Down With Love Episode 9 Recap

Mrs. Qing tortures GuoKe Zhong’s mother shocks Yang Guo by saying they are going to start a makeover plan. I guess his mother decided that if Ke Zhong is bent on being with Yang Guo, then she will turn her into the “perfect” daughter-in-law. Guo is taken to dancing lessons and yoga where her body is forced to move in ways it never has before. And Ke Zhong has no problems in trying to make Guo more flexible by pushing her down into position. These scenes let us see Ella Chen’s comical facial expressions. Ke Zhong’s mother points out how graceful and good the teacher is and beats and prods Guo to try to get into the same position. Poor Guo.

Jerry YanMeanwhile, Yu Ping arrives back in Taipei. He stares at the candy he bought for Guo and decides that since she cannot be his, he should give the candy away. He then sees a little boy at a bust sop and hands off the candy. As he walks away, he recalls Guo’s happy face while eating the candy. He then begins to feel that by giving away the candy, he is going farther away from her. He recalls some more of their times together and then starts running back to the bus stop. He sees the happy kid and then tries to take the candy back. Ah, how fun watching Yu Ping try to get the kid to give the candy back. The child doesn’t want to even when Yu Ping offers money. At that time, Guo’s father walks by and Yu Ping, embarrassed, surrenders the candy to the little boy once more.

Jerry YanYu Ping sits down with Bo Tong who gives him money. Bo Tong is determined to pay Yu Ping back for all of his help. Yu Ping asks about the money and Bo Tong assures him that he earned with his own sweat and not from conning people. Bo Tong then asks for Yu Ping’s account number as he will be paying him back in monthly installments. Yu Ping tells him that he could have just given the money to Duo. Bo Tong says he can’t because his eldest daughter doesn’t want to meet with him and the last time she did, she threw salt at him like he was the devil. Yu Ping accepts this and goes back to his office while Bo Tong wonders at his niceness and skills and also at the fact that Yu Ping likes the same candy as Guo.

Jerry Yan, Kelly HuangYu Ping returns to the office to find Duo yelling at the men in the office for not peeing in the bowl and making life more difficult for her as she has to scrub everywhere. He asks what is going on and Duo happily runs over to him. He asks why she is dressed like that and she replies that normally she doesn’t clean the toilets, but the cleaner they had hired is lazy and just last week Duo caught her trying to steal toilet paper. Duo sent her away and said they would talk about it after Yu Ping returned (she says this while waving the toilet brush in his face). Yu Ping lowers her arm holding the brush and says that she still shouldn’t be doing such work. Duo says that is okay. To save on expenses, Yu Ping can leave her do the cleaning. Yu Ping then says he saw her father. Duo immediately is alarmed and wonders what trouble her dad has gotten into now. Yu Ping tells her that is not that case, but that her father is returning the money to him in monthly installments. Duo doesn’t believe her father is actually going to do that. Yu Ping tries to get her to give her father a chance, but Duo stubbornly refuses and goes back to scolding the other men for their habits.

Mrs. Qing annoys her sonBack on the mainland, Guo arrives home late and is scolded by the butler for making Ke Zhong and his mother wait. Guo apologizes and the butler offers to get her a maid to accompany her, but Guo refuses. Inside, Ke Zhong’s mother is trying to get him to stop waiting for Guo and just go ahead and eat while the food is still hot. Ke Zhong insists on waiting for Guo who then comes in apologizing for being late. Ke Zhong happily starts to give her food and asks where her gift for her sister is. Guo says she couldn’t find anything she liked and Ke Zhong promises to take her to buy something when he has free time. He dishes out a lot of food for Guo, but when she gets a nasty look from his mother, Guo stops eating, saying she isn’t hungry. Ke Zhong tells her to go ahead and eat and Guo refuses saying she ate a lot and gained a lot of fat, so she should start dieting. Ke Zhong looks over at his mother and tells Guo that he likes her just the way she is, so she needn’t force herself. Guo assures him that she isn’t and goes on up to her room. After she leaves, Ke Zhong glares angrily at his mother.

