Smile, Donghae Episode 12 Recap

Ji Chang Wook, Park Jung AhDonghae tells Saewa they need to talk, but Saewa shakes him off and tells him to stop. Donghae refuses to listen, and grabs her arm, dragging her off with him while she can only stae helplessly at Do Jin who just entered the lobby. It looks like Do Jin spots Saewa as she is being dragged away. Will he find out that Saewa and Donghae were an item? If he does, things won’t be going so smoothly between them. So I doubt that will happen this early in the game.

Ji Chang Wook, Park Jung AhDonghae pulls her into a secluded area and Saewa demands to know what he wants. Donghae reiterates that he wants to talk to her, but Saewa refuses. Donghae says he thought about what Saewa told him all night and he knows how confused she must have been. Confused? No, that girl knew exactly what she was doing when she broke up with him. Donghae then apologizes once more for ruining her first live broadcast.. He offers to go back to talk to the producer, but Saewa cuts him off and says it is already taken care of. Donghae asks how and Saewa tells him it’s none of his business. She warns him to never come near her again and goes off. Of course Donghae runs after her and stops her again.

Ji Chang Wook, Park Jung AhSaewa looks around and notices two hotel security guards. She then tells Donghae she will show him how far she’ll go to prove her point. This girl has ice in her veins! She yells out to the guards and says that Donghae is a fan and is scaring her. She then asks him to be taken away. The shocked Donghae says she cannot do that to him and calls out her name, but Saewa says nothing as Donghae is dragged away. She has a twinge of conscience (you see this, but that twinge can’t outweigh her ambition apparently), but turns around and walks away only to be bump into Do Jin. This shocks Saewa. He tells her that he saw her being led away by some guy (well at least he didn’t notice Donghae – for Saewa’s sake). Do Jin asks who it was and if she is okay. Saewa tells him not to worry as it was a crazy fan and security has already taken him away. Saewa then calmly says they should go get lunch.

Ji Chang WookDonghae is stunned as he is kicked out of Saewa’s workplace and is scolded by the guards telling him that he can’t act like that. Donghae takes the bus and thinks about what Saewa said – how she never wants to see him again. Donghae refuses to believe that it is over and that he should give up. No, he is more determined than ever to work even harder and win the girl back. Seriously? Given how coldly and cruelly she has already behaved towards him, how can he honestly want her back?

Lee Bo Hee, Lee Joo YeonMeanwhile, Sae Young is still freaking out about the message her mother left in lipstick on the mirror. How can Sool Nyeo just run off and leave Sae Young and Saewa? Can Sae Young really not understand why her mom would leave her and Saewa? She quickly hightails it to the Lee residence where she causes a ruckus. Sun Ok tells Sae Young to quiet down because Tae Hoon is studying. Sae Young apologizes, but says that is not important at the moment. Kang Jae then comes out and asks what the matter is and Sae Young tells them about Sool Nyeo going missing. Tae Hoon hears Sae Young’s voice and wants to go see what the matter is, but he is determined to study like he should (so he can pass the bar and marry the mother of his unborn twins).

Im Chae Moo, Lee Bo Hee, Lee Joo YeonMr. and Mrs. Lee sit down with Sae Young and get her to explain what happened with her mother. Sun Ok asks Sae Young what Sool Nyeo wrote on the mirror. Sae Young replies that Sool Nyeo said she was leaving and not to look for her. Sae Young then turns to Sun Ok and asks what she should do. What if her mother decides to kill herself? Sun Ok asks why Sae Young would asks such a question and Kang Jae asks if Sae Young knows where her mother could have gone. Sae Young replies that she doesn’t know and that Sool Nyeo even left her phone at home. This is the first time that such an event has happened. Sun Ok then jumps in and says that Sool Nyeo is famous for throwing tantrums and the like when things don’t go her way, but has never left the house before.

