Down With Love Episode 10 Recap

Kelly Huang, Ella ChenWe backtrack a bit to see Guo presenting the piggy bank to Duo and Duo smashing it. Duo yells afterward that she does love money – is that so wrong? If she didn’t, would Guo still be alive right now? Poor Guo is stunned by her sister’s outburst. She asks why she is so mad and how she could trample someone’s good intentions. If Duo did not like the gift, then she should have just said so and then Guo would have returned it to Ke Zhong. Duo then yells at Guo for trying to pick up the pieces. Guo says if she knew her sister would act like that, she would never have come home. Duo, enraged, tells Guo to get out then and never come back. She then proceeds to push her little sister out the door and lock her out of their house insisting that Guo go find Ke Zhong then. Duo picks up the broken bank and cries while Duo knocks on the door and calls for her sister to let her back in.

Chen Zi Han, Jerry YanMeanwhile, the depressed Yu Ping returns to his big, empty house. He notices magazines reporting his relationship with Hui Fan and his mood gets even more sour. While he starts to make himself some dinner, in pops Hui Fan with some fresh lychees (LOVE that fruit!!!). They are Yu Ping’s favorite and she cannot believe that such good ones were already available. The annoyed Yu Ping says no words of thanks and just demands that she return his keys to him. Hui Fan surprisingly agrees saying that she was too emotional that afternoon. She promises to never bring up “that person” in front of Yu Ping again. He tells her to think what she likes and reiterates for the umpteenth time that hey have broken up a long time ago already. Yu Ping says he is at fault too and again asks for the keys back. Hui Fan doesn’t want to listen to him and begs for forgiveness. Yu Ping walks towards her and tells her she doesn’t have to give the keys back, he’ll just be forced to change the locks. And to drive his point home even more, he says that it will be unpleasant for Hui Fan to keep the keys and walk in on him and his future girlfriend. The teary Hui Fan puts down the bag of fruit and stands outside of his house crying. Yu Ping feels bad, but what can he do with his obsessive ex? Of course,the crying Hui Fan calls up Ke Zhong.

Ella ChenIt has been an hour and Guo is being bitten by mosquitoes and really needs to use the bathroom. She begs for Duo to let her in, but Duo refuses to let her in. Guo finally gives up and angrily calls Ke Zhong but his phone goes directly to voice mail. She leaves a message saying she was looking for him and hangs up without letting him know her sister kicked her out of the house. She then calls Ling Ling who is on her way to Kenting with her boyfriend. No help there. Guo thinks she is done for, but then recalls that Ke Zhong mentioned going back towards the office so Guo sets off in search of him.

Our poor Guo seems so disheartened. She is almost hit by a car on her way to the office and when she arrives, the place seems empty and his office doors are locked. She wonders where else she can go and wonders if she will have to sleep in the park. She then recalls that there is one more person she can call. But it just so happens Yu Ping is in another room with his phone on vibrate. Guo is getting desperate as her battery is almost dead. Yu Ping makes his way back and notices he missed a call by Yang Guo. He calls her right back and the excited Guo answers and says he finally picked up. Yu Ping asks what is wrong and Guo tells him she has been kicked out by Duo. He asks where Ke Zhong is and Guo says he isn’t there. Yu Ping says he will pick her up and asks where she is, but before Guo can tell him her phone dies.

Jerry Yan, Ella ChenYu Ping rushes out to his car wondering where Ke Zhong could have gone off to. Meanwhile, Guo is settling herself down on a patch of grass, but happily jumps up when Yu Ping speedily arrives. She is surprised that he knew where to find her. He calls her an idiot for planning to stay there out in the open where she can be in danger. Guo says its good that he came and thanks him for coming to get her. They get back to his place where he makes her tea and gives her a sweater. He cannot believe Duo so coldly kicked her little sister out of the house with no money on her whatsoever.

Jerry Yan, Ella ChenYu Ping asks what happened and Guo Guo replies that she doesn’t know. Her older sister had kicked her out before, but had never refused to let her back in after an hour or so. Guo then tells him that this happened after Ke Zhong dropped her off. Yu Ping, recalling Duo’s mental state after learning about Guo Guo’s and Ke Zhong’s relationship puts two and two together. He then tells Guo he knows why Duo’s mad. When Guo asks why, Yu Ping lies. Yu Ping tells her that Duo emptied her savings to pay him back for helping their father. Thus, Duo would definitely not be in a good mood. This makes Guo feel horrible, especially when she recalls giving the teddy bear piggy bank to her sister. No wonder Duo would smash it.