Michael Zhang, Kelly HuangIn Taipei, Duo starts a timer and starts practicing from a script she had written out. She is practicing a call to China to talk to Ke Zhong! She talks fast and clearly and is impressed when she gets it under 30 seconds. Then she makes the real call and stutters like crazy and can’t spit anything out according to her script. When she mentions Guo, Ke Zhong goes to get her little sister, but Duo tells him that is okay, he doesn’t need to. Nothing is going quite as scripted. Duo tells him that since international calls are expensive, she doesn’t want him to waste his money. She then asks when Ke Zhong and Guo will be returning to Taipei. Ke Zhong replies in the next couple of days which makes Duo happy. He then says that he has something to tell her that she should know about, but at that moment, someone starts ringing Duo’s bell and she can’t hear a word of what he says, so she has to end the call before Ke Zhong can tell her that he is dating Guo.

Kelly HuangThe angry Duo rushes to the door and demands to know who it is. Her anger goes up when she sees it is her father. She immediately slams the door, but he manages to stop it before it can close. Duo does her best to shut the door, while he fights to keep it opened. Bo Tong says they need to talk and Duo says the only thing she wishes to hear is “goodbye,” and her dad replies that he is there to say goodbye to his daughter as he decided to go work on ships. This shocks Duo and she stops trying to slam the door on him. Bo Tong straightens and says he is happy that Duo believes him. Duo tells him that she doesn’t and he takes out the shipping contract he signed and tells her that he already asked them to transfer money into Yu Ping’s account every month. Bo Tong then chokes up and says that he failed as a father and put Duo and Guo into a bad situation after he promised their mother that he would take care of them. Dup explodes and tells him to leave as she has work the next morning. Bo Tong stops her and hands her two read papers to give them good luck in love and marriage. Duo doesn’t want such nonsense, but Bo Tong replies that there may come a day when his daughters can’t even hear him lie, so she should take them. This softens Duo as she watches her father cry and says to tell Guo he loves her and walks away.

Chen Zi Han, Jerry YanYu Ping returns home where he thinks of his conversation with Guo in China. He practices saying he likes her and then scolds himself for being unable to confess at the time when he really wanted to. He then pulls out his cell and calls Duo, telling her that he will finish a project that night. At this time, Hui Fan comes down the stares and stops him. Yu Ping asked what she’s doing there and she replies that she finished filming. Hui Fan then complains about Yu Ping reeking of wine – did he go drinking? Yu Ping doesn’t answer and asks how she got into his house. Hui Fan replies that he gave her the keys years ago in hopes that someday she would surprise him and he would wake up to her. Hui Fan ignores his mood and starts to massage his shoulders. Yu Ping stops her and gets up, saying that he has already told her. Hui Fan stops him and says that she knows he will definitely return to her. Hui Fan then announces that she is taking the year off from showbiz to be with him. She then leaves so he can rest. Dummy. Too little, too late.

Ella ChenThe hungry Guo steals out of her room and does her best to quietly go down the stares. Ella is such a comical actress, but I have to admit her movements and facial expressions get old, fast. Guo enters the kitchen only to find everything locked and chained up. Guo drops her slippers and complains in horror that Ke Zhong’s mother has gone to such extremes to make her lose wait. Guo refuses to give up and starts looking through all of the drawers and cupboards in order to find some food. Guo finds a jar of something that she things are cookies/biscuits. She begins stuffing her mouth with them when Ke Zhong’s mom turns on the light and begins scolding Guo for having no self-control. If she can’t even starve for a day, how will Guo help Ke Zhong take over the Qi corporation?

Michael Zhang, Ella ChenKe Zhong, who came downstairs when his mother started yelling, finally steps in the kitchen. He scolds his mother for going overboard. His mother says she isn’t going overboard. She has accepted that he likes her and is doing her best to train Guo into the perfect Daughter-in-law that the Qi family can be proud of. (This whole time, Guo is clutching the biscuits and stuffing her mouth.) Ke Zhong replies that he never thought being a daughter-in-law of the Qi family was something to boast about and tells his mom to stop bullying Guo. Mrs. Qi replies that she isn’t, she is helping the girl. Mrs. Qi then says that if Guo continues like she is, then Ke Zhong will surely dump her. Guo gets a hurt expression on her face and actually puts down the biscuits and Ke Zhong rushes in front of her and scolds his mom for being so cruel and hurtful. He then tells Mrs. Qi that it is painful trying to get along with her. Ouch. This shocks Mrs. Qi who asks him what he said. Ke Zhong then elaborates and says the reason his dad is always in Shanghai is to stay away from the scary woman that she is. Double ouch. Ke Zhong then grabs Guo’s hand and pulls her out of the kitchen, leaving his shocked and hurt mother.