Park Hae MiSool Nyeo sits calmly at her husband’s grave drinking beer and says that Sae Young has always given her problems, but it is Saewa who has upset her the most this time. Surprise, surprise. Who knew Saewa could make her mom so upset since Sool Nyeo practically worships the ground her eldest walks on. Sool Nyeo doesn’t like that fact that it seems her daughter is looking down on her. She then asks her husband what he would think if she got a boyfriend. She laughs and says since he died when she was 25, her dead husband should help her find a guy. She says she shouldn’t asks such things of him, but can he do her this one favor and send her a man? It has been a long time already. It’s funny to ask your dead husband to send a living man your way so you can finally start dating again.

Kim Yoo SukJust across the way, Pil Jae is sitting next to his wife’s grave drinking beer as well and talking to her, too. Wow, doesn’t he and Sool Nyeo have a lot in common? Pil Jae says it has been seven long years without her – does his wife know how hard that was. Sool Nyeo then yells out that Pil Jae is complaining because he’s been alone for 7 years while Sool Nyeo has already been alone for 22 years – 3 times as long as he has. Pil Jae ignores this saying that it is hard to be a single father raising his daughter. Sool Nyeo then butts in saying it is hard to be a widowed mother to two daughters. The annoyed Pil Jae then tells his wife that Songi is his greatest joy while Sool Nyeo yells that her daughters will be the death of her. Omo. Such a funny conversation going on. Pil Jae starts to say he thinks about death and then shakes himself. He tells his wife that she is still the only one for him while Sool Nyeo throws a tantrum saying she hates to be alone and that she will die of loneliness which annoys Pil Jae even more. He keeps his temper and tells his wife he won’t say anything as he doesn’t want to ruin their visit. He then gets up to answer the call of nature.

Kim Yoo Suk, Park Hae MiAfter Pil Jae gets up, Sool Nyeo realizes she forgot to bring her husband flowers. What will she do? She knows how much her husband loves them. She then notices the flowers for Pil Jae’s wife. She runs up the hill and takes them. She apologizes to Pil Jae’s wife and says that she is only borrowing the flowers to show her husband. Of course Pil Jae comes back and notices the flowers missing and that Sool Nyeo has them. Sool Nyeo holds the bouquet and says she never envied flowers until now. She used to have a lot of guys after her when she was young and pretty. Then up storms Pil Jae who startles her by grabbing his flowers back from her. He demands to know why she stole his flowers. Sool Nyeo recognizes him and he demands again why she stole his wife’s flowers. Sool Nyeo is happy to think that her husband sent the widowed Pil Jae to her.

Park Hae Mi, Kim Yoo SukOf course, the only thing going through Pil Jae’s mind is why she would be so low as to steal his dead wife’s flowers. Does she think that by acting crazy, he’ll forgive the transgression (she does have that goofy look on her face as she contemplates if Pil Jae is sent from heaven for her by her husband). Sool Nyeo finally comes to her senses and says she is not the kind of person to do something so heinous. Pil Jae insists that he bought those flowers for his wife. Sool Nyeo asks if his name is on them and then says they are her flowers. Then begins a tug of war. Pil Jae grabs the flowers from Sool Nyeo who grabs them back and the two begin wrestling. Over flowers. Yep, definitely a match made in heaven. During their struggle, Sool Nyeo slips and the two come really close to bumping lips! This startles them both. Pil Jae yells know and Sool Nyeo goes flying.

Park Hae Mi, Kim Yoo SukBack at the Lee household, Sae Young is a mess. She can’t stop crying. Kang Jae tells Sun Ok to take Sae Young home since Sool Nyeo might call her there. Sun Ok says she will and she then insists that Kang Jae go to work. He says he will and to let him know if Sool Nyeo contacts them. Sun Ok says she will and Kang Jae tries to reassure Sae Young that Sool Nyeo is fine. Fine indeed. That fall caused her to twist her ankle and she cries to Pil Jae that she is in pain. Pil Jae ignores her and puts the flowers back on his wife’s grave before leaving. Sool Nyeo keeps yelling and crying that she will die all alone in the cemetery since no one will help her. Pil Jae finally breaks down and goes back to help. He ends up piggybacking Sool Nyeo out of the graveyard cursing that his luck sucks while Sool Nyeo happily grins and thanks her husband for sending Pil Jae to her.