Chen Zi HanMeanwhile, we see Ke Zhong has picked up Hui Fan. Big shock. He councils her to give up on Yu Ping since she keeps getting hurt. Hui Fan immediately and slightly desperately insists that she will not give up – how can Ke Zhong suggest such a thing? She can take Yu Ping’s coldness and harsh words, she already knows that she is worth nothing to him (and yet she keeps hanging on like a bad stain). Hui Fan wonders why Yu Ping hasn’t looked back once since she started working hard to keep him. Ke Zhong tells it like it is – Yu Ping won’t be looking back. He’s already moved on. Hui Fan, like a annoying child covers her ears and insists she won’t listen to such things. Oh sheesh. Hui Fan then wonders what charms Guo could have that would make Yu Ping turn his head and heart away from Hui Fan so quickly. Ke Zhong tries to defend Guo, but this upsets Hui Fan more. Guo has already taken Yu Ping away from Hui Fan, so Hui Fan is not willing to have Ke Zhong fall for Guo. Selfish b*tch.

Jerry Yan, Ella ChenBack at Yu Ping’s he checks Guo’s temperature and she has a mild fever. He scolds her for getting sick from wondering around outside half the night and then the two sneeze in tandem and Guo goes to check his temperature, forgetting the thermometer was in her mouth only moments before. Yu Ping deflects and the two begin a little war about what the other person has done, like Yu Ping’s stomach problems and Guo caring for him during that time, Yu Ping then talks about Guo kneeling before him on several occasions, and Guo brings out her trump card of Yu Ping not being able to watch scary movies. She eventually gets the thermometer in his mouth victoriously before they both pause and tension fills the air. Guo immediately apologizes to him for forgetting it was in her mouth moments before and the two bid each other an awkward goodnight. The two then toss and turn wondering what the other thinks and if they will mistake what happened.

Ella Chen, Jerry Yan

Chen Zi Han, Ella Chen, Jerry YanThe next morning, Yu Ping and Guo still feel awkward, but do their best. Yu Ping offers to drive Guo to work and as they head out the door, up pulls Ke Zhong and Hui Fan. Ke Zhong warns Hui Fan that Yu Ping won’t want to see her, but Hui Fan insists on going. She is shocked when she sees Guo come out of Yu Ping’s house. The four go inside where Hui Fan is displeased to hear that Guo spent the night. Yu Ping immediately jumps in and tells Ke Zhong and Hui Fan that Guo only spent the night because Duo kicked her out of the house and Guo had nowhere to go. This shocks Ke Zhong and Guo says that she tried calling, but couldn’t get a hold of him and left him a message. Ke Zhong quickly checks his phone and finds out the battery is dead. He apologizes to Guo.

Jerry Yan, Ella Chen, Chen Zi Han, Michael ZhangHui Fan goes to make breakfast and Guo goes to help, but Hui Fan tells her to just chat with the boys as it won’t take that long. Guo sits down and thus begins Yu Ping’s strategy to make Ke Zhong feel guilty. Yu Ping tells him about Guo having a fever and Guo says its just the weather change from China to Taiwan, but Yu Ping insists its from wondering around outside for half the night. Poor Guo doesn’t want this to be a big deal, but Yu Ping won’t keep his mouth shut. Hui Fan announces breakfast and Yu Ping sends Guo to get what she almost forgot earlier so he can warn Ke Zhong to be more attentive and take better care of Guo. When Guo gets back to the table, Yu Ping pulls out a chair for Guo to sit between him and Ke Zhong, but Guo takes the seat Hui Fan set for her on the opposite side (note not near Ke Zhong – I guess Hui Fan’s fear of losing her best friend along with her boyfriend is driving her).

Ella ChenAfter an awkward breakfast, Guo and Ke Zhong take off first. Guo, afraid of Ke Zhong misunderstanding and the awkward silence, immediately says she called Yu Ping only after not reaching Ke Zhong and then finding out that Ling Ling was going out of town. Ke Zhong replies he is glad that Guo called Yu Ping and stayed with him. Ke Zhong then says that Yu Ping took him aside and scolded him about paying more attention to Guo. This shocks Guo. Ke Zhong then says that isn’t important, what is important is taking her to a doctor. Guo says nothing, but wonders why Ke Zhong isn’t explaining what happened between him and Hui Fan. She then notices one of Hui Fan’s long hairs on the seat and looks over at Ke Zhong. Should she be worried.

