Little Things to Make You Happy

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Yes, little things. Like how this past weekend MBC Music Core started the show off with ballad group Monday Kiz. Totally loved it!! You can watch that episode on DramaFever right now. I love them but you never really see them on variety or music shows, which is a bummer since I love their music. Seriously, I don’t think they have a song that I don’t like, but then again, I am a sucker for Korean ballad singers/groups. [V.O.S, Eru, SG Wannabe, etc.]

And most of all, Ouran High School Host Club becoming a live action Japanese drama. Although I am not sold on the cast even if Yamamoto Yusuke is one of my favorite actors. Seeing the different movies and dramas he’s in, I just don’t know if he is suited for the role of Tamaki…Yamamoto-kun acting as an innocent, eccentric, rich boy who caters to rich girls’ whims in a high school host club? Doesn’t really seem to fit his image, you know? But I will be happy to be proven wrong. For more info on this, check this post out.

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