Ji Chang WookDonghae is at practice and quickly surpasses all of his teammates. The coach claps and praises Dongahe. He tells him that this is all Donghae needs to do in order to win. Can the coach trust him to keep from being distracted? Donghae recalls what happened with Saewa and promises he will keep his head in the game…to win Saewa back. Not exactly what the coach wants to hear I am sure (the former part yes, but not the latter).

Oh Ji Eun, Do Ji WonBongi is with Anna who has made up Bongi. Anna tells Bongi that she is really pretty. Bongi asks if that is so and goes to look in the mirror, surprised by how she looks (she doesn’t seem all that different than she usually does – she just has the pretty ribbon in her hair). Anna then gets up and says tat is her favorite ribbon, but she is letting Bongi have it. How sweet! Bongi smiles and says she doesn’t’ look like herself. It’s nice. Bongi then asks when Donghae’s game is tomorrow. She has to go back to work, but Bongi wants to go and cheer him on if she has time. This excites Anna who is happy thinking she, Bongi and Saewa can go to the rink together to watch the meet. Bongi doesn’t know what to say to this, but is saved from answering when she gets an emergency call from her boss. Bongi tells Anna to wait in to the room for her while she runs off to find out just what is going on.

Lee Jang Woo, Park Jung AhThe devil Saewa is at lunch with Do Jin. The two have a cutesy awkward moment when they both reach for salt at the same time. Do Jin says timing is everything and he is happy that Saewa is opening up to him. He asks if since the TV station matter was taken care of, does that mean Saewa is agreeing to date him. When Saewa says nothing, he says they can clink glasses if she is too shy to say it out loud. Do Jin holds up his glass and Saewa clinks it with hers and the two drink to their new relationship. Evil witch. I must say I am disappointed with how things will turn up later (thanks to me watching WooJung episodes of We Got Married). As Jin Ho told In Hee in Personal Preference, after the stunt she pulled, she should’ve made sure she was happy. Do Jin then gets a call from the hotel and excuses himself to answer. At the same time, Saewa gets a call from Anna about the competition tomorrow.

Do Ji WonAnna asks what time Saewa will go to see Donghae. If possible, Anna hoped to go together with Saewa to see Donghae and to the competition. Saewa cuts Anna off and angrily asks if Donghae told Anna. The confused Anna asks what Saewa means. Oh, poor Anna. It’s one thing for Saewa to be unnecessarily cruel to Donghae, but quite another to be vicious to the child-like Anna. Saewa announces that she broke up with Donghae and that Anna should never call her anymore. Saewa reiterates over and over again that her relationship with Donghae is over and that she no longer loves him. Saewa ends the conversation by stating once more that Anna can never call her again at that number since Saewa is no longer Donghae’s fiancé. Saewa apologizes (for what little that is worth) and quickly hangs up on the distraught Anna as Do Jin returns from his own phone call.

Do Ji WonClutching the phone in her hand, Anna wonders how her son and Saewa broke up. What could have happened. She then begins shaking her head. Donghae loves Saewa. Why would they break up. If you love someone you don’t leave her so Saewa must be mistaken. Anna is determined to talk to Saewa and tell her that. Anna grabs her purse and a present box (for the wedding dress) and gets ready to head out. Uh-oh. This doesn’t bode well. Poor Anna. Poor Donghae. Poor Bongi because you know if Anna goes missing, Donghae will blame her.

Oh Ji EunThe chefs are in the kitchen where they are getting lectured about the upcoming competition. It is their job to make nice, healthy meals for the competitors. At a time when the skaters are missing home, the hotel must provide excellent meals from their home countries. The head chef then praises a male chef’s skill before he sends everyone to start preparing everything. At this time Bongi sneaks in and asks why she is being called in when her suspension is being lifted tomorrow. The head chef asks if she is in kindergarten and points to the flower ribbon in her hair. Bongi takes it out, embarrassed that she forgot she was wearing it. She is then lectured to be good and do her job properly for once before being told to help out by moving food from the storehouse in preparation for the dinner tomorrow. Bongi is reluctant, but has no choice but to do it.