Ella ChenKe Zhong then brings Guo a cup of instant noodles. Guo thanks him and Ke Zhong says if she is still hungry, he will help her buy some more. Guo thanks him, but says that isn’t necessary. Ke Zhong then apologizes for his mother’s behavior. Guo tells him that in all honesty, his mother says some really horrible things, but when Ke Zhong becomes angry, he becomes just like Mrs. Qi. True dat. Guo then says that Ke Zhong hurt his mother with what he said. Guo then encourages him to go and make up with his mother tomorrow. Ke Zhong doesn’t say anything and just tells her to eat. He also tells her to pack her stuff as they are leaving for Taiwan tomorrow. This makes Guo happy, but she asks about his business. He tells her not to worry and Guo compares Ke Zhong and Yu Ping. Ke Zhong seems easy-going and easy to get along with, but is actually quite stubborn and bullheaded while Yu Ping seems stubborn and bullheaded, but is actually easy to get along with. Guo then wonders why she is thinking of Yu Ping and hits herself on the head for doing so.

Jerry Yan, Chen Zi HanYu Ping gets to work only to find his men swarming around Hui Fan and taking pictures with her. Yu Ping angrily asks if he should call the cleaner to get their picture taken too, or better yet, people tell him that he looks like Jerry Yan (got to love these references to themselves) so how about taking a picture with him? The men then disperse and Hui Fan happily greets him and tells him that his staff was afraid she’d be bored since she came too early, so they took pictures with her. She then asks if he is hungry and shows off a bag o breakfast prepared especially for him. Yu Ping takes it reluctantly and thanks her. Han Fui says she made extra, can’t she eat with him? Yu Ping says no as he is very busy. Hui Fan goes out promising to come back again that afternoon. Yep, definitely stalking now. Take a hint already crazy lady.

Kelly Huang, Jerry YanDuo comes into Yu Ping’s office asking why he is so cold to Hui Fan when they have gotten back together already. Yu Ping says they haven’t and Duo replies that it is all over the newspapers that they did. Besides, didn’t Yu Ping fly to China to see Hui Fan? Reading her boss’s expression, Duo is shocked to learn that wasn’t why he left. Duo asks if there is a hidden story under that, but stops asking with Yu Ping’s glare. She then tells him that Mrs. Wang has changed her mind and won’t sign the divorce papers until her husband meets the conditions. She throws the file down and rushes out, wondering why Yu Ping went to China if it wasn’t to visit Hui Fan.

Ke Zhong asks if Guo finished packing and then helps her close her suitcase. He takes it out and the unhappy Guo follows behind. Mrs. Qi is sitting downstairs unhappy. The butler tries to get Ke Zhong to talk to his mother, but Ke Zhong refuses and insists on calling a cab if the butler won’t let them use the family car. Mrs. Qi tells the butler to just let them go if Ke Zhong wants and Ke Zhong insists on getting a taxi. The phone rings and Ke Zhong answers it, then gives it to his mother who immediately begins yelling at her husband for not coming when she told him to. She then starts yelling that she will never divorce Mr. Qi. Guo tries to stop Ke Zhong from leaving when she hears this, but Ke Zhong replies it isn’t the first time that conversation has taken place and keeps going while Guo remains uneasy and conflicted.

Ella Chen, Michael ZhangGuo rushes out after Ke Zhong and tells him that they can’t leave with the project unfinished. What happens if something goes wrong with the progress? What would the client think? Besides, isn’t Ke Zhong supposed to be training Guo into a professional and skillful designer? Guo takes her suitcase and goes back into the house with Ke Zhong telling her to come back. Butler Zhong tells Ke Zhong that his mother is only doing everything because she loves him. Guo goes back in and and tells Mrs. Qi that they can’t leave until business is finished.

Back in Taipei, Yu Ping is trying to work, but can only think about Guo. Duo knocks on his door and tells him that is already after lunchtime and motions to where Hui Fan is still waiting for him. Yu Ping is annoyed that she is still there. Duo says she made every excuse possible, but Hui Fan won’t leave, does Yu Ping want to try to handle the matter himself? Yu Ping says he will and goes out to meet her. Hui Fan says he must be hungry, so they should go eat. Yu Ping tells her to leave as he still hasn’t finished editing a contract. Hui Fan says that he must eat. So Yu Ping caves and goes out to eat with Hui Fan to get her out of the office.

