Hideki and talk to him.

Takei Emi

Takei Emi, Nagayama KentoThe next morning at school all the guys are in practical training and Tamaki notices that Nao is missing. Since she started applying herself, it is unusual for her to miss training. And where is Nao? She has managed to capture Takeuchi and drags him to where his car is being built. He asks what she wants and she shoves him into the room just as the guys start to return from class. They are surprised to see now with Takeuchi and wonder if it has to do with what happened yesterday. So they all gather around the classroom door to eavesdrop.

Takei Emi, Nagayama KentoTakeuchi says he is busy and Nao says to give her five minutes. She then says she talked to Hideki. This shocks Takeuchi who asks how Nao managed to do that. Nao says they checked online games until they found Hideki and then they talked to him (a bit of a flashback to the night before that we didn’t get to see). Nao then says that Hideki doesn’t want Takeuchi to admire him. Hideki wants Takeuchi to do his best and Hideki apologizes to Takeuchi. He feels bad that Takeuchi is sacrificing his high school life for him. Hideki wants Takeuchi to pursue what he wants and to create good memories in Asuko. This last part really surprises Takeuchi.

Don’t always let studying get in the way and try to spend more time with friends and to let yourself have plenty of fun.

Ishida Takuya, Minami KeisukeTakeuchi asks if he really said that. Nao says yes and that she has something she wants him to see. Takeuchi asks what and Nao pulls off the sheet that covered the car’s frame. She then pulls the canvas off a table full of parts. She tells him to use the parts to finish the car. There are all sorts of parts, small ones, big ones, but each piece has a role and the car can’t work if a single pieces is missing. This touches Takeuchi and the boys outside. Nao says she got the idea from curry and this confuses the boys. At Takeuchi’s confused look, Nao elaborates

Oh, sorry. It’s like when people are trying to make something. If one doesn’t function properly, the we can’t create something good. Everyone is indispensible in creating the eco-car just like these components. Takeuchi-kun may make fun of such components, but every single part here is important. It’s the same with Takeuchi-kun. Without Takeuchi-kun’s design, nothing will take shape.

Takeuchi tells Nao to forget it – its unnecessary. Nao says it isn’t and that there is something that everyone wants to do – a dream. One guy wishes to finish his industrial studies (Hirose), one works hard to earn credits for a job (Aruto), and one works hard due to circumstances at home (Tamaki, while someone is desperate to have good grades. Nao then confesses she doesn’t have anything she wants to do. She hates being the only girl, being slow in practical studies. Nao tears up and says that if everyone is not involved, then nothing will be complete. She then says she feels she has no role whatsoever (she does have an important role if she just opens her eyes a little). This seems to touch the guys even more. Nao then praises Takeuchi’s design and says they can’t make the car without it, so he is the most important.

Nagayama Kenta, Takei Emi

An amazing person like you may not want me as a friend, but even if I’m a bother, even if I’m unnecessary, I still can be of some use somehow.

Nao sniffles and Tamaki says that’s it. He says that Yoshino said it well an he turns to see Hirose crying. The boys then all walk into class. Nao asks what and Takeuchi goes to leave, but Wajima tells him to wait since he has a lot of explaining to do. Wajima then picks up the design and begins asking questions. Soon everyone is asking Takeuchi questions about his design. Hirose then speaks up and tells Nao that she is a necessary part, too. Takeuchi seems a little taken aback and sniffles as well. He then goes back to his arrogant form and says that they need to use their heads first. He then goes through and starts explaining everything. The guys dive into work while Nao chokes back tears and smiles.

Furukawa Yuki, Minami Keisuke, Nagayama Kento

While they are hard at work, Nao watches everything, happy. Takeuchi is finally getting along with everyone and finally seems to be happy to do something he truly loves. Aruto comes over to Nao and tells her that she did a good job as a leader. Nao smiles and sniffles and Aruto wipes away a tear and tells her she did a great job once more. Tamaki watches on and doesn’t seem too happy about this interaction. Nao says she is just an uninteresting girl. Aruto asks what, but Nao quickly says its nothing. Aruto then tells Nao that this atmosphere is only one she can create (the harmony and boys working hard) and the role she does best. This makes Nao happy an she thanks him. The annoyed Tamaki tells them to stop flirting and finally help. Nao immediately says she is not and tells Takeuchi to go change his clothes into his work uniform.

Takei Emi, Matsuzaka Tori

Omukai runs into Dr. Takeuchi in the hall and the doctor demands to know if Takeuchi came to school. Omukai replies that Takeuchi is working on an eco-car with his class at the moment. Dr. Takeuchi wants to know why his son is doing such useless things. He then demands that Omukai start Takeuchi’s transfer immediately. Omukai replies that he has already told the good doctor that he can’t do such a thing without Takeuchi’s personal request. Dr. Takeuchi insists that Omukai go through with it anyways, but the teacher refuses to budge. “I may be a not-so-good teacher from a stupid school, but still rules are rules.” Omukai then walks away leaving Dr. Takeuchi seething.

Katsumura Masanobu, Nomura Hironobu

Back in the classroom, Nao and Takeuchi are sitting together working on th car. He asks if she really is going to move to another school. Nao says that she is and asks why. Takeuchi replies that if he had just transferred out of Asuko, then he wouldn’t have realized that every guy there is actually useful for some reason. This surprises Nao. She is happy that he knows at last. Nao is then called over to help some of the other guys.

Takei Emi, Nagayama Kento

We then cut to Sachiko hiding from a mystery man in sunglasses. There is also narration from Nao that bodes ill times ahead. Plus the previews look really interesting. Can’t wait for episode 5!

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