Anna then sneaks into the kitchen with the present for Saewa and asks for Bongi who had just left. The head chef asks what is going on and the scared Anna says nothing and backs out of the kitchen. She then hails a cab and asks to be taken to the TV station. When asked which one, she doesn’t know the name, but she’ll know it when she sees. Definitely doesn’t bode well.

Lee Bo Hee, Lee Joo YeonSun Ok is at the Yoon house and calling around to old acquaintances in search of Sool Nyeo. Sun Ok is shocked that Sool Nyeo hasn’t kept in touch with any of their old school chums. Sun Ok wishes she could have kept in touch with them, but she has no money or decent clothes and would be embarrassed to meet them. She then picks up the phone to try again when Sae Young comes out and says that it is no use – Sun Ok is the only friend Sool Nyeo has. Sun Ok puts down the phone and says that Sool Nyeo does have friends, it’s just that she was too busy raising the girls to spend time with them. She then notices that Sae Young looks pale – is her stomach okay? Sae Young shakes her head and sniffles. She doesn’t feel good at all and that makes her miss her mother more. Sun Ok shakes her head and wishes that Sool Nyeo would hurry and find a man so Sool Nyeo doesn’t have to take care of the girls anymore. That way neither Sun Ok or Sool Nyeo will have to from frustration. Sae Young then asks if she should call the cops since Sool Nyeo said she didn’t want to live anymore. Sun Ok says that  Sool Nyeo would never hurt herself, but doesn’t look 100% convinced.

Park Hae Mi, Kim Yoo SukSool Nyeo is on the bus with Pil Jae. He is napping and she is staring at him. She admires his muscles and his smooth, young-looking skin. Besides his physical appearance, him missing his dead wife still shows he has a true romantic side. While she is ogling him, a cell starts ringing. She checks her purse but it’s not hers. Everyone on the bus starts looking as well. Sool Nyeo then notices that it’s coming from him. She goes to answer his phone and feels his hard chest. At that point Pil Jae wakes up and demands to know why she is groping him. The shocked Sool Nyeo insists she wasn’t’ groping, but stammers which doesn’t help her case. Pil Jae believes she was and Sool Nyeo insists that she was just trying to get to his ringing phone to answer it or turn it off to stop it from disturbing the others on the bus. That’s when his phone starts ringing again and he answers it.

Park Hae Mi, Kim Yoo SukThe call is from Sun Ok who wishes to seek Pil Jae’s advice about the Sool Nyeo situation. She asks what to do if a person is missing. Pil Jae says that person will come back. Sun Ok says that it would be nice, but it seems different this time. Pil Jae asks how old the woman is and Sun Ok replies that she is a friend of hers. Pil Jae says he’s not at the station and then asks Sun Ok to describe Sool Nyeo. Sun Ok tells him that she is short with big eyes. Pil Jae looks at his traveling companion and asks if the person has any handicaps or disabilities that would make them more noticeable. Sun Ok says Sool Nyeo has none, but she does tend to go crazy and get touchy when she is drunk. Pil Jae says there are a lot of people like that and says that Sool Nyeo will probably turn up back home soon. Does he know that the missing woman and Sool Nyeo are the same? Pil Jae then turns to Sool Nyeo and asks her if she ran away from home. This surprises Sool Nyeo and she says she just went out for some air.

Ji Chang Wook, Oh Ji EunBongi finishes her kitchen duty and goes back to the hotel room to find it empty. She starts to panic when she looks in the bathroom and Anna isn’t there. Bongi runs down to the front desk and asks if they saw Anna. They replied that they haven’t and at that time Donghae arrives. He immediately begins yelling at Bongi for not watching Anna like she was supposed to when the go back to the hotel room. Bongi apologizes, but she goes back to work tomorrow and got called down in the kitchen. Donghae asked how long ago that was and Bongi replies 3 hours. A very worrisome time frame. Where has Bongi checked? Bongi replies that she has checked the room, lobby, gift shop, and coffee shop. Basically, everywhere. Donghae asks what about outside and Bongi replies that she hasn’t checked there yet. Donghae says he will go check outside so Bongi can look elsewhere and the two begin their search anew.