Chen Zi Han, Jerry YanThey go to the restaurant where  Yu Ping made his failed proposal and Chef Ah Bao congratulates them on hearing that they are back together again. When Ah Bao leaves, Hui Fan immediately starts talking while Yu Ping dives into the food. Hui Fan is upset by this, but tries to make conversation. She tells him her manager told her she was crazy for not taking any work and Yu Ping tells her to do whatever as long as she is happy. The uneasy Hui Fan says she is happy if he is happy (hasn’t she noticed yet that he isn’t?). Yu Ping tells her once more to hurry and eat as he has to rush back to a meeting. Hui Fan tries to talk to him again, but this time, is interrupted by a phone call.

Jerry Yan, Chen Zi Han, Ella ChenIt is Yang Guo! She apologizes if he is busy and she is bothering him. He immediately replies that he isn’t busy and that she isn’t bothering him. He then tells her to hang up as international calls are expensive, so he will call her back. How sweet, he cares about her wasting her money on a phone call. Hui Fan listens uneasy while Yu Ping calls Guo back. Guo apologizes once more for bothering him while he was probably busy and tells him that she heard Mr. & Mrs. Qi arguing about getting divorced. Guo thinks she is the cause of the fight and the reason for the divorce and wonders what she should do. Guo then says that Ke Zhong said it had nothing to do with her and not to worry. Yu Ping says that Ke Zhong is right as his parents have been separated for over 5 years now and are constantly arguing about divorce. So Guo shouldn’t worry about it. Guo says that Mrs. Qi seems to pitiful because she seems strong, but is lonely inside. Yu Ping tells Guo not to waste her pity. Since Guo just started to date Ke Zhong, so who is she to meddle in the Qi family affairs. Guo still doesn’t want to let go of the matter and Yu Ping yells at her. He then lowers his voice and apologizes, but she is extremely nice and caring which makes others worry about her. He then tells her that if she has any more problems, call him immediately. Guo promises to do so and the two hang up. Yu Ping sits back down and begins eating once more and the uneasy Hui Fan says the dishes are cold and she will get them heated up. Awkward.

Ella Chen, Michael ZhangThat night, Ke Zhong is seriously discussing their design project while Guo is lost in worry about his mother. Ke Zhong finally gets her attention and asks if she can spot the differences in the blueprints. Guo says one has more lines than the other. Brilliant. Ke Zhong then scolds her for not concentrating and asks what she was thinking about. The maid comes in and says that Mrs. Qi refuses to eat. Ke Zhong says to clear the food away, but Guo says they shouldn’t and offers to go up to talk to her. Ke Zhong warns her that seeing Guo will only annoy her more, but Guo goes up anyway.

Ella ChenGuo goes up and Mrs. Qi is sitting on her coach staring forlornly at a picture of their family. Qi tells her to go away, but Guo goes into the room anyway. Guo says that Ke Zhong said the exercises worked and she has gotten a little skinnier, so they should go and do the exercises. Qi yells and says that Guo doesn’t listen as she told her not to come in and that she was tired, but Guo came in anyways and is now insisting to do exercises. Does Guo have a brain? Guo says that people often say she has a big one and laughs. She says that Qi really understands her and Mrs. Qi gets up and starts yelling at Guo for being such a shameless girl. Mrs. Qi nearly faints and Guo gets her back to the sofa. She tells Mrs. Qi that she is only weak since she hasn’t eaten all day, so Guo will get her something to eat. I think Guo’s kindness really surprises Mrs. Qi.

Guo comes back in with a tray and says that it smells good. If Mrs. Qi eats that, she will be able to have the energy to scold Guo. Being angry is definitely better than being listless and lethargic. Mrs. Qi then says that whether she dies of gluttony or starvation, it doesn’t matter since Guo is an outsider. She sends Guo away, but Guo insists that Mrs. Qi eat a little of the meal since she hasn’t eaten all day. Qi calls her a hypocrite and tells her once again to get out. Guo pouts and gets ready to leave and asks if Mrs. Qi really won’t eat. Qi yells at her to get out and Guo says she will leave and tells her to rest well. But I do believe that Mrs. Qi is touched by Guo’s concern.