Jerry Yan, Chen Zi HanBack at Yu Ping’s, Hui Fan is cleaning up the breakfast dishes when Yu Ping tells her not to always run to Ke Zhong every time something happens. Yu Ping reminds her that Ke Zhong liked her once and that running off to Ke Zhong while he is dating Guo is unfair to Ke Zhong and could hurt him. Hui Fan gets angry and says that she told him that before (accept in reverse). Hui Fan then demands to know what Yu Ping was thinking bringing his best friend’s girlfriend over to spend the night.  Yu Ping angrily replies that Hui Fan should know better than him why he had to pick Guo up in the middle of the night. He didn’t want to ask Ke Zhong where he was in front of everyone. Yu Ping then says he has said all he is going to say on the matter and that to prevent such disasters from happening again, he will change the locks that afternoon. The angry Hui Fan then throws his keys back at him and rushes out of the house. That went…well.

Jerry Yan, Kelly HuangWhen Yu Ping gets to work he is surprised to find Miss Yang absent. Of course, he goes over to the Yang house to find out what is going on. How does he get duo out the door? He replies that she will lose three days worth of salary for unapproved leave if she doesn’t come out to talk. The two then go inside and Duo asks why he is there. Yu Ping says he knows why Duo kicked Guo out of the house. Does Guo really want to lose her little sister over the matter of a boy? Duo doesn’t want to admit she likes Ke Zhong, but Yu Ping says he has seen through her. He then explains that it is painful to watch the person you love with someone who is like family, but there is nothing you can do, but wish them happiness. Duo wonders how he knows and Yu Ping confesses he’s experienced the same thing (how Duo still hasn’t guessed Yu Ping likes Guo is beyond me). Yu Ping then invites Duo out for lunch and Duo agrees to go only if he approves her absence and doesn’t dock her pay. Yu Ping smiles and says that the law world is missing a gem in Duo.

Back at Ke Zhong’s, he is meticulously measure out medicine for Guo. He gives it to her and tells her to rest. He covers her with a blanket and Guo tries to erase her suspicions about Ke Zhong and Hui Fan. She tells him that she trust him and then throws the blanket over her head, embarrassed. This makes Ke Zhong smile, but it quickly fades as the guilt settles in once more. Guo shouldn’t trust him as he doesn’t love her (at least not yet).

Kelly Huang, Ella Chen, Michael ZhangDuo swings by and scolds Guo for disappearing. Guo apologizes and Duo then gives Ke Zhong a token of appreciation for taking care of Guo (does Duo not know that Guo was with Yu Ping all night?). Duo then tells Ke Zhong that he can’t keep Guo out all night in the future as the Yangs have a reputation to uphold – they can’t appear easy. Guo, mortified, tries to get Duo to shut up, but Duo keeps going as she is the older sister, she needs to protect her mei mei. She then says that Ke Zhong and Guo can go out once a week. Ah, poor Guo is so humiliated by this point. Well, I guess Duo’s support is finally there even though she still smarts from Guo and Ke Zhong dating. During tis tirade, Ke Zhong answers the phone and calls Guo over. It’s his mother!!! Guo doesn’t want to answer the phone, but eventually does and starts chatting with Qi-mama. Ke Zhong then tells Duo that his mother loves Guo and is even helping Guo out with classes. While this should please her, you know it depresses Duo to see this fact further cementing her sister’s and Ke Zhong’s relationship.

Amanda Zhou, Ella Chen, Michael ZhangGuo visits Ling Ling who asks how far Ke Zhong and Guo have gotten. Ling Ling is disappointed to hear that they have only held hands. Guo quickly leaves and tells Ling Ling to stop scheming up ways for the two to get closer. Of course, Ling Ling doesn’t listen and runs to Guo’s office to tell her that Ah De is looking to get back together with Guo. Ling Ling says this quite loudly for Ke Zhong to overhear. After she leaves, Ke Zhong asks if Ah De is Guo’s ex-boyfriend. Guo replies yes and Ke Zhong asks if she wants to get back together with him. Guo replies that she doesn’t and Ke Zhong replies that is good as Ah De is not a good person so Guo had better steer clear of him and end things smoothly if there is no lingering feelings. Guo is disappointed by suck a lackluster response from her current boyfriend when it comes to her ex-boyfriend. Even Ling Ling is surprised when she hears this. Ling Ling advises Guo to find out Ke Zhong’s tastes and cater to them to build their relationship.