Meanwhile, Anna arrives in front of another TV station. But this one isn’t right either. The taxi driver is getting angry and demands Anna pay the fare and get out since he’s been driving her along without success. Anna pulls out some money and this annoys the driver even more since it is American currency and only $1 at that. Poor Anna. Poor taxi driver.

Back at the hotel Hye Sook is going through fabric samples with a designer. After she finishes up, Do Jin comes in and says he doesn’t have much time before a meeting, but he’d like to set up lunch with Saewa and Hye Sook tomorrow. Hye Sook is surprised that it is tomorrow and Do Jin says he wants his mother to meet her first. Hye Sook says she doesn’t have too high of standards, just a nice girl from a good home who loves her son and who her son loves in return. Poor Do Jin. Saewa does fit most of that – just not the last part. Do Jin tells Hye Sook not to worry and that he has also kept his family background from Saewa as to keep her from getting preconceptions. Do Jin plans on telling her tomorrow. Hye Sook says she will see her tomorrow and can she look forward to it. Do Jin says that of course she can.

Park Jung AhMeanwhile, Saewa is looking up information on Hye Sook and seems a little worried…or maybe intimidated is the right word. She gets a call and it is the hysterical Sae Young. Saewa tells her baby sister that she has not time for whatever Sae Young’s problem is and is going to hang up when Sae Young blurts out that Sool Nyeo has gone missing and Sae Young can’t reach her. Sae Young says that Sool Nyeo turned off her phone, didn’t go to work, and left a message saying she was leaving the girls. Saewa asks why their mother would do that. Again, like Sae Young, you’d think she’d have some sort of clue as they both had back-to-back falling outs with their mother. Talk about a clueless family. Sae Young then asks if she should call the cops since its been so long, but Saewa tells her not to as Sool Nyeo will probably come back after getting some fresh air. Until Saewa gets home, Sae Young has to keep her mouth shut. How cruel. Does Saewa only care about herself and her dream and damn everyone else?

Do Ji WonAfter Saewa hangs up, she is immediately called to the lobby where some woman is demanding to see her. And there is Anna with the angry cabby. Anna happily rushes over to her. The taxi driver comes up and then says he’s been driving Anna around for 2 hours only to get $3 in fare. The unhappy Saewa then pulls out some money and yanks her arm away from Anna. She angrily demands to know why Anna showed up at the station. Anna says that she needed to see Saewa. At that moment, Hye Sook walks into the station. Saewa quickly turns around and pulls Anna with her, causing Anna to drop her box and fall. Bad, Saewa, bad. Saewa quickly bends down to help Anna put the dress back in the box earning only a cursory look from Hye Sook. Danger passed I guess.

Do Ji Won, Park Jung AhThe two then go out and sit in Saewa’s car where Saewa explains once again that she and Donghae broke up as Saewa is no longer in love with Donghae. Anna says that Donghae loves Saewa. Love doesn’t change. Saewa turns a dark glare at Anna, scaring her. Saewa says that she hates Anna because she is a burden. This hurts Anna deeply and she starts to cry as Saewa says that Anna can have nothing to do with her anymore. Does Anna understand. Saewa. I hate that girl. Hate. Hate. Hate.

Kang Suk Woo, Jung Ae RiKim Joon is shocked to see his wife at the office. He asks why she is there. Hye Sook asks if he will be mad because she didn’t call ahead. She wants to go home with him. Joon asks what will happen if he is busy. She should have called first. Hye Sook doesn’t care if he is busy or not. She will wait for him as she really just wants to go home with him. So the two do end up going home together. When they get to their bedroom, the separate beds are gone replaced with a nice big bed. Joon is not happy to see the single bed. Hye Sook says that she is meeting Do Jin’s girlfriend and seeing how serious her son is, it made her open her eyes to their marital problems. Joon told her that they should live as a regular married couple and that is what normal couples do – sleep in the same bed. Joon believes it is a lifestyle choice and there is nothing wrong with sleeping in separate beds. Right.