Michael Zhang, Ella ChenGuo mopes back downstairs where Ke Zhong says he told her it was no good. Guo tells him that getting together with him was the luckiest thing that happened to her so far. Another time being when she managed to win 10,000 Yuan. Ke Zhong says he is lucky to have met her too and asks why she is saying such a thing all of a sudden. Guo says it isn’t the same thing at all and Guo says she can count the good happenings in her life on only one hand. Thus she has learned to have a very appreciated attitude even if some small good thing happens. Those moments she cherishes and they make her very happy for a long time. Ke Zhong say that this makes her different from others. Guo says she doesn’t know if she is all that different, but she believes that God has blessed her with meeting Ke Zhong. That is why she wants to treat Qi Mama like a real mom. Ke Zhong tells her not to worry about his mother and Guo asks if he knows just how much his mom really loves him. Ke Zhong tells her to stop thinking of ways of repayment – just accepting him is enough. He then closes up his laptop and says he will finish working in his room. Such an obstinate mother and son.

Jerry Yan, Ella ChenIn Taipei, Yu Ping texts Guo asking if she is all right. Since she is so kind, she really makes those who care for her worry. He writes that he begs her to be careful, but then he can’t go through with sending the entire text. Guo’s phone goes off and all she gets is “Are you okay?” Getting this message makes her ecstatic and she quickly goes to text him back, but the impatient Yu Ping immediately calls her in his frustration and immediately tells her not to argue as he is paying for the call. He tells her that he couldn’t wait for her as she is a stupid person who texts too slow. Guo thanks him and says that her sister complains of the same thing all the time, too. Guo then says she tried get Mrs. Qi to eat, but she things that their relationship might have improved a little bit. Yu Ping says that might just be Guo’s feelings. Guo says regardless, she can at least communicate with Mrs. Qi while she can’t at all with Ke Zhong and she fears their relationship will only get worse. Yu Ping then says that he believes that Mrs. Qi really needs someone to care for her. This makes Guo happy as she and Yu Ping are having the same thoughts. Yu Ping says that he is of course on her side, but…Guo finishes the sentence by saying “but be careful, I know.” Yu Ping laughs and says it is good that she knows. He then tells her again to remember that if there is any problem call him and he will fly immediately to help her. Guo then asks about what if all she wants to eat is candies. Yu Ping says that’s fine, but he is very busy. Guo grumps that he promised to support her. Yu Ping calls her a dummy and says that he will definitely send her candy. Guo thanks him and the two say goodnight – happy to have talked to one another.

Jerry Yan, Ella Chen

Ella ChenThe next morning Mrs. Qi stares listlessly out of the window while Guo sits outside her door with meatballs and a fan and begins blowing aroma under the door. Mrs. Qi gets a whiff and is immediately drawn towards the door. Guo then puts on a play pretending to be different people and praises herself for being able to cook and make good food. Mrs. Qi finally opens the door and Gou happily greets her. Qi immediately starts yelling at Guo for trying to “smoke out a fox” and Guo replies how can it be considered smoking out with that smell? Guo tells her that eating the meatballs will take her troubles away. Qi yells for Zhang as she wants to go out as being with Guo all day is making her go crazy. Guo is happy that her first part of the plan is a success – getting Qi out of her room.

Ella ChenMrs. Qi goes around a shopping mall with Guo watching and following every move. When Mrs. Qi finally sits down for some coffee she immediately begins looking all around and Guo dives out of sight. A waiter then comes and says that Qi says Guo must be tired by now and should come and sit with her. This surprises Guo. She take a deep breath and goes over to Qi and sits down. Guo is disappointed that she was noticed and Qi says even a one-eyed person could notice Guo. She then asks Guo to order whatever she likes. Guo insists that she is not hungry, but Mrs. Qi knows Guo has a good appetite and should be hungry after following her all day. Guo thanks her and quickly looks at the menu. Guo says she wants to order a large portion, but if she can’t eat it all, Mrs. Qi will need to finish for her. Plus, isn’t Qi hungry after walking around all day as well? Mrs. Qi calls Guo strange for pretending to care. Is Guo dumb or cunning? This upsets Guo, but Qi doesn’t let her get a word in edgewise and begins complaining about Ke Zhong and her current life. Qi Wonders if she is really so poor that all she has is money.