Jerry Yan, Ella ChenSo what happens? Since Guo knows nothing about Ke Zhong’s tastes, she puts in an emergency call to Yu Ping who is less than thrilled to find out the emergency that brought him to Guo who is oblivious to his unhappiness. Guo says that since Yu Ping is Ke Zhong’s best friend, then surely Yu Ping knows Ke Zong’s likes and dislikes. Yu Ping reluctantly agrees to help Guo and takes her to a bookstore where she immediately begins thinking her relationship is doomed because she hates reading. Just looking at books give her a headache. How says. I personally LOVE to read. It’s an addiction just like watching Asian dramas. Yu Ping then shows her a magic book and tells her that Ke Zhong loves magic and was the president of the Magic Society in college. Their advisor even said that Ke Zhong had the talent to become professional if he wanted. This shocks Guo. She then wonders if she will be able to learn all that fast from a book and asks if Yu Ping knows anyone who could do magic. Yu Ping says he can as he was the Vice President. Guo thanks him and goes to leave and he desperately begins picking up every magic book he can find. Looks like he lied.

Jerry YanYu Ping goes back to his office and tells his men not to disturb him as he has something very important to do. The men wonder what it is as Yu Ping didn’t bat an eyelash at a suit that was worth 500 billion. So this must be something really great. Oh, if only they knew. Yu Ping sits in his office reading the magic books and desperately trying his ands at various tricks with little to no success. Will he be able to help Guo in her pursuit of showing Ke Zhong how much she cares?

Ella Chen, Jerry YanYu Ping shows up at the Yang house and Guo marvels at the fact that her sister is out at the movies as Duo is so cheap. Yu Ping says it must be a treat to get over losing her savings (sure, by spending more money, right). What really happened was that Yu Ping gave Duo 3 movie tickets. To prevent her from selling them, he tells her she must write reports on each movie (nothing like saying you got the tickets to cheer her up and then force her to do homework to ensure she watches them). Yu Ping then shows Guo some elementary parlor tricks (which are so obvious, but that’s okay). Yu Ping is happy to see how excited Guo is by the trick and understands why Ke Zhong wanted to learn magic in college. Guo is touched  by how much he prepared just to help her out. Yu Ping during this time also confesses that it is over between him and Hui Fan (this is also after Yu Ping confesses that Ke Zhong learnt magic to impress Hui Fan). This depresses Guo because if those two who seem perfect for each other break up – what will happen to someone like her and Ke Zhong? Poor Yu Ping, nothing like having the woman you love encourage you to take back your selfish ex to prove she and her current boyfriend can tow the line.

Michael Zhang, Kelly HuangDuo gets out of the first two movies and dreads sitting through a third one. She then gets excited because how will Yu Ping know what the movies are about? She can just make something up in her third report. She then excitedly heads off to scalp the final ticket. Her plan goes awry when she catches sight of Ke Zhong. In order to show him she isn’t money hungry, she gives the ticket away for free. This surprises Ke Zhong. The two then sit and talk about architecture and design. What a wonderful conversation. Wonderful in the sense that Ke Zhong praises Duo for her knowledge and eye. Duo is happy to receive his praises. Makes you wonder why she chose legal secretary over her secret passion for design. There is good money in that, too.

Ella Chen, Michael ZhangKe Zhong goes to his office and is pleasantly surprised by a caped and mustachioed Guo. She launches into her performance. Her speech is pretty good. Her magic, however, is lacking. While trying to exchange the fire for the flower, she almost burns her hand. Ke Zhong rushes over and she says that she is all right, just shocked. Ke Zhong is happy to hear that and he compliments her performance. Even though the magic didn’t go well, her performance otherwise was on par with professionals for being able to engage the audience. This pleases Guo. She then reveals that she wanted to show her seriousness to him and do something he liked, but she didn’t know what so she consulted Yu Ping. This surprises Ke Zhong, especially when he hears that Yu Ping was the one who taught her. Ke Zhong cannot believe Yu Ping would go to such an extent – he must really like Guo. Uh, duh? Ke Zhong then invites Guo to an ice hockey viewing with his friends.

Jerry YanHui Fan, this girl is pretty thick-skinned, shows up at Yu Ping’s office with a bag of snacks. Duo tells her he is in a meeting and Hui Fan asks Duo to pass the snacks on and even gives Duo a special snack of her own (is she trying to buy Duo’s help?). Duo then tells Hui Fan to wait in Yu Ping’s office to say goodbye before leaving. Meanwhile, Yu Ping is scolding his men for handing off their cases and not doing what needs to be done. At this point, he gets a call from Guo asking for help on ice hockey knowledge. Yu Ping agrees and then sets his entire office to find out information on ice hockey. The meeting is adjourned and Yu Ping blows off Hui Fan. Duo asks what happened and the men say that someone important called during the meeting and must want info on ice hockey. Again, if they only knew. talk about an abuse of power.

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