Park Hae Mi, Kim Yoo SukPil Jae and Sool Nyeo arrive at the bus station. Pil Jae goes on his way, but Sool Nyeo hops after him saying that meeting him was fate. They should get some drinks. Pil Jae says he knew that she ran away from home. Sool Nyeo insists that she just went out for fresh air. Besides, who cares if she left home – they are both single and alone. Pil Jae tells her to listen to him since they are in the same situation. Sool Nyeo should go home to her kids. They will be worried that she is out that late. This surprises Sool Nyeo. She says she doesn’t want to think of her children. She then asks to split a cab with Pil Jae – her treat of course. Pil Jae says she should just go straight home as most crimes towards women happen to them at night just wondering around. Sool Nyeo stares after him as he leaves. She smiles. Even though she doesn’t want to go home, she has the sudden urge to since he told her to.

Lee Joo Yeon, Lee Bo HeeAt home, the unhappy Sae Young is sitting at the dining table while Sun Ok sets out some dishes before her. Sun Ok tells Sae Young that she isn’t being nice to Sae Young because she has softened towards the girl, she is being nice only because of the twins. Sun Ok asks if the morning sickness has passed and Sae Young replies that it has never started. Her unborn twins have never given her any problems like that. Sae Young then starts crying and says she can’t eat because she is worried about her mom. Sun Ok replies she can eat later then otherwise Sae Young will get sick trying to eat when she is so upset. Sun Ok then tells Sae Young that Sool Nyeo only had mil and steamed potatoes when she was pregnant with Sae Young. Would the girl like potatoes? Sae Young says that sounds delicious and Sun Ok says she will make them after she takes out the trash. When Sun Ok goes outside to throw away the trash, she sees Sool Nyeo who quickly ducks out of sight. Sun Ok plays around at first, calling her a cat and then a boar and then she kicks the boxes that Sool Nyeo hid behind and tells her friend to come out.

Do Ji WonDo Jin is at the office wondering about Saewa so he decides to give her a call. Meanwhile, Bongi and Donghae return to the hotel room to find Anna is still missing. What will they do, it’s almost dark. Bongi then wonders if they should call the police since Anna doesn’t know her way around Seoul. Saewa is with Anna and she tells Anna to keep quiet as she answers Do Jin’s call. She says she is almost to the hotel and Do JIn says he will meet her in the lobby. This frightens Saewa who doesn’t want Do Jin to know about her relationship to Donghae. She casts Anna an evil glare and pulls over to the side of the road. She unceremoniously kicks Anna out of the car telling her that if she stays on the road, she will reach the hotel. When she comes to a crosswalk, she needs to use that to cross the street to  get to the hotel. Does Anna think she can do that? Poor Anna is like a frightened child. She tells Saewa that she is scared and doesn’t know the area. Saewa doesn’t care and just tells Anna it will be easy to find the hotel before speeding away after a totally fake apology. Poor Anna!

We don’t know what will happen to her because that’s where the episode ends.


  • OMG can I start killing Saewa now??? Seriously, where did she leave her heart and ability to think? Has her IQ dropped to single digit by leaving Anna in an unfamiliar place? Gosh, if she wants to be evil… Be evil to DongHae! Not Anna! Grrrrrr

    • Unfortunately she focuses quite a bit on Anna 😦 especially when she uncovers the horribly apparent (to the audience) birth secret #2

      • Birth secret #2? OMG… I must speed up my watch now! I’m so glad Ruby Ring is over so now I’m devoting my life for DongHae… I mean Smile, DongHae 😉

        • No, I’m sure you meant Dongae, lol. I just love Ji Chang Wook & his acting improves with each drama. Yeah, #2 comes out before #1. I’m still waiting for that discovery & I’m in the 70s

          • I do love Chang Wook. I fell in love with him in WBDS and Five Fingers. I can’t stomach to watch him in Empress Ki though. But hey, I’m watching this and I will certainly watch his winter drama he just announced today.

            Wait! You’re in the 70s and still dunno yet about birth secret #1? What have I got myself into?

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