Down With Love Episode 9Qi looks up and is not happy to see Guo’s sympathetic expression. She tells Guo not to pity her as she does not want someone like Guo’s pity. Guo tells her it isn’t pity, she just understands what Qi Mama is going through. Guo says that when she worked, she used to walk 5-6 dogs at a time. She was afraid one of them would run into the street and get killed so she asked the kennel owner if there were any tips that he could teach her. Qi then demands to know what the dog story had to do with her. Guo then states that she wished the dogs would listen to her and be good, obedient dogs (nothing like comparing your experiences with dogs with that of a mother and son relationship gone sour). Guo then experience the dogs starting to turn on her instead of listening to her. She went back to the shop owner who told her dogs and humans are a lot alike. If you give them some love, care, and respect, then they might start listening to you. Guo looks at Qi and then apologizes as she can’t express herself well. Qi asks if the dog experience changed. Guo said that it worked with some dogs, but others were born to be naughty. She got tired and frustrated, too, but hung on. Guo then excuses herself to the bathroom.

Kelly HuangBack in Taipei, Yu Ping is meeting with his staff about the Wang case. Both parties thought Mrs. Wang’s demands were too much, so that is why they are suggesting giving the marriage another go. Yu Ping tells them not to worry as if he gets back together with his wife for a few days, then maybe Mr. Wang could understand the real meaning of “excessive losses” (meaning losing his wife?). In the middle of the meeting, he gets a phone call and says that he will tell her. He then adjourns the meeting and says he will speak to Ms. Yang. Duo asks what is up and Yu Ping asks her if she knows that her dad is shipping out and won’t be back for a whole two years. He tells her the time and place and asks if she wants to see him. Duo runs out and Yu Ping chases after her to drive her. He tries to talk to her about her dad, but Duo doesn’t listen and just demands he drive faster to make it on time.

Jerry Yan, Kelly HuangBo Tong is boarding the boat and looking for his eldest daughter. At that moment, Duo and Yu Ping arrive. Duo tries calling, but can’t get through. Duo complains about being 20 minutes late and asks how a boat can actually be that punctual. She then says that Yu Ping can’t understand what she’s going through. Her father abandoned her and Guo and left them to grow up alone in hardship. When he finally came back, he was mired in debt. How can Duo forgive him? She can’t do it. Yet there is is at the harbor in tears. Yu Ping says that Bo Tong wants to make amends. Duo may not like him or trust him, but she does love him and doesn’t want him to leave – she doesn’t want him to make up for his mistakes by abandoning them to go on a ship. Yu Ping puts his hands on her shoulders and tries his best to comfort the panicking Yang Duo. She then asks Yu Ping to call the ship and have it turn around. Yu Ping doesn’t know if he can do that.

Jerry Yan, Kelly Huang, Gu Bao MingAt this moment, up sachets Bo Tong who tells them that he got kicked off the ship for lying about his age. Duo asks by how much and he says not much, he just said he was 35. He then tells Yu Ping that the ship is demanding repayment for having to come back to shore and drop him off. They want 10,000 Yuan. Could Yu Ping possible loan him that amount? Yu Ping then states that is the same amount Bo Tong gave him to start paying back the money he owes. Of course, Duo is getting angrier by the minute as she continues to listen to her father. She then scrams and starts chasing him around the harbor for not changing his ways.

Down With Love Episode 9Qi things back to her conversation about how Guo wondered about why she is forcing such a hurtful love on a dog that can’t change into a completely different dog. Mrs. Qi smiles and wonders why no one else could ever explain it to her like that before. Weird girl. She then smiles. The next morning Ke Zhong and Guo come downstairs and find Mrs. Qi waiting for them with breakfast. The two sit down and Qi tells Ke Zhong that she will take care of the matter with his dad. It’s been so many years and neither of them are happy. Qi then turns to Guo and says that she is a strange girl. At first Qi didn’t like her and thought she had no redeeming qualities, but it turns out that Guo has more than exceeded her expectations. Yu Ping told Qi that if he had got to know her, he would find out all about Guo’s good qualities. It touches Guo to hear that she was praised by Yu Ping (which I think makes Ke Zhong a little uncomfortable). Ke Zhong grabs her hand and Qi tells Ke Zhong that Guo is a good girl who he better take good care of. He says he will and the three dig into breakfast. Of course, Qi is back to her former self and scolding Guo for eating like a pig. Qi then drags her away saying she will sign her up for 8 classes and teach her all she needs to know. Ke Zhong smiles after them, but it soon fades. Is he feeling bad now? He should.

Chen Zi Han, Kelly HuangThe next day Hui Fan arrives with flowers. Duo tells her that Yu Ping is out and doesn’t want visitors. Hui Fan says that is okay, she will just arrange the flowers and leave. In Yu Ping’s office, Hui Fan is surprised to see pink crystals on his desk as Yu Ping never cared about Feng Shui before. Duo comes in and asks if Hui Fan likes such things. Hui Fan says she doesn’t, she was just curious. Duo then tells her that the pink crystals are really effective for your love life. Hui Fan doesn’t like to hear this. Duo then says that Hui Fan shouldn’t need such help, but the entire office notices her efforts to get Yu Ping back. Maybe having such an outside help wouldn’t be too bad? Duo then says that her father is a bit of Feng Shui master and was the one who recommended that to Yu Ping. Duo then offers to introduce Bo Tong to Hui Fan. Before she can say more, she is called out by one of the other employees.

Chen Zi HanWhen Duo leaves, Hui Fan notices that there is something under the crystals. She picks it up and notices the candy wrappers. She then picks those up as well. she cannot believe that Yu Ping would actually believe in Bo Tong’s words. She angrily crumples the wrappers and then Yu Ping arrives. Hui Fan immediately hides them behind her back. She asks if he is okay and he says that he has a meeting scheduled for the day and doesn’t want to be disturbed. Hui Fan says she will leave and have dinner ready for him when he is done. If he calls her before he knocks off, she will have a bath drawn up for him. He tells her there is no need.

Jerry YanHui Fan asks if Yu Ping is really busy. He replies that he is and she holds up the wrappers and asks if he is really busy, how could he have the time to do such foolish things. She throws them at him and he looks up at her and glares. He tells her to not touch his things in the future. Hui Fan says why as it is just trash. She asks when his habits and tastes started to change. Yu Ping slams down his pen and picks up the wrappers. He stands and says that he won’t listen to her anymore, can she leave. Hui Fan says that she knows who he’s keeping the wrappers for. Yu Ping gathers up his stuff and goes to leave. Hui Fan tries to keep him from taking the crystals, but he grabs them up as well and storms out of his office with Hui Fan calling out that Ke Zhong and Guo are already a couple so Yu Ping needs to stop wasting his efforts in silly things. This stuns Duo who couldn’t help but overhear the argument.

Jerry Yan, Kelly HuangYu Ping is angrily driving away and slams on his brakes when Duo throws herself in front of the car. Duo asks if it is really true that Guo is dating Ke Zhong. Yu Ping asks if she hasn’t heard from Guo. Duo replies that she hasn’t and Yu Ping says that Guo is probably waiting to tell her in person. Duo asks if that means it is true and he says it does. The girl is completely stunned. She thanks him and then meanders off completely out of it. She doesn’t even pay attention and walks into traffic. She almost gets hit and a man complains asking if she is blind. She says she is because what good are eyes when she didn’t even notice what was going on right in front of her. Poor Duo. She wouldn’t be feeling this way if she knew Ke Zhong’s dishonorable attentions, right?

Ella Chen, Kelly HuangKe Zhong and Guo arrive back in Taipei. Guo is excited to finally be home and away from all of Mrs. Qi’s scary classes. They return to the Yang house where Duo sits with the book she got from Ke Zhong when she was a child. Duo hears them arrive and then in pops the happy Guo. Duo turns around looking completely unhappy. Guo hugs her sister, but Duo does not respond and just stares at Ke Zhong. He takes his leave and Duo and Guo sit down to talk. Guo then asks if Duo already knows that Guo is dating Ke Zhong. Duo doesn’t want to listen and goes to get up and sleep. Guo stops her and says that Duo must think she is setting her sights too high. At first Guo didn’t know if she should except Ke Zhong after he confessed, but when he gave her “that” she accepted him. Duo then takes out the knit apple and said that it used to be Ah De’s sweater. Ke Zhong took it and put in a lot of effort to make such a thing. Duo tells her enough and Duo tells her sister not to be angry as Ke Zhong prepared a gift for Duo, too. The two picked it out together, but it was Ke Zhong who really selected it. He knew Duo would probably sell and expensive gift so that is why he gave her a piggy bank to put her saved money. Duo wonders why Ke Zhong would think she would like that. Guo responds by saying her sister can put money in it and Duo promptly smashes the piggy bank, scaring Guo.

Will Duo and Guo’s relationship as sisters really be strained and destroyed by a guy? A guy who doesn’t even truly love Guo, but is just doing his best to get her out of Hui Fan’s way? We’ll have to see in the next episode.

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